Triangle Tyres Review 2024 – Are These Tires Good?

The Triangle is a Chinese Tyre brand headquartered in Weihai, Shandong, China. The company was established in 1976.

They have been providing supreme Tyres for over 4 decades and have gained much fame in over 180 countries, including the USA, Canada, Russia, Asia, and many other countries.

Moreover, the brand started constructing and selling Tyres in the USA in 2015, establishing its headquarters in North Carolina.

The Triangle Tyres are a cost-saving option if you are looking for Tyres that won’t cost an arm or leg.

In this blog, we’ll be conveying Triangle Tyres Review, benefits, and many other kinds of stuff. Let’s leapfrog into it.

Triangle tyres review

Who Makes Triangle Tyre?

Triangle Tyres themselves manufactures their Tyres for getting traded locally or internationally; they have manufacturing plants in the USA, too.

They are manufactured by top-notch engineers who have proper research criteria about Tyres.

Triangle Tyres are adopting the innovative and latest technology to ensure the driver’s safety.

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Triangle Tyre Warranty

The Triangle Tyres offer a 60-day return warranty; if you aren’t satisfied with the quality, you can simply head to the store and ask them to replace it.

Moreover, a 2-year hazard warranty ensures your Tyre won’t get damaged by rocks, debris, punctures, etc.

Although, it also depends on how you drive. There is a 30k miles warranty on TH201 and 40k miles on TR967 and TR968, respectively.

Why Should You Choose Triangle Tyres?

There are several reasons why you should Triangle Tyres; let’s hear them.


Triangle Tyres are more cost-effective than most premium brands. For affordable price tags, you can get summer, winter, off-road, trailers, trucks, SUVs, and crossover Tyres.

Moreover, the Tyres are produced with high-quality materials for better road performance.

As we mentioned, in the hazard warranty, there is a 100% free Tyre replacement for 1st year and a 50% charge for the following year.


The Triangle Tyres are manufactured with the upgraded rubber compound, which resists rolling friction.

Moreover, the Tyres maintain momentum and traction in dry and wet conditions, providing good braking and stability on these terrains.


The company has established the National Engineering Laboratory for Tyre Design and Manufacturing, which works on these Tyres’ research and development.

Moreover, Triangle brand Tyres are inspected for technology and quality.

In addition, the company has over 100 laboratories in China that test Tyre quality, rolling friction, durability, and more parameters.


The handling performance of these Tyres is splendid. The grooves, shoulder blocks, and sidewalls provide good traction in dry and wet conditions.

Furthermore, the Tyres have symmetrical, asymmetric, directional, and non-directional tread patterns for a confident driving experience in wet and dry conditions.

The Tyres evacuate water, withstanding hydroplaning, thanks to the grooves and tread blocks.

In addition, the Tyres have shoulder blocks for rigidity and produce minimal noise at high speeds.


The Tyres come with multiple warranties, such as a 2-year Hazard and a 60-days replacement warranty.

The brand ensures that the Tyres are durable and have much road longevity.

Moreover, reinforcements such as steel belts, beads, carbon nylon, and advanced silica compounds provide robust durability to the Tyres. 

Trusted Worldwide

The Triangle brand is trusted globally and traded in over 180 countries, including the USA, Asia, and other continents.

Furthermore, the brand also supplies Tyres to over 50 car manufacturers such as Nissan, Suzuki, FAW Car, Yutong Bus, Sinotruk, Zhong Tong Bus, etc.

The brand values integrity, innovation, technology, and diligence, which is why people from around the world install them.

How Have We Tested Triangle Tyres?

We have hand-vetted staff working under our umbrella.

In hindsight, we have tested Triangle Tyres based on parameters such as rolling friction, quality, durability, and performance in road conditions such as dry, wet, and snow.

Triangle Tyres Review

We have picked their finest products for Triangle Tyres Review; as we mentioned, the company has limited Tyre sets for passengers and SUVs.

1. Triangle Advantex SUV TR-259

The Triangle Advantex TR 259 is an ultra-performance summer touring Tyre designed for SUVs and passenger vehicles.

The Tyre has an advanced tread compound to withstand and provide stability in dry and wet conditions.

It is available in 15 to 21 inches rim diameter size, tested at Triangle R&D center, China.

The Tyre has H and Y speed ratings, so you can make a push with these Tyres for more than 130 MPH. In addition, the Tyres are affordable, too.

Moreover, the Tyre has radial construction for better handling performance, durability, and fuel efficiency.

Triangle Advantex SUV TR-259

Dry Road Performance 

I was fond of the Tyre set after reading the reviews on the online market.

Although, as said, we don’t trust the internet rather than our testing. In hindsight, I tested these Tyres for a 100-mile drive on a rough track.

The Tyres are outstanding in dry, rough conditions; the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern with shoulder blocks creates good contact with the road surface.

The Tyre tread pattern is engineered perfectly for robust durability.

In addition, when I pushed the gears up to 100 mph, the Tyre didn’t feel clumsy, which is excellent for a budget Tyre. I would rate it 9/10 for dry conditions.

Wet Road Performance 

The Tyre is also impressive on wet pavements. The tread has advanced silica compounds to maintain good traction in wet conditions.

Moreover, the lateral and circumferential grooves maneuver water away and resist hydroplaning.

Thanks to the above reasons, I didn’t observe any lack of these Tyres in wet conditions.

Snow Road Performance 

The Tyres are not suitable for snow conditions, as they are summer Tyres. Although the Tyre has excellent driving performance in dry and wet conditions.

