15 Refrigerator Brands to Avoid in 2024 – List of Worst Fridges

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, there are more than 100 brands in the market right now, and that number is growing. But don’t let the choices overwhelm you. 

If you have the budget, go for a high-end model that offers more features, and if you want a better warranty, then you might want to look into the extended warranties available for refrigerators.

But what if you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new refrigerator?

Don’t worry! We have researched and tested several fridges to compile a list of the 15 worst refrigerator brands. Their fridges are unreliable, outdated, and won’t last long. 

Our list of refrigerator brands to avoid includes LG, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Beko, Bosch, SMEG, Vikings, Maytag, Thermador, Kenmore, Electrolux, Blue Star, JennAir, and Signature Kitchen Suite Refrigerators.

Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

Before we start, let’s have a look at how to identify a cheap quality refrigerator manufacturer.

How to spot the worst refrigerator brand?

The best way to avoid ending up with a terrible fridge is by buying one that an independent third party has positively reviewed.

So, we have tested and reviewed all of the top-selling appliance makers on the market to help you make the right decision.

Here are some tips on how to spot a bad refrigerator brand.

1. Limited Warranties:

Some refrigerator companies like Frigidaire, Viking, and Blue Star offer only a limited warranty.

This may be a great deal for the manufacturer, but you want to be sure that the company tests its products. A decent warranty should last for at least seven years.

2. Cheap Price:

Refrigerators that don’t cost a lot of money are also usually cheap in terms of their quality.

The cheapest fridges that come with outstanding features are often much more expensive than other brands.

3. Poor Design:

Although a cheap refrigerator might be affordable, if its design is poor, like Bosch (800 series), Viking, or JennAir models, you might end up spending more in the long run on maintenance and repair costs.

4. The Branding:

Check to see if they use their name on the fridge or hired someone else to do it for them. This is usually a bad sign.

5. Customer Service:

You would shocked to know that even the bigger appliance manufacturing companies like Whirlpool and Frigidaire have bad customer service.

If there is unresponsive customer service, you should surely think twice before purchasing their fridge.

Worst Refrigerator Brands

15 Worst Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

To help you make the right choice, we have researched the top-selling models on the market. We also gathered feedback from users of the below-mentioned brands to create an unbiased list.

Refrigerator BrandReasons to Avoid
LGPricey parts, Leak issues, Malfunctioning compressors
FrigidaireIce maker issues, Misaligned doors, Poor customer service
KitchenAidWater leakage, Noise issues, Internal water dispenser issues
WhirlpoolLeakage in the icemaker, Narrow shelves, Bad customer service
BekoTemperature fluctuations, Loud ice maker, Inferior quality fridge walls
Bosch (800 series)Poor shelf design, Crisper issues, Water leakage problem
SMEGUnstable temperature, Subpar freezing performance, overpriced
VikingWater leaks, Poor interior design, Expensive
MaytagIce-maker issues, Ice cubes break, Uneven ice distribution
ThermadorInefficient evaporator fan blades, Troublesome compressors, subpar ice makers
KenmoreEvaporator fan malfunction, Low life span, Condenser Coil Issues
ElectroluxIce maker issues, Water dispenser malfunctions, Durability concerns
Blue StarLoud Operations, Limited Warranty
JennAirDoor Alignment Issues, Subpar Designs
Signature Kitchen SuiteCompressor failure issues, Cooling problems, Frequent servicing required

We have made a list based on the build quality, freezing efficiency, temperature consistency, inside storage capacity, energy consumption, durability, price, and customer support.

1. LG

LG refrigerator - worst refrigerators

LG’s name may surprise you, but its latest models are not so popular among consumers.

Previously, we included this brand in our most reliable category. But, after the class-action lawsuit of refrigerator compressors, we had to retest several LG fridges.

The lawsuit stated that around 1.6 million fridges might stop working due to compressor failure. The lawsuit covered 31 LG refrigerator models.

LG compensated the users who bought the LG French door or side-by-side refrigerator manufactured between 1 Jan 2014 and 31 December 2017.

Since the incident, we had to restest several LG fridges to verify the problem.

The majority of LG’s new models did have compressor issues, which has left customers dissatisfied. Furthermore, LG’s customer service falls short of expectations.

Although LG claims to have resolved the compressor issue, several clients have not received compensation.

Still, LG is a reliable brand if you buy a refrigerator without dual compressor technology.

There are various other issues as well in LG’s model that I have experienced while testing, which I have mentioned below.

However, some of these LG refrigerator issues you can easily fix at home with a simple DIY troubleshooting guide.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricey parts
  • Leak issues in the ice maker
  • Malfunctioning dual compressors

2. Frigidaire (French-Door)

Frigidaire-FGHB2866PF - fridge brands to avoid

Frigidaire is a top-rated US consumer and commercial home appliances brand.

They have various refrigerators in their product line in various sizes, such as French doors, top freezers, and column freezers.

However, the Frigidaire French-Door refrigerators have failed to satisfy their users due to various issues in them.

Their French-door models come with top features, including adjustable interior storage, crisper drawers, digital temperature control, quick freeze, mark-proof stainless steel, and more.

Despite having many advanced features, the top three listed issues are the misaligned doors, which are prone to breaking off, the poor freezing performance of the refrigerator, and problems with the ice maker.

Here is a list of the problems you may encounter with Frigidaire refrigerators.

  • Malfunctioning ice makers
  • Misaligned doors
  • Freezing performance is subpar
  • Costly to maintain
  • Poor warranty and customer service

3. KitchenAid

KitchenAid-Counter-Depth - Freezers to avoid

The KitchenAid is the next worst fridge maker on our list. It is a popular choice when it comes to a durable fridge option. However, their counter-depth models have fallen short of the expectations of their users.

Now, this has caused the brand to shrink drastically, and it has lost its trustworthiness.

The KitchenAid’s counter-depth models have many issues that will make you keep the repair person on your speed dial.

I have noticed that the doors on this brand are not properly aligned while using it. It also has several design issues that lead to cooling issues.

These models are unreliable and start to make noise after three months of use.

Here is a list of issues with KitchenAid refrigerators that you could experience.

  • Water leakage problem
  • Misaligned freezer doors
  • Design flaw causes issues to the icemaker
  • Start making a snoring sound after a few months of usage
  • It starts rusting after a year
  • issues with the internal water dispenser

Check this step-by-step guide if your KitchenAid Refrigerator is not making ice properly.

4. Whirlpool

Whirlpool-Fingerprint-Resistant - worst brands

Whirlpool is one of the most reliable appliance brands in the market, with its long history and reputation in the home appliance industry.

They manufacture a wide range of refrigerators in various sizes at affordable costs. The top freezer and French doors are their most popular models.

However, Whirlpool’s Fingerprint Resistant is not well regarded by users due to the poor build quality, as per Houzz reviewers.

Its features include Fingerprint resistant finishing, door alarm, stainless steel finish, automatic deforest, dual evaporator system, and many more.

