Samsung Washing Machine Problems and Troubleshooting

Many homeowners prefer Samsung because of its good reputation for making high-quality and long-lasting appliances.

But their modern washers are not well regarded by a number of consumers.

So, things can go wrong if you are not aware of the Samsung washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot them.

The most common Samsung washing machine problems are spinning issues, drain pump failure, water leakage, faulty door locks, and washers not starting at all.

We will look at all of these problems as well as guide you on how to fix the most common Samsung washing machine error codes.

List of 5 Samsung Washing Machine Problems


Below are the most common Samsung washer problems and troubleshooting solutions.

However, most of the issues have been found in front load Samsung washing machines.

You can resolve some issues with minor adjustments, but you should hire a qualified repair person to help you if you are unsure of the problem.

Samsung Washer ProblemsQuick Solution
Washing Machine Trips The Electrical CircuitUnplug; install GFCI breaker from Samsung.
Washer is not spinningRun no-load cycle; check drum; consult technician if no spin.
Washer Leaking WaterEnsure door/hoses are sealed; adjust detergent/water level.
Detergent Remains in Dispenser After WashClean detergent drawer; check water pressure.
Washer Not StartingCheck plug, door, faucets; reset circuit breaker; consult technician if persistent.

1. Samsung Washer Trips the Electrical Circuit

Samsung front load washers have been recalled due to the risk of tripping a household electrical circuit.

The main reason was the internal water leakage in the machine. If water spills on the washer’s electrical connections, it might cause the circuit board to burn, posing a fire hazard in your home.

Samsung received various complaints on this issue, but luckily, no injuries or deaths were reported.


If this is the case, you must immediately unplug your washer from the electrical outlet until you receive a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) breaker from Samsung.

The new ground fault circuit interrupt breaker will prevent potential fire hazards to consumers.

According to Samsung, only two washer models, WF306BHW and WF316, have an electrical circuit problem.

However, many consumers have reported the same issues in other Samsung front load washers as well.

2. Washer is not spinning

Your washing machine’s spin performance may not be as good as it should be for several reasons.

The machine has sensors that detect a problem and automatically slow or stop the spin cycle.

Suspension wear, drain pump failure, faulty door lock, drum nut loosening, and maybe a broken plastic bracket at the back of the machine can all influence the spinning cycle.

The solution:

Before calling a technician, you must detect the problem by yourself. To check this:

  • You need to run a spin cycle with no load and no detergent.
  • Once the cycle begins, keep an eye on the drum as the machine fills the water, and look carefully through the door to see if the drum is spinning. It is normal for the machine to stop and start several times during the rotation.
  • Then, try out putting small and large loads to detect the spin cycle. Some Samsung washers operate well on large loads and require more water during the spin cycle to compensate for the small loads.
  • If the drum still does not rotate during the wash cycles, it is a major issue requiring a technician’s services.

Here is our complete guide on washing Machine Not Spinning.

Check out the video guide for a better understanding:

3. Washer Leaking Water

Water leakage is another prevalent issue reported by homeowners.

During the wash cycle, it frequently leaks, and there could be several reasons for this.

How to check and fix water leakage?

In this case, double-check that the door is properly closed and make sure the hose connections are fully tight.

Also, check the drain hose connection to the drainage system, as it often causes leakage in the washer.

Using too much or the wrong detergent, which causes excess foaming, might also lead to leaks.

So, reduce the detergent quantity or try another detergent brand to detect the real problem.

If your washing machine uses too much water during the wash cycle, it can also cause a leak in the machine’s inner lines.

So, try to lower the water level to avoid puncturing the drain pipes. 

Some other common problems include Samsung washer keeps filling with water or, even worse Samsung washing machine unable to wash clothes.

4. The Detergent Remains in the Dispenser After the Wash Cycle

This problem occurs when there is insufficient water pressure to wash the detergent thoroughly.

If you are using old detergent in the machine, it can also cause blockage in the dispenser.

So, you may need a proper cleaning of the detergent drawer.

