LG Washing Machine Reviews 2024 [Tested Results]

Whether front-loader or top-loader washing machines, people love to explore new technologies for better performance.

That is why leading companies are giving their best innovative range in each category to bring better but cost-effective pieces.

As per the research and feedback of consumers, LG washing machines are equipped with smart technology, are reliable, and remove stains efficiently.

Likewise, LG has introduced its Twin Wash washing machines.

If you want to know about these amazing, fantastic other traditional washers, read our detailed LG washing machine reviews for purposeful shopping.

LG Washing Machine Reviews

Overview of LG Washing Machines – Overall Performance

You must have experienced LG’s one product in your life. So, we are sure that you are aware of its high-quality performing gadgets.

Similarly, their washing machines are worth trying because of their unlimited quality features. It ensures clothes clean most smoothly, from eco-hybrid technology to the Turbo wash technique.

It fastens the cleaning process because of its high-performing rotators that work opposite and complete the cleaning and rinsing task within 39 minutes.

In addition, the turbo drum tub and pulsator scrub spin ensure that each particle of dirt gets away from the fabric.

However, its drum’s durability is tricky in some models. Otherwise, these cleaning technologies combine to make unbeatable washing machines.

Distinctive Types of LG Washing Machines: 

LG has always made its mark because of its unique differentiating technology from others and some brilliant designs than its competitive ones.

Likewise, LG offers traditional front-load machines and other types of washers. But LG has also introduced its distinctive design of this cleaning machine that is different and performs more efficiently.

1. Front-Loader Washing Machine | Traditional Design

You will find this design among all leading brands that offer maximum cleaning space and powerful washing that ensures stain-removal activity while leaving the clothes smooth and has minimum wrinkles.

Some of its splendid features are:

  • Allergen-free cleaning
  • Wrinkle care option available on 6 cycles
  • Fast cleaning with Turbo wash

2. Top-Loader Washing Machine | Conventional Design

These machines are known for their fast cleaning action by using smart inverter motors. It will do the task quickly as compared to their ordinary devices.

Also, it is one of the designs that offer a maximum drum capacity of bearing a load of 24 kg.

Other variable features include:

  • A wide range of loading capacity
  • Good color options
  • Standby Power save mode

3. TWIN-Wash Washing Machine | Smart Design

It is the epitome of quality and class at the same time. You will see classic color washing machines with two compartments as the name indicates “TWINS.”

The large upper compartment acts as the traditional loader drum for cleaning and washing. The lower smaller container performs the same functions.

But it is designed for delicate and conscious cleaning of fragile fabric or some smaller garments.

Well, some other prominent features are;

  • 7-9.5 Kg capacity
  • Different fast colors
  • Double cleaning saves time

4. Dryers | Functional Design

People are always looking for a good dyer after finding a suitable washing machine model for themselves.

You will see these highly efficient dryers working in correspondence with washing machines to make the best cleaning experience.

  • Steam generator
  • Dual filter
  • Auto-cleaning condenser

Best LG Washing Machines | 4 Top-Rated Picks for You

LG is hard to beat when it comes to inventions and performance. That is why their washing machines are embellished with such incredible awards.

However, you will not find many options in each design; you might want to know the best picks from each of these designs.

So, to cut the chase for you, we have narrowed down these 4 best products for you.

1. LG Front-Loader Washing Machine- F4V9VCP2E Review

LG Front-Loader Washing Machine- F4V9VCP2E

Winning Features:

  • Stylish black steel color
  • 4 directional cleaning
  • Spacious and durable
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Energy-efficient cycling process 
  • Bigger drum capacity
  • Beautiful tempered glass door
  • Easy to operate

It is our first pick for the best LG washing machine because of many reasons. You can use these 2-in-1 machines for cleaning and drying purposes.

Also, its vast capacity drum and robust strain remover lifter make it the best pick for households for efficient cleaning.

It is an excellent-looking product, with a sleek, modern design that looks amazing in any home. It’s also very durable – it has a sturdy steel body that’ll look great for years.