However, many people have complained about the icemaker, which seems to be leaking, and the shelves on the doors are too narrow, which means that you can’t fit a lot of food in there.

Also, the handles on the drawers aren’t very sturdy, and they tend to fall off easily.

Check out the most common problems of Whirlpool refrigerators.

  • Leakage in the icemaker
  • The shelves on the doors are too narrow
  • Inside space distribution problem
  • The handles on the drawers are not sturdy enough
  • French door alignment issues
  • Terrible customer services

5. Beko

Beko-Fridge-GN1416220CX - worst freezer

There is no doubt that the Beko refrigerator is one of the best available. However, it is not without problems, so I have added it to the worst fridge brands list.

For example, the refrigerator is prone to fluctuations in temperature.

If the temperature is too cold, you may find that the ice cube maker won’t work, and the contents of your refrigerator may be spoiled.

The worst thing about this is that you won’t know if the ice maker has stopped working until you open up the door and take a look. This could have happened at any time, and it could have happened right now.

Another problem is that it makes a loud noise when the ice maker is full. This is a nuisance, and it may even scare you. The walls of the fridge are made of inferior quality. 

Here is a quick checklist of the most common issues that occur while testing:

  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • Makes a loud noise when the ice maker is full
  • The walls of the fridge are made of inferior quality
  • Not trusted for longevity
  • Terrible customer support

6. Bosch (800 series refrigerator)


Bosch is famous for offering one of the most innovative home appliances on the market. Their product line offers a wide variety of goods with advanced features.

You may be surprised to see Bosch’s name on our list of the worst refrigerators. But Bosche’s 800 series has various issues that will make you stay away from it.

However, we have provided the complete Bosch refrigerator troubleshooting guide if you want to fix the problem on your own.

The Bosch 800 series has captured people’s attention because of its fascinating designs. But, before you rush to buy Bosch fridges, you need to check the following drawbacks in this series.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor designs of shelves make less inside space.
  • Crisper has a hard time keeping humidity.
  • Water leakage problem.
  • Problems with the ice maker.
  • Some parts are cheaply manufactured and are made of inferior quality.


Smeg refrigerator - worst brand

The problem with SMEG refrigerators is that they don’t last long.

They are extremely unstable and will fluctuate in temperature so much that you will have to buy another one.

It is good to know that most of the problems people have with their SMEG appliances are related to faulty temperature control systems.

The SMEG temperature control system is very sensitive. This is why it is easy for them to break down. You should avoid this brand of appliances if you want to get the best appliances.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Unstable temperature efficiency
  • Freezing performance is subpar
  • Very expensive
  • Poor customer support

8. Vikings Refrigerators:

Vikings refrigerator - refrigerator brands to avoid

Vikings Refrigerators have many problems.

First, the refrigerator door is not sturdy enough. Also, the door will be very hard to open and close. This problem will become more prominent as time passes. 

Also, the refrigerator’s shelves are too close to the floor. That is why you can easily spill your drinks or other foods while you are looking for something.

Viking refrigerators have poor insulation. This is a concern since it will cause the internal temperature to fluctuate.

Another drawback is there are no warranties on Viking refrigerators. If there is a problem, you may have to pay for it.

Even if you do fix the problem, you might be paying for it all over again.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Water leaks
  • Poor interior design
  • Expensive

9. Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag Refrigerators - worst freezers

Maytag refrigerators are an example of quality. They work well and provide good value for the money.

However, they don’t last forever. Maytag has a few problems, and that’s why people don’t like their refrigerators. These Maytag refrigerator problems include:

Ice-maker malfunctions: Sometimes, the ice makers fail to work properly. This is a common problem. You’ll have to replace them if this happens.

Ice cubes break: Sometimes, the ice cubes break. The ice cubes break easily. It can be a common problem. If this happens, the ice cubes will start to melt, and you will have to use them up.

Ice cubes are unevenly distributed: The ice cubes are unevenly distributed. This is a common problem.

Frozen food gets mushy: When the food gets frozen, it gets mushy. In other words, the food is not as fresh as before.

The above problems are all common and may cause dissatisfaction with your refrigerator. That’s why people don’t like Maytag refrigerators.

Now, they are just not as good as they used to be. But if you are in a pinch, you will want to buy a Maytag refrigerator.

This is because they are good value for the money. They are an affordable option to others. However, the problems listed above will still exist.

10. Thermador

Thermador fridges to avoid

While Thermador has been known to manufacture quality refrigerators, customers have criticized their reliability lately.

Issues reported include inefficient evaporator fan blades, damaged condenser fan motors, troublesome compressors, and faulty ice makers.

Additionally, suppose you need to repair your refrigerator. In that case, you may face high costs due to the limited accessibility of Thermador replacement parts compared to competitors like LG.

Overall, Thermador refrigerators have received mixed feedback.

While there are numerous positive reviews, you should also take note of the significant number of negative customer feedback.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Inefficient evaporator fan blades
  • Damaged condenser fan motors
  • Troublesome compressors
  • Faulty ice makers

11. Kenmore

Avoid Kenmore Refrigerators

After purchasing the Kenmore Elite 72483 29.9 Cu. Ft. 4-Door refrigerator, I was disappointed with its reliability, which is among the worst refrigerators.

Problems occurred with essential components like the condenser coils and air filters.

From what I’ve heard, some customers’ Kenmore refrigerators started showing issues in as little as 1 year, which is below average for a refrigerator’s lifespan.

The model I bought, priced at $2200, had issues with the icebox and fan failure.

Other common problems include compressor start relay malfunction, damper control, and faulty evaporator fan.

To make matters worse, repair totals for a Kenmore unit like mine often cost around $800, which is nearly enough to cover the cost of a more reliable refrigerator.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Evaporator fan malfunction
  • Low life span
  • Condenser Coil Issues

12. Electrolux

Avoid Electrolux Refrigerators

If you’re considering the Electrolux EI23BC82SS 22.3 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door refrigerator, you may want to think twice.

Although Electrolux is a well-known brand, this particular model has left many customers less than satisfied.

One issue you might face with this refrigerator is its ice maker. Several users have reported that it either fails to produce ice or frequently jams, leaving you without ice when you need it the most.

Another concern is the overall durability and longevity of this Electrolux model.

Some customers have experienced the refrigerator breaking down within just a few years of purchase, which is far from ideal given its premium price point.

This will lead to high repair costs or even the need for a complete replacement. Many users have also encountered temperature regulation issues with Electrolux refrigerators.

 Reasons to Avoid

  • Ice maker issues
  • Water dispenser malfunctions
  • Durability concerns

13. Blue Star

Worst Blue Star Fridges

Blue Star refrigerators have unfortunately gained a negative reputation among households and are among the bad refrigerator brands to avoid.

Customers often complain about the loud operation, inconsistent cooling, and a 1-year warranty that is insufficient given the high service rate.

Despite no recalls for refrigerators, BlueStar has recalled over 6,500 wall ovens, raising concerns about the brand’s reliability.

