6 Common Samsung Refrigerator Problems & Troubleshooting

If you are searching for the answer to the question “What are the most common Samsung refrigerator problems”?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are several issues that need your attention.

Common Samsung refrigerator problems are knocking Noise, Not Defrosting, Uneven Temperatures, and Ice Maker not Working.

However, if you are planning to buy a new fridge then make sure to first check out the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

Samsung Refrigerator Problems & Solutions


A refrigerator is important for its longevity, but if you encounter any of these problems and need to seek a refund or replacement, it may be a challenging process.

Here is a table summarizing the common Samsung refrigerator issues and solutions mentioned in the article:

Ice maker not workingWater leakage under the crisper trays, clogged ice buckets, over-freezing or not freezingTroubleshoot ice maker and replace any faulty components
Uneven temperaturesUnreliable thermostat, food contaminationCheck air damper control, thermistor, temperature control board, and temperature control thermostat and replace any faulty components
Not defrostingFrozen ice buildup on evaporator coilsExamine defrost heater with a multimeter and replace it if not providing enough heat
Not coolingFrost buildup on evaporator coils or fans, defective temperature sensor or thermistorTroubleshoot cooling issues and replace any faulty components
French door refrigerators have issuesLeaking water, malfunctioning ice maker, fluctuating temperatureTroubleshoot issues and replace any faulty components
Challenging to get a refundDelayed or no response from customer serviceSeek alternative solutions or replacements if necessary

Remember to regularly maintain and check your Samsung refrigerator to prevent any potential problems and ensure its proper functioning.

Continue reading to learn about all of the problems that Samsung fridges have and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

Samsung is allegedly involved in a legal battle over its substandard ice makers.

Many homeowners have problems with the quality of the ice makers, and they have complained about it on consumer forums and in social media surveys.

Here are the following ice maker issues reported by the owners.

  • Water leakage under the crisper trays of the refrigerators
  • Ice crystals, water droplets, and slushy ice form at the bottom of the ice maker
  • The ice buckets are stuck and hard to remove, probably as a result of clogged drains
  • Ice maker is over freezing while in some cases it is not freezing and homeowners need to put extra ice bags in the refrigerator
  • The Refrigerator is not Defrosting at all. The ice makers will freeze into huge blocks of ice. Some homeowners are using steam mops or hair dryers to melt their icemakers.

Here is our complete guide on how to troubleshoot the Samsung Refrigerator Not Making Ice.


2. Food Spoilage Due to the Uneven Temperatures

One of the common problems with Samsung refrigerators is uneven temperatures. The refrigerator’s thermostat is unreliable, and many consumers have reported this issue.

This can lead to food spoilage, as keeping food at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit puts you at risk of food contamination.

How to fix food spoilage due to uneven temperatures?

To prevent this from happening, it is important to check the temperature inside your refrigerator and take necessary action to fix any issues.

Check the air damper control

The first step in fixing this issue is to check the air damper control. If it is broken, it can allow too much air into the refrigerator, causing it to freeze. To fix this, you will need to replace the air damper control.

Check the thermistor

The next step is to check the thermistor using a multimeter. The thermistor’s resistance should change with the refrigerator’s temperature. If it doesn’t, it can overrun the fan and compressor, causing the refrigerator to get too cold and freezing the contents inside. To fix this, you will need to replace the thermistor.

Examine the temperature control board

Examine the temperature control board for damaged solder points. If the board is damaged or burnt, you must replace it. This will help ensure that the temperature inside the refrigerator is consistent and stable, preventing food spoilage.

Check the temperature control thermostat

Check the temperature control thermostat from the lowest to the highest point and wait for an audible click sound. If there is no click sound, use a multimeter to test the thermostat’s consistency. Replace it if there is no temperature consistency.

You may resolve the food spoiling problem caused by inconsistent temperatures in your Samsung refrigerator by doing the actions listed above.

To ensure that your food stays fresh and is safe to eat, it is important to routinely check the temperature inside your refrigerator and take the necessary steps to fix any issues.

3. Samsung Refrigerator is Not Defrosting

The failure of defrosting the device has caused a lot of frustration among its users.

Many users have claimed that their refrigerators are not defrosting at all.

They have to use the steam mops to melt the frozen ice formed on the evaporator coils, which are responsible for allowing cold air to freely circulate in the refrigerator.

If defrost heater assembly is not working properly, there will be an excess frost build-up on the evaporator coils.

It will restrict the airflow which will cause the refrigerator to stop cooling.

What to do if your Samsung refrigerator is not defrosting?

