8 Common ONN TV Problems – Learn How to Fix

ONN TV is a lower-priced alternative to name-brand products.

But just like any other TV, ONN TVs are also prone to certain problems like black screen, Wi-Fi problems, sound, and TV not turning on issues. And, luckily these issues can be sorted out in merely a few simple steps.

You can check power and HDMI connections, update applications, and factory reset to solve your TV issues.

In this article, we are going to explain all the common ONN TV problems and their optimum solutions.

Onn TV Problems

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ONN TV Problems & Troubleshooting

Here is the list of the commonly occurring problems that many users face on their ONN TVs.

  • ONN TV not Turning on
  • TV displays only a black screen
  • ONN TV sound problems
  • ONN TV Connection Problem
  • Remote control issues
  • ONN TV frequently keeps turning off
  • Apps not working on ONN TV
  • ONN TV “No Signal” Error

Let’s check out each problem in detail so you can easily troubleshoot them when required.

1. ONN TV not Turning On

TV not turning on is a common problem with ONN TV users. Here are the troubleshooting measures you can use to resolve this problem.

Remote control issues are the leading cause of not turning on the ONN TV. First of all, to fix this issue, replace the remote control batteries to see if the issue resolves.

Also, ensure that nothing is blocking the way in signal transmission from your remote to the TV.

Check all the cables and connections to ensure that they are tightly fitted. There may be some issue with the power source preventing the TV from turning on.

If still, the ONN TV doesn’t turn on, try restarting your TV by unplugging the wires and then plugging again after a few minutes.

2. TV Displays Only a Black Screen

ONN TV frequently shows only a black screen, and you see no picture on the screen.

This is a common problem, but you can fix this issue by just following the given steps.

  • The foremost thing to do is to check if there is any problem with your remote. Check for any hindrances, batteries, or physical damage.
  • Plug into any other wall outlet because the TV might not be getting the power supply.
  • If the remote is not the issue, then try to unplug the TV for 60 seconds and plug it back in.
  • If nothing works, then unplug ONN TV from the power source. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds for a hard reset. It should resolve the issue by draining any residual power in your device.
  • Ensure that the power and HDMI cables are properly attached to the TV and the power supply.

3. ONN TV Sound Problems

If you just turned on your ONN TV and there is no sound, then you are not alone.

It is a commonly occurring problem with ONN TV.

But you can fix this issue by just following these simple steps:

  • Firstly, check all your connections if they are tightly fitted. If you rely on ONN soundbars for their sound, then make sure that they are working properly.
  • Also, ensure that your TV is not on mute and its volume is above zero.
  • If you still don’t hear any audio, connect your ONN TV to external speakers. If you can now hear the sound, then there is some fault with the TV’s internal speakers or its amplifier. You have to go to an authorized technician to fix this issue.

4. ONN TV Connection Problem

If your ONN TV does not connect to Wi-Fi, then the first thing to do is to check whether the problem is related to your Wi-Fi router or Onn TV.

Try to connect your Wi-Fi router to other devices. If any other device is able to get connected to the Wi-Fi router, then the problem is related to your ONN TV.

To sort out this issue, try the following steps:

  • Unplug all the connections of the ONN TV and then plug them in again after a few minutes to see if the TV connects to Wi-Fi.
  • Check if there is any software update for your ONN TV and if yes, then it will solve your problem.
  • If none of those mentioned above methods works, then the last step to do is to do a factory reset. It should solve the problem. If not, then you have to take it to an expert technician.

5. Remote Control Issues

Sometimes ONN TV remote control does not work properly.

But this problem may be simple, from non-functional batteries to some fault in any internal component.

Try these steps to resolve your problem.

  • Replace your batteries with new ones first to see whether the problem has been resolved.
  • Check and ensure that there is nothing n the way that is blocking the infrared light from the remote control to the ONN TV.
  • If nothing helps you, you have to replace your remote because there might be a fault with its internal components.

6. ONN TV Frequently Keeps Turning Off

This is also a common problem with this TV that it repeatedly keeps turning off.

To fix ONN TV that keeps turning off unexpectedly, try considering the following steps:

  • Unplug your TV and all its external devices from the power source to see if the issue of turning it off has been resolved.
  • It is also possible that your TV needs an update. Check if there is any update available. This will surely resolve the issue.
  • If none of the above steps work, the last step is to do a factory reset.

7. Apps Not Working On ONN TV

Some ONN TV users have also reported that any specific app is not working on ONN TV. The app either crashes right away or doesn’t respond at all.

In most situations, just restarting your television will cure the problem. Also, check for any updates because not updating an app also causes it to crash repeatedly.

It’s also possible that the app won’t work on your particular device because it is not compatible with it.

8. ONN TV “No Signal” Error

If you get a “No Signal” error, you can fix this problem by several methods.