With models like the Refrigeration Series 36 Inch Wide 22.4 Cu. Ft. priced over $13000, the high cost is difficult to justify, especially considering the reported issues.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Subpar Customer Service
  • Expensive Repairs
  • Loud Operations
  • Limited Warranty

14. JennAir

Avoid JennAir Refrigerators

While JennAir is a well-known name in the appliance world, its refrigerators and dishwashers have developed a reputation for being unreliable.

Users have reported poor customer service, cosmetic issues, and design flaws. Some customers even mention having trouble keeping the door on its track.

Given JennAir’s high service rate and numerous 1-star reviews, you might find it difficult to rely on their refrigerators.

I would suggest steering clear from this brand if you want to avoid future headaches.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Door Alignment Issues
  • Subpar Designs
  • Poor Customer Service

15. Signature Kitchen Suite Refrigerators

Signature Kitchen fridges to avoid

You might be attracted by Signature Kitchen Suite refrigerators’ easy availability. However, it’s important to note that these are some of the worst refrigerators based on high service rates.

This might come as a surprise given that LG, known for its lower service rate of 19.61%, owns Signature Kitchen Suite.

Despite being LG’s premium line of refrigerators, customers have reported issues like compressor failure and cooling problems with Signature Kitchen Suite models.

The Signature Kitchen Suite 24 Cu. Ft. Counter-depth French Door Refrigerator, priced at $4,699, is plagued with problems.

Customers have reported issues with door seals and maintaining temperature, requiring frequent service.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Compressor failure issues
  • Cooling problems
  • Frequent servicing required
  • A lower value for the cost


Fridge Brands To Avoid Australia

Now, let’s talk about some specific countries. Based on our research, if you are based in Australia, you should avoid the following refrigerator brands.


The ADVWIN 73L Bar Fridge, while promising in specifications with its compact size and energy-saving features, falls short of delivering a satisfactory user experience.

Users have reported several critical issues, notably its operational noise level, which contradicts the advertised quietness, making it unsuitable for room placement.

Additionally, reliability seems to be a significant concern. Instances of the fridge ceasing to function within just 10 days of use have been noted, indicating a shorter lifespan.

Such malfunctions escalate to more severe problems, including the fridge breaking down entirely and emitting hot air instead of cooling.

The after-sales service exacerbates the situation, with customers feeling stranded between the manufacturer and the retailer, especially when seeking warranty support.

This disconnection between product performance, customer expectations, and support paints ADVWIN as a bad mini fridge brand that should be avoided.

2. Devanti

Devanti is a relatively new Australian refrigerator brand. It emerges as a brand to be cautious of when selecting a reliable refrigerator, especially highlighted by its recent critiques from Australian consumers.

Initially enticing customers with its sleek glass door design and a seemingly efficient 3-star energy rating. However, it gives a mere 1-star energy performance.

Users report it struggles with maintaining an even and sufficiently low temperature, resulting in condensation issues and the need for frequent manual defrosting.

The fridge’s inability to cool effectively, paired with its noisy operation, undermines its utility and overall value.

Such grievances culminate in a sentiment of regret among purchasers, who find themselves eagerly awaiting its failure as a pretext to replace it.

These troubling experiences underscore why Devanti is one of the worst Australian fridge brands to avoid for those searching for a dependable and efficient refrigerator.

Fridge Brands to Avoid UK

Since UK is also home to most international brands, and we’ve already talked about some in the above.

Let’s talk about some other brands that are offering low-quality fridges in the UK.


The Hoover HOCT3L517FSK fridge freezer, despite its promising features and sleek silver design, has been met with disappointment from users.

Criticisms focus on practical issues affecting its day-to-day use. Customers report the inconvenience of regularly finding water on the shelves, which suggests a problem with its defrost system or cooling efficiency.

Additionally, the exterior casing becomes unusually hot, raising concerns about energy use and safety.

The design inside the fridge is another area of discontent, with food items freezing when placed at the back, indicating uneven cooling.

The shelving layout has also been described as poorly thought out, limiting storage options.

Further compounding these issues are reports of missing parts upon delivery, non-functional lights, and even damaged doors.

These factors, combined, suggest a gap between the product’s advertised capabilities and its real-world performance. Thus making it a bad freezer brand to avoid in the UK.


Next on our list of worst UK fridges is the SIA LFS01WH. This under-counter fridge faces criticism primarily for its loud operation and door closure issues, detracting from its utility and efficiency.

Customers have also reported receiving units with physical damage, such as dents and scratches.

The process of addressing these faults through customer service has proven problematic, with lengthy resolution times and logistical challenges in replacing or repairing the faulty units.

This situation is further complicated by unsatisfactory communication and service, including disputes over responsibility for additional costs.

Although it is cheap, its operational noise and customer service issues are significant drawbacks.

Do refrigerator brands really matter?

We all know that refrigerator brands matter. However, it is not entirely clear which ones are the best.

We have done some research to find out which brands are the most reliable in terms of reliability, efficiency, performance, and cost.

Always remember that all of these factors play a role when choosing a refrigerator brand.

Below is a list of top-rated refrigerator brands in the market as per user feedback:

  • GE
  • Bosch 
  • Magic Chef 
  • Liebherr 
  • Café 

How We Tested Refrigerator Brands?

When it comes to evaluating refrigerator brands, our methodology is both rigorous and customer-centric.

We understand that a refrigerator is not just an appliance but a vital part of daily life. This is why we go beyond the usual metrics to provide an in-depth, authentic analysis.

Here’s how we test refrigerator brands to guide you in making the best choice for your home.

  • Data-Driven Reliability Analysis: We collect and analyze repair frequency data over several years to assess long-term reliability.
  • Customer Review Evaluation: Our team thoroughly examines user reviews for insights into common issues and overall user satisfaction.
  • Energy Efficiency Testing: We measure each model’s energy usage in various conditions, focusing on potential long-term cost savings.
  • Brand Reputation Assessment: Evaluation of each brand’s history in the market and interaction with customer service to gauge responsiveness and support quality.
  • Value for Money Analysis: Our expert team compares the features and prices of each model to determine the overall value offered.
  • Temperature Consistency Checks: We conduct tests to ensure that each model maintains a consistent temperature, which is crucial for food preservation.
  • Storage Flexibility and Design: Review of storage options, adjustable shelves, and overall design for user convenience and efficiency.
  • Durability and Wear Tests: We simulate long-term use to evaluate durability, focusing on components like door seals, drawers, and shelves.

5 Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands

Since buying a refrigerator is such a huge investment, you should go for a model that will last longer.

As in this guide, we have already mentioned the fridge brands to avoid. Now, check out the most reliable fridges on the market.

Refrigerator BrandModelKey Features
GEProfile PFE28KYNFSDurable ice maker, consistent internal temperature, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
BoschB36CL80ENSLuxury features, excellent temperature control, separate humidity/cold air/air filtration
Magic ChefMCBR440S2Glossy stainless steel exterior, full-width freezer, four adjustable glass shelves
LiebherrFrench-Door36 cu. ft. capacity, automatic defrost, Energy Star Certified
CaféFrench-DoorInternal water dispenser, 10 lbs ice production per day, smart refrigerator

1. GE (Profile – PFE28KYNFS)


For over 115 years, the GE brand has been serving the home appliance industry.