Examine the defrost heater with a multimeter to see whether it provides enough heat to the evaporator coils to melt the ice buildup. If it doesn’t replace it.

4. Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling

It is another prevalent issue found in Samsung refrigerators.

Many consumers have complained about Twin Cooling Plus technology failure, evaporator fan failure, and compressor failure, which ultimately ended in cooling failure.

The causes of the Samsung Refrigerator not cooling is as follows:

  • The frost build-up on the evaporator coils
  • The evaporator fan frosted over
  • Defrost heater is not working
  • The temperature sensor or thermistor is defective
  • Failure of the Defrost Thermostat

Here is our complete guide on how to fix your Samsung Refrigerator Not a Cooling issue.

5. Samsung’s French Door Refrigerators Have Issues

Samsung’s French door refrigerators have received a lot of negative reviews from users.

If you have recently bought the latest Samsung French Door refrigerator model, then good luck to you because the excitement will not last long.

French door refrigerators, according to the homeowners, last less than a year. Even after 6 months of use, some users have reported that their refrigerator has died.

The followings are the most common problems with Samsung French Door Refrigerators:

  • Fridge leaking water
  • Malfunctioning ice maker
  • Fluctuation in temperature
  • Misaligned doors
  • The refrigerator makes a loud noise
  • Not trusted for longevity

6. Getting a Refund is Challenging

If you have all of these problems with your Samsung refrigerator, obviously you would like to replace your appliance or get a refund.

But, getting a refund is not that simple, even if you are still under warranty

Asking for a refund is always a long-term process, and too much delay or no response from customer services will make you frustrated.

So, if you don’t get a positive response from the customer support department, you can forget about the refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Samsung refrigerators last?

On average, a Samsung refrigerator can last up to 15 years. After that, it will start increasing your repair expense. However, the lifespan is highly dependent on how well you maintain it.

Do Samsung refrigerators have any issues?

The Samsung refrigerators have a number of issues reported by its users, especially in the French door models, such as water leakage, misaligned doors, loud noises, uneven temperature, and malfunctioning ice maker. In 2017, there was a lawsuit against Samsung for making shoddy ice makers.

Final Words:

Samsung refrigerators are known for several common problems, including knocking noise, not defrosting, uneven temperatures, and ice maker not working.

However, by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in the content, homeowners can take steps to fix these issues and maintain the proper functioning of their refrigerators.

One of the most crucial issues is uneven temperatures that can lead to food spoilage, and it is important to check the air damper control, thermistor, temperature control board, and temperature control thermostat to ensure the temperature inside the refrigerator is consistent and stable, preventing food spoilage.

Regularly checking and maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator and taking necessary actions to fix any issues is the key to ensuring that your food remains fresh and safe to consume.

Steven Settles Author

Steven Settles is an ISCET-certified master in appliance repair. He has aced the National Appliance Service Technician Certification Exam, showcasing his exceptional diagnostic and repair skills. With an in-depth understanding of the latest repair technologies and a keen eye on evolving industry standards, Steven is a go-to expert for any appliance issue.

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  1. You do this article them supply a link to best refrigerators that includes Samsung models. They have had many problems so why include them in a list of best?

  2. My control panel seems to have a mind of it’s own. It will change settings or lock features regarding the ice, water, locking the panel, turning off icemaker, etc. I am constantly having to reset them. Can hear the frig making beeping sounds and sure enough it has locked or changed something on the panel. No rhyme or reason to which feature it will effect. What is wrong and how do I fix this?

  3. I bought counter depth four door flex model during Covid
    Cd. The doors do not open if the refrigerator is in the right position. I have to have it pulled out about 2 inches for it to open. I dealt with this problem during Covid because I did not feel comfortable having anyone in my home.
    Now that i am feeling better about have them come to look at the door. I am told that the warrantee has expired and it will cost me over $200.00 for them to send someone to adjust the hinges. The customer service rep. sent me a users manual and said you can figure it out yourself. I do not think that this is the way to treat a loyal customer.
    after reading all the complaints,I think everyone should boycott Samsung products until they step up to the plate with thei service.

    • Hello Janet,

      Hope you are doing good!
      We are sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Samsung refrigerator. Also, the customer support of Samsung is not very helpful for the users, so they must think about it.

  4. I have a double door refrigerator. I notice at least a cup of water getting collected at the bottom everyday. I also notice that ice builds up at the back. This refrigerator is only two years old. How do I fix this problem?

    • Hi there We have the same problem with the ice building up in the small holes at the back of the fridge. Did you get yours sorted. I have to regularly empty the fridge and turn the it off and then apply heat with the hair dryer and wait for the ice to melt completely then restart it. Would be interested how you have fixed yours.

