16 Washing Machine Brands to Avoid & 3 Reliable Brands in 2024

You should spend money on the washing machine once and get it over with. There is no need to buy one after another.

Finding the perfect brand will save you not only money but also time. However, choosing the right option is difficult since hundreds of options out there.

Based on our research and recall data from the CPSC, Whirlpool, Summit, Equator & Maytag are the washing machine brands to avoid.

The most common complaints against these brands include machine failure, low quality, and bad customer service.


How To Identify The Bad Washing Machine Brand?

The worst washing machine brand is the one that constantly needs repair and has a high failure rate.

Any reputable washing machine brand will be well-engineered, constructed with durable parts, and have a long warranty.

So, the best way to identify the worst washer brand is:

  • Read Reviews and Online Complaints for consumer forums.
  • Check for Warranty and Read Warranty Statements.
  • Check for the Manufacturer’s Reputation and Ratings.
  • Make sure it has an Energy Star rating.
  • Look for Frequent Customer Complaints in a model you are buying.
  • Compare Prices and Reviews of Other Brands (the Lowest Is Not Always the Best).

List of Worst Washing Machine Brands to Avoid

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of multiple washing machine brands in the market, we have curated a list considering key factors such as performance, quality, durability, energy efficiency, cleaning effectiveness, load capacity, and pricing.

Our evaluation took into account feedback from a wide range of sources, including our families, friends, and users.

Check out our list of washing machine brands to avoid in 2023.

S.NoBrandKey Issues
1WhirlpoolNoise, poor cleaning, water level issues
2SummitInefficient, no water level detection
3EquatorPoor drying, frequent errors, poor customer support
4DanbyManual water fill, poor customer service
5DecoSmall capacity, screen issues, poor customer support
6Speed QueenSubpar cleaning, energy inefficiency
7IndesitFew features, poor cleaning, poor customer service
8MaytagNoise, low capacity, poor performance
9CostwayNoise, poor water drainage, lint attractor
10FarberwareNoisy, difficult setup, unexpected stoppages
11SiemensElectrical issues, poor build quality
12SamsungFrequent part replacements, balance issues
13AmanaIncomplete cycles, noise, functional problems
14HotpointOff-balance, slow, can’t handle large loads
15FrigidaireUnbalanced spin, stops mid-cycle, poor customer service
16MideaPoor customer service, performance issues, noise

1. Whirlpool (Top Load)

When you talk about a reliable washing machine brand, Whirlpool is one of them.

Whirlpool manufactures incredible washer models of good quality with many advanced features.

However customers respond differently to their models WTW5000DW and WTW8700EC.

Both of these models struggled to satisfy their users. People on online stores, customer forums, and social media reported too many complaints on various issues about them.

However, the Whirlpool washer not spinning is the most common complaint.

Model – Whirlpool WTW5000DW:

Model - WTW5000DW

The Whirlpool WTW5000DW is a 4.3 Cubic Feet top-loader with low profile Impe, white in color. However, its performance falls short of expectations.

Check out the reasons to stay away from this model.

  • The machine makes a grunting sound during the sensor wash.
  • Doesn’t clean well and leaves stain spots on the clothes.
  • Because of the poor water level, clothes get tangled.
  • It takes so long to wash.

Model – Whirlpool WTW8700EC:

Model - WTW8700EC

It is a 5.3 Cubic Feet top-Loader with high efficiency and many advanced features.

Its features include remote control functions and customized wash cycles. Still, it has failed to convince its customers for various reasons.

Here are the negative reviews on Whirlpool WTW8700EC.


  • The quality of the washer is not good.
  • Failed to remove stains and left soap spots on the clothes.
  • Remote control and app features are not well functioning, making it difficult for you to fix them.
  • The app often loses its link with the machine, and re-connection takes too long.

2. Summit – (Front Load)

Summit - SPWD2201SS (front Load)

Summit is more famous for offering versatile products with combos. They have won many customers because of their all-in-one offer.

However, the Summit SPWD2201SS has a lot of issues that will force you to keep the repair person on speed dial.

It is a 2.0 Cubic Feet combo of a washer and dryer with 7 wash cycles and 3 dry cycles. This model is specially designed for compact homes.

Before buying, you must check out the most complaints against Summit SPWD2201SS.

  • Even for a simple wash, it takes a long time.
  • The dryer does not work correctly ( takes 5 to 6 hours to dry a load).
  • No mechanism to detect the required water level.
  • Leaves stain spots on the clothes.

3. Equator – (Front Load)

Equator EZ 4400 (Front Load)

The Equator is a US-based home appliances brand famous for making the most innovative washers with exquisite designs.

They offer high-quality and efficient appliances with advanced technology.

Equator EZ 4400 24 is one of the worst washer models introduced by the Equator.

