5 LG Refrigerator Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

There is no doubt that LG refrigerators are still the top choice of consumers. But, the performance of their new models of refrigerators has declined recently.

Many consumers have reported several problems with LG refrigerators, especially the French Door and Side by Side models manufactured between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2019.

The most common LG refrigerator problems reported by the users are Compressor issues, Not Cooling, Ice Maker Problems, and Water Leakage.

So, read till the end for a better understanding of how to troubleshoot these issues.

LG Refrigerator Problems

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Troubleshooting Guide for 5 LG Refrigerator Problems

Here are the top five issues with LG refrigerators with a complete troubleshooting guide.

But before we go into the detailed guide, look at the following table, which provides quick fixes for the most common LG fridge problems.

Common ProblemsQuick Fixes
Compressor ProblemsRepair seal system (professional).
LG Refrigerator Not CoolingCheck the compressor, coils, and fans and replace them if required.
Ice Maker IssuesRefer to the LG ice maker guide.
LG Fridge Leaking WaterCheck the compressor, coils, and fans and replace if required.

1. Compressor Problems

All new LG refrigerators come with a linear compressor.

According to LG, this newer linear technology compressor is better than a conventional split-phase compressor because it creates less friction and heat. It is also energy-efficient, quiet, and reliable.

Well, except for reliability, all of the other things are true about the linear compressor.

The compressor may fail within a year, and you will encounter a compressor not running problem in your fridge.

To fix it, you will need a professional tech to repair the seal system, which may cost you a lot.

Homeowners have complained that their refrigerators are running and vibrating. However, they are not cooling at all due to the failure of the linear compressor.

So many people have been having compressor issues that LG is now facing a class action lawsuit.  Until 2020, it was a common issue in LG refrigerators.

Check out the details in the video.

News Video:

2. LG Refrigerator Not Cooling

This is one of the biggest reasons consumers are unhappy with LG refrigerators. The fridge often stops cooling and spoils your stored items in the freezer.

So, LG users have been disappointed by the cooling issue. They have reported a number of complaints on various customer forums to fix this issue.

What to do if your LG refrigerator is not cooling?

To troubleshoot the cooling issue, you must determine the real reason for the cooling failure.

So, you can do the following things to figure out what’s going on.

i) Check the Compressor

It is one of the leading causes of cooling failure in LG refrigerators. It is at the back of your fridge.

If you hear loud noises from it, it is time to repair the seal system.

ii) Check the condensing Coils

The dirty condensing coils can also cause a cooling problem. If the coils are dirty, the temperature will not be consistent.

To fix it:

  • You can unplug the power of your refrigerator and disconnect the waterline.
  • You can find the condenser coils at the bottom of your refrigerator, which is accessible from the backside.
  • Then, you can examine the condition. In case the coils are dirty, you can use a stiff brush to clean them. But, before doing this, you need to ensure everything is dried.

iii) Check the Evaporator Fan

The Evaporator fan is responsible for circulating air through the cooling coils of your fridge.

So, you can check the fan spin to make sure the refrigerator is getting air properly.

If the fan is defective and spinning incorrectly, you must replace the motor.

3. Ice Maker Problems

LG Refrigerator won't make ice

Problems with the ice maker can easily frustrate you because they influence the overall performance of the refrigerator.

Sadly, another prevalent issue in the LG refrigerators needs your attention.

Here are the issues you will face due to the defective ice maker.

  • Refrigerator water leaks behind the crisper trays
  • From the backside, it is getting too hot
  • At the bottom of an ice maker, water droplets and ice crystals form
  • A defrosting system’s failure
  • Defective water inlet valve
  • The ice maker is going to make a lot of noise

We have covered this topic in detail here: LG Fridge Not Making Ice

4. LG Fridge Leaking Water

The next LG refrigerator problem is water leakage. It has caused a lot of frustration among its users.

Many homeowners have reported that this issue happens because of the defrost drain freezing.

In this scenario, water will overflow the drain. Then, it will dip down to the compartment end, resulting in water leaks onto the floor.

LG Fridge Leaking Water

What should I do now?

To troubleshoot this problem, you must inspect the drain line. If it is clogged, you can try to melt the frozen ice by pouring hot water on it.

Furthermore, check the tank assembly for any leaks in the tank connections. If there is any, it needs a replacement.

5. Good Luck with Getting a Refund

In case you faced any problem with your refrigerator and made a valid claim for a refund.

Even if your equipment is still under warranty, getting a refund from the company can be challenging.

It is a long-term process and requires all necessary receipts to submit, which might be annoying.

Many customers who purchased faulty LG models have received a refund.

