How To Fix The Vizio Remote Not Working? [8 DIY Tips]

Is your Vizio remote not working? Vizio remotes are highly reliable. However, non-responding Vizio remote is quite common. A few unwise steps are responsible for this issue.

Sometimes, improper maintenance can be a reason behind this problem. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the Vizio remote not working.

Pro Tip: Quickly fix your Vizio TV Remote not working by trying the new batteries, power cycling your TV and remote, and checking for any stuck button or key lock. This will help you fix your remote probably 80% of the time.

Vizio Remote Not Working

Vizio Remote Not Working

Now, let us walk you through some useful steps to make sure your remote is working properly.

1. Make sure Nothing is Blocking the Way:

Remove any hindrance from the front of the TV. Most TVs have remote sensors in the bottom of any corner. 

If the sensor is blocked, your remote will not work. Make sure nothing is in the way which is blocking the sensors.

2. Re-insert the Batteries

Sometimes the batteries in the remote can leave their position when the remote may have fallen, or anyone might have wrongly inserted the batteries; your remote will not work.

Try re-inserting the batteries back into the remote by ensuring that positive and negative ends are installed correctly. Check to see if the remote is now working.

If not, the batteries have left their position and must be replaced. If the batteries are still in their position but won’t turn on, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

3. Power Cycle Your Remote

In the world of consumer electronics, there is a troubleshooting term called Power Cycle.

Sometimes, electronic devices become unresponsive and do not work properly; in this case, a power cycle can help you fix the problem.

It is used to drain residual power and add power to the device.

  • First, take out your batteries.
  • Press and hold the power button for one minute, and it will cause an electric discharge. Your remote will get rid of all excess battery power left inside.
  • After the power button, press every single button on the remote several times. This will lose any stuck button on your remote.
  • Put back your batteries and check the remote to see if it’s working or not.
Fixing Vizio TV Remote

4. Power Cycle Your TV

After power cycling your remote, try to power cycle your Vizio TV. Because sometimes, the problem is not in your remote, it can also be your TV.

  • This may troubleshoot and solve the remote not working issue. 
  • First, power off the device with TV buttons on the side.
  • Unplug the power cable from the energy source.
  • To drain any residual power that may be held in the TV, hold down the power button on the side of the TV for 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • Do this step with the device’s button; do not power cycle with the remote.
  • Now plug back the power cable to the power outlet.
  • Turn the TV on and verify that the problem is resolved.

Sometimes, power cycling can also restore Vizio TV WIFI problems.

5. Check Content-Dependent Buttons

If only some buttons of your remote are not working, check if they are content-dependent.

For instance, channel up and down keys, fast forward, rewind, pause, and play buttons are only workable when the TV is connected to the antenna. If you have a cable box, these buttons will stop working.

In case to operate these buttons, you have to use a cable box remote.

6. Try New Batteries

If you have checked any obstacle in the way, all the steps mentioned above and your TV remote are still not working. Then try the new batteries because your remote batteries may be dead.

Vizio remotes use 2AA and 2AAA batteries. But save this step for last; we don’t want you to spend money if the problem can be resolved without getting a new pair.

7. Replace the Remote

If none of those mentioned troubleshooting tips has worked, and it’s not working with any remote, you need to replace it.

If the remote is not under warranty, contact your retailer.

You can return the remote with the receipt to the store for the remote under warranty, and they will replace the remote.

8. Contact Vizio Support

If you have tried all the steps and tricks, but your remote is still not working, you may need a new remote. You can claim a new remote from Support VIZIO if your remote is under warranty.

If your remote warranty has expired, then order a new one from their store or get a new one from a local store if you can find any.

Vizio TV Remote won't work

How to Clean A Remote Control?

A: It is very important to clean your remote because there can be dust and food debris build-up inside of the remote. Follow the following steps.

  • Pop out the remote batteries
  • Disassemble all parts of the remote
  • Wash and clean the keypad
  • Clean the circuit board with a little alcohol
  • Reassemble and testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my Vizio TV remote not working?

The most common problem with remotes is batteries. The steps as mentioned above and if you need to replace batteries, try high-quality 2AAA or rechargeable batteries

Q2: What is wrong with my remote sensor?

Make sure there is nothing in between your remote and the TV sensor. Your TV remote sensor may also have a problem. Verify it by pressing any button on your remote and checking it in your cell phone camera to see if any light blinks when you press the buttons. If you can see the light, your remote sensors are working fine.

Q3: How can I reset my Vizio TV remote?

Go for solution number three from the article.

Q4: How long is the Vizio warranty for the remote?

Vizio offers 3-years warranty from the date of purchase.

Q5: What does this warranty cover?

This warranty is only eligible to the original buyer if the product is from an authorized retailer.


Vizio is an American-based company that produces high-quality TV products.

It is a reliable and good-rated brand and has extraordinary customer support services. Their products are affordable and reliable.

We deliver all the information regarding Vizio remote troubleshooting so you can resolve it yourself next time you face any trouble. We hope you will not need to go for any other article.

Keep reading for more troubleshooting articles.

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