It is a 1.6 Cubic Feet front load washer-dryer combo in a beautiful compact size. It has automatic water level and dry level controls with a color-coded display screen.

Still, it has failed to meet the expectations of its users. Many customers have shown their disappointment due to the following reasons.

  • The dry cycle is not fully functioning.
  • The machine stops and displays several error codes on the screen.
  • The washer works on a small load, and clothes will come out with wrinkles when you put an extra load in the machine.
  • Poor after-sale customer support by the company.

4. Danby – (Top Load)

Danby - DWM99W (Top Load)

Danby offers a wide range of compact and lightweight washers designed for small apartments at very reasonable prices.

But, the Danby DWM99W has disappointed its users due to its various issues in it.

It is a 20-inch portable washer with a weight of 8.8 lbs. This model offers you energy efficiency, 4 water level settings, 5 cycles, 3 temperature selections (hot, warm, and cold), and fabric selection options.

You might be drawn to this model due to its fascinating layout and features.

Before counting on this model, here are the following drawbacks that you need to know.

  • The level of water never fills automatically; you may have to add water manually.
  • The spin cycle is not strong, leaving stain spots on your clothing.
  • Poor customer services
  • Expensive repair and maintenance.

5. Deco – (Front Load)

Deco - 4400 CV

The next washing machine brand to avoid on our list is Deco. It is another U.S. brand that provides top-quality home appliances at a minimal cost.

Also, their designs are ideally suited to compact residences.

However, the Deco 4000 has many flaws that will make you stay away from this model.

It is a 1.5 Cubic Feet washer dryer combo with an attractive exterior build. It supplies both ventilation and condensation for the dryer cycle.

But, before rushing to buy, you need to check the following setbacks of this model reported by its users.

  • The capacity is too small
  • Often display screen blackout
  • Sometimes stops functioning during the wash cycle
  • It’s not energy efficient
  • Poor warranty and customer support

6. Speed Queen:

It’s hard to know how a washing machine brand like Speed Queen could make the list of the worst washing machine brands to avoid.

They have been around for a long time and have established themselves in the market.

But when it comes to washing machines, they don’t seem to be any better than others and some of their models are just awful.

Low-quality cleaning performance is the major error reported by customers, and their customers often complain about low water volume during their process, especially when the clothes are delicate.

The energy efficiency of Speed Queen is also terrible because they have quite a large amount of energy consumption.

Moreover, their smart features like remote control and app feature won’t work properly and often get disconnected. The water level settings are also poor and clothes get tangled.

Their washers and dryers are also not worth buying even though their price is cheaper than other brands.

  • Subpar cleaning performance
  • Poor water level settings
  • Not energy efficient
  • Malfunctioning smart features

7. Indesit:

Indesit Washers to avoid

The first and biggest name of the Italian brand, Indesit is a huge manufacturer and has a huge amount of different products.

Indesit was one of the first big appliance brands in the market. So, they were always one of the first to launch new products.

The problem with this brand is that they are not so competitive anymore, and its products have not been as good in recent years.

However, their washing machines are still decent and do an excellent job.

The biggest problem with the Indesit washing machines is the lack of features, which is one of the main reasons why they are not as popular as they used to be.

They have poor customer service, which is another reason why people aren’t buying this brand.

However, you can check out our troubleshooting guide on Indesit washing machine problems.

  • Lack of features.
  • Leaves stain spots on the clothes.
  • Longer wash cycle
  • Poor customer service

8. Maytag:

Maytag has been around for a long time and has been a name that many people trust when it comes to washing machines.

However, Maytag has been making some of the most terrible washing machines over the years.

They have made many bad products that have caused many problems for the customers. 

One of their worst washing machines is the MVWC565F, which makes noise while washing and also has a low capacity.

The performance is also not great, and they are really heavy, and their door has a tendency to close by itself. The water level settings are also not effective enough.

9. Costway (Top-Load):

Costway is a relatively new brand in the market but it has already created a lot of buzz. People love this brand because they are easy to use, have simple controls and deliver what they promise.

The problems with their washing machine include noisy performance, bad water drainage, poor spin cycle, and a design that attracts lint.

The smart features of this washer do not work properly like the remote control, app control, and timer.

Costway makes different models of washing machines but their top loaders are the least reliable washers. 

10. Farberware

Farberware washer - Worst

While Farberware is renowned for its top-quality cookware and knives, its washing machines do not share the same exceptional reputation.

It seems the brand prioritizes cookware manufacturing, resulting in less impressive washing machines.

For example, the Farberware portable top-load washing machine boasts a distinct design, but several prominent issues plague it.

One of the most frustrating problems with the washer is its insufficient draining capability, leaving users to manually drain the machine.

Failing to drain the washer thoroughly may lead to washing clothes in murky, stale water.

Although the washing machine’s compact size makes draining somewhat manageable, removing all the water is challenging.