How to clean the detergent drawer in Samsung Washing Machine?

Check out the following steps for cleaning the detergent drawer in the Samsung washers.

  • Firstly, open the detergent drawer.
  • There will be a release lever (A) on the inside of the drawer; press it
  • Pull out the detergent drawer at the same time you press it.
  • After that, remove the liquid detergent guide (optional) and the softener division from the drawer.
  • Now, all parts should be washed under running water.
  • Clean the blockage in the detergent drawer with an old toothbrush.
  • Now, firmly push the liquid detergent guide and the softener division into the detergent drawer.
  • Finally, push the detergent drawer back where it belongs.

5. Washer Not Starting

Samsung Washer not starting

This is a common problem with front load washers, and there could be several reasons for it.

How can you troubleshoot and resolve it?

Make sure your washer is plugged in and the door is firmly closed. Also, double-check that the water faucets are turned on.

If these don’t work, the problem could be a blown fuse. So, you might need to reset the electrical circuit breaker to start the machine.

If the problem persists, you should seek help from a technician.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Using the automated washer to make your laundry easier is highly convenient. But, the error codes that appear on your screen might be frustrating to solve.

These error codes indicate that your washers have a problem that you must fix. However, it can be a hectic task if you don’t know the meaning of these error codes.

Here are the most common Samsung refrigerator error codes.

Samsung Washer Error Codes

1. E1 or 4E

It indicated an input error on the washing machine, which suggests the washer is having problems filling with water.

So, the first thing to check is for a blocked, kinked, or trapped hose. After that, inspect the machine’s inlet valves.

2. E2 or 5E

This is an output error if your machine displays the E2 or 5E error codes. It indicates that the machine is unable to empty correctly.

So, the first thing you should do is inspect the filter for any sediment that may have stuck inside.

3. DE

This is a door error if the machine displays the DE. It indicates that the door is unable to close properly.

Check to see if the door is properly closed, and if the problem persists, you need to check the door lock itself.

4. E7

E7 error code is related to the pressure switch. So, look for any clogs or cracks in the hose and how it link to the pressure switch. Inspect the pressure switch as well.

5. EB or BE

It is a motor control circuit fault if you notice this error code on the display screen.

This is usually due to a problem with the control board. If the problem persists, look at the motor and its connections.

6. HE1 or CE

It is about temperature overheating, which suggests the temperature sensor is not producing accurate readings or the control board is not working properly. It causes the machine to overheat all of the time.

7. E4 or UE

This error code tells us the washing machine is imbalanced.

It indicates that the machine failed to balance the load during a cycle. So, before you start the drum on a spin cycle, ensure the load items are similarly weighted. Otherwise, it will stop spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Samsung washer last?

On average, a Samsung Washer can last around 10 years. After that, the washers begin to malfunction, potentially resulting in high repair costs. However, the lifespan of your washer is mostly determined by how well you maintain it.

How do I reset my Samsung washing machine?

Some models have a reset button on the machine. However, if your model doesn’t have it, you can simply unplug your washer from the power for at least 5 minutes. After that, power it up again. The machine will be reset.

Final Words:

In this guide, we have disclosed the 5 Samsung washing machine problems to help you fix them.

If you cannot detect the problem, stop experimenting and immediately contact Samsung customer support to provide you with a technician.

We have also explained the most common error codes with their possible solution.

These codes can make you frustrated if you are not aware of their meanings.

Steven Settles Author

Steven Settles is an ISCET-certified master in appliance repair. He has aced the National Appliance Service Technician Certification Exam, showcasing his exceptional diagnostic and repair skills. With an in-depth understanding of the latest repair technologies and a keen eye on evolving industry standards, Steven is a go-to expert for any appliance issue.

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  1. My washer samsung WW90H5200EW/ SP keeps stopping in middle of load. If wash starts at 59 minutes, it won’t go past 54 minutes with it without clothes. Even these issues on Eco Drum clean mode.
    Note: after stop again need to push the start button and Then will run 5 – 10 min again

    • If your Samsung washer keeps stopping in the middle of a load, there could be a few different causes. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

      Check for error codes: If the washer is displaying an error code, refer to the user manual or manufacturer’s website to identify what the code means and how to fix it.

