20 Types of Ovens You Should Know (Before Buying)


There can be many questions about the oven, what the different kinds of ovens are, and which one is right to buy.

Well, ovens come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles, such as Conventional, Convection, microwave, electric, heat and steam are just some of the different types of ovens available on the market. 

Let’s have a look at every type so you can decide which oven is best for your kitchen.

Basic Types of Ovens

  1. Conventional Oven
  2. Convection Oven
  3. Microwave Oven
  4. Microwave cum Convection Oven
  5. Toaster Grill Oven
  6. Masonry Oven
  7. Reflector Oven
  8. Wood-fired Oven

Types of Ovens based on the heat source, styles, and features

9. Electric Oven
10. Gas Oven
11. Steam Oven
12. Combination Oven
13. Wall-mounted Oven
14. Under Bench Oven
15. Freestanding Oven
16. Table Top Oven
17. Slide-in Oven
18. Drop-in Oven
19. Self Cleaning Oven
20. Smart Oven

Let’s get into the detail about each oven for better understanding.

Basic Types of Ovens

Ovens are used for cooking food in a controlled and enclosed environment. This heated space can be used for baking, broiling, roasting, or grilling.

Depending on the type of oven we use, the temperature inside can be increased or decreased in order to cook food with precision.

When you’re baking or cooking, it’s important to choose the right oven for the job.

1. Conventional Oven

Conventional Oven

The difference between conventional and convection ovens is the direction of the heat source. The heat source in conventional ovens is focused primarily at the bottom of the oven that radiates upward to the rest, heating up your entire oven cavity.  

Drawback of Conventional Ovens: 

The problem with conventional ovens is that hot air rises and the upper half of the oven will remain warmer than the lower half of the oven. So the food on the upper rack will cook faster than the lower one.

2. Convection Oven

Convection Oven

These kinds of ovens are most often used; they use hot air for cooking food by circulating it around the food using fans. These fans help in quicker cooking and equalize the temperature.

But it needs more time to heat up than other kinds of ovens, and you need to ensure that there is sufficient space for food to cook properly.

Drawback of Convection Oven

If you do not know your recipe’s exact temperature, you can burn your food because these ovens have a high temperature. They are more expensive than other ovens.

3. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Microwave cook food with good uniformity and without any external heat with the help of electromagnetic radiations. The power delivered by the vacuum tubes enables quick heating, making microwaves so popular.

 A microwave contains three main components: 

  • A vacuum tube that creates the energy needed to heat food.
  • A waveguide directs that energy to the food.
  • A chamber that holds the food while securely containing microwave radiations.

Drawback of Microwave Oven

Despite its advantages, many people are worried about health hazards caused due to electromagnetic radiation from microwave ovens.

Microwave-cooked food is safe to use as radiations leave the food once the oven is switched off. But make sure to use high-grade plastic that does not release chemicals into food while cooking.

4. Microwave Cum Convection Oven

A convection microwave is one of the best inventions for kitchens. It has features of both microwave and convection ovens. They produce extra heat, and fans regulate, and spread them evenly in the chamber, which results in fast cooking.

In solo or regular microwave ovens, there are limitations on what you can cook, but Convention microwave ovens allow cooking, heating, baking and grilling.

Drawback of Microwave Cum Convection Oven

They are more expensive than regular microwaves that are solo or grilled.

5. Toaster Grill Oven

Toaster Grill Oven, commonly known as OTG, is the best recommended for baking, cooking and heating. They give you the best texture and protect your food’s taste and juiciness.

But like a convection oven, you should monitor and set the temperature properly to avoid any food burn. They also have fans, but they are tricky to use.

Drawback of Toaster Grill Oven

Toaster grill oven takes 15 to 20 minutes for preheating, which is more than convection ovens that only take 5 min. OTG often heat up to a higher temperature than indicated on the knob.

6. Masonry Oven

Masonry Oven

A masonry oven, often called as a brick or stone oven, is built out of a baking chamber composed of fireproof bricks, concrete, clay, or stone.