The company is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable products that improve the lives and comfort of families worldwide.

GE refrigerator comes in 3 series: the GE profile, the GE Cafe, and the GE regular series.

Almost all of its users like GE Profile PFE28K. It is a 27.8 cubic feet French door refrigerator with a durable ice maker.

Its internal temperature is consistent, which keeps your food cool and fresh. The perfect interior layout provides plenty of door storage and crisper drawers.

It is a stainless fingerprint-resistant refrigerator, so you can easily wipe out the smudges.

If you are searching for reliability, this model can be a great choice.

  • Flexible drawer
  • Through the door, ice, and water
  • Backlit interior
  • Energy Efficient
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Expensive

GE Refrigerator Troubleshooting
GE Refrigerator Not Cooling

2. Bosch (B36CL80ENS)


Bosch is a German brand that manufactures some of the world’s best home appliances.

They make quality fridges at a reasonable price and offer various advanced features in their product line.

Although we have listed the Bosch 800 series in the list of refrigerator brands to avoid, the Bosch B36CL80 offers you luxury features in this model.

It provides you with the best temperature control option. It has two compressors, which separate the humidity, cold air, and air filtration between the freezer and fridge.

Moreover, the distinct advantage of the design is that it gives you the best food preservation with adjustable temperature drawers.

In short, this choice may be the best option if you are a fan of temperature consistency. Before making a final decision, check the following pros & cons.

  • Dual Compressor
  • It has specialized storage spaces
  • Outstanding produce preservation
  • Super Cooling (Fast Cooling Function)
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Expensive repair and maintenance

3. Magic Chef MCBR440S2

Magic Chef MCBR440S2

The Magic Chef MCBR440S2 has a glossy stainless steel exterior that looks very classy and modern.

This full-width freezer comes with four adjustable glass shelves to store different sizes of ice cubes.

The stainless steel door adds a touch of elegance to the entire kitchen, while the black interior will provide a nice contrast to the white color of the exterior.

The Magic Chef refrigerators are a perfect choice for people who love having an appliance that is easy to use and maintain.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Wide compartments
  • Beautiful interior design
  • Prone to dents

4. Liebherr (French-Door)

Liebherr CBS2082N French Door Refrigerator

Our top pick comes from Liebherr, one of the biggest names in the industry.

The Liebherr French-door refrigerator is a sleek, modern design that’s ideal for a modern kitchen.

The refrigerator has a total capacity of 36 cu. Ft. and features 6 glass shelves. It also has an automatic defrost and a 3-year warranty.

This fridge is Energy Star Certified, so you can be sure that you’re doing your part in conserving energy.

It is also equipped with Liebherr’s SuperCool technology, which uses more efficient compressors and heat exchangers to reduce energy consumption.

The Liebherr French-door refrigerator is perfect for people who love modern design and are looking for an energy-efficient but also spacious, durable, and stylish fridge.

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Wider interior shelves
  • Sleek design
  • Durable
  • Expensive

5. Café French-Door

With the Café French-Door, you will never have to go searching for ice again.

This refrigerator has an internal water dispenser that can make up to 10 pounds of ice every day, which is ideal for keeping ice on hand for iced tea or lemonade.

The freezer can be set to four different temperatures, so you can keep your perishables chilled, fresh, or frozen.

And since it is a smart refrigerator, it can automatically detect when food is about to spoil and alert you via the built-in LED display.

This freezer is built to last, and you will enjoy all the extra convenience it offers. It also comes with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor and a 3-year warranty on electronics.

  • Internal Water Dispenser
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Beautiful interior design
  • Temperature-Controlled drawer
  • Reliable
  • Pricey

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Refrigerator

Things to know when buying a new fridge

A refrigerator is not something you buy every day, and you’ll likely have it with you for many years.

Indeed, you don’t want to see yourself in possible trouble due to banal buying mistakes. So, choosing the most reliable and long-lasting brand available is imperative.

While searching for a refrigerator brand, you should avoid these 7 mistakes.

1. Not Doing Enough Research

You can do as much research as possible when searching for a new refrigerator. Indeed, it is one of the most tedious and monotonous tasks for many people.

But the fact is, you can’t make the right choice without doing enough research.

Checking the list of refrigerator brands to avoid is the best way to start your research.

While researching a refrigerator brand, you need to check several aspects, which include price, style, dimensions, size, weight, warranty, product quality, maintenance expenses, and appliance variables.

After selecting a particular model, check the negative reviews to make sure that the product is the best suited for you.

2. Choosing the Wrong Size

One of the most common mistakes people make is measuring incorrectly or forgetting when purchasing a new refrigerator.

Since it is such a significant investment, don’t be shy about using measuring tape to get exact measurements.

How do you make exact measurements?

  • First, measure the fridge’s width and height proportional to the space where you want to fit the appliance. Also, do not forget to measure the fridge’s entry point of your home, such as the home’s front door, ceiling height, and so on.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to calculate the space you need to open the refrigerator door. It is one of the most common mistakes people make while taking measurements.

3. Not Considering Energy Efficiency

Understanding energy efficiency will save you substantial electricity expenses and also help to improve the environment.

On the contrary, purchasing a cheaper model can save you money in the short run, but it will cost you more in the long run because of excessive electricity charges.

When buying a fridge, check the labels for energy efficiency. Almost all brands now have an Energy Star sticker.

So, talk to a dealer or an expert to help you understand the cost of energy.

4. Not Knowing Your Home’s Water Connections

Not knowing your home’s water hook-ups is another big mistake that people make while buying a refrigerator.

You should know your home’s water connections if you want to buy a fridge with a water dispenser. Then, make space for appliances where water refilling is immediate.

You can also manually provide water to a fridge by refilling it, but it is convenient to connect it to a water line.

5. Buying the Wrong Refrigerator Style

Buying the wrong style means picking an incorrect design, shape, or size, as each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There are different styles available in various models, such as French doors, top or bottom freezers, column freezers, or side-by-side.

To avoid a purchase error, make sure you know which type you want because they all have different measurements, specifications, and prices.

6. Checking capacity and storage

Before rushing to buy a fridge, ensure the need for storage and capacity is proportional to your family size.

This can be a buying blunder if you fail to guess the correct requirements.

Therefore, always double-check that the freezer has enough space to store meals and properly cool the stored items.

The side-by-side model is the best choice if you want plenty of space to store your items in the freezer.

7. Finishing and color

Alongside other important things, finishing and color are notable features that you should not miss when buying a freezer.

The color will significantly influence the kitchen’s aesthetics. So, pick a color that suits well to your kitchen design and enhances the overall appearance.

Select a refrigerator model with a stainless color finish because it makes removing smudges from the freezer easier.

8. Cost of spare parts

This issue occurs with brands that are manufactured in another country.

Before buying, always check the local market and online stores for available parts of the model.