      Check for obstructions: Make sure that the washer drum is not overloaded or that there are no items stuck in the drum. Also, check the drain pump filter to see if it’s clogged, as this can cause the washer to stop mid-cycle.

      Check the door latch: If the door latch is not closing properly, the washer may stop mid-cycle. Make sure that the door is securely closed and latched before starting a cycle.

      Check the water supply: Make sure that the water supply is turned on and that the water pressure is sufficient. Low water pressure can cause the washer to stop mid-cycle.

      Check the motor: If the motor is overheating or malfunctioning, the washer may stop mid-cycle. If you suspect this is the problem, you may need to contact a professional repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

      If none of these troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, it may be best to contact Samsung’s customer support or a professional repair technician for further assistance.

  2. My 2016 top load Samsung washer, won’t start a load. It acts like it’s going to start, the door locks, it seems as though it is going to start filling up with water, then it just stops. I did a reset on it, ( I think) it’s not putting up any codes for anything to be wrong…

    • Hi Terri,

      You most likely have Child Lock on if your washer won’t turn on, the buttons won’t operate, or the control knob won’t choose a new cycle. This verifies if your Child Lock icon is illuminated or flashing. Usually, turning off Child Lock will solve your issue.

    • I am having this issue with a 2015 Samsung front loader. The door locks, the machine sounds like it is beginning to fill with water, then after 1-2 mins, the cycle stops. No error codes, it just stays on the same time remaining. Any advice?

  3. Samsung top loader washer would not move into the rinse cycle. It just stopped. After 7 failed service appts we decided it wasn’t worth our time or money! Don’t bother fixing it! Buy another brand and swear off Samsung forever!

  4. I have had a Samsung washing machine for about 5 years and it has never given me any problems. I have never had to do a repair on it.

  5. my samsung washer adds time on when it reaches the spin cycle and then adds water and rinses again when it had already been through a rinse cycle.

  6. a have 52000…how do u get filiter out ..i turn it …it just gos click click click …left or ringht …how to get it out

  7. Anyone know how I get rid of dirt and grim that’s in my washing machine and drum ? I’ve tried everything to deep clean it yet it still there it’s thick gunge the self cleaning mode doesn’t seem to shift it either machine is about 2 years old

  8. My new washing machine fills with water on its ownwhen there is no lights on and then hours later drains out again with no lights has anyone else experienced this I’m waiting for engineer visit.

  9. My washing machine samsung series 5 ww90ta046ae/eu ecobubble 9kg 0ne year old have problem from the fabric conditional it does take it during the wash but there is no smell in the clothes. Please advice

  10. My washer keeps stopping in middle of load and shows a loading sign during wash. If wash starts at 59 minutes it won’t go past 54 minutes with it without clothes

    • Hello Marcelous,

      I hope you are doing great!
      Your machine’s inability to drain the water might be the cause of it halting in the middle of a cycle. Do you notice any remaining water in the drum? If you can, the waste arrangement (if you connected the machine to the kitchen sink) or the pump filter may be clogged.

  11. My Samsung heavy duty front load washer has END light up when it is finished? Door is still locked but if I hit pause the door unlocks and laundry seems to be ready for dryer? 6 years old and I have never noticed this happening before?