It is a traditional oven that uses wood or coal as fuel to generate heat. In the latest masonry ovens, you can use natural gas and even electricity.

They are mainly used for baking bread and pizzas because of the taste it develops in your food. These ovens are very popular among bakeries as well as restaurants featuring pizzas and baked items.

The masonry oven works by retaining and radiating heat from a fire, which can be created within the oven or in a firebox that vents into it. Smoke is vented through the oven front and moved outside through the chimney.

Drawback of Masonry Oven

A person is constantly required as it is a manually operated oven. They are heavy and require a large amount of fuel if you are using wood or coal. They must be air-tight for their proper functioning.

7. Reflector Oven

The reflector oven is famous for its design and portability. They are popular in demand for camping and outdoor plans.

It works by taking heat and reflecting it from the top and the bottom off of the fire to be able to create an oven. It is also one of the traditional ovens that were used from centuries before conventional convection or microwave ovens were invented.

Reflector ovens are light weighed ovens made up of metal sheets and can easily be carried and used around the campfire.

Drawback of Reflector Oven

Although these campsite baking ovens are light weighed and less expensive, they are very vulnerable. They need a lot of care while handling and can tear and damage over time.

Due to its wide-opening side, your food can slip out, so you need to be very careful with your food.

8. Wood-fired Oven

They are just like masonry ovens, but they only use wood and coal instead of electricity or natural gas, unlike modern masonry.

It consists of a dome that efficiently store and release retained heat in the oven. It also has a chimney for the exhaustion of smoke. These ovens are made up of bricks or refractory concrete.

They are also called black ovens because it works with an active fire. The smoke produced from this fire will leave a layer of soot over the dome, and that’s how they started called black ovens. They are also used mainly for baking pizzas.

Drawback of Wood-fired Oven

It takes much longer than any conventional or convection oven to cook food. You have to wait for preheating that takes almost 2 hours.

Types Of Ovens Based On Heat Source, Styles, And Features

Other than the basic types of ovens, you can also categorize the ovens on the basis of their styles, designs, heat source, and features. Some Selected ovens are listed below in detail.

9. Electric Oven

Electric Oven

The electric oven has a very dry heat, allowing food to cook a bit faster. They have more features than gas ovens, like enhanced convection features. Electric ovens are less expensive than gas ovens. Electric ovens are simple to install in just about any kitchen, deliver reliable dry heat and are ideal for baking.

Electric ovens have several basic components:

  • The control board
  • Temperature sensor
  • The broil element
  • The bake element.

The control board controls all features and controls the power of the oven. Broil setting browns the top of the food.

A fan is also used to circulate air around the oven, which helps cook food more evenly. They have resistors that use electricity and convert it into heat.

Drawback of Electric Oven

Food can be burned due to uneven temperature distribution. It takes more time to preheat the oven than gas or steam oven.

10. Gas Oven

Gas ovens have moisture heat as compared to electric dry heat. Gas oven claims to provide instant heat that tends to be more humid than electric ovens, making them a good choice for preparing juicy food. Some ovens can also run on LPG.

It consists of three basic components; the controller, the igniter, and the oven safety valve. The control sends volts to alternating current to the igniter, which then allows gas to the oven. This type of oven is mostly used for grilling and cooking.

Drawback of Gas Oven:  

Gas ovens have to be built into a range or in a proper application in the wall. The risk of gas leakage is present if there is any defective knob.

11. Steam Oven

Steam Oven

Steam is another option while cooking with an oven. You won’t need to waste your food in as much oil or butter to keep it from drying, resulting in healthy and delicious meals.

Steam oven foods taste so fresh and flavorful. It cooks more efficiently and quickly.

Steam ovens have a water container and a boiler that creates steam that cooks food. Food cooked in these ovens is healthier than other ovens. It is great for cooking fish because it preserves moisture.

Drawback of Steam Oven:  

Steam is not the best method for browning food if you want to keep your baking crisp. It is recommended to go for a combination steam oven that also provides electric heat.

