Acer Laptop Not Turning On [Problem Solved]

Acer is one of the most famous laptop brands, but like other brands, you may also encounter a time when your laptop refused to turn on. What would you do in this situation? Would you take your laptop for repair? If your answer is yes, then stop right there.

If your Acer laptop not turning on, don’t panic. The problem could be complicated, but it may be as simple as a loose cord or a drained battery. Before you take your computer in for expensive repairs, try these troubleshooting steps before going for expensive professional help. 

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Acer Laptop Not Turning On

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Acer Laptop Not Turning On

1. The Power Cord Is Broken or Loose:

When it comes to laptop repair, there is a diagnostic process to recognize the actual problem, which is stopping the laptop from turning on.

Start with the easiest and cheapest repair first, and if that does not resolve the problem go for a more complicated, expensive repair.

The power cable issue might be the cause why your Acer laptop won’t turn on. You can physically examine the power cord for any damage or cuts.

There can also be issues with your power source and cord examination check by inserting the power cord into the different plugs. If that does not help, then move to the next step.

2. Battery or Charger Problem

If your Acer laptops are not turning on or freezing, then it might be possible that the problem is with your battery charger.

There can be static build-up, a bad battery, or a bad-quality charger. To recognize and troubleshoot the problems, follow these steps.

  • Unplug the laptop charger and take out the battery from the laptop.
  • Hold the power button approximately for a minute; this will help to drain any static charge buildup in the laptop. Excessive static buildup can stop your laptop from turning on.
  • After holding for one minute, put the laptop battery back and try to turn your laptop on without connecting it to the charger. If it turns on, it indicates that your laptop’s battery is good and there is some problem with your charger.
  • If your laptop won’t turn on at this stage, repeat the process of static buildup release by taking out the battery and holding the power button for a minute. But this time, after putting back the battery, connect your laptop with a charger and turn your laptop on.
  • If your laptop turns on, this indicates the bad quality of the battery this time. Replace your battery or the charger according to the situation to troubleshoot the problem.

3. RAM Issues

After trying the first two steps, try this step because there can be a possibility that your Acer laptop is turning on but has no display.

If there is a problem with your display, you can see lights on your keyboard and hear the clicking sounds.

This clearly shows that your laptop has turned on, but the screen is black without any display. Follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Turn off your laptop and access RAM in your hard drive by removing the battery first.
  • Remove the screws present at the back of your laptop and take off the bottom case.
  • Test your RAM by removing one of the two RAMs and trying to turn on the laptop.
  • If your laptop turns on, this means there is a problem with your RAM, and you can simply add a new RAM easily on your own. If the laptop does not turn on repeat the process with the other RAM.
  • There is a specific number on your RAM you can buy a new one of the same number.
Acer Laptop Not Turning On - Ram Issue

4. Overheated Laptop

Laptops and their cooling are very important in their proper functioning. Acer laptops turn off when they become overheated.

To control overheating problem of your laptop, monitor the following.

  • Make sure the fan is properly functioning to maintain the ventilation system and cooling of all components. To check this, turn the laptop off and flip it over. When you again turn it on, you can hear the sound of the fan running. If you heard no sound, then it indicates the fan is not working. Replace it with a new one.
  • When you left too many programs running, you are making your laptop overheated. Close all the applications and programs and restart your laptop to cool it down. Wait for a few minutes before running programs again.
  • If your fan is clogged with dust and dirt, clean it thoroughly to restore PC ventilation by a blower. This will increase the overall performance of the laptop and prevents sudden shutdowns.

5. Check HDD State

Your hard drive can be the reason that your Acer laptop is not working. To avoid this problem, you need to check the hard drive’s condition from time to time. 

Here is how you can do it.

  • Start by opening the command prompt and type WMIC, and press ENTER.
  • Now type DISK DRIVE GET STATUS and press ENTER. This will show you hard drive health status.
  • So if your drive has any problem, you would know whether it needs to be replaced or not.

6. Drivers Update

Drivers can also be responsible for your laptop won’t turn on. Update your drivers to resolve the issue.

  • GO to Device Manager and select Display Adapters.
  • Go into Display Adapter and right-click on the primary display adapter. The box will pop up.
  • Select Properties from the box, click Update Driver, and select auto search. Your window will find the best driver updates for you automatically.
  • Check other devices and components that need an update and update them all.
  • Reboot the laptop now, and this will resolve the issue.

Use Warranty

If nothing helps you at home, then you are left with only one option.

You have to send your laptop to a professional for repair.

Check your laptop’s warranty and call Acer service centers to use it.

Professional Repair

If the warranty of your Acer laptop has expired, you have to send it away for repair at your own expense.

Reach out to the professional service with a good rating.


We have explained all the necessary troubleshoot solutions to do for how to fix Acer laptop not turning on issue. Try all the steps mentioned above before taking it for repair.

The most common problems in Acer laptops are that you will face overheating, overheated RAM, overheated HDD, clogged fan, and a broken screen. 

If the problem is not resolved using the above-mentioned steps, it is better to take your laptop to a repair shop.

We hope that your Acer laptop will start after these steps.

Stay with us to know more troubleshooting articles.


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