  12. Our Samsung front loader started giving us problems around 1 1/2 years after purchase. We have the mold issue around the rubber stopper. The major problem was with the drum becoming off balanced and either the machine not starting or stopping sometime in the middle of a cycle. The second technician called in gave us several procedures to right the error codes. The problem continued but could be fixed using one or more of the procedures. However, at year 5 the machine and us have given up. We have purchased a different machine from a different maker. Is there a recall or class action suit for this model? WF45K6200AZ/A2

  13. Hi
    We have a Samsung washing machine, model WW90J356MW, tgis last days on any program, filling water, then start washing, exactly 3 times run forward and 3 times reverse, about 35 seconds, than pump out about 2 litres of water, stop, than filling the 2 litres of water, and start washing, and repeat the same, pump out 2 litres water, fill 2 litres and wash for 30 seconds. Timer did’t move, if it is 15 minutes stats 15 minutes after 1 hour. Stay the same malfunction as long you leave the machine working, on on any program do the same thing.
    Please what do you think about this fault? The machine have 3 years old and I inspect the pressure switch and its feeding narrow pipe, its looks fine.

  14. My Samsung, 3-4 years old makes a funny noise when it’s starts to spin. Like an unbalanced noise and a squeaking noise. Is this going to break down anytime soon? What are your views please

  15. I bought a samsung front load washer two months ago. It has been balanced twice but still seems to rock and make noise. Whats the story

  16. Would never buy Samsung again. Paid £600.00 for a washer/dryer less than 3 years ago and I now have to replace the main PCB and drawer housing at a cost of almost £300. Their own service repair agent said it was a leak from the drawer housing leaking into the main PCB which is located at the bottom of the machine. I mean what a worst place to something electrical below something that contains water so in truth its down to a poor machine design. Spoke to Samsung who having none of and were only interested in telling me that it was out of warranty so any repairs were chargeable, even though its less than a year out of warranty and questioned why I hadn’t purchased an extended warranty package to which replied because I actually expected it to last longer than 2 years before I had to buy a new machine!! Total waste of money and certain shows paying good money does not guarantee you a good product

  17. I appreciate you being there to answer questions, I certainly have one.. I do have a Samsung front load washer… Off and on I have had difficulty with the bottom cap that opens up to clean out the plastic filter.It sometimes will not open for a long time the knob will just keep going around and around. Today I had a horrible time with it and I tried to get a pair of plier like tools to open it and the cap came off and the little spring came out and it was just the cap that opens the other part so it did not open all the way I eventually got the cat back on but I still cannot get they complete Part open and of course the washer will not work until I can clean the filter out it is clogged up. This is at the bottom left side of the washer. Is there anything that you could think of that I could get the cap to twist off and open.. I have tried pushing it in hard which is very difficult for me. I cannot afford a platform so I have to lay on the floor and try to get it to open. I have limited mobility and this is very very hard on me. But it’s not that my mobility is the issue the cap has some sort of malfunction apparently there’s two parts to the cap one is where the top part fits in to another part and the little claws the plastic clothes apparently stay in I don’t know how to explain it right now because I’m very upset but I hope you don’t mind sorry about the lengthy paragraph. I appreciate your time and THX for being so good to be available for questions. Please stay safe and I wish you a beautiful week.

  18. My Samsung washer (front loader) needs to have the door propped open to stop smelling so bad. Somebody told us the door needs to be partly open to prevent smells and dampness.

  19. Samsung Washing Machine either Top or Front Loaders ARE JUST ABSOLUTE RUBBISH.
    Top Loader had so many parts replaced they finally agreed to replace it. Front Loader🤬👎👎👎the Door Seal ( they don’t tell you that anything can get behind the Seal. If coins get in behind the SEAL they Dont tell you That it before you buy, There is a plastic drum behind the Stainless Steel & Money Can & Will Cause A Hole in The Plastic and Causes Horrific Damage! BUT NO ONE TELL YOU THIS CAN HAPPEN! You won’t find out until the service men come & Look, then they have to order a New Plastic Drum pull the Machine Apart to replace it. Funny It’s Only The Repair Men know ABOUT THIS ROTTEN SEAL & THEN SAMSUNG DON’T WANT TO KNOW.👎👎👎👎👎👎🤬🤬 OH IT’S YOUR FAULT. You Missed A Coin in Someone’s clothing. TWO MACHINES BOTH FAULTY JUST RUBBISH! DON’T TOUCH THEM!