You don’t want your refrigerator to stop working because of a minor issue, do you?

9. Smudge-proof stainless steel

Having smudge-free stainless steel in your refrigerator is a vital feature to consider because it will ease your problem of wiping out the smudges from the fridge.

10. In which direction do the doors open?

Since verifying the doors’ usability without slamming them against anything is crucial, you must ensure that the doors swing in the correct direction.

11. Delivery service

We have already mentioned the delivery service issue in the list of the worst refrigerators not to buy.

Many customers received their refrigerators defective on arrival, and delivery services are the main reason.

Don’t be enticed by free or low-cost shipping. Always inquire about the details of the delivery package.

Other Worst Appliances Brands to Know:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long do refrigerators last?

Approximately 10 to 15 years.
However, the average refrigerator life is 12 years, according to the US Department of Energy. After that, it begins to decline in efficiency, resulting in high maintenance costs.

Q2: When to replace the refrigerator?

After exceeding the average age of 12 years, your freezer enters the declining phase. So, these are the seven signs you need to check before replacing them with new ones.

1. Spoiling your food before the expiration date
2. Fluctuation in freezing temperature
3. The snoring sound of a motor
4. Increase in the electricity bill
5. The back side of the fridge is too hot
6. Noticing frost or condensation.
7. Calling a repair guy more often

Q3: What is the first thing to do when a refrigerator stops working?

When a freezer stops working, the first thing you can do is stock it with enough ice coolers to keep perishable foods from spoiling.

Q4: What is the most reliable brand of fridge?

The most reliable brand of fridge, based on consistent performance, durability, and customer satisfaction, is GE (General Electric). Their refrigerators are known for their quality construction, efficient cooling systems, and innovative features, making them a top choice for long-term reliability in household appliances.


Selecting the right refrigerator is a crucial decision, one that requires careful consideration of refrigerator brands to avoid.

It’s evident that some popular names like LG and Frigidaire have their drawbacks, from leaky ice makers to high maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, other brands such as Whirlpool and Beko have their own set of challenges, including narrow shelves and noisy operations.

On the flip side, it’s essential to recognize the brands that deliver reliability and quality.

Options like GE, Bosch, and Magic Chef have proven to be wise picks, with solid performance and durable designs that stand up to daily use.

These brands offer functional features and the reliability you need in your daily life.

In your journey to pick the best refrigerator, veer away from the allure of troubled brands and lean towards those with a strong track record.

The goal is a refrigerator that works well for your needs without constant repairs, fitting seamlessly into your life as a dependable home appliance.

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Christopher Evans is a Mechanical Engineer and is a distinguished expert in tire and electronic appliance testing with over 15 years of experience. Holding certifications like Automotive Tire Service (TIA) and Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). He is also a member of the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has significantly contributed to safety standards and testing protocols in both industries. Evans is a respected speaker and award recipient.

69 thoughts on “15 Refrigerator Brands to Avoid in 2024 – List of Worst Fridges”

  1. I’ve had this GE refrigerator for only 2 yrs and already compressor is going out,won’t freeze.most all these new fridges are junk,its basically a crap shoot to get one that last 12 yrs!!!

  2. Here is my experience so far with my GE Profile Refrigerator:
    1. Less than three years old and now has an issue with the temperature. Refrigerator around 42 degrees and freezer useless ( had to throw out food ).
    2. Scheduled repair which was 2 weeks out.
    3. Repairman came and then said a 2 week wait for parts.
    4. When time came for repair, nobody showed. Called GE who said I had to call them to let them know parts arrived ( this was BS.) Rescheduled for another week out.
    5. Repairman came and spend 2 hours on repair ( replace 3 way valve, evac system, etc ).
    6. Next day, freezer at 25 degrees, fridge at 42. Called for service.
    I am now waiting for repairman to come which may be tomorrow.
    Overall, I will never again buy GE. Horrible experience.
    BTW, LG fridge only lasted 7yrs. I feel that they a all garbage now. Previous refrigerators may not have been as energy efficient, but they laste. New ones are probably energy effiecient since they fail to run.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with your GE refrigerator. It’s important for consumers to share their experiences with appliances and customer support so that companies can improve their products and services. It may also be a good idea to consider reaching out to GE directly to express your concerns and see if they can offer any solutions or compensation for the inconvenience you’ve faced.

    • It is difficult to determine the overall quality of a refrigerator model without more information, as the performance and features of a refrigerator can vary based on a number of factors. Here is some information about these two models:

      LG GR-M6781S: This is a multi-door refrigerator with a total capacity of 678 liters. It features a door-in-door design, which allows easy access to frequently used items without opening the main door, and a Smart Inverter Compressor, which helps to save energy and reduce noise. The LG GR-M6781S also has a variety of storage options, including a door-mounted ice maker and a mini bar.

      Bosch KGN76AI31L: This is a freestanding refrigerator with a total capacity of 330 liters. It features a VitaFresh Plus system, which helps to keep produce fresh for longer, and a MultiAirflow system, which helps to distribute cool air evenly throughout the fridge. The Bosch KGN76AI31L also has a variety of storage options, including a door-mounted ice maker and a bottle rack.

      It is important to note that the performance and features of a refrigerator can vary based on the specific model and its usage. It is a good idea to read reviews and consider the specific needs and preferences of your household before making a decision.

  3. We bought a Kenmore with french doors three years ago. The first year it froze up on the evaporator coils. We called for service. The Sears Home Service man spent the hour trying to sell us a service contract at $60. a month. No thanks. He never even looked at the refrigerator and charged us $79. The neighbor came over and suggested I unplug the unit for a day. We did. The ice melted and the unit was back in operation. Now the freezer works fine, but the refrigerator doesn’t. The unit is made in Korea by Daewoo. Now we were contacted by a law firm to join a class action against Sears and three other well known refrigerator brands all of which had the same problem with french door refrigerators. It seems that GE is the best based on the reviews shown here.

    • Sam,
      Our Kenmore has had similar issues. I would be interested in knowing more information about the class action lawsuit you have joined. I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. My LG French door is still under warranty. I have had 2 compressors put on, 5 visits from the repairman, spent over nine hundred dollars and taken frozen food over to my daughters to put in her freezer 4 times. I lost food that had to be thrown out. It took me forever to find anyone who could work on it. It would work a couple of weeks and then stop working. The LG customer service is a joke and some of the people there are nasty. I have not got my money back for anything and the last rude woman told me I would not be getting it back. I will NEVER buy an LG anything. I am going to buy a new refrigerator tomorrow. This has been going on for months and I have had enough.

  5. Our Bosch B36CD ($3551.48) fridge hasn’t even lasted 1, I repeat, 1 year. Lousy customer service. They are reimbursing the store we bought it from 11 months ago then we can get our money, or another fridge, not sure which, back from them. Of course now, appliances are on back order and, due to inflation, will become much more expensive. Because this fridge is so new, Bosch should replace it period. BEWARE.