Although, I won’t recommend it to risk severe snow conditions. You can drive with it in light snow. 

Things we liked:

  • The Tyre provides acoustic comfort in dry road conditions.
  • The Tyres resist hydroplaning.
  • The Tyre performance on wet pavements is impressive.
  • It is built with an adequate tread pattern.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The Tyres aren’t impressive in snow conditions.


The Tyres are impressive at high speeds, which isn’t expected from a budget Tyre. It is an ideal summer Tyre for everyday use. The Tyres easily resist hydroplaning by evacuating water.

The grooves, shoulder blocks, and non-directional tread patterns maintain good traction with the terrains.

2. Triangle SporteX TH201

The Triangle SporteX TH201 is a great summer Tyre for a confident drive in dry and wet conditions.

Moreover, it is the latest addition of Triangle for precise handling and mastering the roads.

The Tyre is designed for SUVs and passenger vehicles with a perfectly engineered asymmetric tread pattern for a superior driving experience.

The Tyre is available in 16 to 22 inches. In addition, Triangle USA provides a 60-day Tyre replacement warranty.

Triangle SporteX TH201

Dry Road Performance 

After driving them for approximately 700 miles, I can say that the Tyres have good traction on the dry road of the highway.

Although, the Tyre isn’t impressive on corners at high speed, which I didn’t expect from this set.

However, the Tyre produces minimal noise at high speeds, thanks to the tread pattern with enhanced pitch sequence.

Wet Road Performance 

The Tyres have average performance in wet conditions. I had tested them on when there was a little drizzling; the Tyre grooves evacuated the water.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with the traction on the wet pavements. I would rate it 6/10 for wet performance.

Snow Road Performance 

The Tyre doesn’t have good performance in winter conditions. They are summer Tyres, so don’t risk them on snow pavements.

Things we liked:

  • The Tyre has an excellent performance in dry road conditions.
  • The Tyre produces minimal noise at high speed.
  • Resist aquaplaning.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The Tyre doesn’t have satisfactory performance in snow conditions.


The Tyres are good overall; they have good performance in dry conditions. Although, they aren’t suitable for snow conditions. The exquisite tread is designed to perform well and produce less noise.

Although, I couldn’t find positive reviews about the wet conditions. In a nutshell, you can find a better set of Tyres than these for everyday use.

3. Triangle AgileX TR292

The Triangle Agilex TR292 is the latest all-terrain Tyre with an M+S rating. The Tyre is suitable for SUVs, 4x4s, and passengers.

The Tyre has an exquisite tread pattern design with excellent footprint distribution.

The Tyre is available in 14-to-20-inch size diameter, with excellent maneuverability on roads. Also, the Tyres have splendid on the off-road dry surfaces, too.

Triangle AgileX TR292

Dry Road Performance 

The dry road performance is excellent, although the company could have worked more on the tread life of these Tyres.

Moreover, I drove on off-road terrains, which were impressive, thanks to the advanced sidewalls, which have higher turn-up – resistance against damage.

You’ll get a blend of control off-road and on-road with an aggressive tread pattern and shoulder blocks, which produce minimal noise at high speeds.

Wet Road Performance 

The Tyres have excellent braking performance on wet pavements.

I was fond of the unique tread pattern with rib circumferential grooves paired with wide shoulder blocks, which improve water dispersion and resist aquaplaning.

I would rate it 8/10 for wet road performance from these sets.

Snow Road Performance 

I wasn’t able to test these Tyres on snow road performance.

However, after reading the reviews on the internet, it indicates the Tyres have average performance on snow roads but won’t be good in critical winter conditions.

Things we liked:

  • The Tyres are good off-road and on-road.
  • The Tyres have a good performance in dry and wet conditions.
  • Resist hydroplaning.
  • Budget-friendly.

Things we didn’t like: – 

  • The tread could be much better.


I liked the Tyre performance overall, although I expected better tread life from these sets.

Although they are inexpensive and have good traction in dry, wet, and even snowy conditions.

In addition, they are excellent in off-road drive, so if you are looking for a cost-effective all-terrain Tyre, I recommend this.

Pros and Cons of Triangle Tyres


  • Excellent dry and wet road performance.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Resist hydroplaning.
  • Impressive gripping and braking on dry pavements


  • Shorter tread life.
  • It’s not suitable for snow.

Are Triangle Tyres good?

The Triangle Tyres are manufactured by the Chinese and are well-known locally and internationally.

They are traded to the USA and other continents. Moreover, if you are looking for high-quality Tyres under a limited budget, Triangle Tyres is a great option.

The Tyres have perfectly engineered treads with lateral and circumferential grooves.

It also has tread and shoulder blocks to improve water channeling and resist aquaplaning. Also, they produce less noise on the highway.

Moreover, the Tyres have positive reviews on the internet. The company produces 27,000,000 units annually while focusing on innovation, quality, and technology.

In addition, the Triangle Tyres are good in many aspects a driver demands. They are an excellent choice for drivers looking for quality and cost-effective options.

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We discussed Triangle Tyres Review and the different performances in dry, wet, and snow conditions.

If you are looking for a sports summer Tyre, Triangle Advantex TR-259 is ideal for a summer drive.

The Tyres have excellent gripping in dry and wet conditions, which is suitable for high-speed purposes.

Moreover, we also mentioned Triangle Agile X TR-292, an all-terrain Tyre with a shorter tread life.

Although, the Tyre has exquisite performance in snow, off-road, and dry conditions.

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