  20. Hello , my front loaded Samsung washer just stopped working in the beginning of cycle. I unplugged and cleaned the filter, now when i turned it on , it stays on the 32 minutes from quick wash, the board is lit up, and I can’t change the cycles. Everything is just stuck on the quick wash total numbers. Pleas advise

  21. The washer spin cycle is so fast, it creases all my clothing. I need to set a slower spin level. Right now all my clothing is creased and I have to iron everything! Please help me asap. Thank you. I need to rectify this situation, I can’t tolerate it any longer. I don’t even want to wash my clothes.

  22. My front load washer all of a sudden leaves a puddle of water in the drum. I open the drain hose and approximately 2 gallons come out. I love my VRT and have had it for 6 years. Do you have any advice?

  23. My Samsung front loading washer has started having a problem at the spin cycle. The water keeps running and and the tub will turn like it’s going to start spinning and will stop and drain then do it again all the while water still running. You can manually turn it off and the water still runs, turn it back on and put in spin only and drain’s and spins perfectly, what could be the problem?

  24. Was trying to read through these to see if my issue was the same as anyone else. But I have a front load Samsung 4 years old. When you put it on normal wash (59 minute time) it will run through the wash cycle to about (42 min) then it will stop doing anything . Wont continue on to the Rinse cycle. Appliance place wanted to replace control board on back. but he said if it didn’t work and i should replace (LOL) he came out today and the board he got didnt work at all ( was faulty) so I looked it up and looks simple to install. Do you think that’s the route i should go or would there be something else i should try.

  25. My Samsung front load washer WF45H6300AG/A2 keeps stopping during the wash cycle unlocks showing an error code 8E. I jiggle the tub and it will start again. Not sure why jiggling the tub works but it does. Sometimes it take 3 times to start again. I have loved my washer and hope it can be repaired.
    Thank you!

  26. Hello,
    My Samsung front load works wonderful except in the last 30 days, the Normal cycle no longer fills with water. All other cycles work perfectly fine on all water temps. When normal is chosen, it starts and rotates but no water – no matter the temp chosen. Thanks in advance.

  27. When I go to use My new Samsung front load washing machine it is filled up with water in the drum. The drain hose is inserted into a stationary drain.

    • Hello Christi,

      It could be a broken belt or a broken pulley, or a faulty motor. In such cases, it’s recommended to call a washing machine repair company to check for the problem.

  28. Hi.
    I have Samsung Wf42H5000AW. I have error codes 4E, DE, 3E2. Appears the door is locking. I can hear it click and the red lock indicator lights up. I’m assuming that indicates it’s locked. Then it fills with water and it appears the motor attempts to spin by moving ever so slightly. Then after approximately 15 minutes drains. Do you have any ideas? Thanks very much. Have a great day.

  29. Hi
    Washer wont fill with water.It just keeps pumping out.
    find any one to look at it this time of year .Hope you can help.
    model no WA 65F5S2

    • Hi Cheryllea,

      I hope you are doing fine!
      This probably means that the float valve in your washer isn’t working properly. A broken float valve will cause the washer to keep pumping out water until the level gets low enough to allow the float to activate the water shutoff. In such cases, you should immediately replace the float valve, or else, the washer might flood or drain itself completely.

  30. Hope all is well! I have hit an all time frustration with my washer. It will not fill with water or spin. I have cleaned out the screens from the hoses going to the machine. Also cleaned the filter. I have replaced the hot & cold water intake valves and the pressure level switch. There are no error codes on the display. The mashing wants to run, it’s going through the correct sequence but no water is filling causing to not to spin. Please help!!!

    • Hello Jamies,

      I hope you are doing great!
      Since you’ve already attempted to solve the water filling issue on your own, I’d recommend having it looked at by a skilled repair person. Because this is a significant problem, I don’t want you to do any further tests that will complicate matters.

    • Hi Jamie – I am just curious if you every got your washer looked it. Mine is doing something almost similar. However, mine will occasionally spin.

  31. Hi
    This morning my J4 washing machine seems to be ‘stuck’ on quick 15 min wash. I turn the dial, but it stays on 15 mins.