Other common issues with 1.0 cu. Ft. portable Farberware Washing Machine are:

  • Loud squealing noises during the operation
  • Difficult setup and faucet connection
  • Unexpected stopping mid-cycle

11. Siemens

I purchased a Siemens UltraSense WFXD5202UC washing machine last year; unfortunately, my experience with it has been less than satisfactory.

It seems like Siemens, once a reliable and trusted brand in home appliances, has faced a decline in quality, which is quite disappointing.

In the past, Siemens was known for its superior range of durable and efficient products.

However, lately, their washing machines, including the UltraSense WFXD5202UC, have raised some consumer concerns.

From my personal experience, as well as feedback from other customers, it’s become apparent that the current models have a number of issues.

Most notably, the electrical components in these machines appear to be subpar. The UltraSense WFXD5202UC often experiences shorts during cycles, likely due to an inferior electric board and power supply.

Some other problems include:

  • Burning smell during operation
  • Decreased durability compared to previous models
  • Poor Build Quality

12. Samsung

Samsung has been manufacturing washing machines since 1974, and over the years, it has established a reputation for innovative and reliable products.

Now, I guess some of you will be shocked to see Samsung in our worst washers to avoid list, but hear us out.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all Samsung washing machines live up to these standards, and certain models are best avoided.

While Samsung’s overall performance is commendable, some of their washing machines have proven to be less reliable top-load washers and have frustrated customers.

Here’s a closer look at 2 specific models that have recently generated some negative feedback.

Samsung WF45R6300AV:

Samsung WF45R6300AV - Avoid

Despite its sleek stainless steel design, this front-load washer has been plagued by a range of mechanical issues.

Customers have reported the need for frequent replacements of key components, including the control board, assembly, and drum.

The lack of readily available spare parts for this model is another cause of concern.

Moreover, the washing machine’s poor balance often results in the dreaded U6 error code, leaving customers feeling deceived and frustrated.

Samsung WA45M7050AW/A2:

Samsung WA45M7050AWA2 - avoid

This particular model has been a source of disappointment for many due to its poor build quality.

The thin metal used in its construction is prone to warping and rusting, leading to breakdowns and irreparable damage within just months of use.

Additionally, customers have expressed concerns about the faulty timer, which prolongs wash cycles and can lead to burnout.

13. Amana

Amana worst brands

My sister once bought an Amana NTW4516FW top-load washer, excited by its reputation for reliability and efficiency.

However, her experience turned out to be quite the opposite, and she soon discovered that this model has several issues.

Many users have encountered similar problems, which makes the Amana NTW4516FW a poor-quality washer brand to avoid.

A key complaint among users is the washer’s inability to complete a full cycle. The spin and drain features often refuse to work, leaving laundry wet and soapy.

Moreover, the washing machine’s cleaning performance is subpar, leaving clothes uncleaned.

To make matters worse, the Amana NTW4516FW is quite noisy, which can be particularly annoying for those who live in small apartments or require quiet during their washing cycles.

Other functional problems include:

  • The lid does not lock securely
  • Extended time is taken to fill with water
  • The washer shut off mid-cycle
  • Unsatisfactory customer service from the brand
  • Limited or inadequate warranty coverage

14. Hotpoint

As a budget-conscious consumer, you might be tempted to consider Hotpoint washing machines for their affordability.

However, it’s essential to be aware of some concerns why it is among the bad washing machine brands to avoid.

The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS model, for example, has received frequent customer complaints due to its performance, design, and reliability.

Common problems include off-balance issues, slow operation, and difficulty handling large loads.

Some other drawbacks of Hotpoint Washers are:

  • Malfunctioning of the lid lock feature
  • Frequent breakdowns can lead to expensive repairs and a shorter lifespan for the machine.
  • Faulty panel

15. Frigidaire

While Frigidaire is a popular washing machine brand, beware of the FFTW4120SW model. This model has numerous reports of product malfunctions and is one of the worst top load washers in the market.

Smaller loads can lead to unbalanced spin cycles due to the agitator redistributing items. This problem persists even after replacing suspension rods.

The washer can struggle to determine the right amount of water, causing clothing to bunch up and potentially leak.

Worst of all, it often stops working mid-cycle, and Frigidaire’s customer service can be difficult to reach for assistance.

Before investing in this particular washer, consider these potential issues and explore alternatives to make the best choice for your laundry needs.

16. Midea

My neighbor had a Midea MLV45N3BWW washing machine; unfortunately, it was a poor choice.

Issues such as poor customer service, power and performance problems, and noisy operations have stained the brand’s reputation.

Midea washers often struggle to spin clothes on medium or higher cycles, leaving them soaked.

Customers have also reported internal leaks, error messages, and power issues.

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, you may want to explore more reliable options to ensure a better experience.

