5 Worst Ram Brands to Avoid purchasing – Expert Opinion

Are you searching for a RAM brand? And thinking, are there any ram brands to avoid purchasing?

Our team has reviewed a number of top-selling ram brands on the market to help you choose the right option.

You may hardly find any guide on the worst ram brands to avoid. So, check out our list before buying.

List of 5 Worst Ram Brands To Avoid

Ram Brands to Avoid

We have made a list based on their performance, speed, price, and longevity.

In addition, we read customer reviews and conducted online surveys on the brands mentioned below before making a final list.

The list of ram brands to avoid is as follows.

1. Crucial – Ballistix RGB

The Ballistix RGB is ideal for gamers because it is aimed at the more challenging end of the market for performance enthusiasts.

So, Crucial’s Ballistix RGB series comes in DDR-3600, DDR4-4000, and DDR4-4400 with 16GB (2x8GB) or 32GB (2x16GB).

However, if you need a super-fast speed, then go for the company’s record-breaking DDR4-5100.

But, before rushing to buy this fascinating ram, you must check the negative reviews given by its user.

  • Poor XMP performance
  • No control over RGB
  • Requires fine-tuning to shine
  • Not compatible with MSI motherboards
  • Terrible customer services

2. Patriot – (Viper, Signature, & Mac series)

Patriot is a US brand. They offer good quality rams in the market but little expensive compared to its competitors.

The best thing about this brand is, they give quality customer service and offer attractive warranties. Patriot Viper Elite, Viper RGB, Signature, and Mac sequence are their best products.

However, many users have encountered several issues while using Patriot’s rams. So, you should know these issues before selecting this brand.

The following are the most common complaints.

  • Mediocre flexibility for manual tuning
  • Compatibility issue with Dell
  • Watch out the label switching
  • Constant crashing in games
  • Many customers received the products DOA (dead on arrival)

3. Kingston – Hyperx Fury

Kingston is perfect for all kinds of motherboards. Approximately 95 out of 100 times, Kingston RAM works fine with no compatibility problems.

Also, the RAM failure rate of this brand is lower compared to its competitors with pocket-friendly pricing.

Despite being so reliable, its users have faced several issues while using Kingston Hyperx Fury.

The problems are listed below:

  • No frills cooling kit
  • Runs a little hot
  • Compatibility issues with Dell XPS laptops
  • Mislabeled
  • Defective on arrival


Samsung is famous for its Smartphones and TVs. But the fact is, they are also one of the world’s largest memory module manufacturers.

Samsung, like Micron, also supplies its chipset to many top brands in the market.
However, Samsung’s rams are very simple and do not have the same appeal as other fancy brands.

The following are the drawbacks customers have faced while using Samsung.

  • MacBook PRO compatibility issues
  • Many fake dealers are selling duplicate products
  • Average durability
  • Defective on arrival

5. Corsair – Vengeance LPX

Corsair is a well-known RAM manufacturer that makes high-quality RAM for daily use at an affordable price.

Alongside the top-notch quality of their products, they offer one of the best customer support to their users.

Although the Corsair Vengeance LPX seems to be flawless, a few issues with the product that needs your attention.

  • Faulty memory sticks
  • It is frustrating to get customer support after the warranty has expired
  • No secondary XMP for DDR4
  • Defective on arrival
  • Speed is not as same as advertised

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to have different brands of RAM?

No, it isn’t.
Most laptops and computers have two slots for RAM sticks. So, a misconception prevails that you can’t use different RAM brands and sizes together. However, it is preferable if you use the same maker, but not mandatory

Does the brand matter for RAM?

It makes no difference.
Because the chips used in all RAMs are made by one of three companies (Micron, Samsung, and Hynix). However, the one aspect that genuinely separates all of these brands is their services and customer support.

Is more RAM or faster RAM better?

RAM speed plays a vital role in boosting your system performance, so having more RAM is preferable to having faster RAM.

Final Words

You won’t find many articles describing the ram brands to avoid on the market. The ram brands mentioned above are not completely bad. But some users had terrible experiences after using them.

So, we have prepared this guide to help you avoid products that might get you into trouble.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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