    • Hello Leanne,

      I hope you are doing well!
      The washer may be stuck in an endless cycle. Unplug the washer, wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back in. If the washer is still stuck, try resetting the timer to off by holding down any of the buttons on the control panel. Then re-set it to your desired wash time.

      If the washer is not shifting to another cycle, then there may be an issue with the water not reaching temperature.

  32. Hi
    My Samsung washing machine has developed a knocking noise when the drum turns. It does disappear when the spin gets up to speed. It is not anything in the drum hitting the window.
    Any thoughts?
    Steve M

    • Hi Steve,

      I hope you are doing great!

      I’m not sure if this is a long-term issue or not, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The noise is not constant and does disappear when the spin gets up to speed. The noise might be coming out of a broken bearing or your machine needs service, contact Samsung immediately for service.

  33. Have a WF42H5200AP/A2 front load washer. When it hits the 9 minute mark (beginning of the spin cycle) the pump runs for a bit and then the machine shuts off, turns back on and the pump runs again. It will do this several times and then will start the cycle or I will stop it manually. I cleaned out the filter, ran the self clean cycle (it got stuck at the spin cycle) and checked for error codes (none). It seems if I leave it off for 10 – 20 minutes it will go. Any ideas?

  34. My new WA50T5300AC top load Samsung washer does not fill water to top of clothes in NORMAL cycle. Of course, you can’t adjust fill level in Normal cycle:(. We have calibrated washer more than once. Any solutions?

    • Hi Steve K.

      I hope you are doing great!
      This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it is often the result of the user setting their water temp too low. Other possible causes may be an obstruction in the hose or dryer venting, a clogged filter screen, or the pump impeller being worn out.

    • Hi David,

      Samsung washers have a filter that catches water before it goes into your washing machine. The filter can clog and result in an error message with no water intake. Follow these steps to reset your Samsung washer:

      1. Make sure the washer is turned on.

      2. Open the door to the washer to remove the front panel.

      3. Carefully remove the filter (do not force it out) and install the new filter in the washer. If you cannot reach the filter, contact an authorized Samsung repair center.

      4. Replace the filter with the filter insert in the same location as before. Close the door and turn on the washer.

      5. Wait for a few minutes and make sure the machine is draining properly. 

  35. Hi Steven

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    My washing machine is only a few months old. Very quickly it started to make a racket when spinning which worried me.

    Now the machine stops part way through a wash cycle and is noticeably slower than it was at first. It now pauses and will not spin in a wash cycle and when I stop it and attempt the drain and spin cycle it pauses there too.

    I replaced my old washing machine because as a single (full time working parent) I can’t afford to pay for a repair person. The irony is that much less than a year later I am facing a similar position with a new Samsung.

    I have tried draining the machine but this is tricky due the low positioning of the tube and I’m not sure that it’s effective.

    I’ve tried ringing Currys, who I bought the machine from, and I got passed round so many messages that all ended in a dead end that I will never use them again. I feel that I have been taken for a mug by the supplier and the manufacturer. This is shameful for a machine costing over £400 that is FAR more than I can afford over several months. I will NEVER TRUST SAMSUNG AGAIN!

    • Hi there, I am stuck in the same situation that you are in Rachael. Samsung Addwash 9kg doing the same as yours. After 4 weeks of Currys pushing me to deal with Samsung and struggling to send the required video.
      I have bought another machine from elsewhere and now fighting for a refund. Buying 2 machines in less than a year is awful.

    • Hi there, I am stuck in the same situation that you are in Rachael. Samsung Addwash 9kg doing the same as yours. After 4 weeks of Currys pushing me to deal with Samsung and struggling to send the required video.
      I have bought another machine from elsewhere and now fighting for a refund. Buying 2 machines in less than a year is awful. I hope that you have had a refund?

  36. My Samsung washing machine is leaking underneath near the front, I cleaned the filter which was bad but it is still leaking, seems to be when it drains near end of cycle

    • Hi Amy,

      I hope you are doing great!