  5. Hi Steven. Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions here.
    We have a new Bespoke, RF33BB8200QL. After installation, we followed instructions and waited until it cooled before filing with food. The top fridge section and middle drawer seem to work ok. However the freezer is not cold enough. The control panel says it has reached the lowest temperature, but none of the food is fully frozen.
    We tried resetting the unit via the breaker, which made no difference. We checked all the lines, and since it and the water lines are brand new nothing is clogged.
    Could it be a defective part? What can we do?
    Thank you

  6. We have Samsung purchase 3/14/2013 now water is standing on the bottom under the crisper and freezing. This happens every month and we clean it out. What is causing this and how can this be fixed?

    • Hi Barbara,

      When a top-mount refrigerator’s freezer defrosts, water drips into a drain pan via a defrost tube before finally evaporating. The water cannot flow down the defrost drain tube if it is blocked with ice or debris. Instead, a puddle forms underneath the crisper drawers.

  7. Hi there,
    We have a Samsung French Door fridge/freezer, Model # SRF752DSS. We have had this unit for about ten years (when we remodelled the whole kitchen). It has always been reliable which, judging by the comments on this site, means we must be some of the lucky ones. A short time ago the freezer started intermittently making a noise, a bit like a singing or high(ish) pitched whine. It starts and stops by itself sometimes, or when we open it/pull out the drawer and rearrange the contents (it’s always pretty full) to maybe clear the vents at the back. Either way, the sound comes back again sooner or later. Any suggestions?
    Please and thank you. 🙂

  8. Samsung should stick to making flat panel TV’s, something they are decent at. Samsung French door refrigerator is the absolute worst refrigerator we have ever owned. I have had to transfer food to my secondary fridge in our garage on 3 separate occasions to keep food cold while I defrost the darn twin cooling evaporator coils behind the plastic shroud. Both ice makers quit working and I have had to replace easily broken plastic pieces in their dispensary mechanism. Our rusted fridge outside in the hot garage that is almost 20 years old is still working like a champ, and it fell off the loading dock and has a huge gash in the side of it. We purchased it second hand from someone on Facebook marketplace. It is 10 times the fridge the Samsung will ever be in terms of cooling and freezing. But we use it as a beverage cooler. It is ugly as sin but keeps everything frosty and bone chilling cold. Like I said, it is leaps and bounds better than our Samsung fridge that cost 4X the money. To clean the crevices where the glass meets the plastic trim your only option is to take a hammer and bust the glass out. My suggestion is if you have a Samsung fridge, is to pull the plug, take it out to the pasture, pack it full of explosives and detonate it during 4th of July or New Years celebration. Don’t get me started on Samsung’s customer service is just as bad, if not worse, than as their refrigerators. Atrocious is probably a single useful word to describe our Samsung refrigerator experience.

  9. I have an icon on my water dispenser tha I don’t recognize
    It is not working. No ice either hope you can help it is brand new

  10. I have the Samsung 4 door, French door style, family hub. The freezer fan stopped working, and freezer items started to thaw. Refrigerator sections were still cold. Had a tech look at it. He said all the freon in the compressor was gone, that one of 3 evaporator must be leaking (is there really 3?), and if the compressor pressure is low, the fan will not run and create circulation. $1400 to repair. Anyone experience this? Does this sound right? I’ve had many problems with this unit that are mentioned here, especially the ice maker. Repair or replace? I’m leaning towards repl

  11. I have a 4 door Samsung Refrigerator made 2011 bought it new. Id number RF4287HARS. My Ice Maker has stopped making ice. And the Freezer at the bottom is cold but not freezing anything hard. The refrigerator is cold (thank God). What do you think could be causing the freeer to stop freeezing? Wou;d appreciate an answer. Thank you

  12. Hi There,

    My refrigerator has iced up in the back of the fridge twice. First time I defrosted the fridge for over 24h and seemed to do the trick. But then I stopped looking. The other day I noticed ice coming through the slats in the back. This time I defrosted it over 3 days so it could melt and dry out. This time it look much longer to melt. Why would so much ice form? Would it be due to a problem with a fan? Temps seem to be maintained but I don’t really hear a fan running? I was told humidity or too much food in fridge…I didn’t think either apply but I’m not sure why this happens or if I need to fix something.

    Thank you in advance!

  13. I have a Model RF260BEAEWW refrigerator. I have error I suppose, blinking lights E 33 is what they are. What do they mean. Bought this refer. 12/05/12 Seems it is cooling ok Freezer temp 10.

