7 Worst Laptop Brands in 2024

Finding the best laptop for professional use has never been easy. It is because today’s market has such a diverse choice of technological brands.

All of the brands are innovative, yet some have fallen short of market expectations.

Indeed, you would prefer to have a perfect laptop model for your personal or office use. So, this is why it is so important to be aware of the worst laptop brands that you should avoid at all costs.

So, never buy a laptop based only on the brand’s name. You could be overpaying for a poor laptop simply because of the name.

The primary consideration when purchasing a laptop is its intended use. For example, if you want a laptop for gaming, its requirements may differ from a regular or office laptop.

Based on customer reviews and surveys, Samsung, MSI, LG, Apple, Gateway, Razer, and Microsoft are among the worst laptop brands to avoid.



Now, let’s walk through the worst brands of laptops.

List of 7 Worst Laptop Brands to Avoid

We looked into laptops thoroughly and compiled a list of the 7 worst laptop brands to avoid on the recommendations of our research team.

BrandMain Reasons to Avoid
SamsungBland design, low battery life, high price
MSILack of technical and customer support, bulky designs, gets hot during use
LGPoor quality mouse pad and keyboard, not good for gaming
AppleLack of innovation, touchpad, and keyboard quality, low specifications
GatewayGets hot, has battery life issues, high priced
RazerGets hot, battery life issues, high priced
MicrosoftLack of versatility, high price range, limitations of connectivity ports

This list will help you choose the best gadget for you and avoid the bad ones.

1. Samsung

You may have seen this brand at the top of the list for mobile phones, but the same cannot be said for laptops.

Samsung laptops cost a lot but come with a few faults worth knowing. Let’s start with the design of Samsung laptops, which is just ordinary.

These laptops also fail when it comes to battery life. It might be the main defect in this brand. Moreover, Samsung laptops are pretty basic in the competition of innovation.

Another flaw of the Samsung laptop is that it does not offer a good warranty. A lot of customers have reported this issue on various customer forums.

So, if you’re buying a laptop from Samsung, best of luck with the company’s aftersales service.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Bland and plain design
  • Rough warranty
  • Low battery life
  • High priced

2. MSI

If you are a fan of E-gaming, you might be aware of this laptop brand.

They have graphics cards that are mainly built for gaming. However, certain drawbacks need your attention before buying. 

MSI laptops have one of the most attractive looks, but most MSI laptops are hefty and large. It might make you feel uneasy when you use it.

Another thing to consider before buying this laptop is its price. Its advanced processors and graphic cards make them versatile, but they do not come under the average price.

Although MSI comes with advanced technology, it has some heating issues that affect its performance. It gets warm during long use.

Another downside of this laptop is its lack of customer and technical support. There is a need to solve some tech issues.

MSI may be a good option for a gaming laptop, but it needs more varieties for selection other than gaming.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Lack of technical and customer support
  • Bulky designs
  • Gets hot during the load
Laptop Brands to Avoid

3. LG

LG laptops are well-known for their lightweight and large-screen displays.

But their Gram series laptops have disappointed its users. This is why we have included LG in our list of the worst laptops.

The Gram series comes with various displays and slim designs, but these laptops are quite pricey. You can look for another decent brand easily in this price range.

The main reason for LG to be on this list is its touchpad and keyboard design, as reviewed by many customers.

The touchpad is not that comfortable. It has palm rejection issues and causes accidental clicks or touches.

The design of the keyboard is also not standard in some laptops. The keys are too small, and the edges of the keyboard have enough space.

Due to this, it has various key issues. Most LG laptops do not have a touch screen. The design is also very plain and simple.

The audio feature is also a point to consider. It does not provide that quality of sound, and you might need to use an external sound source.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Poor quality of mouse pad and keyboard
  • High price range
  • Not good for gaming purposes


You may be thinking we’ve gone insane since we’ve included Apple in our list of the worst laptop models.

But take it easy! Apple has been added to our list as a result of the customer feedback we received in our research.

This brand is famous as the best in technology, but that is not the case for everyone.

Apple laptops are quite expensive, so is it worth paying so much money when there are cheaper alternatives? Check out some issues with the Apple MacBook before buying.

Many MacBooks have USB Type-A ports and don’t have Type-C ports which are more beneficial. Type-C ports can transfer data with more speed and support relatively more amperes of charging.

Another drawback of the MacBook is its limitations in hardware upgrades. This is almost in all Apple laptops.

Some adaptations can be made before buying it, but there is no option for upgrades of memory or processors after that.

Apple still doesn’t consider giving touch screens to its laptops. There is not a single MacBook with a touch screen.

This is not a defect for all users, but a touch screen can be more useful to students or professionals.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Much more expensive than other brands
  • Limitations in hardware upgrades
  • No touch screen

5. Gateway

Acer and Gateway are the same company with different brands.

Gateway has not been much famous in recent years, but now, Acer decided to bring back the laptops of this brand.