      There are two things you need to check when your washing machine starts leaking: the filter and the water level in the machine.

      When you clean the filter, make sure that it has been cleaned thoroughly so it is not clogged with dirt and debris. Make sure that you clean all of the filters in your washing machine per the manufacturer’s instructions each time you do laundry.

      Next, check to see if someone has set the water level too high, and if this is happening, turn it down (you can test it by adding a few inches of water). If someone did not set up this setting properly or if there was a power outage during use, then readjusting this setting may resolve

  37. Many thanks. Would this also account for the machine stalling at the 16 minute point and having to be switched off and then on again and put onto the rinse cycle to finish the load

  38. Hi. My Samsung Washing Machine P803J 800 is now taking 1 hour to complete the Quick Wash (35 minute) Cycle. What could be the problem.

    It was stopping at the 16 minute point and had to be switched off and then on again and put onto the rinse cycle to finish the load. The agent replaced the drain pump to rectify this problem. Now it takes 1 hour for the Quick Wash.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Alan,

      It is likely that the reason why your Samsung Washing Machine P803J 800 has started taking 1 hour to complete the Quick Wash (35 minute) Cycle is because of a faulty electronic timer. This timer can be replaced by qualified technicians at your local electronics store. It is not very expensive and will only take about 10 minutes to replace it.

  39. Hi my 6.5 kg top loader fills with water and the motor sounds like it’s washing but there is no movement the tub stays still on all cycles it will empty too soon makes no difference ( tks for your very useful site)

    • Hi JAN,

      If the clothes are not moving at all, the washer is either unbalanced or empty. If you have a balance problem, try to redistribute the load. If the tub is empty, fill it with water and start a new load.

      • Hello my Samsung Active WaterJet washing machine works well, The problem is that a bio is played during all the cycles, there is no error message but it follows beeping

    • Hi Philip,

      When a washing machine makes a loud banging noise near the end of the cycle, it may be due to a build-up of dirt on the rubber seal on the door. This can be solved by vacuuming and wiping down the seal with soapy water and a soft cloth.

      The noise could also be caused by an excessive accumulation of detergent or fabric softener in the drum where clothing is washed. If this is the case, then cleaning out either or both should solve this issue.

  40. Hi,
    I noticed greesy material after I run a wash cycle. I run the self clean still the same problem. Machine is less than 2 years old. Please advise.

    • Hi Sam,

      I hope you are doing great!
      If you notice that your clothes are coming out of the wash with greasy stains, it may be because you are using too much detergent. This is especially true when the detergent is not designed to release in cold water.

      This can happen if you use a high-concentrated detergent or if you don’t put enough in. Grease stains can also happen if you do not use enough water or if you wash clothes that are already covered with oil like food or cooking grease.

      We recommend adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to your washing machine with every load of laundry, this will help dissolve any oils on your clothes and prevent the problem from happening again.

  41. My washer wont move past the weight sensing in a cycle. It doesn’t do it correctly. Its supposed to tumble slowly one way then the other but mine seems to do it one way fast then the other, but won’t move past doing that.

    • Hi Kyrstin,

      This could be because of the following possible reasons:

      -The clothes are too light

      -The water level is too high

      -Clothes are on top of the membrane

      -Clothes are on top of the front or back wisker bar

      -The load is too small

      • Samsung Washing Machine either Top or Front Loaders ARE JUST ABSOLUTE RUBBISH.
        Top Loader had so many parts replaced they finally agreed to replace it. Front Loader🤬👎👎👎the Door Seal ( they don’t tell you that anything can get behind the Seal. If coins get in behind the SEAL they Dont tell you That it before you buy, There is a plastic drum behind the Stainless Steel & Money Can & Will Cause A Hole in The Plastic and Causes Horrific Damage! BUT NO ONE TELL YOU THIS CAN HAPPEN! You won’t find out until the service men come & Look, then they have to order a New Plastic Drum pull the Machine Apart to replace it. Funny It’s Only The Repair Men know ABOUT THIS ROTTEN SEAL & THEN SAMSUNG DON’T WANT TO KNOW.👎👎👎👎👎👎🤬🤬 OH IT’S YOUR FAULT. You Missed A Coin in Someone’s clothing. TWO MACHINES BOTH FAULTY JUST RUBBISH! DON’T TOUCH THEM!