  • The first method is simple and works in most cases. Simply unplug your power cable and wait patiently before plugging back in.
  • Check HDMI all connections, press the INPUT button on your remote, and select the HDMI port number to which the device is connected.
  • If you don’t have any input buttons on your remote, press the Home button. Go to Settings and select TV input.


ONN is primarily a private label trademark for Walmart Inc., which manufactures home electronics, computer components, and phone accessories.

For that reason, Onn TVs are manufactured exclusively for Walmart retail stores. 

Just like any other electronic device, ONN TV may also need to be fixed from time to time.

But don’t worry; in the above article, we have thoroughly explained the common ONN TV problems and also their repairing steps so you can fix them with just a few simple steps at your home!

This article will help you troubleshoot problems with easy and quick methods.

This is a very high probability that you will be able to solve your problem without moving to any further article.

Stay connected for easier fix methods for your device problems.

Steven Settles Author

Steven Settles is an ISCET-certified master in appliance repair. He has aced the National Appliance Service Technician Certification Exam, showcasing his exceptional diagnostic and repair skills. With an in-depth understanding of the latest repair technologies and a keen eye on evolving industry standards, Steven is a go-to expert for any appliance issue.

13 thoughts on “8 Common ONN TV Problems – Learn How to Fix”

  1. thank you for your help .very educational easy to comprehend.
    my tv is 2 yrs old and i have black screen issues.i rest hard and soft i cant see screen with light and sound is fine.walmart said take to a shop 8 days after warrenty.

  2. My 70 inch onn tv now says connected to internet but when I go to app it says no internet connection. I’ve done factory reset connection reset and nothing is working. What do I need to do cuz this tv I’ve only had since Nov and it’s rarely used until now. Please help

    • Here are some steps that may help you resolve the issue with your 70 inch ONN TV:

      Check your Wi-Fi connection: Make sure that your TV is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network and that the network is working properly. Try connecting to a different network if possible to see if that resolves the issue.

      Update the firmware: Check if there is a firmware update available for your TV and install it if necessary. Updating the firmware can resolve any compatibility issues with the apps on your TV.

      Clear the cache and data of the app: Go to the settings menu on your TV and find the option to clear cache and data for the app that is giving you trouble. Clearing the cache and data can often resolve issues with apps.

      Disable VPN: If you are using a VPN, try disabling it and see if that resolves the issue. Some VPNs can interfere with the TV’s internet connection.

      Contact the manufacturer: If none of these steps work, you may want to contact the manufacturer for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional support or warranty service if necessary.

  3. The bottom of the screen of my 50-inch QLED ONN tv has a slightly brownish tint. It’s more noticeable during black-and-white images and I cannot get rid of it. Switching the color temperature to “cool” helps but I can still see it. Is there anything I can do to fix it or is this a color uniformity issue with the screen?

    • It sounds like you may be experiencing a color uniformity issue with your 50-inch QLED ONN TV. This is a common problem with LCD and LED TVs, where the color and brightness of the screen can vary slightly across different parts of the screen. The brownish tint you are describing is often caused by issues with the backlighting system or the quality of the panel.

      There are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

      Calibrate the TV’s settings: Adjust the color temperature, brightness, and contrast settings to see if you can reduce the brownish tint.

      Check for any external factors: Make sure that the room is well-lit, and that there are no reflections or glare on the screen.

      Check for firmware updates: If there is an update available, it might fix the color uniformity issue.

      Try a different HDMI cable or port: Sometimes, the problem could be the cable or port you are using.

      Contact the manufacturer: If none of the above steps work, you may want to contact the manufacturer or the seller of the TV to discuss a repair or replacement.

  4. The power light is blinking but the TV will not turn on. I’ve tried all the steps. Reset, unplugged, remote batteries
    Everything. Any more tips?

  5. We have had an Onn tv for 6 months but only used it for 2 months. The screen is suddenly flickering. We tried the fix from YouTube and still no luck. Can I get a replacement with my receipt?

  6. I brought a 70inch an it’s not even a year old an all a sudden it goes black no picture..I ride everything g but it still doesn’t have a picture

  7. my ONN computer screen has colored lines across it. i tried unplugging but is there a setting for color or something?? it is 1 years old

  8. How do I fix the audio issue where when I resume watching a paused live TV show as well as a DVD’d recorded show and either rewind or fast forward both the sound will go out and the only way to get the sound back is to turn the TV off and back on again. It happens at almost every or every other commercial break .
    I do not recall if this was happening when I had DirecTV as I now have Dish and only had DirecTV a couple of days after buying the new onn roku 32″ TV for my bedroom.
    I know with DirecTV I couldn’t connect/pair the DirecTV remote to the TV as onn was not in their option list unlike Dish however I still have to use both remotes after initially turning the TV on then once I select “HDMI” which is what Dish is connected to I’m able to switch remotes and change channels, adjust volume etc with the Dish satellite TV remote.
    The only TV I’ve ever had where I’ve had to use both the TV as well as my TV service providers remote separately to watch TV. Even though that is a little annoying the audio going out is super frustrating!


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