Still, there is a big list of customers claiming a refund and are not getting any positive response from the LG customer support department.

How to Reset LG Refrigerator Control Panel?

There is no reset button in LG refrigerators; you must do it manually. Check out the following steps to reset the control panel of an LG refrigerator.

First, you have to open the refrigerator doors, then press and hold the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons for exactly 5 seconds.

The control panel will blink after 5 seconds. It will then display the temperature settings and confirm that your fridge has been successfully reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LG refrigerators still have compressor problems?

Between 2014 and 2019, the LG refrigerator compressor issue was highlighted by a number of consumers. LG was forced to face a class-action lawsuit for making defective compressors. The lawsuit was settled in September 2020. We have recently seen a decrease in this problem. However, users continue to report the compressor problem, which is still higher than normal.

How long should an LG refrigerator last?

LG refrigerators are known for their durability and are likely to last longer than other alternatives. On average, the LG refrigerator lasts up to 20 years. However, how well you’ve cared for and maintained your appliance will play a big role.

Final Words

In this guide, we have disclosed the 5 common LG refrigerator problems to help you troubleshoot them.

LG is one of the most sturdy options when it comes to buying a home appliance. However, the compressor problem in their models has annoyed its users.

Due to this problem, they also had to face a class-action lawsuit for producing low-quality compressors.

The lawsuit had already been settled in 2020. However, some homeowners still report various issues, such as faulty ice makers, cooling issues, water leakage, and compressor problems.

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37 thoughts on “5 LG Refrigerator Problems & Troubleshooting Guide”

  1. Purchased a LG French Door unit in July 2023. In November 2023 the icemaker stopped working and reflected an error message ‘E/F1’. Lg customer service would not cover a repair even though I was as yet under warranty but instead referred me to a ‘You Tube’ video on the problem which suggested shutting down power
    for two minutes and the powering back up. This solved the problem only temporality. I continued with this for about two months while the temporary period got shorter and shorter. Lg’s next fix was to remove all food from the unit and manually defrost for 8 hours and the start up 24 hours later, (storing the food .. where?) To date (3/16/24), still no fix. Warranty still not honored. Next Step State Consumer Bureau and Lawyer.

  2. Purchased an LG LFCS225020S French door refrigerator on 7/1/2021. Delivered 07/28/2021. Manufactured 12/2020..
    Failure to cool at all 10/14/2023. Unit at room temperature inside.
    LG REQUIRED us to preform a manual defrost on 10/16/2023 before they would schedule a repair tech. Refrigerator unplugged 24 hours with doors open then plugged in for 8 hours as requested. The FF fault code reset but the refrigerator and freezer did not cool.
    Contacted LG again 10/17/2023. They said 3 to 5 business days for service tech. We had a local repair tech come- compressor fault. LG repair tech came 10/24/2023 also said compressor failure. Both LG and local techs had same diagnosis. Neither will work on isobutane compressors. Contacted LG daily but no success. Escalated 3 times. Do not have any technicians that service 600a compressors in our area.
    Refused refund and still claim that they are waiting for LG service tech qualified to work on 600a isobutane compressor to come but can’t find anyone. I found one out of Tallahassee just over 2 hours away that will come. Gave them that info but they still stalled and refused to issue refund on 10/31/2023.
    No working Corporate phone number. I finally found a Corporate number that allows leaving messages.
    They claim that a refund is impossible without a technician report stating it is unrepairable. They can not find technician to provide that information.
    All purchase documents have been submitted twice including signed delivery document.

  3. Our freezer recently stopped working on our LG “French door with bottom freezer”. There was a lot of dust bunnies clogging up the back. After cleaning it out and resetting the fridge, it gave an error code of FF (freezer fan). We turned off and defrosted the freezer for 8 hours with no effect on temperature. The fan seems to be spinning at the rear side of the fridge. Any advice?

  4. My LG refrigerator is making A VERY LOUD BANG/POPPING NOISE . It is only 2 years old . It wakes everyone up in the middle of the night. This is day two. WTH?

    • We have an LG refrigerator that we bough only about 3 months ago. It was built in June of 2023. We are experiencing the same thing, loud knocking noise that sounds like something is hitting the side of our house. It happens about once per hour and we hear two, three or four loud knocks. Ours is a French Door refrigerator.

  5. I bought a LG fridge 3 years old the compressor went out I was told by the tech never buy this brand they are known for the compressor going out. The price to fix it was $ 1,300.00. Bought a new one. Is the law suite still going on?