  14. The ice maker in our 4 door Samsung Refrigerator iced up. I defrosted the maker using the Fd Force Defrost function. It took several iterations. Now thawed and ice maker in the ON setting, the ice maker is not functioning. New water filter just before this exercise & am able to draw filtered water. How can I get the ice maker to produce ice? Thx.

    • Hello Martha,

      I hope are doing great!
      This problem could be caused by a number of reasons, including a power outage or a short circuit. In such cases, you can try replacing the battery or resetting the refrigerator’s settings again. But if this doesn’t help, you can take it to a repair shop and ask them to check whether there are any defects.

  15. I bought the Samsung refrigerator model because I I love Samsung. But I never thought I would be have all these issues with my refrigerator. What a big disappointment it has been. Honestly I wish I never bought a Samsung refrigerator.

    • Hello Joann,

      If your refrigerator’s freezer compartment is frozen up, it means that the ice has reached the top of the freezer. To defrost it, you need to remove all the frozen items on the top shelves. If the freezer has a water line, you can turn it on and let it run for about 10 minutes to release the heat. If this doesn’t work, you may need to open the freezer and remove the ice manually.

  16. My discontinued Samsung RS21NCSV1 side by side fridgefreezer has been great with no problems for past 12 years but the freezer temp has suddenly started to go up and down with beeps periodically, which is a bit worrying as it is full of food! I have checked the door seals, cleaned all back vents and made sure it is not too near the wall at rear. I have also tried to get the temp. Back to -19c, my usual setting, but it keeps going back up to -21c! Can anyone suggest what might be needed to get it back to normal?

    • Hello S.Rae,

      I hope you are doing well!
      There are a few things that could be going on with your freezer. The first thing to do is check the temperature settings. If they’re off, that’s likely the problem. You can also try putting a thermometer in the freezer to test the temperature. If it’s too warm, you might have a mechanical problem with your freezer and need to call a technician.

  17. Have a 12 year old french door Samsung. The fridge is keeping temperature but the freezer is not. Had a repairman out and he said he was 90% sure it was the compressor as the fan was blowing only semi-cool air into the freezer and there was no frost on the coils in the back of the freezer. I asked him if it could just be low on coolant and he said that was highly unlikely. Is there any way to tell what it is? The temperature setting on the freezer is flashing (which it should do to tell me that it cannot reach the set temp) so I would guess that it is not a thermostat problem. Thanks.

  18. my samsung RFG298AARS/XAA does not cool properly. it works great for about 3 days and then stops cooling. after a day or two it will start running again and work fine for about 3 days and then shut down again. i had a service man come and diagnose the problem and he said i needed a new inverter control board which are no longer available so i replaced it with a rebuilt one and still have the dame problems. i mentioned to the service man about it possibly being the touch control since sometimes when i go from ice to water i’ll continue to get ice for several seconds and then switch to water even tho the water display was showing as soon as i pushed the button—he shot this idea down immediately and i’ve noticed that the temperature showing on the touch control seldom matches what the actual interior temp is—any suggestions?

  19. I have a Samsung French door fridge top, freezer drawer on the bottom. 5 years and 11 days it broke. If I unplug it and plug it back in it runs for 25 minutes but doesn’t cool anything. Temp stays the same. Warranty is off by 11 days so does it pay to have a repair man come out or just get a new brand of refrigerator? Any idea if this is a compressor issue or a thermostat issue. , I have read that if it has an inverter compressor it maybe warrantied for 10 years on the compressor, how do I find out?

    • Hi Jesse,

      My sincere apology for the late response.
      You may have a problem with your compressor or cooling fan. It is possible that the fan in the refrigerator is broken and needs to be replaced. I would suggest you consult with a repair person first before going for a new refrigerator.


    • Hi Gary,

      Do not force the crisper out from the door of your refrigerator. If you do, you could damage your appliance. To safely remove a crisper from a french door refrigerator, follow these steps:

      1. Open the refrigerator door as far as it will go and grab the handle on the inside of the door to pull it open.

      2. Pull the door open enough so that you can reach in and grasp the top edge of the crisper.

      3. Slide the entire drawer out of the refrigerator using both hands. You may need to push on the drawer with one hand to help it out.

      4. Once the drawer is removed from the fridge, you will need to slide it along the countertop until it is completely out of the refrigerator and out of reach.


  21. I just purchased a Samsung Refrigerator with the Family Hub. After the installers had left for about 20 minutes the breaker tripped. I flipped it back and it tripped again after 15 minutes. It did it one more time. It’s the same outlet my GE was plugged into for 4 years.
    Is this a common problem or if I swap out for a new one, It should fix the problem? Costco will allow me to exchange the unit if I want. Samsung service is the worst by the way.