3 Most Reliable Washing Machine Brands

Since buying a washing machine is such a big investment, you should choose a model that lasts several years.

Choosing a reliable option in today’s saturated market is really stressful.

To help you pick the right option, our team has selected the top 3 washing machines based on positive feedback from users.

BrandModelTypeCapacityKey Features
ElectroluxEFLS627UTTFront Load4.4 Cu. Ft.9 wash cycles, 15-minute fast wash, excellent cleaning performance
LGWM3488HWFront Load4.5 Cu. Ft.10 cycles, speed wash, cold wash feature, LG ThinQ app
GEGTW685BSLWSTop Load4.5 Cu. Ft.Dual-action agitator, 15 wash cycles, compatible with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google voice commands

1. Electrolux EFLS627UTT (Front Load)

Electrolux EFLS627UTT

Electrolux is famous for making high-quality home appliances. Their washers are very light in weight, offer high energy efficiency, and remove adhesive stains from the clothes quickly.

The Electrolux EFLS627UTT is a top-selling front-load washer with excellent cleaning performance.

It is a 4.4 Cubic Feet front load washer with 9 wash cycles, including a 15-minute fast wash.

However, it does not have a mobile app for control and tracking, but it is still a good buy for overall best results at a fair price.

  • Pod detergent support
  • Excellent washing performance
  • 15-minute quick wash
  • Sanitize option
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Only front-load option available in this model
  • No smart features

2. LG WM3488HW (Front Load)


LG is a brand that will make your laundry easy and simple with the most reliable washers.

They are producing top-quality washers and dryers with advanced technological features at reasonable prices.

The company also offers the LG ThinQ app for smartphones. You can connect with your LG washing machine via Wi-Fi to control the laundry.

The LG WM3488HW is a 4.5 Cu. Ft. front loader with 10 cycles and speed wash. It also has a cold wash feature, reducing energy costs and improving the environment.

The overall performance of this model is excellent while being pocket-friendly. It comes with an LG ThinQ app that allows you to control the laundry with your smartphone.

Although this brand is on our best list, you may still face some minor issues that you can quickly fix at home by reading our LG Washer Troubleshooting guide.

  • Many customizations
  • Speed cycles
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Smartphone control over your laundry via the LG ThinQ app
  • Longer cycle times
  • No internal water heater

3. GE – GTW685BSLWS (Top Load)


General Electric (GE) Appliances is a top-notch US brand and has been in this industry for more than 125 years.

They have a wide range of reliable home appliances in their product line and have one of the best washers and dryers in front and top load.

The GE GTW685BSLWS is a dual-action agitator top loader with a 4.5 Cubic Feet capacity. It can accommodate a massive load of clothes in its drum.

Also, this model has 15 wash cycles with excellent cleaning performance. Although this model doesn’t have a smart app feature, you can add this feature to your washer after paying an extra amount.

Moreover, its innovative home features give you full control over your laundry. It allows you to use Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Google voice commands when doing laundry.

However, you may face draining issues in GE washers, which you can easily fix at home with our troubleshooting guide.

  • Best for huge loads
  • Lots of different cycles
  • Low water usage
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Option for Smart technology integration
  • Energy consumption is high

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Washing Machine Brand

Washing Machine Buying Guide

When purchasing a washing machine, several things are considered: models, types, styles, sizes, performance, efficiency, and price.

After checking these specifications, you can ensure whether a washer model meets your family’s needs.

If any of the specifications aren’t satisfied, it is better to give up on that model and look for a better option.

To help you avoid the worst washer brands, here are the following key factors you need to check before buying.

1. Washer Types

Whether it’s a traditional top load or a modern front load, the first thing to look for is the type of washer you want to buy.

The traditional top loaders are less expensive compared to the front loaders.

Despite being expensive, front loaders are the best choices because they come with a range of advanced features and increased energy efficiency.

2. Check For Capacity

A washer’s capacity refers to the internal tub volume, which we measure in cubic feet.

A 2.5 to 4.5 Cu. Ft. washing machine can easily handle 10 to 16 pounds of laundry on average. Furthermore, a 5 Cu. Ft. tub can manage up to 20 pounds of laundry.

So, checking your load size before finalizing the model and manufacturer is vital.

3. Make Sure The Size

A machine’s size refers to its external dimensions, such as height, width, and depth. It is measured in inches.

Also, these measurements are essential to determine the size and space required to place a washer in your home. Usually, a washing machine ranges from 24 to 27 inches.

4. Energy Efficiency

Power consumption and energy efficiency are other vital considerations to check when buying.

It will not only save you electricity but also help to improve the environment.

Therefore, front-load and high-efficiency washers are the top choices for saving water and electricity.

Also, check the Energy Star sticker on the machine to ensure that it follows the government’s energy efficiency standards.

