HP Laptop Won’t Turn On? Problem Solved

Did you just try to turn on your HP laptop, and all you see is just a black screen?

Not turning on the laptop can be a stressful experience because it contains all your essential data, office work, or other essential documents.

Now, are you thinking about going to a professional for its repair? But sometimes, things are not as complicated as they seem. Sometimes, just a little step can bring your HP laptop to functioning again.

If your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On, you can check your power supply, battery, and any damaged part. Attached external devices and faulty hardware can also prevent your laptop from turning on.

You can try a rescue disc and boot system to bring your laptop to life again. 

In this article, we will discuss all the critical laptop repairing steps that might cause not turning on your HP laptop screen.

How to Fix HP Laptop Not Turning On

HP Laptop Won't Turn On

 Just follow the given steps to fix your HP laptop won’t turn on the problem.

  • Check the power supply and battery
  • Detecting screen issues
  • Remove Attached devices
  • Use of rescue disc
  • Booting to safe mode
  • Diagnosing faulty hardware
  • Repair and Replacement of Damaged Parts

1. Check Power Supply and Battery:

A faulty power supply and a defective battery are one of the most common causes of laptop malfunctioning.

  • First of all, make sure that your adapter is the correct one for your laptop and can produce an adequate current and voltage value. An older adapter or some other third-party charger may initiate a defect in your laptop. If your charger is the correct one, then you need to check the fuse present in the plug of your laptop.
  • The next step is to check the wire of the laptop charger. If the insulation of the wires has been broken due to excessive and careless use, then you have to get a new one.
  • Now, to test if there is a problem with the battery of the laptop, then remove its battery and replace it with a functioning one; if now your laptop turns on, it means that the battery you were previously using was defective. So you have to change your laptop battery with a new one.

2. Detecting screen issues:

For checking the screen, you need to disconnect the external devices to avoid their interference with the startup process of the HP laptop.

Then, by turning on the laptop, you can hear the sound of the fan and other operating devices like a hard disc.

If still no image is seen on the screen of laptop, then turn off the room lights and see if there is a faint image on the screen.

The presence of a faint image on the laptop screen in dim or no light indicates a problem with the laptop’s inverter or the brightness button of the laptop’s keyboard.

Investors of laptops are not only costly but are also difficult to replace, and only a professional is able to replace them.

Now, if the laptop boots fine but no image is seen at all, the most likely cause is the faulty LCD panel.

Replacement of the LCD panel is possible, but it is costly and difficult and needs professional help for its repair.

HP Laptop Not Turning On

3. Remove Attached Devices:

If there is no problem with the power supply and screen of your laptop and still it gets stuck before loading windows, the possible cause can be the presence of a USB device or memory card. And it might be left inserted into a USB port or card reader of the laptop.

In this case, most probably, you will see an error message on the laptop screen showing that the operating system has not been found.

If this is the issue, then your laptop will start working normally once you remove the USB or memory card.

Check your DVD drive too; it could be a disc left in the DVD drive, which causes it not to turn on the laptop. Similarly, the removal of DVDs will make your laptop function normally.

4. Use Of Rescue Disc:

If nothing helped you with the problem, try using a rescue disk. A rescue disk fixes the issues of the laptop associated with the windows operating system without launching the windows.

For rescue discs, a windows DVD can be used, or it can be used by downloading it on a USB from any other computer.

Hence, it fixes the problem with the operating system of the laptop. Sometimes it may be a virus causing the problem in your laptop.

For its fixing, the rescue disc will find the problem with scanning tools and eliminate the malware from the laptop.

5. Booting To Safe Mode:

You might not be able to access the laptop windows, but you can still be able to boot into the laptop windows operating system.

For this purpose, you have to press the F8 button on the keyboard, and you will see a menu on the screen having the option of entering into safe mode.

Once you are able to use the laptop in safe mode, you can undo the changes that might have caused your HP laptop to stop.

You can try uninstalling new programs and recent updates. If the user account is corrupted, then you have to create a new user account or install new windows.

6. Booting To Safe Mode:

Incompatible or faulty hardware might be the reason that your laptop is not turning on.

It may be caused due to broken hard drives, which are indicated by hearing a regular clicking or other condition such as the drive spinning up and powering down again and again.

It can be caused if you have installed a new piece of hardware. Removal of the newly installed parts of the laptop might cause your laptop to boot, and your laptop will start functioning again.

The most common reasons for not booting an HP laptop that consists of new parts or a newly built laptop may be;

  • Power leads not attached to the motherboard
  • Components improperly installed
  • The wires of the power buttons are wrongly connected to the motherboard
  • The hard drive was connected to the wrong SATA support

7. Repair and Replacement of Damaged Parts:

After diagnosing the problem from the above steps, fix your HP laptop that won’t turn on.

Besides these, check for damaged RAM, Processor, Video card, or Optical Drive that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Always go to the experts to avoid any further damage to your laptop. Choose high-quality parts and assure them by searching online.

Most old laptop needs repair because their parts have been working for a long time and need to be replaced.

But this is the last step we recommend because the above-mentioned step would resolve up to 70% of your laptop problems. Make sure to check all these before spending money.

Conclusion: HP Laptop Won’t Turn On

To sum up, we have mentioned some of the causes of HP laptops not turning on, but this is not an exhaustive list. We have tried to cover the most common causes.

If your laptop has a minor issue, then you can repair it with the steps mentioned above. But sometimes, there is a more complicated issue that needs to be fixed by a professional.

If you have not tried these steps, we recommend you follow the steps. The step-by-step guide for fixing your laptop will help you to solve the problem. 

And still, if you are unable to turn on your laptop, by all means, the only option left is to replace your laptop.


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