  22. Where is the defrost tube located, my frig has built up of ice under the freezer draw and water also accumulates in the crisper draws

    • Hello Diana,

      I hope you are doing great!
      The defrost tube is located in the freezer compartment, usually on the back wall.

      Below is the basic information on the defrost tube:

      – The defrost tube can be found by looking for a hole in the back of the freezer compartment and sticking your hand in and feeling around.

      – The ice accumulates there because it is one of the coldest areas in the refrigerator.

      – The water accumulates there because when water freezes, it expands and generates a lot of pressure.

      – If you want to prevent this from happening, simply remove any ice buildup as soon as you see it and don’t allow any condensation to accumulate at the bottom of your freezer drawer or fridge.

  23. I have a Kenmore Pro side-by-side made by Samsung. It was installed in June 2011 by the couple who built the house. We have had problems with the icemaker (and freezer once before) but has started working after turning it off and starting it up later. Here’s the latest problem. I was walking into the kitchen and looked at the temperature lights on the outside of the freezer door and our freezer is 22 degrees. I have tried holding the freezer temp. button down several times, and nothing happened. The icemaker has been a pain, but now the whole freezer will be thawed out if something isn’t done soon.

  24. My Samsung french door fridge is blinking inside and on the control panel and the compressor is not turning on. I’ve unplugged it for 15 min and it is still doing it. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Jason,

      A blinking control panel and a fridge that is not turning on can happen if the power button is not pushed in all the way. It may also indicate a power failure with your home’s breaker box.

      If you need to troubleshoot this issue, it is important to make sure the temperature of the fridge has been set between 3-5 degrees Celsius.

      This will reduce any condensation and will allow your compressor to work properly. If this works, then you will need to clean up any remaining frost and ice from inside of your fridge compartment and freezer compartment.

  25. Hi. My samsung French door freezer light will not come on when you open the door. We checked the LED and it is good (we put in the door above to make sure it would come on). Any ideas?

    • Hi Jamie

      This issue could be a result of a broken or loose wire. If the wire is loose, then it needs to be fixed or replaced. If it is broken, then you may need to replace the wire.

      If it’s still not working then: You can try to replace the light bulb or repair the socket cord.

  26. Hi ~ I have a french door fridge and have just defrosted the ice maker. Now that it’s working again the freezer won’t go below minus 15 degrees centigrade, how do I reset the panel? I normally run it around -4 degrees

    • Hi Darbi,

      I hope you are doing great!
      The display panel on the door indicates the status of the machine. If it is not cooling, it means that the internal temperature is higher than desired. If it is not working, then it could be that there are some issues with the compressor or controller board.

      One of the ways to fix this issue is by resetting the machine. The other way to solve this issue is by checking for any loose connections and making sure that everything is in place.

  27. We purchased a Samsung French Door yesterday Oct. 7. The fridge don’t colder after 24 hours plugging. Called to Samsung phone no. and received too many instructions but don’t resolve the problem. The best way was returned to Sam’s Club.

  28. Hi, Samsung. My refrigerator is not working. I don’t know if it’s board or something, I think it can’t give enough supply to the compressor because it can’t be fully starts the compressor, how can you help me with my problem?

    • Hi Alfie,

      I hope you are doing great today!
      The most common cause of refrigerator or freezer failure is a faulty compressor. So it is important to find out if the problem is a compressor problem.

      1-Check for a leak in the evaporator, condenser coils, or piping insulation.

      2-Run a refrigerator test by removing all food and drink from inside and setting your refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

      3-If the temperature remains below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours, this indicates that it may not be related to the compressor.

  29. Hi, Samsung. My refrigerator is not working. I don’t know if it’s board or something, I think it can’t give enough supply to the compressor because it can’t be fully stars the compressor, how can you help me with my problem?

  30. Have a samsung top freezer black stainless flex zone, 2 yrs. 10 moths old that has not been cooling for 3 weeks. I have extended warranty through lowes. A temperature control board was replaced, but I guess that is not the problem. i have a feeling it”s the compressor because it was making awful noises before it quit cooling. They won’t come out for another 9 days so no refrigerator for a month or more Last samsung I buy.

  31. Samsung Flex only lasted 5-6 yrs before experiencing the cooling, temp sensor issues, and food and medication spoilage. NEISI took 6 weeks to repair the sensor and compressor in May 2021. Four months later, experiencing the same non-cooling issues, and was told by NEISI the replacement parts were only good for 60 days. No help for Samsung . Never again will I purchase another fridge from them, products looks beautiful but will not last past 6 years.

