Haier Washing Machine Review 2024 – Is It Good?

There will come a time when your old washer cannot wash your stained clothes properly. And you have to welcome a new member to your home appliances.

But before buying, you should properly research the product to avoid purchasing any product that is not worthy.

Finding a new washing machine can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry. I’m here to help you.

In today’s Haier washing machine review, I’ll tell you all about their good points, not-so-good points, and the best models they have.

Haier washing machines offer innovative features, budget-friendly options, and diverse models. However, some models have spinning and build quality issues.


Haier Washing Machine Review

Haier has been a globally renowned Chinese-based electronic manufacturer since 1984.

Their washing machines have successfully overtaken the market in many countries over the last few years.

This company manufactures many washing machines, including top load, front load, semi-automatic and manual machines. The washers they offer have different capacities and features.

Their washing machines have different efficient wash cycles with smart control technology.

They produce noise-free, energy-efficient washers using direct motor drive technology, which helps increase the quality and life span of the product.

Haier washing machines also have other smart features like delay technology, child lock, anti-bacterial technology, temperature control, Steam Plus, etc.

For comparison, while Haier offers a range of smart control technologies, other brands, such as Bosch washers, also have their own set of advanced features worth considering.

They come in dazzling and unique designs and have the best affordable price range for every user.

Besides the outstanding features of their machines, they sometimes encounter complaints, especially related to their spinner, from time to time. 

The Haier washing machines can be divided into two types based on design.

  • Top Loads
  • Front Loads

We will go through each type to give you a clear understanding of the product. This information will help you choose the right model for your home.

However, there are also other brands like Midea washers and Whirlpool washing machines that you might want to consider.

Haier Top Load Washing Machines

Haier Top-loaders are gentle and easy both for your pocket and clothes. They offer a wide range of top loaders to choose from.

The capacities of the washers mostly range from 6 to 12 kgs. Their top-loaders are energy efficient and water economical. They are best known for their efficient laundry properties.

The top loaders have specialized fabric care wash programs with hygiene cycles. They also have a delicate option for your precious garments to wash gently.

We will give you some recommendations for the best models from the top loaders.

ModelCapacityKey FeaturesDrawbacks
Haier Top Load HWM70-1269S57 kg– Stainless steel pillow drum – Quick wash technology – Anti-bacterial pulsator– No direct-drive motor technology
Haier Submarine Series HWM200-M1990DD20 kg– Soft-touch control panel – Pillow drum for gentle washing – DD inverter technology– More expensive than other top loads
Haier Top Load HWM140-826S514 kg– Tempered glass top lid – Auto-restart feature – Anti-bacterial technology– Less Energy Star rated

1. Haier Top Load HWM70-1269S5 Review

This Haier Top load has a washing capacity of 7 kg. It has a stainless steel pillow drum with a dryer.

If you are in a hurry, don’t panic because this washing machine is equipped with quick wash technology, which allows you to wash clean clothes in a few minutes.

It is a fully automatic washer with 8 different washing cycles depending on your needs. The anti-bacterial pulsator sanitizes clean clothes by killing 99.9% of germs.

Haier has also installed an LED inside the drum, which helps you look better inside the washer. It consumes 390 volts of power.

Haier Top Load HWM70-1269S5

Drawback: It does not have direct-drive motor technology.

2. Haier Submarine Series HWM200-M1990DD Review

Haier’s top-load fully automatic submarine series has a 20kg washing capacity, which is ideal for large families.

It is beautifully designed with a soft-touch control panel. The pillow drum of this washer ensures gentle washing and causes less friction between them.

The DD inverter technology gives a noise-free washing environment with efficient energy use.

It comes with a 5 to 10-year warranty on its DD motor and a 2-year general warranty.

This model also presents features like rare control, air drying, tempered glass lid, soft closing, and a dispenser.

Haier Submarine Series HWM200-M1990DD

Drawback: It is more expensive than other top loads.

3. Haier Top Load HWM140-826S5 Review

Haier never disappoints when it comes to the washing experience. This top-load series of Haier has a 14 kg wash capacity and a beautiful design.

A tempered glass top lid is present, which can bear up to 100 kg of pressure. A closing door is installed to save your fingers from the sudden closing of the door.

Like other top-load washers, the pillow drum is used in a stainless steel drum to prevent clothes from being damaged.