  6. You forgot to include Samsung in your worst refrigerators. There is a class action lawsuit against them for their lusy refrigerators.

    • Yes, Samsung had to face a class action lawsuit for making substandard Icemakers. However, Samsung claimed that they had resolved this issue. But, still many users claimed they didn’t receive compensation from Samsung.

  7. We have a six year old Gorenje fridge. Unfortunately my son broke the freezer door (internal ) and I’m looking at the cost of replacement parts. With postage it would come to about £70 plus payment to repair man. My fridge is beautiful, red andbI like it. Rather than repair I’ve been looking at a budget replacement, possibly a Hisense fridge with internal freezer compartment. I’m torn after reading some comments on here. Are Hisense any good or should I avoid?

  8. We bought a whirlpool fridge for the garage around 2013. The first few years I had to replace the fan twice, then the defrost timer. I was fortunate that I only paid for parts and repaired myself. So after that no issues knock wood.

  9. I have bought 3 refrigerate in the past 5 yes LG Samsung and Ge they have all gone out.
    They don’t make them the way they used to.
    Fed up customer

  10. The Samsung refrigerator is one of the worst refrigerators to buy. Ice maker and water dispenser are the problems with the Samsung models. To send a message to Samsung, I suggest Samsung refrigerator buyers do not buy any Samsung products.
    Also, it appears refrigerator manufacturers cannot design a good reliable ice maker and water dispenser.

    • Hi Sherwin,

      I hope you are doing great!
      It is sad to see that you have had a bad experience with a Samsung. Now this proves that no matter how big the company is, it still can produce the worst refrigerators.
      We will, without a doubt, review Samsung refrigerators next time.

      • It would be helpful if you included Samsung French-style fridge freezers having the ironically named ‘IceMaster’ on your list as they ate still being sold today. Shocking that Samsung have done nothing to effectively resolve the issue for those not involved in the class action litigation and those outside the US.. Where is Samsung’s – and its board members’ – honour and integrity in permitting expensive products to be sold knowing they have a significant fault, one they have been aware of for years.

        • Hello Greg,

          Hope you are doing wonderful today!
          Yes, we are planning to test various new models of Samsung Refrigerators. Because there have been a lot of complaints about IceMaker problem in their refrigerators.

  11. Not sure why GE Profile refrigerator PFS6PKWBSS is not on your AVOID list. Google GE noisy fan, Water on floor, water under tray etc. There is no end to the list of problems with the way the ice freezes between the panels then blocks the fan and leaks water everywhere. When you call GE they deny ever hearing about it – yet repair issues are all over youTube. A repairman confirmed they have a lot of problems. We have to take all the food out and totally shut our (2008 French Door w/ice maker) down every 6 months for 3 days to take the back off and manually defrost. Other than that… French door refrigerators are stylish and fine.

    • Hi Joe,

      I hope you are doing great today!
      I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience with GE. This model will undoubtedly be reviewed by our experts very soon.

      • You can also review model PVD28BYNBFS. Less than 3yrs old and not cooling. I waited a month to get repaired and its still not working. Ready to trash it and buy another brand. LG is also off my list as that refrigerator lasted 7 years. Currently, I think they are all garbage. They add plenty of gadgets, but fails in its main purpose. Like having a car with every option but the engine always fails.

  12. Article is nauseating……who recommends a fridge (Lg) when the compny is in currently in court for Class Action lawsuit AGAIN for faulty compressors they keep replacing with anothe faulty compressor! Now Make that make sense.

  13. We have also purchased an LG French Door refrigerator for over $3,500 – only about 5 years old and no longer under warranty. We have had to have it repaired at least 3 times and finding a repair person was very difficult because we were told no one wants to work on LG refrigerators in our area. Also, every few months the unit makes a god-awful noise and error messages show up – we have to move all food out of the unit and unplug it overnight which seems to solve the problem until the next time. We are so fed up that last night we went and invested in a brand new Frigidaire Gallery. We will never again buy an LG product. It may be rated highly but it also looks like they may be facing a Class Action lawsuit related to their refrigerators? Not surprised.

  14. Purchased an LG French Door model fridge with door-in-door, higher end model (about $3500.00 if I recall) in 2016. The Ice-maker/water on exterior failed about two years later…followed soon by the freezer failing to cool. Several compressors were replaced under warranty and the service people were here for approximately a month. We were without a refrigerator (bought a small one to get by)for that time period. Approximately a year later, same thing occurred again. Another compressor was replaced.
    About 4-5 months ago, the refrigerator began emitting noise somewhat equivalent to a motorcycle engine taking off in our kitchen! I called LG and was told if the refrigerator was still cooling, there was nothing that could be done unless it wasn’t working. It stopped working again about a week ago and when I called LG, I was made aware that our warranty had expired 3 months and x number of days ago! LG will cover the cost of the compressor, but we would need to pay for labor. In checking on labor cost, I was told it would be approximately $550.00 to address that problem. Thus, we will be purchasing a new WHIRLPOOL refrigerator now!

  15. Let me know what you think of the Fisher and Paykel RF610ADX5. Lost its cool after about 7 months. Sent for repair and returned within a fortnight, but it never really got going and by the next morning we still had a new fridge that didnt cool. F&P were responsive, but we are concerned about the reliability of this model and whether we should replace it with the same.

    • Hi Pam,

      I hope you are doing great!

      Yes, F&P provides excellent customer service after the sale. If you do decide to replace it, I would recommend the Fisher and Paykel RF522. There have been no complaints about this model. Best of luck!

  16. LG is Samsung. Samsung has produced the worst refrigerators in the history of cold. There’s a facebook group dedicated to getting refunds for their defective products that have recovered money in the high seven figures. There is no way on earth this article isn’t a paid advertisement.

  17. Bought an LG refrigerator and dishwasher in November 2018 . The dishwasher was damaged so I couldn’t have it for Thanksgiving . I replaced an Amana refrigerator that was over 20 years old and still working because my Frigidaire dishwasher which was also over 20 yrs old stopped working. The new LG dishwasher will not start apparently something to do with door latch. I can’t find anyone willing to repair It I contacted LG and emailed them my Home Depot receipt they claim that they can’t read it. Anyways yesterday The compressor of the LFCS22520s frig stopped working. Had to throw all the food out. Don’t know where to turn now

  18. Hello, Karen.

    I hope everything is going well for you!

    Criterion Refrigerators’ only flaw that I’ve noticed is its lack of communication. A few consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the after-sale customer service. However, a large majority of people are happy with this brand and have no complaints.

    It’s also true that this brand has just recently begun to gain popularity. You may proceed if they tell you that they will fulfill the warranty.

