Colab Dry Shampoo Review

Colab Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoos have suddenly become a staple in haircare routines because they help your hair feel clean without constant shampooing.

Colab dry shampoo also became pretty popular in 2021 when dry shampoos were all the hype. 

Everyone has tried this shampoo by now, but if you haven’t tried it yet, wait until you read this review.

We will do a complete detail of this dry shampoo and give you a sneak peek of its ingredients in our Colab dry shampoo review

Let’s get started.

What is Colab Dry Shampoo 

Colab dry shampoo obviously is a dry shampoo that claims it makes you feel cleaner for a long time.

It is suitable for almost all hair types, and it does not weigh your hair down. The formula of this shampoo is almost invisible, and it is made specifically to make your hair feel clean. 

This shampoo has also won multiple awards as it works on almost all hair textures.

If you don’t feel like washing your hair, you could just sprinkle this dry shampoo on your hair.

And, it will absorb the excess oil from the scalp and make your hair look less greasy.

The formula of this dry shampoo is pretty lightweight too. It also leaves your hair feeling scented and fresh, and it is completely vegan. 

Most people have this problem of dry shampoos leaving a weird white residue. But, Colab dry shampoo does not leave any residue too. Moreover, it is cruelty-free and works for literally everyone. 

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Colab Dry Shampoo Review

This shampoo has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, which is not too bad. In fact, it is pretty good considering the fact that people with different hairstyles and hair problems would be using it.

People who have tried this shampoo particularly loved its scent. 

Users also reported that this dry shampoo gives body to their hair and does not leave any residue.

According to some users, the shampoo is also very easy to use, and its smell is not overwhelming.

People who have been using this shampoo for a while now claim that it also gets rid of oily hair. 

Though some users were not happy with the packaging, the dry shampoo’s nozzle had an issue.

But, all-in-all, most reviews about this product are really positive, and the people seem to be pretty satisfied with it. 


  • Removes the oiliness from hair 
  • It makes the hair look clean 
  • This shampoo does not leave a white residue 
  • It has a light and sweet fragrance 


  • The spray nozzle on the shampoo’s bottle does not function properly 
  • You need a lot of products in one application 

Colab Dry Shampoo Ingredients 

Ingredients are the building block of any product, and when it comes to Colab dry shampoo, it does not have a very long list of them.

So, we are just jumping right into it:

Good Ingredients 

There are plenty of good ingredients in the Colab dry shampoo so let’s just check those great ingredients out: 

1. Alcohol Denat 

The purpose of dry shampoo is mainly to get rid of grease and excessive moisture from your hair. That is exactly what alcohol denat does.

The presence of this ingredient in Colab shampoo tells us that it is great at getting rid of grease. 

2. Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate

This ingredient helps with oil absorption, and not only is this great for hair, but it is also safe to use.

It is non-irritant so that you won’t have a negative reaction, and it is added to the Colab dry shampoo, which is just perfect. 

3. Citronellol

Citronellol helps a lot if you want your scalp to look clean. It not only helps get rid of excess oil but also makes your scalp seem healthy.

Overall, it is a safe ingredient and is not considered toxic if used properly. Citronellol is also added to the Colab dry shampoo, which increases its credibility for sure. 

4. Limonene

Limonene has some pretty great anti-inflammatory properties, and when applied to the scalp, it can help with irritation.

Also, it is used as a fragrance in different hair products, so; it is the perfect way to make a scented product without triggering allergies. 


This ingredient is well-known for sebum control in your hair, and it balances everything out in your scalp.

The geraniol oil also helps with hair growth, and it is a pretty safe ingredient to add to dry shampoo.

Geraniol also plays a key role in Colab dry shampoo, as it helps control the grease. 

Harmful Ingredients 

Certain ingredients could cause irritation in your scalp, and you must know about those. So, let’s get right into it: 

1. Hexyl Cinnamal

This ingredient is mainly used as a fragrance in hair products.

Even though it is considered a low hazard, it can still irritate people with sensitive scalps. If you use it excessively, it can also cause some toxicity. 

2. Hydroxycitronellal

Hydroxycitronellal too is a product used for fragrance, and the amount of perfume ingredients added in Colab dry shampoo is alarming.

This ingredient is a potential sensitizer for your scalp, and it can cause itchiness and red bumps along with irritation. 

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FAQs About Colab Dry Shampoo

Q.1: Is Colab dry shampoo worth it? 

Yes, besides a few irritating ingredients, this shampoo serves its purpose and does what it says.

It reduces the greasiness from your scalp, and it does not leave a white residue either. So, Colab dry shampoo is definitely worth it. 

Q.2: Can I use Colab dry shampoo daily? 

No, you are not supposed to use any dry shampoo daily because it will end up causing a buildup in your hair. Also, it is important that you wash your hair once in a while for a deep cleanse because dry shampoos cannot do everything. 

Q.3: Is colab dry shampoo vegan?

Yes, Colab dry shampoo is vegan and cruelty-free. It also does not contain any ingredients that could harm your hair, like sulfates or parabens. 


Lastly, Colab dry shampoo is an absolute treat for your hair on the days when you don’t plan on shampooing them.

It does not cause a lot of buildups and does not leave any white cast either, so it pretty much is a decent choice.

Other than some mild irritants, this shampoo does not contain strong toxins either, so it is completely safe to use, and people with almost all hair types could use it. So, give it a go.

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