LG Washing Machine Problems & Troubleshooting

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If your washing machine is old, problems are to be expected. But, if your washer is new and causing you trouble, there might be a serious issue that requires your attention.

LG Washing Machine Problems

LG washing machines are widely reckoned as the most reliable option.  However, their front load washers have caused a lot of issues for many homeowners, resulting in huge repair costs.

But hold on!

Before contacting a repair person, you must first determine the problem by yourself. Most of the time, the problem is minor and easy to fix.

List of the Common LG Washing Machine Problems 

This guide will go over the most common LG washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot them.

LG Washing Machine troubleshooting

1) Washer Not Spinning

There could be a number of causes for your LG washer not spinning properly. It could be a symptom of a motor problem or something more serious, or it could be a simple issue that is easy to fix.

What to do in this situation?

Before digging deeper into the causes, make sure you put the correct load weight into the washer. Your washing machine may not spin if the load is too big or too small.

So try out different load sizes because the machine will only spin when it reaches a certain load weight.

Here are the possible causes of spin failure.

  1. The machine will not spin if the lid switch assembly fails. Check the Lid switch assembly using the multimeter to test each of the lid switches for continuity. So, replace it if the lid switch does not have continuity.
  2. Check the drive belt and tighten it if it is loose on the pulleys. Replace it if it is broken or is not tightening.
  3. Make sure that the door latch keeps the washer door closed during the wash cycle. The washer will not be able to spin if the door is not completely shut. Replace the door latch in case it is faulty or does not close properly.
  4. Most modern machines will not spin if they are not properly balanced. This feature protects the drum from damage caused by uneven spin. So, if the washing machine’s feet are unbalanced, try adjusting them.
  5. The motor control board is responsible for providing the power to the motor. If it is defective, the machine will not spin. First, look for burned out components on the control board. In order to find out the control board is defective, make sure the board is providing power to the motor. If the board has power and not transmitting it to the motor, replace it.

Some other causes of the machine’s spin failure include:

  • Defective rear drum bearings
  • Damaged stator assembly
  • Poor tub bearings
  • Torn out basket drive.

2) LG Washer Makes Noise

Normally, the washing machines make noise, but something is wrong if you notice a sudden rise in the volume.

How can I figure out and fix this issue?

Check out the causes of unexpected noises.

  1. Firstly, check if something is lodged in the drum. It often happens when some rigid metal like a coin enters into the drum along with our clothes. Clear it out if any metal object is stuck inside.
  2. Check out the drain pump as well. Clean the filter and remove all debris if it is clogged.
  3. If your LG washing machine is new and causing trouble, there might be an issue with the installation process. So, make the phone call to the LG customer support to send a technician to look into this matter.

Other causes of the machine’s loud noise include:

  • Poor rear drum and tub bearings.
  • Broken tub seals.
  • Worn drive pulleys.
  • Defective drive belts.
  • Malfunctioning water inlet valves.

Before calling a technician, look into all of these possibilities.

3) Washer Not Draining

No draining or slow draining is another prevalent issue in the LG washers. It leaves the leftover in the drum that will make you annoy. However, it is not as serious it appears.

Not only in LG, draining problem is also a common issue in GE Washers.

With a few simple tips, you can fix it.

  1. Firstly check the drain pump. If any object is stuck in it, clear it out. After cleaning all the blockages, your machine still drains slowly or makes a loud noise. It is time to replace the drain pump.
  2. Make sure all other plumbing lines are clear as well. If there is a clog, clean them. Regularly inspect the filter to ensure that no debris has formed.
  3. The malfunctioning lid switch can also prevent the machine from draining. So, you can use a multimeter to test each of the lid switches for continuity. If you notice any variations in the consistency, replace them.
  4. Double-check that the clothing does not contain any coins or other metal objects that could cause a blockage before loading them into the machine.

4) LG Washer Vibration Issue

Most washing machines shake or vibrate to some extent, but if you observe a rapid increase such as bouncing, it can be intimidating and cause you to worry. However, there is no need to panic because this is a common problem with washers.

Here the following tips to detect and fix the vibration issue

  1. First of all, ensure the machine is on the level surface, as the shock absorbers may not perform properly on an uneven surface. Re-adjust the machine’s feet if they are not level.
  2. The machine will also bounce around or shake a lot due to the faulty shock absorbers. Check the shock absorbers to make sure they’re in the right place. After that, look over each one for damage and wear. If one of them is worn out or broken, replace it.
  3. Also, check for the suspension rods because it is another leading cause of vibrating and shaking. Replace them if any one or more suspension rods are damaged or broken.
  4. Other things to check include counter balance springs, suspension springs, tub wear pad, rear drum bearing, leveling leg, snubber pad, snubber ring, balance ring, shipping bolts, and bolts kit. If any one of these is damaged or faulty, replace them.

5) LG Washer leaking

It is another prevalent LG washing machine’s problem. There could be several reasons for the leak, which you should investigate.

How to investigate?

  1. First, look for leaks in the water supply hoses, drum seals, drain hoses, and the water pump. Replace them in case they are worn out.
  2. Make sure the tub seal is not leaking. You can check the tub bearings for that as they are the main reasons to fail. If needed, replace both the tub sealing and tub bearings. But, it isn’t easy to repair, so you may need to hire a technician to fix it.
  3. Make sure the washer’s door is completely shut, as a loose door can also cause leakage.
  4. Using too much detergent is another leading cause of leakage. Use it in the required quantity. A bad detergent brand could also lead to leakage.
  5. An unbalance machine might also create leaks, be sure it is on a level surface.

LG Washing Machine Error Codes

It is convenient to use an automated washer to make your laundry easier. However, the error codes that display on the machine screen may be difficult to understand.

These error codes indicate that your washers have a problem that has to be fixed. But, if you don’t understand the meaning of these error codes, it might be a time consuming task that may frustrate you.

Here is a video guide on how to check and fix the error codes in LG washing machines. Watch till the end to learn the meaning of all LG error codes.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter how popular a washer model is. Having problems with it after a few years is normal. For various reasons, many people have expressed their disappointment with LG washers.

Therefore, in this guide, we tried to cover the most common LG washing machine problems and how to resolve them.

Most of the new models have digital functions, so there is a possibility that you may encounter an error code on your screen. However, these error codes are simple to read, and if you know the meaning of the error code, you can quickly fix it.

Before buying a new washer model, make sure to avoid all the worst washing machine models in 2021.

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