The Haier top load series Auto-restart feature allows you to resume the washing cycle automatically in case of any power cuts.

Also, anti-bacterial technology helps your allergic patients have germs-free clothes.

A 6-year warranty on the motor keeps your machine new in case of any complaint. Other features are a bleach and detergent dispenser, safety lock, and delay feature.

Haier Top Load HWM140-826S5

Drawback: Less Energy star-rated

Haier Front Load Washing Machines

Haier Top load washers are amongst the best and most highly rated washers. They are highly affordable and equipped with the latest technology features.

They have different capacities and washing cycles with Steam Plus and other features.

Haier washers are equipped with powerful spinners with different rpm in each model.

Almost every model has anti-bacterial technology for your health and clothes.

ModelCapacityKey FeaturesDrawbacks
Haier Front Load HWM75-12797.5 kg– 11 easy wash cycles – Anti-bacterial technology – Delayed start function– Loud spinner
Haier Front Load HWF75DW1– Wave drum design – Direct drive motor technology – 16 wash cycles– No quick wash – Loud spinner
Haier Front Load HWF12D1W112 kg– Steam wash feature – 1400 rpm spinner – Child lock and temperature control– Quality and manufacturing complaints

1. Haier Front Load HWM75-1279 Review

This multi-functional front load model has a 7.5kg capacity and 11 easy wash cycles.

A combined stainless steel and inner drum design delivers a powerful cleaning performance with gentle care.

A dispenser drawer for softener, bleach, and detergent is present. Anti-bacterial technology reduces the build-up of bacteria in your clothes.

The LED indicator light is present in the control panel for easy access and choice of control options. You can control temperature and speed according to your needs.

This Haier washer also has a delayed start function. It is 3.5 energy star rated, and the water consumption rate is 4.5. The rpm of the washer is 1200, and its capacity is 7.5kg.

The door opens at 175 degrees, and you can easily load and unload the clothes. An anti-flood feature is also installed in case of any hose malfunction. The energy consumption is 334kwh.

Haier Front Load HWM75-1279

Drawback: The spinner is loud.                  

2. Haier Front Load HWF75DW1 Review

Like other Haier front loads, this Haier model is also one of the best front load washers.

Wave drum design and anti-bacterial features both give your clothes a gentle and hassle-free finish.

Direct drive motor technology saves you money by efficiently using power. It has 16 wash cycles with 1200 rpm.

Other features in this model are the ABT door seal, dispensers, temperature and motion control, delay time, and child lock.

Haier’s front load has 4 energy stars and a 4.5 water consumption rating. This design is perfect for small families.

Haier Front Load HWF75DW1

Drawback: No quick wash, and the spinner is loud

3. Haier Front Load HWF12D1W1 Review

This marvelous Haier model is capable of 12 kg capacity, which is ideal for small to big families.

The steam wash feature and washing cycles leave your clothes soft, wrinkle-free, and easy to press. A powerful spinner of 1400 rpm is present to dry the clothes quickly.

Other features include a child lock, heat protection door cover, temperature and speed control options, balance correction, and touch control display.

4.5 Energy Star and water consumption rating make it a perfect choice.

Haier Front Load HWF12D1W1

Drawback: Customers have complaints about the quality and manufacturing of the product.

Is Haier Washing Machine Good?

Is Haier Washing Machine Good

Haier washing machines are recognized for their innovation, efficiency, and value, offering a variety of models to suit different household needs.

They provide both performance and hygiene with features like direct drive motors, steam wash, and anti-bacterial technology.

However, some models have reported issues with spinner reliability and build quality.

Despite these concerns, Haier machines offer a good balance of features and affordability for those in the market for a new washer. Thus making them a viable option, provided buyers carefully consider these potential drawbacks.


Haier washers are now successfully competing with other top brands available in the market. They are best, budget-friendly, and fit for every household.

Their features are best for your family’s precious clothes. Haier washers and dryers range is powerful and gives a warranty on motors and machinery parts.

Besides all the features claimed by Haier, they sometimes face complaints from their customers.

These complaints are mostly related to spinners and product quality, so carefully select the right model by reading the other customers’ specs, features, and reviews.

As with all appliances, while Haier has its strengths and weaknesses, it’s essential to consider alternatives such as Samsung washing machines or LG washers.

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