  19. I’m laughing at the notion that a freezer lasts an average of 12 years. I bought a Samsung 2 door side by side in October 2014. After a little over a year, once the warranty expired, I had to repair it and replace spoiled food. It died again and I replaced it entirely in Feb 2018 with a GE French Door which looks an awful lot like the one shown up there though its model number is GFE28GMKES. 3 and a half years later, its icemaker stopped expelling the ice this weekend. It expels it if I pull it out from the wall and then move the sensor lever three times back and forth – not a very efficient way to make ice. Annoying but not the end of the world. Now today, we noticed the frozen fruit in the freezer part in the drawer is melting though the meat further below seems okay for now. We’ll be having fish tonight before it goes bad. My previous refrigerator which was left behind when we sold the house was 17 years old and still working fine We paid a third of what we’re paying for them now. I’m sick of the overpriced piece of garbage refrigerators made in foreign countries that we keep buying. Each manufacturer should have to pay a premium of 75% of the cost of the refrigerator when it goes to a landfill if the thing is younger than 10 years old. Maybe then, they’ll stop making overpriced oversized junk. My grandmother’s refrigerator was already 30 years old when we were little kids and it worked fine so it’s not like they once didn’t know how to make working refrigerators.

  20. I’ve worked with a major appliance service center for approximately 20 years. Whirlpool products always have been number one in longevity. We are Whirlpool, Frigidaire and GE Authorized service center. As of 18 months ago- the boss decided we would no longer wanted to service on LG products. The simple reason LG workmanship was so lacking…. we would not be able to even warranty apart for 90 days. Specially if was electronic. Such as electronic control boards in refrigerators. I am not sure where you received your information regarding this article but It wouldn’t be surprising that LG was supplementing your income.

    • Hi a2maverick,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.
      There isn’t a single brand that sponsors us. While writing this article, our primary goal was to assist consumers in understanding exactly what they were buying. We agree that there are numerous LG refrigerator complaints, particularly with the dual compressor issue. Despite this, customers continue to ask us to propose the best LG refrigerator model. As a result, we only included one LG model in our list that garnered a lot of positive feedback from homeowners. Moreover, our list of the worst refrigerator brands is not based on personal preference. Our ranking is entirely based on customer feedback gathered by our team from the users of these particular brands.

  21. Hi, I just bought a LG LBNC15251V Fridge today. Is is basically the only fridge that could fit in the space I have in my kitchen. This is a small fridge, 26″? and has the freezer on the bottom and fridge on top. There are no fancy French or side by side doors. I heard just now about these terrible compressor problems. Should I be worried? Its on back order- so I am assuming it is one of the newest of the line.

    • Hi Ray,

      Hope you and your family are doing great!

      LG resolved the compressor issue in September 2020. Although there has been a drop in the number of compressor problems reported by homeowners, there are still a few. You don’t need to worry much about the issue if you got the latest model. Many users have been happily using LG refrigerators without any compressor issue. If the warranty of your appliance is good, then I would recommend you to stay with it.

      Good luck with your new refrigerator!

  22. Our Kenmore still works after 22 years..But is starting to go..In very hot weather there is internal condensation..
    It is sad that Sears/Kenmore no longer exists..because the issues with many other manufacturers requires consumers to play “Russian Roulette”..
    We just bought a Samsung side by side..ugh..risky
    Not delivered yet..But will let you know how it works in a few weeks..

    • Hi Carol

      I hope you and your family are doing great in this pandemic
      We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we hope your new refrigerator brings a lot of happiness to your home.

  23. Update to my July 28 post: The compressor was running but had a leak and a new one has been installed. The refrigerator is very cold right now but I wonder how long it will last. For anyone who might be interested, the GE also has an in-door ice compartment.

  24. I purchased a French door LG in 2012. After 3 compressors went bad I purchased another French door LG in 2017. I got a 2nd LG because I like the in-door freezer. Well, on July 14 this year a technician came because it stopped cooling. He didn’t fix it, no cooling, and another technician came July 19. It worked for 6 days. Another technician is coming tomorrow to perform some sort of magic. The compressor is running but not cooling anything. I have lost hundreds of dollars due to everything defrosting in the freezer several times and am disgusted with LG. No matter what is done to repair it, I will never trust LG again and am strongly thinking about purchasing another brand, probably GE.

    • Hi Nancy

      The compressor issue in LG’s new model is quite prevalent. So, we also do not recommend going after LG’s new compressor technology. GE is probably the best option today.

  25. I noticed Hisense did not come up in best or worst, so for what it is worth (after much research) here is our story.
    We decided to give the lower priced Hisense bottom drawer, single door, Model HBM17158SS a try after being somewhat discouraged that reviews were so poor in mid 2021 on refrigerators under a hefty tag of $2,500.00 We had a smaller space in the the kitchen (once thought of as plenty big enough) and were tired of the old Maytag sticking out from the counter so far (and failing to cool every once in a while.
    The Hisense is now a month old and seems to be cooling well, however Hisense customer support is not what it should be, and our story in purchasing follows…
    Model #HBM17158SS was all out of stock at most Lowes stores in area, but one was on floor at closest Lowes. After viewing, we were told one had just come in last night, and we bought it. Outer box looked perfect. Lowes employees were excellent with inspection of box and loading (they were backed up 5 days on delivery and our refrigerator was down-n-out). We uncovered perfect box/packaging when we got it home, and discovered left side of frig had cosmetic light dents/scratches (mentioned in other reviews). No problem for us as we had cabinets on left side and damage was cosmetic only. Moved frig up and into elevated post-firm house/kichen area very carefully and through great effort. Let it sit for 24 hrs., then energized for 4 hrs. and placed food inside. When sliding in crisper drawer, noticed sides of drawer warped inwards and therefore would not sit in carrier assembly correctly. Called Hisense customer service to kindly request replacement crisper drawer and let them know about side protection in shipping not being quite adequate (for future quality control people and help with future customers), but repeated again that it was no problem for us. We also sent requested pictures. We were informed days later that their evaluation team had determined we had two choices: our frig must be returned to store for replacement or forfeit warranty! (Original request for new crisper drawer was not even an issue for them.)
    I (being a mechanical engineer and knowing that new refrigerator had condenser coil location under sheet metal sides of frig) explained that minor dents/scratches on left were not deep enough to cause any damage to these coils, and again, we were fine with the left side cosmetic scratches. Evaluation team would not relent. We wrote Hisense management and now it’s been over two months with no response. Hisense currently does not care about their customer service effort in refrigerators and anyone trying to be helpful.

    • Hi Glen

      Thank for you sharing your experience with the Hisense refrigerator to let us know about their quality. Sadly it is true most of the top brands don’t have good after-sale customer support. Before purchase, they will make you feel that you are valuable. But once you buy, that value disappears, and you will have to constantly call the service department to seek help.

      While making our list, we got the mixed feedback about the brand. Now, our team is doing further research about the best and worst refrigerator brands to further expand our list to help people to make the right choice. Indeed after our research, we will include Hisense refrigerators in our list.

  26. Hi Jeanne

    GE is a top notch brand and still considered reliable by a number of users. But Samsung, LG, and some other leading brands are losing their popularity with the rise of new technology. Most of the new refrigerators are coming with digital functions. But, sometimes, these brands over-stuffed the technology in a model that causes them to die sooner. So, I would say it depends more on the model of refrigerator you are buying. If you want to buy a reliable model, we recommend you not buy a refrigerator with too many new features. In the beginning, these features look great, but they cause the lifespan of your appliance.

