Don’t Waste Your Batter: Avoid 4 Worst Waffle Makers

If you’re like me, you absolutely adore waffles. Their crispiness, their warm fluffiness, and the way they cradle syrup in those perfect little squares.

But let’s face it: not all waffle makers are excellent. For every fantastic waffle machine out there, there’s one that’s just, well, awful, like how not all rice cookers, food processors, or tea kettles are top-tier.

After testing several appliances, we’ve prepared a list of the worst waffle makers. So grab a coffee, and let’s get into it.

4 Worst Waffle Makers

The worst waffle makers to avoid based on consistency and reliability are CORNRUSH 3-in-1, Elite Gourmet EWM-2207, FineMade, and Dyna-Living.

Worst Waffle Makers

1. CORNRUSH 3-in-1 Waffle Maker

The CORNRUSH 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker seemed great with its versatile features. But the reality was different from expectations.

Despite its 750-watt power, the device takes unusually long to heat up and cook, causing extensive wait times for a simple waffle.

The non-pivoting lid makes sandwich pressing uneven, and the hot handle and a lack of an on/off switch raise safety concerns.

Cleaning isn’t straightforward despite its “non-stick” claim, and a persistent plastic smell during operation was off-putting.

The grilling function, too, proved slower than conventional methods.

While the idea of a multi-functional kitchen tool is appealing, the CORNRUSH falls short in its performance and user experience.

2. Elite Gourmet EWM-2207

The Elite Gourmet EWM-2207 seemed like a promising replacement for my old waffle maker. However, it quickly landed on my list of waffle makers to avoid.

Despite its appearance, the device failed to deliver evenly cooked waffles. Parts were over-browned, while others seemed barely touched by heat.

This inconsistency hinted at potential design flaws, perhaps with the positioning of the heating elements or the material of the plates.

Flipping and rotating the waffles became necessary, not a choice, to achieve that sought-after golden hue.

Cleaning was a challenge, requiring unnecessary disassembly and the alarming flaking of the black coating raised quality concerns.

The inconsistent heating between the top and bottom plates only added to the disappointment.

In short, while it is affordable, the Elite Gourmet EWM-2207 might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Bad Waffle Maker

3. FineMade Mini Waffle Maker

Next up, we have the FineMade Mini Waffle Maker. It looked perfect for bite-sized treats, but it quickly proved the worst waffle-making machine in my experience.

To start, the device struggles to achieve the proper temperature. On my first trial, it turned on but barely warmed up, leaving the batter more liquid than cooked.

It’s disheartening, especially when you only crave a crispy waffle bite.

This inconsistency made extracting the mini waffles difficult, often resulting in them either breaking or sticking to the grids.

FineMade’s performance was underwhelming despite its novel concept, making it less than ideal for those seeking a straightforward waffle-making experience.

4. Dyna-Living Bubble Waffle Maker

The Dyna-Living bubble waffle Maker boasts a robust 1400-watt power and a sleek modern design. However, its functionality didn’t match up to its aesthetics.

The most glaring issue was the uneven heating. Despite its stainless steel build, only the top element seemed to work efficiently, causing the lower part to remain lukewarm.

This resulted in waffles burned on top but undercooked below, a far cry from the perfect bubble waffles I had envisioned.

Furthermore, while the product might hint at commercial-grade quality, it’s clear that it’s better suited for occasional home use. It’s akin to some air fryer brands that might look good but fail to deliver.

It is a bad bubble waffle maker to avoid for those considering it for business usage. You might find it lacking both consistency and reliability.

If evenly cooked bubble waffles are what you’re after, you might want to explore other options.

If you want to change other kitchen gadgets, take a look at the worst microwave brands to avoid frustration.


In your quest for the perfect waffle, you deserve equipment that delivers consistently golden and crispy results.

While the allure of fancy features and sleek designs can be tempting, it’s essential to prioritize performance and safety.

From uneven cooking to challenging clean-ups, we’ve highlighted some of the worst waffler makers in the market.

Remember, a great morning starts with a flawless waffle, so choose wisely. Don’t let a subpar machine come between you and your breakfast bliss!

If you still think selecting a good waffle maker is challenging, wait until you dive into the world of toaster ovens.

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