  6. Our concerns are minor.
    1) The doors are heavy with food items and do not close firmly when pushed. Sometimes either the freezer or the refrigerator door hangs open. When whacked firmly the freezer door bounces open!.
    2) Why doesn’t our refrigerator have wheels?

  7. i have my on almost same problem not cooling and not freezing i got error code FF.whitch one said the condence fan is the problem i did replaced twice and the problem still the same and code same

  8. We bought an LG refrigerator in December 2017. After 2 years (Spring 2020), the ice maker started to go out, and soon afterward the freezer was not working, as well as the refrigerator. We contacted LG who scheduled an LG repairman to look at the unit. When he came, he said the compressor was fine, but the circuit board was bad, so he ordered a new one, but LG sent him the wrong part, which he discovered a week later when he came to install it. He took a picture of the old one, sent it to LG Tech service, who sent the correct circuit board. Problem fixed? Nope. A year later, the ice maker starts going bad again. A few weeks later, the food in the fridge is going bad, as well as food in freezer. My husband put a thermometer in the fridge and the temperature was 50 degrees F. He called LG, who contacted the repair service, who sent a technician down 1 week later. Compressor was fine. He ordered other parts that he thought could be causing the issue. 3 weeks later he returns with the parts, but realizes that something else must be wrong. So, he takes off the interior back panel in the freezer and discovers the heating coils started to melt the plastic in the back of the freezer! Yes…a true fire could have started eventually. He contacted the LG technician (corporate) and sent via text a picture of the burned plastic. Tech says the unit is unrepairable. So…what does LG offer us? A check for less than what we paid for it (aka depreciation) even though a similar model today costs twice as much as what we paid in 2017. We are completely disappointed in how LG does not care about the customer when they KNOW that their refrigerators have many issues. Do not buy LG.

  9. I bought my side by side LG in 02/28/16.Both freezer and frig side not cooling.It took 3 techs to finally replace the Linear Compressor and other things they didn’t explain to me but I was so happy the refrigerator was working that I didn’t join the Class Action lawsuit and this was 09/23/20.Well on 03/18/22,both sides again stop cooling.Thats 1 year a half years.Called LG and was given 3 places to call but LG didn’t tell me I had to pay $125 to get a diagnosis and another $250 for labor.Im on disability,so I would have to wait until April the third so I could pay that amount.Also since it was past the five yr warranty,I couldn’t get a reimbursement for food loss.I told LG and I was told they would do a “ONE-TIME GOODWILL” cause of hard times.They called 03/24/22 and sit up an appt for the next day but if it wasn’t a MANUFACTURER PROBLEM,I would have to pay.Im praying it’s a MANUFACTURER PROBLEM cause this whole thing with this LG refrigerator has been a nightmare!I keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. I bought my LG refrigerator in 2018. It is 2022 and it has stopped cooling. Of course, the warranty ran out and frankly I’m not spending any more money on it. it is an LG lfxs24623s. It has French doors and an ice maker that doesn’t work half the time (3 years at least). I was going to try and get it fixed but, why spend $1000 on it when I can buy new for that amount. FYI, my Whirlpool beer/garage fridge which I traded for is exactly 20 years old manufactured in March 2002 and saved all my food that would have gone bad. LG you should be aiming for this standard of quality! Bye Felicia!

  11. With so many of us with LG cooling issues, why shouldn’t we be allowed another class action suit, I’ve contacted atty,s on original suit, to see options.

  12. I’m joining all of you as someone who is having a problem with their LG fridge. It’s a Kenmore Elite but the model # shows it to be an LG. Stopped cooling Dec 27 (fridge and freezer). Called Sears who gave me a Jan 17 appt. Really? 3 weeks out?? They said someone would call within 24 hrs since it was an emergency. No call, of course. I called again and was told the claim would be escalated. No response so I called again Jan 3. After 2 hrs on the phone and talking to 7 people, I was permitted to get an outside repair person to come look at it (I have a claim # to get a reimbursement for the visit-I have a protection agreement also). Repair person came yesterday and diagnosed it as the compressor and told me about the law suit. Because the compressor is still under warranty (5 yrs-I purchased it Dec 22, 2018) and because I have a protection agreement, I have to wait until my Jan 17 appt to have it fixed. I was assured yesterday by Sears that the tech will have it on their truck and it will be installed that day. What are the chances of that happening? Thankfully, the weather has finally gotten cold enough that I can store fridge items in the garage. I was lucky that I caught the problem early and was able to move freezer items to my extra freezer in basement. I was kind of forced to buy this model because of a space issue in my kitchen. It was the only one that would fit under the existing cabinet. If only I had known…..never another LG. And don’t get me started about my Samsung stove or Kenmore washer and dryer!! My family calls me an appliance hater. Is it any wonder???

