Sling TV Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

Sling TV Problems

Sling TV has been one of the best options for cord-cutters. It’s easy to use, affordable, and comes with various channels.

However, there are several issues with Sling TV as well. Here’s how to have them fixed.

The common Sling TV problems include not turning on, apps not turning, and being unable to access your account. We’ll provide a step-by-step solution for each issue.

Troubleshooting Sling TV Problems

Here are some of the Sling TV issues and their solutions:

1. Login Failed

If your account was recently created or your email address changed, try logging into your Sling TV account again.

2. Unable to access Sling TV

If you have tried everything and your Sling TV still won’t connect, it might be time to reset your network connection. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Select Network & Internet.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Scroll down to Reset Network Settings.

3. Sling TV Not Working

There are several ways to fix this issue. Some of these include resetting the router, checking your router settings, and updating the Sling TV app.

Reset your router

  • Resetting your router might be one of the easiest ways to fix Sling TV problems.
  • Just turn off your router, unplug it and wait for a few minutes.
  • After that, plug your router back in and wait for it to boot up again.
  • Only if it doesn’t work, you might have to restart your router.
Troubleshooting Sling TV

Check your router settings

  • Your router might be having issues.
  • It is imperative to ensure that your router settings are up to date if your router is connected to your internet service provider (ISP).
  • You can check your router settings by going to your ISP’s website.

Update the Sling TV app

If you are having issues with Sling TV, you might want to update the app. This is the only way to get the latest features and fixes.

To do so, go to the “Updates” tab in the Sling TV app on your phone or tablet.

In the “Updates” tab, you can update the app to the latest version.

4. Sling TV Not Loading:

If you are experiencing Sling TV not loading problems, it is likely because your internet connection isn’t working properly.

To fix this, try the following:

  • Verify that your internet connection is working.
  • Go to the settings section in your Sling TV app.
  • Verify you’re on the correct internet connection.
  • Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and not a mobile connection.
  • Try changing your internet connection.


Sling TV is a great service that offers thousands of channels from various regions around the world. It is one of the best ways to watch live sports and news without having to pay outrageous prices.

However, if you are still having problems, you should restart your router.

Hopefully, you have found the solutions to the Sling TV problems that you have been facing.

However, if you are still experiencing issues, it is important to reset your router. If you can’t fix it, try to update the Sling TV app.

Also, try to change your internet connection if you are having issues. 

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, problems, or recommendations.

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  1. None of these problems match mine. My issue is that HLN is glitching up. And these glitches are making me extremely very grouchy.

  2. sling live works on all but one TV, roku device. It was fine until a month ago. I have no issues on the other TV or the PC. It is just no live on certain channels.

  3. My email address was canceled and I had to setup a new one, and now I can’t log in to sling and if I try it does not the new email address and says my email address is not valid, therefore it does not recognize me but am still paying for the service. How do I change my email address when my old email that was used is not a valid address anymore.


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