12. Combination Oven

Combination ovens are a popular choice of modern kitchens. They can perform several cooking functions and save your time in the kitchen. A combination oven is a single appliance with the combined functions of an oven and a microwave.

 Many buyers prefer these because they offer numerous conveniences, such as being able to roast or bake and heat up food at the same time.

The drawback of Combination Oven:  

They are expensive and need frequent cleaning. Combination ovens are not suitable for foods that need browning.

These ovens cover a lot of space; hence, they are not recommended for a small kitchen area.

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13. Wall-mounted Oven

Many modern kitchens have wall-mounted ovens with many features. These ovens are available in stainless steel and platinum glass material. Many ovens have a smart system and LCD control panel to elevate the look of your kitchen.

The magic of the energy-efficient wall-mounted ovens lies in their configuration. They are specially designed to fit into walls, thus saving space and making your kitchen look even better than before.

The interesting part about these ovens is that the installation process doesn`t take up much time or money.

Drawback of Wall-mounted Oven:  

You can face trouble in bulk cooking. They have limited layouts, and short heightened family members can face trouble in reaching it. They don’t have a cooktop.

14. Under-Bench Oven

The next time you want to get dinner on your dining, don’t have time to cook, or want to try a new way to serve your family’s favorite meals, take a look at this under-bench oven.

It fits underneath any kitchen counter and can be easily accessed from inside your refrigerator or cupboard.

With its optional accessories, it also allows you to steam-cook dishes while they’re still in their original packaging.

Drawback of Under-Bench Oven:  

They are expensive and require installation by professionals.

15. Freestanding Oven

Freestanding Oven

Free-standing ovens are popular and are easy to find for a good reason. If you have the proper connections and outlets, they may be placed anywhere in the kitchen and are easy to relocate.

They are less expensive than wall ovens. They usually include a cooktop. They are easy to repair and commonly used nowadays in modern kitchens.

Drawback of Freestanding Oven:  

They are difficult to clean and require more bending while cooking. They look less classy than the wall-mounted ovens.

16. Table Top Oven 

Whether you are making delicious pizzas, cookies or tasty toasts, a tabletop oven is the best idea. They cook food quicker and spread heat evenly.

The main advantage of a tabletop oven is that it is affordable. They do not require any installation, and if you have a small family or you live alone, then this oven is the best choice for you.

Drawback of Table Top Oven:  

They have less capacity. They are not meant to be placed inside the cabinet, so they cover space on your kitchen shelves. They are not durable and need to be replaced after a few years.

17. Slide-in Oven

A slide-in oven is designed to slide into your cabinet area well. One of the main benefits of a slide-in oven is the easy access control panel.

You can easily change temperature settings. They feature a cooktop and are intended to have a tiny overlap on either side of the countertop, resulting in a smooth transition from counter to oven top.

This creates a built-in custom look. These ovens have a drawer under the oven for the placement of pots and pans.

Drawback of Slide-in Oven:  

Slide-in ovens are expensive and require proper installation.

18. Drop-in Oven

The most commonly used wall oven style is a drop-in, which fits into a cutout in the countertop.

This type can be installed by a homeowner who has basic carpentry skills, with the help of an electrician or plumber for some electrical connections and gas lines. They are not so popular among users.

Drawback of Drop-in Oven:  

Like slide-in ovens, they do not have a drawer for pots and pans. You cannot find them easily because fewer brands made this oven type.

19. Self Cleaning Oven

A self-cleaning oven is a type of oven that makes your cleaning process easy and fast. When the oven self-cleans, it heats up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, burning away any food or oil residue within the oven.

The oven door remains locked during the process for protection purposes. When it cools downs, you can easily wipe away all the contamination.

It may have two different cleaning modes, i.e., steam cleaning and detail cleaning.

Drawback of Self Cleaning Oven:  

Self-cleaning mode results in an unpleasant odor. Smoke is also common if your oven has sugary residues.