  42. Samsung washer was in storage for 1yr. Just reinstalled. Ran without any issue but a gritty sediment was on bottom of drum as well as on clothes. Did 3 loads same problem. Cleaned bottom of washer drum after each load

  43. My machine is stopping at 11 minutes remaining and not moving.I have to stop machine then put in to a spin cycle.this has happened the last twice i have used it.

    • Hi Christine,

      Well, it could be a number of things.

      First of all, the water may not have reached the right temperature for your program. A common problem is that people forget to set their washing machine temperature before they start loading clothes and fabric conditioners.

      Secondly, your machine may not have enough water in it. If you inserted a load of laundry with no detergent or fabric conditioner and there wasn’t enough water to cover the clothes and fabric conditioner, then this would cause your washing machine to stop working properly and spin at half-speed until it runs out of energy and stops completely.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I hope you are doing good today!

      This appears to be a problem with the washer’s tub balance sensor. The most common cause of this error code is that there is something blocking the sensor or it has been damaged.
      The first thing you will want to do is check the sensor on the back of the tub for any obstructions or damage. If there are no obstructions or damage, you will want to make sure that your machine has enough water in it before proceeding with any further troubleshooting.
      If you find anything blocking the sensor, clean it off and if needed replace it with a new one. If there is not an obstruction, then you will need to reset your machine by turning it off and then on again. Once your machine completes its power cycle, check the sensor again to see if there are any obstructions.

    • Hi Douglas

      Sometimes, due to a malfunction with the washing machine, you might find that the rubber seal is torn. In this case, you can try to repair it yourself.
      – Unplug the appliance from the wall outlet and let it cool for a few minutes.
      – Remove the rubber seal from the inside of the drum unit and inspect it for tears/holes/rip in it.
      – If there is a tear or hole in your seal, then you can use a patch of rubber or silicone adhesive tape to hold it in place while drying out the product.

      If you own a brand new washing machine, then you may have noticed that it makes a lot of noise when it spins. Luckily, there are some troubleshooting steps that will help you get rid of this problem.
      When the washing machine is not spinning properly, it can cause an annoying noise and might not be able to finish a load of laundry. If the noise is coming from the motor, then it’s often an easy fix that can be done at home. Some common sources of this sound are broken belts, clogged drains, and worn-out bearings.

    • Spin the drum by hand and see if it wobbles badly. If it does, the shaft spider has failed due to extreme corrosion and will have to be replaced.

    • Hi Doug, my washing machine is doing the same thing. The gray rubber shredded all over my clothes. Twice. It just makes a awful mess. Not to mention how it ruined a whole bunch of my clothes. I wish I had never bought this machine. It doesn’t clean my clothes and my white are a ugly dirty color. Now my pause button doesn’t work and my door doesn’t lock correctly. Not enough water to clean clothes, which make rips in my clothes. I just hate this machine.

    • Hi Valerie

      It’s possible that something is stuck within the drain pump. Remove all the water from the drain hoses. Now, Unplug the unit and then re-plug it to open the door. The door cannot be opened until the washing machine has completely drained the water.

  44. Good day

    My washing machine seems to have one or the other build up that results in stuff being full of spots and totally spoiled or all tracksuit pants etc. is full of fluff it is making me crazy. I am washing my filter regularly , please can you tell me what else I can do??

    • Hi Andri

      I hope you are doing great

      Run an empty, regular, hot cycle without detergent or vinegar one more time. Add 1/2 cup baking soda to the drum if desired to help clean away buildup from the first cycle. Wipe out the interior of the drum with a microfiber towel when the cycle is finished to eliminate any leftover residue.


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