    • Good Day!

      This can happen when the filter is clogged with debris, preventing water from flowing through the unit. The cubes are then freezing on top of one another.
      To resolve this problem, you must first unplug the appliance and wait for 30 minutes to allow any residual electricity to dissipate before attempting to proceed with repairs. Then remove anything that may be blocking or restricting water flow through the filter and unblock any frozen pieces of ice in front of the unit before restarting it again. If all else fails, call a professional for assistance.

  32. I have a samsung refrigerator with the top part a fridge and bottom is freezer. The left hand door at the top is peeling. The black stainless is just falling off and as this is facing outwards looks awful to everyone. It was only a tiny bit come off originally but now is over inch long and I am too scared to wipe it at all as more will come off.

    • Hi Helen,

      I hope you are doing good today!
      If your refrigerator’s door is peeling, there are a few things that you should know before going on the hunt for a new one.
      The first thing to do is to check if it’s just the paint or the door itself. If it’s just the paint, you can easily knock off on your own with a little vinegar and water.
      If it’s not just the paint, you’ll probably need to get in touch with an appliance repair service or replacement company.

  33. Icemaker starts and stops. No ice build up showing. When I put the freezer on Super cool then Ice starts.

    Bottom of freezer tray builds up solid ice and once a month I have to remove food and break the ice with a mallet Being from Canada I would rather skate on ice then have to break it up from the unit. Now the freezer has stopped completely – Suggestions? Thanks

    • Hello Mike,

      I hope you are doing Good!

      When the ice maker is on, it will start making ice cubes shortly after it starts. It will then stop making ice cubes once this process is completed.
      No ice build-up showing means that there are no unwanted or unused chunks of water left in the machine during the process of dispensing ice that the ice maker has just finished.
      This is a common problem faced by customers across various brands and models of their refrigerator as well as those who own an older model as well as those who just bought a new fridge with an air-cooled base.
      The problem could also be caused by a broken dispenser arm, improper door contact, or lack of water to cool down the compressor or evaporator coil.

  34. Fridge does not defrost the fridge, Had to replace the front panel, still did not did frost after 36 hours had to have repair person out again, this time they replaced the drain, But machine still was frosted over.

    • Hi Mary,

      To explain why a refrigerator does not defrost, we have to understand what exactly happens when it comes to the process of defrosting.
      To understand why a refrigerator does not defrost, we have to understand what exactly happens when it comes to the process of defrosting.
      Reasons for not defrosting
      Fridge has been turned off for longer than 8 hours?
      There might be a problem with the thermostat
      The fridge’s ice cube tray is jammed or overflowing
      The fridge’s compressor is not working properly
      One of the most common reasons why a refrigerator doesn’t defrost is because it has been set to the wrong temperature. If this happens, you need to defrost it and change its setting.

    • Hi Anothony

      A few reasons for finding water on the left side of the Pantry drawer is that it may be due to damage or leakage. If you are getting low on food, then check the other drawers first. Another thing that might be causing leakage is a clogged drain or a faulty appliance.
      If these steps don’t work, you can try using a wet towel or cloth over the problem area.

  35. this is the third time our ice maker does not work. NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG AGAIN AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE ONLY 3 YEARS OLD.

  36. Our Samsung fridge freezer appears to be very warm in the refrigerator but the freezer compartment is still working well. Any ideas as what may be causing the issue?

    • Hi Lisa,
      I hope you are doing well

      If your Fridge freezer is too warm, you are doing it wrong. Whether you think it’s too hot or not cold enough, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue before calling for help.
      1) First, make sure the door is closed. If the door is open, then the heat inside the refrigerator will escape and it will be warm again.
      2) Ensure that the refrigerator is not over-filled, as this can lead to frost build-up.
      3) If it is still warm inside of the refrigerator, use a fan to blow across the coils from one side of the refrigerator to another.
      4) Ensure that the thermostat is set to ‘cold’ or ‘low temperature’.
      5) If the temperature is not above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, check to make sure that your refrigerator is plugged in and working properly
      6) If needed, increase the storage capacity of the refrigerator by filling it with more food.
      7) Try taking out food items that might be causing too much heat inside your fridge.
      If all else fails, then call a repairman and have them fix whatever’s wrong with your fridge.

  37. Regarding the noise it sounds like an airplane taking off… Our five year old Samsung refrigerator just started doing this today. It sounds like something rattling inside and the noise appears to be isolated to the icemaker cube dispenser. This is the second problem we’ve had with the machine. It’s about to go on the blocks for an LG.