5. Check For Features and Functions

The features and functions you want in your washer depend on many factors, including a budget, machine type, usage, size, capacity, efficiency, and home space.

Here is the list of features you can check according to your preferences and requirements.

# An NSF International certified washer:

Cleaning them in the regular laundry is not hygienic unless your undies are washed at 135 to 150 degrees.

However, an NSF International-certified machine has a sterilizing hot wash cycle, which kills 99.9% of bacteria.

# Stainless steel drums:

Stainless steel drums are very reliable when it comes to quality and longevity. These sturdy drums can withstand the stiffness of rivets, metal zippers, and buttons.

# Quick wash cycle:

You can save up to 20 to 25 minutes with this feature compared to the regular wash cycle without compromising overall performance.

# Bright Control Panel:

It is a helpful feature if your machine is placed in the low-light corner of your home’s basement.

# Noise-reducing technologies

Do you want your new washer to be in close proximity to your bedroom or living room? Then, search for models with sensors to keep noise to a minimum.

Washing Machine Features You Should Avoid If Not Needed

Key features often add value to your purchase. However, all of them are not intended to improve the washer’s performance.

Having unnecessary features in your model will cost you extra. They will also increase your repair costs if there is a problem.

The features mentioned below should only be included in your model if they are useful to you.

1. Extra wash cycle

To have this feature in your model seems to be excellent.

But a few drawbacks will make you think about this, such as increasing the wash time, wasting extra water, and raising the electricity cost.

2. Touchpads:

It is another intriguing feature that offers you a touch control panel with various advanced options.

However, it has no impact on the washing machine’s efficiency. So, it is entirely in your preference, but it will cost extra money.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

To control a washer with your fingertips is fascinating. It allows you complete control of the laundry via smartphones or a computer.

Again, it does not impact the performance, but you must pay an additional fee to use this feature.

Washing Machine Safety Tips

Washing Machine Safety Tips

To keep our clothes looking clean and new, we all do laundry at least twice a week at home. So, it is crucial to be aware of all safety measures to avoid any risk.

These precautions protect you and your family from harm and make the washer last longer.

We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to help you manage the appliance and avoid mishaps.

# Check the Power Supply

After finishing the laundry, ensure the appliance is not connected to an extension cord.

If your washing machine’s plug or power cord is impaired, call a service center immediately to repair it to prevent fire hazards.

# Examine the Pockets of the Clothing

Before putting your clothes in the washing machine, empty the pockets.

Hard items, such as screws, nails, coins, safety pins, stones, and rivets, can damage the equipment.

# Keep the Door Closed

If you are using a front-load washer, always keep the door shut. Children or pets may likely get into the washer while playing.

They could end up damaging the equipment or injuring themselves.

# Do Not Overload

When the washer is overloaded, it puts pressure on the engine, causing it to overheat. So, if you have a large laundry load, always use the heavy load rinse feature on the washer.

# Cleaning of Lint Filter

To clean the lint filter, you need to detach it from the washing machine.

To run your appliance efficiently, you must clean it regularly to prevent lint from clogging the water pipes.

# Excessive detergent should be avoided:

There is a common misconception prevailing that using a lot of detergents can clean your clothing well.

Putting a load of dirty, greasy clothes in the washer with a stack of detergent isn’t always the right solution.

# Contact a Professional For Repair

If it breaks down, do not try to repair the washing machine alone because it requires substantial experience to fix these issues.

So, it is essential to contact a service center and request a skilled repair person to fix the problem immediately.

Other Brands to Avoid

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for front-load washing machines?

The following are the best brands for front-load washing machines:
1. Whirlpool
2. LG
3. Samsung
4. GE

What washing machine brand lasts the longest?

Despite the fact that there are many trustworthy brands available, Speed Queen received the most votes from users as the most reliable brand on the market.

Their washers are simple in appearance, but they can last for up to 25 years.

Final Words

Washing machines are vital household appliances that have greatly improved our daily lives by making it more convenient to do laundry at home.

It has also made it easier for us to do laundry at home. However, with a flawed model, this task will become frustrating.

.In order to make the best decision for your household, it is essential to consider the quality and reliability of the brand you choose.

That’s why we have enlightened the worst washing machine brands to avoid on the market to prevent you from a lousy selection of the brand.

Whirlpool, Summit, Equator, Danby, and Deco have all launched several substandard washer models in the market.

It is important to do your research and read reviews before purchasing to ensure that you are investing in a washing machine that will meet your needs and last for years to come.

Note: No brand is completely the worst. But, many top brands have introduced low-quality models you need to know before making a purchase. So, in this guide, we will spotlight the underperforming models. Later on, we will also highlight the recommended brands based on a good user experience.

Christopher Evans is a Mechanical Engineer and is a distinguished expert in tire and electronic appliance testing with over 15 years of experience. Holding certifications like Automotive Tire Service (TIA) and Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). He is also a member of the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has significantly contributed to safety standards and testing protocols in both industries. Evans is a respected speaker and award recipient.