  13. Our LG compressor went out just before Christmas. It was 4 years old. We lost all the food we had purchased for the holidays and went without for a couple of weeks. It was the compressor, which, while still under warranty, would have taken months to get fixed by LG and would have cost more then the original cost to fix elsewhere. I will avoid LG in the future. Very poor.

  14. Well, I am a victim of Best Buy selling me an lg refrigerator. And it was the one on the class action, but later serial number. 3 years compressor out. Will be dumping it and get a basic ge or Non Samsung or lg. with as little electronics as possible do not want to get fixed since labor will be expensive due to system and they are still using the plastic piston linear compressors. Shame on Best Buy for not telling me about the class action suit. There should be another one started.
    Of course, as lg said, “ no technicians are available “. Well, no lg products- and that includes tvs

  15. I purchased the side by side LG model #LSC2991ST on 3-14-2015. Neither the Freezer nor Refrigerator are working as of Friday December 31st 2021. Since it is a Holiday Weekend there are no Service Firms open until January 3, 2022. I have now lost a full freezer of beef
    steaks, lamb chops, quiches, chicken, cheese cake and more. I have left a message at
    three repair service companies (ref. by LG when I called on Friday night) and can only hope that I can connect with at least one on Monday.
    I paid $2444.99 to Sears for this #2799.99 as it was bundled with other appliances.
    I am so disappointed that my first LG product turned out to have the same problem as many others. I was not part of the Law-suit as mine was still working at that time.
    Martha O. Dalitzky

  16. Last February we moved into a place with an existing LG. I never wanted a water/ice dispenser and sure enough the ice maker is a constant hassle. But now our freezer isn’t working. We think our LG is from 2017 and after everything I have read we might go buy something else as I don’t want repeated repairs. The fridge looks real nice but I would rather have a simple one that works than a fancy one that does not. Unfortunately I don’t think the previous owner registered our product as the registration cards were in the house packet.


  18. Mine stopped cooling. It is room temperature inside, but the stupid diagnostics say “did not detect abnormal operation”. I’m less than impressed. Mine was made in 2018. Just failed.

  19. My lg side by side is only 4 years old and now the freezer side will not get cold lost everything in it . We joined the class action lawsuit and they say we been approved. But we don’t know how much we’re going to get and how to get it fixed this is terrible. Does anyone know what we can do

  20. We bought an LG french door refrigerator with dual icemakers January 12, 2017 from Lowes. Brand new with all the tape and cardboard inside. $949.00. The compressor went out in July 2020. They came out and replaced it. It worked well until July 2021, then freezer got warm again. Tech replaced the compressor and condenser. Worked for a month. Tech replaced the compressor again. Didn’t work. Freezer still warm. Tech returned and recharged it with freon in Sept. Worked until Oct. 20. Now they are either going to replace it or issue a refund. My receipt from Lowes didn’t have the model number on it, so I had to call corporate 800-445-6937 to get documentation of what I purchased and when. They in turn had to call the servicing department 888-775-6937 to get documentation. I did receive what I needed for LG and provided it to them. Now we’ll see as they told me I should have their determination within 3 working days. All I can say is, it hasn’t cost us any money so far, just headache after headache not having a working freezer. On the other hand, it would work great as a beer refrigerator and it always cooled the top section! We have a Whirlpool in our garage that has saved us before when our Samsung went out (never again) and with the LG issues (never again as well). I guess we’ll be looking at Whirlpool as I’m guessing they’ll just refund our money rather than replace.

  21. Barely 5 years old LG (Low Grade) refrigerator basically died! Agree never LG products in ours and friends household.
    No wonder my wife rates it as Lowest Grade (LG)!

  22. My LG was 4 years old; Only Sears will service them,
    was told if i brought the warrany; I would get faster servive,
    Was Aug 27; l warranty move it up to Aug 25.
    Said it was the compressor; (warranty) but i would have to pay for PC board, coils and dryer,
    $742. cost, would need check for $172 for call, ordered parts, Came with in 6 days,
    next service date Sept 14. Did not make it, Called a good friend (Refrig Pro), he installed compressor and related parts, freezer worked but not refrig, instructions said need to reprogram. So I waited for Sears to come on Sept 28, called said What is the call for,
    I told him to install compressor, He said he could not do it that day, I said come anyway because I had it installed, he was 45 minutes late, said I had to pay before he would reprogram. Gave check For balance. He reprogrammed and was leaving, I said the refrig is not getting cold, He said there are two freon lines and only one was filled, he said it was a common mistake, in fact he had made the mistake. Left without fixing. no date when he would be back, called warranty Dept, they said they will send him back on Oct 13th,
    I paid for repair that he did not perform. Sears in milking the consumers for all they can. Ray Daniels,