    • Hi Dave,
      I hope you are doing great today!
      Now your Samsung refrigerator is making weird noises and looking like it has problems? This is frustrating, to say the least!
      First, you need to identify the noise that your refrigerator is making. If the noise is coming from the fridge, then you may need to download new firmware on your fridge or contact Samsung support to fix this problem. In order for them to help you, they’ll need some information on what’s causing the sound and how it affects your appliances.
      If the sound is coming from outside of your fridge, then it may be caused by air getting into the vents or parts of the unit failing. You should take those steps before contacting support for advice on how to fix this issue.

      • My frog went out twice had less than two years it want come on at all both times even when I unplug it first time had something to do with computer in it it’s done same thing

  38. Ice is forming on the floor of my freezer. This has been going on for about a month. Gasket is in good condition. Can you help?

    • Hi Cathi,

      I hope you are doing fine
      If the freezer door is not fully closed and the cold air within mixes with the warm and humid air outside, ice will form at the bottom of the freezer. Please make sure that cold air flows throughout your freezer to avoid the formation of ice.

  39. My Samsung fridge is four years old …for past two years it has been making a loud vibrating noise off and on that literally vibrates floor and sounds like airplane landing in kitchen…sister and friend both have same model..same problem but service call rep cannot locate issue…???
    Three people in such a small circle there is obviously recall worthy situation..

    • Hi Lisa,

      I hope you and your family are doing great!

      Refrigerator humming or buzzing noises might also be caused by a filthy, jammed, or malfunctioning fan motor. You may examine the fan motors yourself, but make sure the refrigerator is turned off before doing so. Locate and check the evaporator and condenser fan motors for dirt, debris, and blockages.

      If you are still unable to fix the problem, then it is worth calling a repair person. If the problem persists and your refrigerator is still in warranty, then it is worth recalling.

  40. This Samsung refrigerator is definitely a piece of crap! It’s never worked right! Now the lights are blinking! Never again will we be buying a Samsung again! This has been our 11th problem in the last 3 years! Grrr

    • Hi Leslie

      It’s possible there’s ice in the tube, or it’s clogged with dirt. Remove any ice or debris from the drain line to prevent the freezer from leaking. Fill a turkey baster halfway with hot water and pour it through the drain hole. To clear out the drain tube, do this several times.

  41. The vertical hinged (rotating) gasket on the left French door on model #RF263BEAESR/AA slips down into a position from which it will not engage. Thus it does not make the seal. I have tried pulling it up but it does non snap into a permanent position. What can I do?

    • Hi Laurie

      The gasket may have gotten de-magnetized if the door seal appears to be in good condition, but the door does not seal shut and remains open. The seal will either need to be re-magnetized or replaced. Something might be blocking the hinges if the door is not fully closed.

    • Hi Priscilla

      Low water pressure or a malfunctioning water filter might be to blame if the ice maker isn’t making any or enough ice. Check the water filter. If it is clogged, then clean it. We have already mentioned the reasons for the problematic ice maker in this post. So, please read them before making contact with a service provider.

      Getting help from a Samsung service center is a real achievement because a number of consumers have complained about the bad customer support. So instead of relying on the service department, you can check the real problem. If you know the real cause, then you can negotiate with the service provider. Otherwise, they might overcharge you for a minor repair.

    • I will never buy another Samsung product. Our 2 year old refrigerator has been repaired over 6 times in the past two months. We hAve spent 900.00 on service warranty, parts etc. so disappointed.

  42. i have a samsung french door twin cooling and the fan is making a noise and yhere seems to be frost on the back wall what can be the cause

    • Hi Ralph

      Ice buildup around the fan is the source of the noise in most cases. You can clear the ice buildup and get rid of the noise with a manual defrost, but only servicing can solve the root of the problem.

      The accumulation of ice on the freezer’s back wall signals a defrost failure. When the defrost mechanism fails, ice and frost build up, restricting circulation through the evaporator coils and limiting effective cooling.

    • I am manually defrosting it today as per the instructions of a Samsung rep on the phone: cut the power by unplugging, or use the breaker since I couldn’t move it out to access the wall plug. Open all doors and drawers and put your stuff in a cooler if needed. Place towels at the front base and wait 3-4 hours. I used the time to clean it. I knew this was coming so I didn’t have a bunch of frozen food.

  43. My Samsung demo lights keep flashing and the refrigerator is not cold, freezing, no ice and not cooling. We spoke with the Samsung tech support but his suggestions did not get my fridge to turn on. Do you have some ideas? Thanks,
    Jim Santos

    • Hi Jim,

      The temperature is too high and things need to cool down, therefore a blinking temperature indicator is attempting to catch your attention. It’s also possible that a door has been left open. A power cycle may be required to resolve any additional blinking lights.

