Sceptre TV Won’t Turn On | 10 Solutions

It’s frustrating when you have to get up, walk across the room, and turn your TV back on. And all you see is your Sceptre won’t turn on.

Also, troubleshooting your TV can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to do. If you feel lost as your Sceptre TV is not turning on, don’t worry; this guide will show you how to fix your TV!

So, today in this post, we have made it easy for you to fix your TV troubles. Our 7 troubleshooting steps will get you back to watching your favorite show in just a matter of minutes.

Reasons & Solutions of Sceptre TV Not Tuning on

Here’s how to troubleshoot if your Sceptre TV won’t turn on.

Sceptre TV Won't Turn On

1. Check Power Supplies: 

Make sure all your power supplies are working. Unplug the TV from the outlet, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. If it still doesn’t turn on, you may need to replace one or more of the power supplies.

To make sure you don’t damage any of the internal parts when you open up the Sceptre, we suggest you ask an expert to help you with this job.

2. Check the Wall Switch:

The wall switch is probably the most common source of problems when it comes to  Sceptre TVs not turning on.

Over time, the contacts in a wall switch might get dusty or rusted. This will prevent it from making a good connection with the contact points on your Sceptre. Also, the plastic or metal parts inside the wall switch may become loose and allow it to move around.

To clean the contacts:

  • First, remove the face plate from the wall switch.
  • Clean any debris or dust from the surface using a thin cloth.
  • Finally, put the face plate back on the wall switch and turn the power on. 

3. Check the button beneath your Sceptre TV:

The button you need to check is located at the bottom right-hand side of your Sceptre. Pressing this button turns your TV on and off. If you keep pressing it, your TV will eventually turn itself off. A buildup of dust or debris inside the button generally causes this.

If this is the case, just give it a quick cleaning and make sure there’s no dust or dirt between the button and the contact point.

4. Check the fuse box on your television:

Many Sceptre TVs have a small metal box with a bunch of little fuses in it. This is called a “fuse box” and it is located under the cabinet on the wall opposite the power supply.

Just like the wall switch, a fuse may become damaged over time. If that’s the case, replace the fuse, and your Sceptre will start functioning normally again.

5. Check all the Connections: 

First, double-check that all of the wires are correctly attached. Then, make sure none of them is frayed or damaged in any way. Next, make sure the RCA connectors on the ends of the cables are firmly attached to their corresponding sockets.

6. Test the remote: 

The remote you received with your Sceptre should work with most other Sceptres. However, if it doesn’t, check the batteries and make sure they are fully charged.

If they are, try pressing the buttons on the remote one at a time until you find the one that works. Replace the batteries if necessary.

7. Clean and adjust the antenna: 

If all else fails, simply clean and adjust the TV’s antenna and give it another try. That’s it! Those are the most common reasons your Sceptre won’t turn on. 

Your antenna needs to be clean and adjusted every time you change the channel. This is especially crucial if you have digital television.

To clean and adjust your antenna:

  • Remove the back cover from your Sceptre.
  • Remove the bottom plate by unscrewing the two Phillips head screws that are keeping it in place.
  • Next, lift up the bottom plate. Be careful not to lose the Phillips head screws. You should now have access to a metal plate with an antenna attached to it.
  • Remove the antenna and put it aside.
  • Now, take a cloth and wipe down the front of your Sceptre. Use a moderate amount of cleaning solution and a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Also, ensure you clean the entire front of the cabinet. Also, make sure you clean under the unit where the connections are. 
  • Replace the bottom plate and replace the two Phillips head screws.
  • Next, screw the back cover back onto the Sceptre and turn the power on.

8. Test the power cord:

Simply unplug the power cord from the wall socket and test it by plugging it into another TV or an electrical outlet.

If that doesn’t work, then you may need to replace the power cord. This is an easy job. Just remove the old one and put in the new one, and you’re done.

9. Reset Your TV:

Some Sceptres have a little reset button on the top-front of the unit. Simply press this button and hold it for about 10-seconds. Then, release it, and your Sceptre will be as new again!

10. Read the Manual:

Finally, if all else fails, read your owner’s manual. Chances are, it will tell you how to repair almost any problem your Sceptre may have. I hope this helps.

These are some of the most common issues of why Sceptre TV not turning. If you are still struggling, we suggest you consult with a Sceptre repair center. However, if you plan to buy a new TV, here is a list of the worst TV brands that you must know about.

How to reset Spectre TV

Spectre TV, a world-renowned manufacturer of premium television sets, has recently experienced a significant downtime.

A reboot can help you recover from the Spectre TV outage and get back to normal operations.

To reset Spectre TV:

  • For at least 5 seconds, press and hold the “guide” button (marked in blue) on the remote control.
  • Then, on the TV remote control, press the “OK” button.. The TV will automatically display the main menu.
  • Now, you should see the word “MENU” on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Scroll down to the “Reset” option
  • Select “OK”
  • Select restart from now on


That seems to be a rather exhaustive list of things to check when your Sceptre won’t turn on. But, I bet, if you really do this, you will find the problem to be something very simple. And, you will be able to fix your Sceptre in an instant. 

Hopefully, after going through all this, you know more about fixing your Sceptre than when you started. 

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  1. I pressed the S, source button instead of the back arrow button and the tv comes on now 2 – 3 seconds is all. Sceptre said it needs repair. We tried things while on the phone but they didn’t work. Thought maybe it had already shut off before the back arrow was pressed. Is there any hope?

  2. The only button that works on my Sceptre TV is the on/off switch. Tv goes on but no pic or anything else. I’m trying to hook up a Roku and can’t do it!


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