36 thoughts on “16 Washing Machine Brands to Avoid & 3 Reliable Brands in 2024”

  1. The statement that LG WM3488HW is 4.5 cu ft is incorrect. The LG WM3488HW is a 2.3 cu ft ALL-IN-ONE washer/ dryer.

    I found out 1st hand of the horrors of this BS feature that can only be bypassed one way, which is not easy for most consumers. I was house sitting & their LG WM3700HWA-front-load-washer was not filling with enough water thanks to load sensing. PLUS The gasket is folded so it grows mold so easily too.

    I was trying to wash towels and after 1st wash I added more Tide, Clorox 2, & Oxy-Clean to wash again but load still reeked like a HS boy’s locker room after a summer football game even after 4 washes w/ 3 added rinses. I removed all items after I checked & saw the entire gasket was ripe with at least a 1/4″ layer of brown & black mold slime.
    I got the OxiClean washing Machine cleaner & ran the “Tub Clean” to remove all the mold slime on the gasket and I hope the rest of the washer’s interior.

    I put back the towels and rewashed again for a 5th time using “Allergiene” cycle (has steam) w/ extra rinses but still the towels were reeking like feet & mold.

    I then remembered that 2 previous techs had told me that our Kenmore HT3 should have the water up against the glass when they came for yearly service, which was part of the SEARS extended warranty at the time. They both stated you NEED at least 2-3 gallons of free standing water at the bottom of the drum AFTER clothes are thoroughly wet. The drum pushes the water & detergent through the clothes to “push out” the dirt. No water free standing means the drum is just rolling wet dirty clothes full of soap.

    I stayed for the 6th wash & saw there was ZERO free standing water at the bottom of the drum. I had to add 6 gallons of water w/ a bucket to get the towels thoroughly wet & have a minimal amount of free standing water. The result was excessive detergent and lots of bubbles were dispersed. The excessive detergent was after I added recommended detergent only 2 times and had washed the towels a total of FIVE times with extra rinses before seeing the LACK of water issues.

    The reality was their towels & clothes were not getting cleaned or rinsed properly thanks to the “Load Sensor” so detergent had built up in the clothes. I had to wash an additional 4 times without any detergent etc. on “ALLERGIENE” cycle PLUS I ADDED 4-6 gallons of water each wash, in order to get the towels rinsed cleaned of the excessive detergent.

    When I went to put their towels in the linen closet I smelled the funk from their “WASHED” towels. I put those towels in the “Allergiene” wash cycle tapped “Water Plus” & added about 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, Clorox 2, & TWO scoops of Oxi-Clean powder with 5 gallons of water poured onto the dry towels so they were thoroughly wet prior to starting the machine. I had to repeat an additional 4 washes the same way w/o any detergent to get them rinsed clean.

    How this ALL relates to LOAD SENSOR- towels, microfiber rugs, etc. actually weigh very little and absorb lots of water. Based on load weight that the LG washer load sensor registers, the washer does not release/ use sufficient water to actually get your clothes, towels etc properly cleaned. In order to bypass the issue, you must pre-wet the laundry that is “Light but absorbs lots of water”.

    I actually just pre-wet all items in the washer before running it with the extra water option and plus a 2nd wash with additional rinses in order to get my own clothes clean while I house sat.

  2. Bought a Whirlpool top load washer Model 5057. Started making horrible grinding noises in October. Repairman had another similar washer customer problem. Ordered parts November 3, it is now December 28 and waiting for another part yet. Notified Whirlpool, they have 10 days for a resolution. This is ridiculous that a less then 5 month washer cannot get parts! I am forced to go to a laundromat and feed endless quarters into filthy machines. Still waiting to hear from Whirlpool. I will be going to my attorney if they do not replace this machine and will never buy another Whirlpool anything again, regardless.

  3. Please avoid Samsung. I have a ( VTR Plus He machine. ) I have used my machine once a week. I have owned it for almost five years.
    I have found all of the water does not drain out when the washing cycle is complete. In my opinion This is a design defect.
    This condition leads to mold and fungus to grow in the stagnant water that is in the bottom of the drum below where the clothes are washed.
    These mold flakes will come up and ruin your clothes during the wash cycle. . I have repeatedly cleaned this machine using chemicals to remove the mold. But nothing works.
    Lastly this machine wastes “ A LOT “ of electricity. As the drum spins and stops and spins again with no water before it makes up its mind to begin washing the clothes. Long before it begins to fill with water. Avoid Samsung..

  4. I bought acsamsung 15kg wobble washing machine with magic dispenser and filter. From the start machine is stressing me out. Clothes is not washed clean. Comes out full of marks and a lot of fluff and brown streaks. Very dissapointed. They say i must clean maagic filter after each wash which i did. No improvement. Also without the technician switch on machine or opening taps my pressure of water is too weak. Im nw sitting wth a machine nt doing wat its suppose to do.