Many Gateway computers and laptops are affordable but don’t have extraordinary features.

They process cheap processing and graphics performance. The style is also cheap.

Some of the users also find trouble with the style and place of the touchpad and keyboard.

The touchpad is so sensitive that it moves the cursor while typing. Users also report some keyboard issues.

Gateway might be a good option if you are looking for a mediocre laptop with a low price range.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Lack of innovation
  • Touchpad and keyboard quality
  • Low specifications
Bad Laptop Companies


You might have seen this brand on the list of the best gaming laptops. But it also comes with a few downsides, even for gaming.

The quality and specs of most of Razer’s laptops are great, but their price tags are much higher than their competitors.

It also gets warm during a long performance, and cooling fans sometimes become louder. If you have used MacBook, the color on this screen will not be as vivid.

Moreover, it has battery issues in some laptops that may provide uneasiness in long use.

For example, Razer Blade 17 lasts only for about 3 and a half hours after full charging.

The design is quite simple. Some users also write that it has an old keyboard layout. The space bar is not wide enough, and (the left and right) arrow keys are also much smaller.

This laptop has surely got some good looks, but they will have to improve many major issues like battery timing and heat up.

Main reasons to avoid

  • Gets hot
  • Battery life issue
  • High priced

7. Microsoft

Microsoft is also on the list of worst laptop brands because of its lack of innovations.

There are no major upgrades between models, and most of the laptops have the same design.

They come with only one or two USB ports and no SD card reader. Below-average battery life is also reported in the reviews.

Its price is also not justified by its qualities, and someone may look for other options in the same price range.

Almost all Microsoft laptops don’t have Thunderbolt support. They are also not an option for gaming because many of them don’t have specified Graphic units.

Microsoft launched advanced laptops with ARM processors to boost speed, but there is still a need to meet the market demands. 

Main reasons to avoid

  • Lack of versatility
  • High price range
  • Limitations of connectivity ports

Can a laptop last 10 years?

The lifespan of a laptop depends on the type of use. Laptops with heavier uses tend to have shorter lifespans.

Laptops are usually designed to last a few years at best, but some people think they can last much longer.

A few people even say they can last 10 years or more. But in reality, laptops last for a short period of time, and it is hard to find one that lasts for 10 years.

A recent study by HP showed that laptops last only an average of 3 years before they start to show serious signs of aging compared to 2-3-year-old models.

They also found out how long it takes for the laptop’s life span to shorten from its initial time until it reaches a certain point in which it starts falling apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of laptop is most reliable?

One of the brands of laptops that is most reliable is Lenovo. They are popular in terms of quality, durability, and value for money.

Lenovo has a wide range of laptops to cater to different needs. If you are just looking for something basic, then it might be worth checking out Lenovo ThinkPad T450s or Lenovo ThinkPad T580.

If you are looking for something with a bit more power but still isn’t too expensive, check out the Lenovo ThinkPad P51s or X260.

What is the lifespan of a laptop?

On average, a laptop can last around 4 years. However, the lifespan of a laptop depends on its usage and the environment it is used in.

A laptop in a classroom or library will last longer than one used by an individual on their commute or at work.

Your laptops may die sooner if they are dropped, exposed to liquids, or left in extreme temperatures such as hot and humid weather.

Our Recommendations

As we describe the list of worst laptops, there are some recommendations for the best brands for your convenience.

Note your requirements before purchasing a new device and look for the best option for you in your price range.

  • Dell
  • Hp
  • Toshiba
  • Asus
  • Lenovo

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It is not easy to find the best laptop for your need. You should consider your requirements.

For example, if you are looking for gaming laptops, get a laptop with more specifications of Graphic cards and processors.

Due to the wide range of brands out there in the market, we tried to make it easy for you to choose the best ones and avoid the worst laptop brands.

The requirement may vary from user to user. There are some essential points to be noted before buying your device.

  • Weight of laptop
  • Quality and specifications you are getting with your price
  • Screen size and display
  • Battery lifetime
  • Connectivity, ports
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19 thoughts on “7 Worst Laptop Brands in 2024”

  1. Apple isn’t the worst i mean, but lenovo x1 nano is clearly better. Here are resons.
    Macs: Pricy, but user friendly and easy to use, and quick performance.
    Lenovo x1 nano- super light, has better cooling, more customizable, and cheaper.

  2. Dell is garbage. I use it for my work laptop. Had it replaced not once but three times. My MacBook Pro has lasted 10 years with no problems. Well you get what you pay for! Cheap laptop is garbage. Wish my employer used Mac. Dell can even handle having three screens and the fans are on constantly. I would love to drop this Dell laptop from a 10 story window right in the trash bin. Because that is where it belongs. My daughter has had a Leveno and it was just as much garbage as the Dell. The touch screens are vastly overrated and not needed for a work laptop for office workers. The Dell keyboard is horrible at best. The Leveno is not far behind Dell. The quality of screen display is horrible at best as well. Even for spreadsheets and Word documents. My Dell laptop takes 15 minutes to boot up! Not very productive.