20. Smart Oven

Now, Ovens have become smart too. Yes! That’s right. Smart ovens come with Wi-Fi and other cool features. They can cook in different modes depending on the brand you are going to buy.

They cook faster and evenly with built-in recipes and temperatures. You can set a timer and preheat the oven from your smartphone.

Drawback of Smart Oven:  

Smart ovens are heavy on the pocket and get software malfunction.

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Top 5 Oven Brands

Each brand is famous for its unique and best ovens, but here we are shortlisting the top 5 brands with high quality and top-rated ovens.

1. General Electronics [GE]

Until 2016, GE Company was owned by General Electronics, but now Haier is a 90% shareholder of this company.

It is one of the best home appliances manufacturing companies. GE ovens are reliable and have the least customer complaints. They are best known for their affordable and energy-efficient ovens.

GE has a wide range of ovens, including wall-mounted, freestanding, electric, microwave, and many more. Below is our best pick of the oven from the GE brand.

GE JB655YKFS Convection Oven


  • Freestanding Convection Oven
  • Dual burners and affordable
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Large capacity of 5.3 cubic feet
  • Delay bake function

Convection ovens are a great way to cook food quickly without having to worry about burning it.

The GE JB655YKFS convection oven is one of the best, and it’s easy to install too. The self-cleaning feature is quite handy, and the large capacity means you can cook a lot of food at once.

This model comes with dual burners that are easy to control and have a wide range of temperature settings, so you can choose the right level of heat for your dish.

These burners also allow you to control the heat from each burner individually, so you can use them as needed.

For those who want to make their own meals, this convection oven has a built-in timer that can delay the cooking process for up to 3 hours. This feature is very convenient if you don’t want to be bothered while cooking.

The GE JB655YKFS convection oven is great for families, and it’s easy to clean too. Simply wash it in water and dry it off with a towel. You can also use non-stick pans, which are dishwasher safe.

Overall, this convection oven is a good choice for those who want a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use product. It can make cooking easier and more convenient for everyone.

Reason to avoid: Controls are at the back and unlike cooktop design.

2. Samsung Electronics

Samsung has been a reputable and trustworthy brand famous among customers for many years. Samsung offers ovens with smart technology features and sleek designs. Here is our pick.

Samsung NE58F9710WS


  • Gas oven with electric cooktop
  • Flex duo oven and removable divider
  • Large 5.8 cubic feet capacity
  • Five heating systems and self-cleaning
  • Configurable racks

This oven is a really good one. We have it in our kitchen, and it is awesome. It has a lot of features that we love.

It has an electric cooktop, a flex duo oven, and a large capacity. It has 5 heat settings and is self-clean. This oven is really easy to use as well as easy to clean. We like that the self-cleaning feature is in the middle because we don’t have to often clean the oven.

It has a lot of other features that we really like. It is really easy to move around the house and get to different places. It is great for entertaining.

We would recommend this product to anyone who likes to cook.

Reason to avoid: More expensive and small display

3. Frigidaire Electronics

Frigidaire is also one o the top-ranked brand of many home appliances. They provide ovens that are affordable and have multi-features. One of their top-selling ovens is listed below.

Frigidaire GCRE3060AF


  • Freestanding electric oven with cooktop
  • Self & Steam cleaning and Air fry mode
  • Affordable convection oven
  • Capacity 5.7 cubic feet
  • Adjustable temperature dials and digital control

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is an affordable yet good-quality convection oven. The only downside is that its controls are on the backside, and the cooktop is hard to clean.

However, it does have a self-clean and steam clean mode. It also has a built-in convection fan that makes cooking even more efficient.

It’s a great option for anyone looking for a basic oven. It can even be used for baking bread and pastries.