    • Hi Esmerelda,

      I hope you are doing great!
      It is really disappointing to hear that you are encountering problems with a Samsung washing machine. Knowing how many people are dissatisfied with the help provided by Samsung is quite upsetting. We’ll soon be testing out their new washers to see why there are so many client complaints.

  5. I find your inclusion of Speed Queen as highly suspicious, and just don’t think I can trust your word on any of this. Especially seeing as how you DIDN’T include Samsung. Almost everyone knows their units are among the worst in the business.

    • Hi,

      Knowing how many people are dissatisfied with the help provided by Samsung is quite upsetting. We’ll soon be testing out their new washers to see why there are so many client complaints.

  6. Early 2000s Whirlpool front load Washer&Dryer GHW9300PW4 — replaced heating element(s) myself both are working great (basement). (Upstairs) Fancy GE front loader, lasted about 4-years before we had issues. Current repair price is $1400, purchase price was $899 for washer. Bearings/tub. I remember when Sears was where you bought appliances (service is deplorable through them now), Kenmore was rebadged Whirlpool (now I don’t know but quality seems to be poor). Thank you all for sharing.

  7. I’m one of the lucky ones.
    Bought Whirlpool WTW5000DW IN 2014, have no idea what the problems is, making grinding noise beginning of spin, then noise stops along with cycle. Trying to decide to call repairman or use $175.00 service charge plus repair toward another washer.
    Not a good time for any expense.

  8. Marjorie,
    There used to be a Maytag commercial where the Maytag repairman was the loneliness person in the world. The Maytag of old is not the new Maytag. The CEO of Maytag sold the business to Whirlpool. I too am looking for a reliable washer manufacturer. Sadly, most large corporations care more about sales – that is where their profits dominate the management. My first Maytag lasted 17 years. My current Maytag is headed to the trash after only seven years.

    • I have a Maytag too, after 1 yr and 3 months, the cam part is shot, it’s been down for 3 weeks. Now after 3 repairman visits, they are ordering a new computer panel. What next?
      BTW….There are only 2 of us that use this top loading washing machine. I really don’t have my hopes up. I expect we will have to purchase a new washing machine, which brand is the question of the century.
      And as far as the warranty, I was told they will just keep sending out a repairman, NEVER will they replace the lemon that we may have purchased.
      All about customer service, un huh?????
      So disappointed after spending $29.00 to wash 5 loads of laundry at the laundromat.
      Used a brand called DEXTER, did a superb job. When I got home, went online to see if a home version is available, unfortunately only commercial usage.
      Waiting patiently for the repairman as my loads of laundry pile up.

    • My 3 year old maytag is also being trashed now that it needs a $600 part (labor is additional). it failed at 13 months and maytag agreed to cover it under warranty. 19 months after that repair, needs the motherboard again, but this time maytag told me, in no uncertain terms, to go away and never darken their doorstep again. maytag, whirlpool, kenmoore, all junk. expensive junk at that. are $1,000 appliances now considered disposable? I have goldfish that live longer. I’ll spend $1400 on a speed queen and hope all i have read is true.

  9. Peggy,
    I’m in CA, too. I always use the Deep Water cycle on EVERY wash, and I do a second rinse on every wash, too. Sad that it has to be that way.

  10. I have had 2 Samsungs a frontload and a top load since 2014 and using a home warranty the front load washer was replace by the top load and now the top load one has a burning rubber smell in the rinse cycle and the bleach dispenser and top lid are rusted. In December, thanks to home warranty, I call it the mother board/control panel was replaced. I am now shopping for an impeller, top load, HE, energy star that is basic no wifi, etc. looking at Speed Queen and Maytag. No more Samsung.

    • Hi Marjorie,

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your Samsung washer experience. Speed Queen and Maytag are both excellent choices. However, before making a purchase, make sure to read the reviews of the model you’re considering because reading the reviews will help you choose the perfect model for your lovely home.

  11. I bought a Samsung washer and dryer in 2013. I have had nothing but trouble with both. First, the tops on the washers were flying off. They came and did something to prevent this from happening, but then I could’nt use it for bedding, the main reason I bought it. The dryer would show 10 minutes more of drying time. I would come back later and it would have changed to 45 minutes. They could never figure out what was wrong. And now my washer is filled with rust after each wash. I have to shake out the clothes and vacuum out the tub. I will never, ever buy anything samsung again. I am now looking for new ones.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I hope you are doing great!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience with the Samsung washer and dryer. Your feedback will also help others in their selection of a washer. This time, you may go for GE or Electrolux. In the year 2021, we received a lot of positive feedback from homeowners about these two brands.