It’s designed to be more energy efficient too, which means it’ll reduce your energy costs as well. It uses a powerful motor and a high-capacity drum that’s made from tempered glass, which allows for a much larger capacity than other washing machines.

The LG Front-Loader Washing Machine is also very easy to use. There are several different settings available, so you can choose the perfect cycle for whatever you are doing.

Overall, this excellent front loader does a great job and is worth every penny.

2. LG Top-loader Washing Machine- T2472EFHSTL Review

LG Top-loader Washing Machine- T2472EFHSTL

Winning Features:

  • 24 kg load capacity
  • Scrub-spin cleaning
  • Opposite direction water flow 
  • Smart setting options
  • 27% energy saving
  • Auto stain removal
  • Smart ThinQ technology
  • Budget-friendly choice

LG offers unique cleaning technology that makes this top-loader a very efficient and in-demand household cleaning machine. It combines the Turbo drum technology with Turbo Wash. These techniques ensure the cleaning from all directions in the best way possible.

This LG Top-loader Washing Machine has an automatic stain removal function that helps remove dirt, germs, and bacteria from fabrics automatically. It also has an auto-detergent function that can help you save on water and energy.

This machine will save you money on water and electricity bills while still keeping your clothes clean.

LG has installed a scrub-spin cleaning system in this washing machine for better cleaning performance. The system uses a revolving drum that spins at high speeds to loosen dirt and grime stuck on your clothes.

This top-loading washing machine has a 24 kg load capacity, which is perfect for those with large families. This means you can easily fit more clothes into this washer than other machines with smaller capacities.

It is a smart choice because it offers 27% energy savings and is eco-friendly too. This is also the first washing machine from LG to use a water-saving feature called Smart ThinQ technology.

So if you’re looking for a high-performance, long-lasting washing machine, then buy the LG Top-loader Washing Machine.

3. LG’s TWIN Wash Mini Washing Machine- F8K5XNK9

LG's TWIN Wash Mini Washing Machine- F8K5XNK9

Winning Features:

  • Best for baby wears
  • Sensible delicate cleaning
  • Fast and efficient rinsing
  • Touch control panel
  • Smart diagnosing feature
  • 10 years motor warranty
  • Elegant black machine
  • Reliable for daily use

Despite its smaller capacity than other designs, it is one of the most-selling lines of LG washing machines. Because its efficient cleaning in two sections will compensate for the daily cleaning chore in the best way possible.

This washing machine has a lot of features that I didn’t know existed in a washing machine. I love it. It has a touch panel, so you can operate it easily with one hand. 

It has a sensor to detect the fabric, so you don’t need to wash baby clothes separately, and the sensitive sensor will automatically detect the fabrics of the baby clothes.

It also has a sensor that automatically detects the clothes’ size, so you don’t have to add detergent for different sizes of clothes.

It has a smart diagnosing feature, and it will give you the diagnosis report in 10 minutes. The machine will show the problems in real time. It’s really helpful if you don’t know how to fix the problem.

It’s suitable for daily use, so I would definitely recommend it to other people.

4. LG Dryers- RC10V7WDK Review

Best LG Dryers- RC10V7WDK

Winning Features:

  • ECO hybrid technology
  • Tumble dry facility
  • It kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Powerful yet fast-drying 
  • Smooth cleaning action
  • Dual filter
  • Smartphone control
  • Touch control panel

This dryer is one of the best dryers I have used. It has an eco-friendly, hybrid technology that has many benefits, including less power consumption, low noise, and a very smooth drying action.

The tumble dry facility can dry clothes at a temperature of up to 190 degrees. It has a great drying performance, and the dual filter system ensures that the dryer doesn’t get clogged or cause any damage to your laundry.

The touch control panel makes it easy to operate the dryer from anywhere, and you can set the time you want your clothes to be dried. The dryer also has a smartphone control option, so you can remotely check if your clothes are ready.

This dryer is the ultimate choice if you want to get rid of the drying hassle. It will lessen the burden of prolonged drying cycles because of its heat pump technology.

Moreover, the customizable designs can fit anywhere in your laundry area.