The oven comes with a removable baking pan, a storage shelf, and a drip tray. It’s easy to use and will cook all your food quickly and efficiently. The capacity is 5.7 cubic feet, which is decent for a small oven. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Reason to avoid: Controls are on the backside and the cooktop is hard to clean

4. LG Corporation

LG is another reliable and competitive brand available in the market. LG deals in many home appliances, including ovens. LG is a reliable and reputable brand with the most liked by customers. Our top pick of LG oven is:



  • Freestanding Convection oven with electric cooktop
  • Large capacity of 6.3 cubic feet
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Easy and self-clean technology
  • Five cooktops

The LRE3194BD is LG’s large oven that is made for the kitchen. It has a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, which is a pretty good amount for an oven. This is perfect for big families or groups that need to bake a lot. It also comes with a self-cleaning feature to avoid getting too dirty.

It has 5 cooktops, which is great as it lets you use all of them at the same time without having to switch pans. This is especially helpful if you have multiple people in the kitchen and want to make sure that everyone gets a turn. You can also use the oven to grill meats or other foods.

The LG LRE3194BD is also equipped with a self-cleaning function.

This freestanding oven also has a large viewing window so you can see what you’re baking. The controls are easy to use, and the temperature is easy to control.

The LRE3194BD is a good option if you want a large oven that’s easy to use. It’s a good choice if you have a large family or group that needs to bake a lot. It’s perfect for people who love to cook.

Reason to avoid: Noisy stove and unlike cooktop by some users

5. Whirlpool 

Whirlpool is selling the best ovens like many other brands. Their ovens are high-quality and reliable, with many unique features. The best-recommended model by us is:

Whirlpool WFG535S0JV


  • Freestanding fan convection oven
  • Five cubic feet capacity
  • Cooktop with spill guard
  • Speed heat burners and self-cleaning mode
  • Control lock

The WFG535S0JV is a 5-quart freestanding convection oven that’s perfect for making pizza, baking bread or brownies, and roasting a chicken.

It has a 5-cubic-foot capacity and a stainless steel interior that makes cleanup easy. The oven also has an electronic control panel with five-speed settings for the burners and a self-clean mode. 

The WFG535S0JV is designed to cook food evenly. It has a fan-assisted convection system that circulates hot air through the oven and around the food, which keeps food from burning on the bottom of the pan.

The fan automatically turns on when the oven reaches its pre-set temperature, which is great for reducing energy use.

The Whirlpool WFG535S0JV can cook a variety of foods, but it’s best for baking. You can make pizza, cookies, brownies, and bread. This oven does not have a broiler or a microwave, so you can’t use it to reheat leftovers.

However, it has a broiling surface that can be used to brown meat or broil other foods like fish, and it has a microwave oven that’s great for reheating leftovers.

Reason to avoid: Cooktop complaints by many users


What Features To Consider When Buying an Oven Brand?

When buying an oven brand, it’s important to consider features like cooking temperature ranges, size, and ease of use. We recommend that you buy a large commercial oven that will provide more flexibility in terms of cooking temperatures and food types.

If you don’t want to invest in a larger oven, you should opt for a smaller model that can still accommodate your cooking needs. This way, you can use the same oven for baking, roasting, and even heating up the microwave.

FAQS on the Types of Ovens

What type of oven is most common?

The most common ovens are electric convection ovens. They have both induction and conventional heating elements and work by circulating hot air around food items. They also come in many shapes and sizes. The best option for your home would depend on your budget, your cooking style, and what you’re looking for in an oven.

Which type of oven is best for home use?

You can choose between electric convection ovens, gas ovens, and induction cooktops for your home needs. These all have their pros and cons, but they’re all safe to use. All you need to do is make sure that your kitchen and stove area is properly ventilated before cooking and that you have a working smoke detector installed.

Are all ovens electric?

Not all ovens are electric. Some models use gas or even propane to power the oven, while others use an electric motor. This depends on the type of oven and the model you’re using.


There is a lot of information about ovens, and it can be so confusing, so we want to give you the information you need to make the right selection for you.

You can choose from many options like conventional, convection, microwave,, and others. The right choice depends on your need, budget, and space.

Make sure to research properly according to your requirement before investing in any oven. Go for a top-rated model and reliable brand.

We tried our best to give you all the necessary information’s on the oven. Hopefully, they will help you to decide right.

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