    • I use a Dell at work, and it does just fine, boots up in about 20 – 30 seconds, and has lots of apps on it, etc. I don’t like using a built in mouse pad so I use a bluetooth remote one and it works well for me, but if I even TOUCH the built on one, the computer will surprise me with some unexpected action. I am an electronics service technician and use it in field use daily, does just fine. The wired LAN port on mine is a little easy to unplug compared to earlier versions, but not a major issue.

  3. I have an acer chromebook spin 311 honestly it sa good gray laptop but the paint isn’t that high quality It’s really bad but the trap pad isn’t horrible Just browns usually but the keys are awful They like can pull off really easily and if they get pulled off if they can’t get pulled back on
    my older brother ripped off the spacebar and the bars and i couldnt put it back on
    but over al the gorilla grass and the Dutch screen has been lasting me since December 2021 and I like it i used to have a Samsung laptop and it overall wasn’t the bad laptop it had no touch screen I honestly didn’t care but it was the world’s best laptop I had it was really nice and it honestly lasted pretty well it but ever since the charging port broke it has man not and you since over 300 and 65 days so it’s been over a year since it was used it was a black combo and yeah it’s pretty yeah I don’t like it but it was the last computer I ever had I loved it scrolling on my acer spend 311 is amazing if you go on the trackpad for a short amount of time like you put your hand on it scroll a little bit it will scroll for a amount of time you scroll down to attack that if you score for a really good amount of speed it will show up like an amount of speed on the screen so it’s really really active so I love it

  4. I have the hp pavilion laptop and It’s quite good for gaming and other things but the only problems I experience with the laptop are whenever I turn my laptop on It lags when I open browsers like Google even when I shut it down properly

  5. Sorry but I strongly disagree about dell and will never ever buy or use them again! Years ago my first was great absolutely fantastic it lasted approximately nearly 7 years nothing major went wrong and only had to have the screen repaired for ink bleed twice but other than that that was it! After that gave up the ghost I thought yeah definitely dell again and how wrong I was!! The second 1 the quality was nowhere near as good went wrong within a few days of having it as the screen was getting a weird flash and in the end got to the point where I couldn’t use it and as for dells customer service to say they were unhelpful is a understatement as all they said was it was a troubleshoot error and pictures and videos clearly showed this and all they did was kept going around in circles and throwing me from pillow to post and the only time they FINALLY repaired it was after threatening to take legal advice and report this to the trades ombudsman!! I have doubts as to how well the repair was done as it only lasted 3 years which is atrocious and unacceptable for the price points!! Definitely not easy finding a good brand and welcome to throw away Britain I say nothings what it use to be!

  6. I am typing this today on a 2011 HP Pavilion dv6 which is still going strong. I replaced the battery a year ago but other than that, this laptop has been incredibly good. I am currently looking to upgrade to a new computer, so I’m doing my homework now so that I make the right decision in purchasing.

  7. I have a Fujitsu U904 for the last 7 yrs never broke never crashed. It has one of the first 4K displays before it was known in the US. Very happy with it however Fujitsu stopped producing laptop in the US. My son has two HP’s both broke within a hear. The mouse-pad stopped working on one even after the repair and the other one has a cheap keyboard that broke. Customer service is horrible. Even thou I have a 3yr warranty on items, I cannot talk to customer service as the warranty information is incorrect in their system. HP is you can only play when you pay. My work computers are Dell and standard laptops keep failing of my co-workers. Mine is a 25lb monster Dell laptop custom made, that one works excellent but its a wallet breaker. As a result the type of laptops I can use are very limited. The only agreement I have with the list above is Lenovo. I used to have a Thinkpad 20 yrs ago. It was an excellent computer and its probably the next one I consider buying.

  8. I have had nothing but problems with the last 3 dell laptops I have bought. I will never buy their products again. I am in the middle of the 3rd factory reset in 6 months on a laptop I use to write 500 word posts on. I don’t game, I don’t edit pictures, I write and post. My son’s specifically for gaming laptop…qon’t play games. Both these laptops are barely more than 2 years old.

  9. Dell precision laptop 5500 series is lousy, have got a new laptop less than 8 months it is down for company laptop. Have went to the IT of my company changes 6 laptop but all failed me.

  10. My 2006 Dell is still going strong (after a replacement battery, mind you). I keep it because of its beautiful 15-inch screen. Upgraded to 8 GB RAM and an SSD. Still quite useful. But my 2016 Dell is great too.

  11. Apple deserves top spot on worst list. Their laptops are:
    – pricy
    – worst port choice on a market
    – worst cooling
    – horrible screens with no touch screen or matte display option
    OSX system is great but laptops are horrible. I have MBP 16 and it gets hot when I tried to connect it to external display. I hate it’s glossy display and how hot it gets when I do coding. this is my working machine from company so cannot change it but work from my Lenovo Legion when I can.


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