  27. Samsung French Door refrigerator is the worst. They have definite design flaws with their ice makers in the refrigerators. We bought one in 2012 and lost it in a fire. We liked the design but had ice issues. We thought the newer 2014 model would be better but we have been wrong. The lower ice unit in the freezer stopped over a year ago. The upper unit has been replaced 3x and fixed 2x. It now is failing again with slushy ice and water dripping out the dispenser. The ice bin has also broke 2x and replaced and is cracked again. The ice maker freezes over and lodges up the ice bin. The top freezer drawer just broke out. The back of the unit frosts and is rusting out at the top of the box. No warranty. Samsung knows it and thousands are defective and do not want to stand behind their products. Their designs haven’t changed to resolve defective ice makers and to resolve defective foam insulation. I will never buy another Samsung. For $2500 it should last more than a few years and definitely more than 7. Check FB group for dissatisfied owners of Samsung refrigerators.

  28. I’m curious how you chose this LG model to be your Best Overall with only 5 reviews and all were bad! When I looked up this model that’s what I found.

    • Hi Maureen,

      Actually, sometimes these negative reviews are caused by the miss commitments of online vendors rather than by the company itself. But, it is also true that the LG refrigerators are getting a lot of criticism from their users in 2021. However, the model we mentioned in the post has a huge number of satisfied users. Still, we recommend you try out other top brands instead of LG’s new refrigerator models as these new models are causing some issues for users.

  29. We have had ad our LG refrigerator for 4 years, still under warranty and it stopped working almost a month ago because of a failed compressor. We can’t get anyone to fix it and dealing with the company has proven to be both frustrating and infuriating. It took 3 weeks to get someone to come out and he said he wouldn’t fix it. Another repair guy said he can’t fix it because LG won’t cooperate with him to get the parts and they had yet to pay him from a job he did for them 4 months ago. Bottom line- LG should not be on this list.

  30. Bought the 2015 side by side GE. The freezer has gone out after only 6 years. My home warranty will cover the costs of a new one. This info is great. I’ll be checking out LG. Thanks!

  31. I don’t know where you got the idea that LG has “top level” customer service. It has been 3 MONTHS since my 3-year-old LG refrigerator stopped working and they have yet to repair or replace it. The last time they came out, they ordered the same part they had already replaced (with no success), took 20 days to come install it, and it’s still broken. Now they say they’ll call me in 2 weeks to discuss next steps. They are great at saying “we’re sorry you feel that way,” but I wouldn’t call that top level…

  32. Sears Kenmore Elite French Door purchased from Sears in 2015 for about 2500 have had a mother board replace first 6 months then a new compressor in 2020 and now ice maker leaking. Have had 4 appointments and still ice maker does not work and now since icemaker was disconnected water dispenser does not work. Cancelling service agreement now and going to finally move on in life with knowing that LG is terrible as they make this model. NEVER by LG or Samsung appliances again!

    • We sprent $3000 on a Sears Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator in April 2016. The compressor went after one year. It is currently empty because it is not working. The first repairman – who is well-known in our area and excellent – looked at it said he wouldn’t touch it. We called Sears repair, and repairs will be made on 2/4. The cost of the compressor is still covered under the 10-year warranty, but further repairs will cost over $750. We’re glad for January “outdoor refrigeration!”

  33. My last two refrigerators were both Whirlpool. One lasted three years, the other five years. I did my homework before buying them so these results are most frustrating, and expensive.

    • Hi Kathy,
      On average, a refrigerator must last between 10 and 15 years. In recent years, we have seen a lot of complaints against Whirlpool refrigerators. So we would encourage you to try out differently. In 2021, GE refrigerators are doing well. But make sure to read the positive and negative reviews against a particular model that you would like to buy.

    • We bought a whirlpool fridge for the garage around 2013. The first few years I had to replace the fan twice, then the defrost timer. I was fortunate that I only paid for parts and repaired myself. So after that no issues knock wood.

  34. Hi Nancy,

    It is a huge repair cost. In this amount, you can easily replace your old compressor with a brand new one..

  35. Please be sure to call out the horrible issues with Samsung refrigerators. Thousands of people like me have been treated poorly by Samsung due to the known issues with their products. They do not stand behind their product. Check out the Facebook page if you want to see the horror stories!

    • Hi Mara,
      Many consumers were experiencing problems with Samsung refrigerator models manufactured between 2017 and 2019 due to substandard ice makers. So, the company was involved in a legal battle over this problem, which was resolved in 2020. However, some customers have yet to receive a response from the Samsung customer service department, which has enraged them and led to complaints on different social media sites. We always recommend whatever model you purchase; read the reviews first and pick out the best model only.

      • It’s not just 2017-2019 years with problems of ice makers and cooling problems. It’s all years including years after 2019.

    • I agree with you 100%. Every Samsung French Door Refrigerator model should have made the list of worse refrigerators. I wondered how reliable this site is when no Samsung made the list. Samsung has claimed to have fixed all their issues now but look on social sites about new Samsung Refrigerators people have purchased and all still have the same problems that have been going on for years. They are knowingly selling products with known design flaws.

    • I purchased all Samsung appliances thinking I was upgrading. Big waste of money and nothing but headaches. Nothing lasted very long. $10,000 wasted

      • we also bought all samsung(samjunk) after a house , 2 control boards i installed , service would not touch it ? had to install a surge suppressor, power outage killed the last board i installed , before those it stopped self defrosting, everything froze solid. i called lowes about it ? waste of time for an expensive fridge , junk warranty . then our samjunk dishwasher died , no warranty service either ? then 6 months later the samjunk microwave died another control , i hauled it all to recycle got 12 dollars for about 3k dollars i spent. never ever will i buy samjunk again ,i will tell everyone why that will listen. dale

  36. I bought our large LG Refrigerator 2021 but I see that it is a trouble maker. The tray in the freezer section broke, and the ice dispenser quit working. I detest this refrigerator.

  37. Frigidaire side by side 26 cu.frs6lf7gs2 went bad called for service tech said they don’t make the control board any more it’s a shame .I have a ge tfx20nw about 30 years old still running good.
    Luis g. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback, Luis
      Yes, we agree a lot of customers are not happy with the poor after-sale customer support given by the Frigidaire.
      We are glad to know that you still have a 30 years old GE refrigerator that still functions well. Although GE refrigerators are expensive, they are worth every penny.

  38. I am 86 yrs old and my current Kitchen Aide side by side is now 27 yrs old, so it is running a lot but have not had to have any service on it in the 27 yrs. I do know appliance do not last as long as they use to, but feel I need to get a more energy efficient one. Your info has been a great help to me as I live in a rural area and thankful I have a sales person that I have used for nearly 30 yrs. She retired and then went back to work, so I will depend on her to find me the best refrig. thank you again for your info.

    • Dear Betty Johnson
      We’re glad to hear that our blog has provided you with useful information.
      You’re most welcome.


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