  23. We had an LG side-by-side delivered in 2016. 2018 it stopped cooling on both sides. I managed to get servicing from LG, comp because we also bought a stove and washer and dryer. The tech replaced the circuit board but that didn’t solve the problem. Then he replaced the compressor and also replace the coolant. The whole process took a week before it was properly working. Here we are again today, same problem. Called LG and was told they could not schedule a service tech because they are too busy. I was given a list of authorized service repair companies. One only went to voicemail after 5 attempted calls. The second one said they were busy for at least 2 weeks. The last one the number was not in service. We have purchased other brands over the years and have never had such horrible reliability .
    Was forced to go out and buy another brand. LC sucks!!!

  24. The compressor on our LG French Door model went out just as the warranty ran out! It lasted just one year. We will never have anything to do with LG again. They may have settled the class action suit, but in reality I don’t think the quality has improved one whit. Couple that with almost non-existent customer service and you have a good reason to take your business elsewhere.

    • Hi Tom,

      This is a common problem in many households. Most of the time the noise is caused by a loose connection on the filter.
      The humming noise can be fixed by changing or replacing its filter once again.

  25. To date, I have had a ‘technician’ come to my home 3 times to fix my LG refrigerator because the freezer had stopped working. The first time he came in, stepped into my kitchen and said it was the compressor and he would order it.
    Not even in the house 3 minutes. Came out and installed the compressor the following week. Called again because it was still not freezing food properly.
    One item would be frozen but the item next to it was soft. We set our freezer to -9 in order to keep food frozen. Tech came out told us temp was set to high. We explained that when we lowered the termperature our frozen items thawed out. He then took a thermometer and said it was fine, it was registering at -1. Again, we asked why his temperature gauge was different that the setting. His answer and I quote, ” Well, sometimes with the different weather seasons, the temperature may change and need to be adjusted”. WHAT?? I have never adjusted my fridge settings according to the weather. So we listened to him, put the freezer temp back down to 0, and within hours all of our frozen food was thawed. Store refuses to help and technician keeps saying everything is fine. Very frustrated at this point.

    • Hi Linda

      I hope you are doing great today!

      Unfortunately, it has been a problem for many homeowners. The compressor issue with LG’s latest models is a complete disaster that will irritate you. You can contact the LG service center and ask for help. If they refuse, you have the right to claim your warranty. If nothing works in your favor, then sadly, it is time to switch to another brand.

  26. After waiting several weeks for delivery, My LG27.7 Cubic foot refrigerator was delivered August 20. I transferred frozen food from my freezer on the 23rd and by the 24th I noticed the top 2 shelves had defrosted! Compressor went after 4 days! Does not speak well for this product. I thought LG had corrected the compressor issue. Now I have to wait for a new unit as nothing is in stock. We’ll probably look for a whirlpool But my kitchen aid also had compressor issues after 3 1⁄2 years and Fo ur replacements!!!

    • Hi Judith

      I hope you are doing well!

      In recent years, compressor issues have been a topic of discussion due to a large number of consumers who have experienced compressor problems with their new refrigerators. In some cases, consumers have reported that their refrigerators were too loud or not as cold as they expected.
      The main issue seems to be that these refrigerators use different types of compressors such as direct drive and scroll compressors. These compressors can wear out after time and need servicing more often than those with traditional piston-type compressors because they are much more efficient and put less strain on the engine.

  27. I will never purchase anything from LG again. My new refrigerator broke down twice in the first year of purchase. I have been waiting 2 weeks for answers while not having use of a refrigerator. They have refused to replace it. They don’t care about their customers. Only the almighty dollar. Shame on LG.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I hope you are doing well!

      Sadly, it is true that LG customer support is not very responsive, and they hardly cooperate with consumers.

  28. Will never again buy an LG product … ever … period. Will never again buy appliances from Costco … ever … period. They knowingly sold defective products, and, continued to sell them after the 2 class action suits … who treats their customers like this? Costco “used” to be “top shelf”, in my opinion, in regards to their customer service … not anymore. They now share shelf space (ie no longer “top shelf”) with the likes of Home Cheapo and Lowths. No more box stores for me.

  29. After buying fridge in 2011-12,
    I started to have problems around the 7th year having the compressor Condensor replaced in Feb 2021. The LG repairman was awful at returning calls or coming in a timely manner, though seemed competent, just a terrible businessman. He defrosted it a week ago and now it’s leaking on the floor. I would never get another LG.


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