Why Your LG Fridge Not Making Ice [Repair Guide 2023]

LG Fridge Not Making Ice

Your LG fridge is making ice, but not enough to keep up with demand. Now what? You can either wait for the repair person to come over or do it yourself.

That is why we have got a quick guide on what to check and what to do if you find something out of the ordinary.

LG is undoubtedly one of the strong competitors in the refrigerators market. However, you can’t expect an ideal electric appliance that doesn’t get issues after years of use.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss one of the common fridge problems: why my LG refrigerator is not making ice?

How to Fix LG Fridge Not Making Ice? 10 Problems

The common reasons for the LG fridge not making ice include improper freezer temperature, faulty ice maker power switch, water filter issue, defective inlet valve, kinked water hose, a failure of a motor, broken control board, damaged door, and defective thermostat. 

Let’s go through the different scenarios and find out what causes these issues and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Check the Level of Freezer Temperature 

Before doing anything, check the freezer’s temperature, which should be -2°F or -20°C for producing ice.

If the temperature is above or below, there would be an issue in the ice-making.


  • Check the freezer temperature between that should be -2°F or -20°C. If it is not, adjust the reading of temperature.
  • After setting the temperature readings, check the internal temperature with the external thermostat. It should not be over -2°F. If it is, check the condenser coils and clean them properly before any technical solution.
  • Also, check the working of the ice maker.

2. Faulty Ice Maker Power Switch

Ice Maker Power Switch

Refrigerators come with basically two types of starting systems. One of them is a switch with a tray, and in the other, there exists a small hole like a test button.

So a defective icemaker power switch would definitely cause the ice maker an issue.


  • First of all, locate the test button of the switch. A switch is typically situated underneath the ice maker, while the other test button comes at the left side of the component.
  • Make sure that the button is turned on. If it is not, press the button for almost three seconds until it gets started.
  • After turning it on, check the continuity of the switch with the help of a multimeter. If it does show the proper continuity, you can shift to check the next LG refrigerator problem.
  • If it has not proper connection, consider the replacement of the switch.

3. Water Filter Issue

The water filter confirms that the clean water and its complete level fall to the dispenser and for ice making.

So improper filter adjustment can affect the ice-making performance of the freezer. Therefore you should make sure that the water filter is free from all impurities.

 To avoid water filter issues, you should change it after every six months.


  • If you have recently cleaned your filter, you might didn’t get it back properly. So check the instruction and reset the water filter in its original way.
  • If the filter is leaking or you didn’t change it for many months of use, contact the company to have the replacement part.

4. Defective Inlet Valve

refrigerator Inlet Valve

The Inlet valve gets activated when it receives the signal from the control system and releases the water into the ice maker.

Hence, you cannot expect a proper ice-making ability with the defective inlet valve that remains unable to give the required water level.


  • Get to the water inlet valve.
  • Check the pressure of flowing the water that should be a minimum of 20 psi. So there will need to fix on the pressure thing if it gets down to 20 psi.
  • The next step is to check the continuity of the inlet valve. You will find two valves in the LG refrigerators, the main and secondary valves. The second find is more related to ice making, but it would be better to check both of them.

5. Kinked Water Hose

A water hose is usually located behind the refrigerator to give a flow of water.

But a kinked water hose will just make it difficult to give a smooth flow of water and may result in improper ice making.


Just clear all the debris from the water hose with great care that can let the water move easily.

6. Failure of the Motor

The ice maker is linked to a motor to pump the water to the ice tray.

The chilled ice tray freezes the water in the form of ice cubes and then turns to deposit them into the container automatically, with the help of a motor.

After that, the inlet valve is opened to refill the water and repeat the process. So you can get an idea of this component in the procedure.

Therefore don’t forget to check the motor if your LG fridge stops making ice.


  • Test the switch to turn it on properly.
  • Make sure that the blades are properly working.
  • If there is still an issue, turn off all the supplies and check the continuity of the motor with the help of a multimeter. If it is fine, move to the next test.
  • If there is no steady continuity in the connection, the replacement of the motor would be the best option. But remember to have a look at the warranty lifetime and contact the company to alternate it.
LG refrigerator not making ice

7. Malfunctioning Control Board 

Control Board is like a brain in almost all electric appliances, and the same is for the refrigerator.

It sends the signals to components like the water valve and the pump to get activated and start the process.

In many LG refrigerators, there comes the infrared beam to give the indication to begin the process of ice making after a certain ice level of ice.

Thus, if the control board fails to work correctly, there will be a visible issue in ice-making.


  • Just make sure that there is an issue in the control board by checking its continuity. If it does show quite fine connectivity, go for the next step.
  • If there is an issue, make a call to the company or any qualified technician to replace the control board.

8. Damaged Refrigerator Door Switch

A refrigerator door switch makes the ice maker on and off according to the opening and shutting of the door.

It works when the door is completely closed and detaches the connection when the door is opened.

So a damaged door may seem like a minor issue, but it affects the entire process of ice-making.


  • Locate the door switch. It basically comes in the internal frame of the body.
  • Get the switch out of the refrigerator.
  • Check its continuity with the help of a multimeter. It shows decent connectivity; go ahead to check the next component.
  • If it doesn’t show the proper continuity, consider the replacement of the switch.

9. Defective Ice Maker Thermostat

It is also known as the cyclic thermostat that manages the ejection cycle of the ice, following the measurement of specific temperature readings.

When there is enough temperature in the ice tray, it deposits the ice cubes and restarts the cycle. Given that, a defective thermostat can mainly cause the making of ice.


Get to the thermostat and have the thermostat check its continuity.
If it does show a perfect connection, the thermostat is fine, and the problem will be somewhere else.
If there is not a steady continuity, get the replacement of the component.

10. Ice Maker Assembly Unit

If you still have issues with the proper ice making, there might be a problem in the ice maker assembly.

A faulty unit cannot get the proper storage of water and process it further.


In most cases, the manufacturer of ice maker assembly units doesn’t sell its component separately, and you will need to get the replacement of the full unit. It would be better to hire a professional technician in this case.

Here is our detailed guide on how to fix LG Refrigerator Not Cooling.

How to Reset the LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

Make sure that the power button is on. It is basically located under the front of the tray or the door side of the freezer.

Turn off the fridge for at least 30 seconds and then restart it. Wait for several hours to check the proper functioning of the ice maker.


There might appear many technical issues with electronic gadgets but don’t consider them a big problem at first.

Most homeowners are non-technical users who don’t have specific skills or tools to have a complete test.

However, there exist some cases where the issue can be solved with little effort by following the proper guidelines.

Chasing the reasons mentioned above for the LG fridge not making ice, we have tried to give a proper direction about the inconvenience you may face in the ice maker of your refrigerators.

So follow the instructions with great care and let the unit relax for hours if it is needed during the process.

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