5 Worst Food Processors: Brands You Might Want to Skip

We’ve all been there, standing in the kitchen aisle or scrolling through an online store, trying to choose the perfect food processor for our culinary adventures.

While there are countless quality options, it’s worth noting that not all food processors are created equal.

Some might leave you with more hassle than help!

That’s why I’m here to give you the lowdown on the food processors to avoid. Let’s get started.

Based on personal experience and user feedback, the worst food processors are Davivy, Courant, Sangcon’s, Ovente, and Moss & Stone.

Worst Food Processors

How to Spot Bad Food Processors? 7 Red Flags

Identifying the subpar food processors is crucial, but with so many options, it’s not easy. This is similar to navigating through the market’s maze of electric tea kettles or rice cookers.

Let me share some red flags which will help you identify mediocre appliances.

Material Quality: Cheap, thin plastic components can indicate a lack of durability.

User-Friendliness: If it’s consistently difficult to assemble or disassemble, it might not be user-friendly.

Weak Motor: Check the wattage. Anything below 600 watts might struggle with tougher ingredients.

Lack of Safety Features: A good processor has lock mechanisms and safety shut-offs.

No Warranty: A lack of warranty or short-term warranty can indicate a lack of confidence in product longevity.

Limited Settings: A lack of multiple speed or pulse settings can limit versatility.

Lid Issues: Lids that don’t seal properly can lead to spills and messes.

5 Worst Food Processors to Avoid

Now that we know some of the red flags let’s go into detail about why the abovementioned brands fall short in performance.

Food Processors to avoid

1. Davivy Food Processor

The Davivy Immersion Blender Handheld 6-in-1 combo was met with high expectations. However, it seems the machine fell short in several key areas.

Firstly, users have experienced persistent issues with the grinder feature. Ground ingredients often get lodged in the device’s threading, making disassembly challenging.

Despite meticulous assembly and reassembly, the problem persisted for many.

Furthermore, several units showed power issues straight out of the box.

Some wouldn’t start up, leaving users frustrated. Even those who did power on sometimes failed mid-task.

The capstone to these challenges was the lid mechanism, which appeared to disengage with the simple press of the pulse button.

In short, while the Davivy had the potential to be a kitchen game-changer, its design and functionality flaws left many users disappointed.

2. Courant 12-Cup Food Processor

When I bought the Courant 12-Cup Food Processor, with its powerful 800-watt label and stainless steel design, I genuinely thought it would answer my kitchen needs. But using it? A different story unfolded.

Blending basic items like bananas resulted in uneven chunks, seemingly due to the blade’s high placement.

The assembly process felt more complicated than necessary, leading to extended cleanup times.

Additionally, the machine was noticeably loud during operation. I faced a particular design challenge with the lid; despite several attempts, it just wouldn’t lock into place.

Though it has an attractive exterior, its functionality makes it one of the worst food choppers you should avoid.

3. Sangcon’s 5 in 1 Blender and Food Processor

This appliance has a range of functionalities in one compact device. But in my experience, it ranks as one of the least reliable blenders and food processors I’ve used.

Using the food chopper, I quickly realized its limited capacity. The appliance made making breadcrumbs tedious, limited to one slice at a time, with crumbs often escaping due to a less-than-snug lid fit.

My enthusiasm dwindled further when I tried the juicer. On just the second use, the blade ceased to spin.

And even with a replacement, the filter unexpectedly cracked, leading to spillage.

Blending wasn’t smooth either. The blade often got stuck, and the thin-walled container felt fragile.

Moreover, the lid lacked a secure seal, making blending more of a cleanup chore than it should be.

While the grinder and some accessories provided value, I was looking for a more robust and reliable kitchen ally overall.

Bad Food Processor

4. Ovente Mini Electric Food Processor

Further continuing my quest for the perfect kitchen aid, I tried the Ovente Mini Electric Food Processor, hoping for a compact and efficient kitchen tool.

The first thing I noticed was the plastic cup’s thin construction, which raised concerns about its durability.

When I attempted to slice salame, the processor responded briefly and stopped working.

Despite checking and trying different configurations and attachments, it remained unresponsive.

Other uses didn’t fare much better. Regarding cheese shredding, the device stopped working after minimal use.

The performance was inconsistent, often failing at tasks I would expect any reliable food processor to handle easily.

Based on my experience, the Ovente processor lacks the reliability desired in a kitchen appliance.

Although its multifunctionality is appealing, its actual performance falls short. I would recommend avoiding this bad food processor.

5. Moss & Stone

The Moss & Stone Food Processor, boasting an 8-cup capacity and 500 Watts power, promises efficient kitchen assistance.

However, several users have noted challenges with its design and functionality.

Aligning the container to the base has been a recurring issue, with the instructions providing minimal clarity on proper assembly.

There seem to be discrepancies in manufacturing, as some units appear to have assembly anomalies.

Regarding its build, the quality of the plastic has been a concern. Instances of chipping and cracks, even under regular use, hint at potential durability issues.

Fundamental challenges, such as the bowl’s difficulty in locking onto the base, further reduce its usability.


Choosing the right food processor can elevate your culinary journey, ensuring both efficiency and delight in your cooking endeavors.

In this journey, you will encounter the best and the worst food processors.

While many processors might dazzle with sleek designs and grand promises, the true test lies in performance and durability.

Reflect on the experiences of others and the common pitfalls associated with certain brands.

Your culinary endeavors deserve the very best, so steer clear of those models that might hinder rather than help.

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