    • Hi Jim,

      The temperature is too high and things need to cool down, therefore a blinking temperature indicator is attempting to catch your attention. It’s also possible that a door has been left open. A power cycle may be required to resolve any additional blinking lights.

  44. I am having problems of water in my crisper drawers and under them. Also the freezer is full of frost / ice in both upper and lower drawere. My ice maker is not attached to a water supply line. This happens weekly.

    • Hi Robert,

      If water is pooling at the bottom of your refrigerator, the defrost tube is the most probable reason. The water is carried all the way down to the drain pan by your defrost tube, where it ultimately evaporates. This tube can get clogged with ice or debris, causing water to back up and spill back into the refrigerator.

  45. Water filter (genuine) not working. Dry inside filter after installation. No signs of moisture inside used filter whatsoever. Side by side Samsung refrigerator.

    • Hi Bud,
      I hope you and your family are doing great today!

      The Samsung refrigerator water filter is intended to remove contaminants from the water. To do this, it uses a carbon filter and ultraviolet light which must be replaced every six months. The problem with this refrigerator is that the UV light does not work and it can’t be fixed by replacing batteries or even the inverter.
      What steps should you take to fix your Samsung refrigerator water filter?
      1) Turn off your appliance and wait for 30 minutes in order to cool down. This will allow condensation to form on the inside of the machine.
      2) Remove any objects that are blocking the unit from working properly – if you’re not sure where these are, check your manuals or contact support for instruction on how to remove them.
      3) Make sure that there is no debris or dirt in the pump.

  46. How can I clean the bottom glass shelf between the glass and frame. I had some meat defrost and the blood got between the glass and frame and I can’t clean it. Help.

    • Hi Karin,

      We are not sure which refrigerator model you have. But to remove the lower shelf for cleaning in the Samsung French Door refrigerators, you can remove the crisper drawers by pulling the shelf out as far as it will go. Then, gently lift it up and gently remove it.

    • Karin,
      I have the exact same problem! I have tried spraying a kitchen cleaner into the “crevices” and letting it soak in hopes that it will breakdown the sticky buildup, so far it hasn’t loosened much. Even in the cleaner areas I am not able to lift enough to even slide in a knife so no way can I “gently lift the glass up and out”!? At this point I’m afraid I’ll break the glass. I see that there are small tabs on the rear corners that hold the glass in so pushing straight up from underneath the glass is not an option either! If anyone has managed to simply “lift it up and out” I’d like to know the trick!!
      For now I guess I’ll keep letting the spray cleaner dribble in….the same way the meat drippings got in?!?

      No more Samsung because I too have the stuck/frozen ice maker problem which of course began a week after the 3 yr warranty ended!! About every 3 weeks I have to get out the hair dryer, steamer, spatulas, a mallet and/or whatever else I can conjure up…then I go to work on that!
      Any suggestions to these issues will be greatly appreciated 🤷‍♀️

      • To remove the bottom glass shelf, using a very small screwdriver, carefully release the clips in the rear corners.
        I’ve done this several times, and each time I have to re-learn how to remove the clips.
        I also have problems with the ice maker. I’ve done all the tricks I have found on the internet, but the problem persists. Rather than the hair dryer method, you can do a force defrost on the ice maker. Hold the lighting, and freezer buttons down at the same time until it beeps. Should take 8-10 seconds.
        Sometimes I’ve had to try a couple times to get it to beep.
        When you hear the beep, press the freezer button until you see FD. This is force defrost. The fridge will chime for about 20 minutes while it’s defrosting. It takes 3-4 defrost cycles to get all the frost. I usually scrape out as much frost as I can after each cycle. For me, it lasts about 2 weeks before it frosts up again. It’s a real pain… I’ll never own another Samsung fridge!

      • those little tabs you see, all you have to o is get a butter knife and flip them up, then the glass removes easily. it works for me

      • I dont know which model you have, but I figured out the solution on my samsung feench door model with water and ice in the door and water filter in center bottom.

        To lift up and remove the bottom glass shelf there are plastic clips on the center thing in the front that you have to push in and then you can remoce the bottom shelf. But, if you just need to clean the glass, thats easy to remove too! There are 2 plastic clips on the back of the shelf, one on each corner of the glass. Use a knife or thin screw driver to pop those clips out. Once they’re out, push the glass shelf up in the back from underneath, then slide the glass back to free the front corners.

    • Hey
      You will need to take out the shelf and use a hose to pressure wash the offending spills. You WILL get wet so a sunny day would be nice.
      I have just done this
      All the best


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