Smart Cleaning Features of LG Washers

Smart Cleaning Features of LG Washers

LG uses some unique yet innovative techniques for efficient cleaning in their washing machines. Likewise, some unique drying technologies will enhance the drying process.

These gadgets will ensure smart quality working that saves energy, time, and clothes.

We have highlighted its cleaning technologies to give you a complete insight into these machines.

1. Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive System-The AI DD™ 

It is the system introduced by LG that will perform the following three functions simultaneously.

  • Weight detection of the clothes
  • Determine the fabric delicacy
  • Decides the adequate motion for proper cleaning

2. TurboWash™ | Multi Nozzels

The Turbo Wash system ensures that each fabric will get the detergent and water efficiently within these multi-dimensional nozzles.

It will save time and perform the cleaning all over the material.

3. LG Steam+™ Technology | Steam Generators

LG uses this technology in 2-in-1 washing machines for cleaning and rinsing and dryers for fast drying.

Also, this technology keeps the dirt and allergens away from the clothes and brings out pollutants-free clothes.

4. TurboWash3D™ Technology:

WaveForce™ and JetSpray combine to bring this powerful cleaning and rinsing technique into existence.

5. Powerful Waterfall and Jet Sprays:

These high-pressure water sprays will create a certain momentum for the proper cleaning of the fabric from each side.

6. Smart ThinQ™ Technology | Controls Automation

It lets you keep track of cycles and pre-set the cycles, control the ongoing cycles, proper management of temperature controls, and all the necessary authority from a single touch on your smartphone.

7. LG Drying Technology in Dryers:

The dryers of LG are also available in a wide range of capacities and colors. You will see minor differing points in individual models.

But this one robust drying technology is constant in all of its dryers.

8. TrueSteam™ | Steam Generators

It reaches each fabric corner to dry out the last water droplet in your clothes. The best part is that it will keep your clothes dry very quickly, thus saving time.

Also, it will not affect the fabric texture and colors due to controlled drying. It will also ensure your clothes are free from dust, allergens, and microbes.

Our Views on LG Washing Machines | Pros & Cons

After several hours of searching, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of having these washing machines.

But before you give it a read, make sure to do your little research, as every buyer has their own unique experience.

PROS & CONS of LG Washers

  • Durable and reliable appliance
  • High-quality cleaning action
  • Latest yet smart technologies
  • Budget-friendly models
  • High-capacity options
  • Limited products in each range
  • Weak drum walls in some models

Here you can read to learn more about common LG Washing Machine Problems

Reliability of LG Washing Machines:

Although LG is a big name that needs no assurance for its reliability, if you wonder about its washing machine range, we are here to assure you about its quality and durability by mentioning specific facts.

Firstly, it has BAF certification for allergen-free cleaning, which does the job well and adds value to your health.

It has also gained a lot of votes for the ‘Most Reliable Clothes Dryer Brand’ because of its unique features and designs.

Moreover, its dual inverter heat pump dryer owns the first TUV Rheinland Green Product certification as the world’s first dryer to maintain a sustainable environment.

Will You Prefer 2-In-1 LG Machines Or Buy It Separately?

Some buyers like to have their cleaning and drying machines separate identities, while others prefer to have both in one. Whatever the choice is, the quality and performance are amazingly the same.

However, we wish to see more options in their range as there are very few models in each design category. But less is more if you have a good quality piece.


To conclude my LG washing machine review, it’s clear that LG offers a range of innovative, reliable, and efficient appliances.

From front-loaders and top-loaders to the Twin Wash system and efficient dryers, LG focuses on providing consumers with options that suit diverse needs.

Key features such as AI Direct Drive, TurboWash, and LG Steam+ Technology ensure thorough and gentle cleaning across all models.

Despite a few limitations, LG washing machines stand out for their quality, smart technology integration, and energy efficiency.

The choice between a 2-in-1 machine or separate units depends on personal preferences and space considerations. Either way, LG’s offerings are designed to improve the laundry experience with high performance and convenience.

Let us know your preferred pick for these LG washers?

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