  12. Bought LG top load washer 7 JUN 2021 – delivered 17 JUN – installed a week later. Used it for about 8 loads and noticed rust on the washer tub. Contacted LG and they refuse to do anything to resolve the problem – DO NOT BUY LG – check out the horror stories on FB LG Appliance Horror Survivors Group. LG IS THE WORST COMPANY TO BUY FROM!!

  13. I am in the market for a front load washer/dryer. I lived in the usa but now in the U.A.E.
    I have looked at candy: 10kg/6kg washer and dryer
    Lg: 8kg/6kg washer and dryer and a samsung. Price difference is there but not sure which brand to get.

    • Hi Hamad

      Candy washers and dryers are not really efficient. But in UAE, LG is a better option to rely on. If money isn’t a problem for you, you can try ELECTROLUX.

  14. In response to Meg’s “washers don’t fill so can’t agitate & clothes end up dirty & tangled.” I came to understand that it’s water economy that motivates LG (maybe others ?) to allow for a minimal quantity of water during wash. The irony is that we have to only use the “Bulky” mode at all times, which uses much more water that ordinarily needed. There is no provision for manual adjustment. This LG Inverter Directdrive is a catastrophy on all levels. Next one, not a LG for sure, and not a computer driven one if at all possible.

  15. In California the restrictions work against the machines. Water level is restricted as are water temperatures. How can you expect clean and detergent free laundry when the wash cycle only drains but does not spin and the rinse water is only 8 inches deep (including laundry)?
    Arizona is only 3 hours away and I’m tempted to go buy a machine there and bring it back.

  16. Hi!I bought mistral front loader washing machine&dryer,i just want to know if it is ok this brand before i open the box of it &use it.so i can return if i will see anything bad about it especially for my health.
    Thank you if anyone can help me.

    • Hi Cleo,

      To be honest, here in the US, the mistal washing machine is very unpopular. I really don’t know about your country because the Mistal washers are actually doing fine in some countries. However, if you are a US resident, I would never recommend this brand.

  17. I used Samsung top loader for like 9years without any problem. Until recently that it got problem due to unstable current and I’m unable to fix it since ,the engineer complained he could not find its part.

  18. Please do not buy a Samsung washing machine. Machines rust without customer causing
    problem. Check out online pictures of how many of the machines are rusting at the bleach dispenser area when bleach is never used and in other general areas on top of machine and within machine. Not sure if the Samsung dryer is as bad, if it is, it is not as visible as the washing machine.

    • I have 2016 Samsung that is on recall list.
      It is also rusting inside with rust in laundry.
      Samsung blamed me for using too much laundry detergent and not cleaning. Use the self clean feature regular and fill dispenser to levels given. Worst service and machine!!


  19. I have a whirlpool 10 k washing machine and it’s just over 2 years old. I’ve had the whirlpool engineer out twice and they have not fixed it. It’s due for a third visit at the end of this week with a new module to be fitted. Goodness knows if that will fix the problem. Reliable? Hell no!
    I bought this machine because of latest technology and never again. I will buy the most basic and cheapest one and if it last 5 years then I’m happy.

    • Hi Alan,

      Yes, you are right. There have recently been several complaints about Whirlpool washing machines, especially front loaders. They are at the top of the list because many homeowners have the worst experience with the brand. Check out our recommended washing machine models because our list is based on users’ experience.

  20. Do washers ever fill up & agitate well in order to clean clothes like the old ones? I’ve returnef two top loaders with agitators that don’t fill so can’t agitate & clothes end up dirty & tangled.

    • Hi Meg,
      The top loaders agitate well if they are filled up to the required level. If you fill the required amount and your clothes are still tangled, I suspect your washer’s capacity is lower. Try out different water levels and evaluate the performance.

  21. I have found your article very informative, but have to disagree with your recommendation of LG. I have an LG Inverter direct drive model WTG7532W top loader which has put scrud over the clothes right from the start. It is under 2 years old. I would not purchase an LG again.

    • Dear Elaine

      Thank you for appreciating our work.
      We agree with you that there has been a lot of LG washer complaints made by its users. But, there are many happy users too. The reason we included the LG in our best list as it is still one of the top selling brands on the market. So, our team gathered unbiased information about various models, and we came to the conclusion that the LG model WM3488HW is still considered reliable by a number of users.

      We would also encourage you to try out other washer brands instead of LG but make sure to check the reviews for each model first.

      If you’re having a scrud problem, the most likely cause is detergent so you can try out different detergent brands. You can also read our article on LG washer problems, we hope it will help you solve your problem. Link: https://worstbrands.com/lg-washing-machine-problems-troubleshooting/

    • You think their washing machines are bad – I bought a new TV and I’ve had nothing but problems connecting to sound bars. Of which I have bought two. Each in time LG saying it’s not the TV’s problem. Yeah right!


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