Hisense TV Remote Not Working | Reasons & Solution

It’s frustrating when you get home and find out your Hisense TV remote is no longer working. 

Thousands of people use Hisense TV to watch their favorite programs. Unfortunately, sometimes, the remote control stops working for no apparent reason.

The Hisense TV remote may stop working if the batteries have weakened. In this case, you might need to replace the batteries with new ones, and that’s not a big deal.

However, if your remote control is not working even after you replace the batteries, there might be another problem.

Hisense TV Remote Not Working

So, in this article, I’m going to explain the causes of the Hisense TV remote not working and give you some tips on how to fix it.

Hopefully, this will save you a lot of frustration.

Hisense TV Remote Not Working

1. Check the batteries:

When your Hisense TV remote is not working, the first step is to check and ensure that all the batteries inside the remote control are good.

To do this, remove the back cover of the remote and check them one by one. If any of the batteries are weak, it will show when you test the remote.

You can also try using a multimeter to test the battery voltage.

2. Clean the batteries contacts:

Another thing you should do is clean the contacts where the battery connects to the remote.

This is especially important if the remote has been in a bag or somewhere else where it was exposed to dust and dirt. Use an old toothbrush or Q-tip to brush the contacts gently.

Also, use an old piece of cloth to wipe off any excess dirt or dust. Don’t use a new one as it could get dirty itself.

3. Test the remote:

Once you have finished cleaning the contacts, test the remote to make sure it works by pressing the OK button.

The red LED lights should now be steady and not flashing. If they are still flashing, there’s still a chance the problem is the batteries.

However, if the remote works properly after you clean the contacts, there’s another possibility that is most likely the problem.

4. Replace the batteries:

Hisense TV remote won't work

If the problem still exists even after testing the remote with another TV, you should replace the batteries.

Try replacing them with new ones. However, before you do that, see if the batteries are all of equal strength.

If they are not, try replacing the weaker batteries. Also, make sure none of the batteries are exposed to moisture. This includes the AAA batteries that power the remote and any other batteries inside the remote.

5. Reset Your Hisense Remote:

If your Hisense TV remote still doesn’t work, another thing you can try is resetting the remote.

Moreover, this will erase all your programming, so you must set it up again. To do this:

  • Press and hold the Menu button for at least 10 seconds until the screen turns blank.
  • Then, release the button, and the remote should be in its default factory settings.
  • Now, try using the remote and see if the problem remains.
  • If it is, repeat the above instructions to set up the remote again.

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Other Reasons for Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working

If your Roku remote is not working after replacing the batteries and trying all the other tips mentioned in this article, you may have another problem.

1. Check the dirt on IR codes:

Is there any dirt on the remote’s infrared (IR) codes? If there is, you must clean them off before you can use the remote again.

The IR codes on your old remote may be blocked by dirt, grease, or other “obstacles.”

You can use a coin, a key, or an eraser to do this. Just wipe it clean until there are no longer any marks or smudges on the codes.

2. Check Network: 

The second most common reason for the Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working is that a network setting blocks the remote.

This means you are having problems with your home network because something else is interfering with the signals from your remote.

You must check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your cable or satellite company to help resolve this Hisense TV problem.

They will know how to adjust their equipment so your signals can get through to your Hisense TV. Also, try turning off your wireless network connection and see if that helps.

3. Check for HDMI Conflicts:

If you have more than one set-top box, game console, or other device with an HDMI input, make sure none of them is receiving an audio/video signal at the same time your Roku is.

This will cause an “interference” and prevent the Roku from getting the codes it needs to operate properly.

To fix this problem, you will need to make sure each device with an HDMI input is set to receive an audio/video input from only one source at a time.

4. Change the Channel:

Fixing Hisense TV remote

Another common reason for the Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working is the codes on the remote are not hitting the proper channel.

Take the case of a family with 2 Hisense TVs in the house.

Let’s say both the wife and the husband want to watch a different channel on their TV.

The codes on their remotes would need to hit the same channel on both TVs for this to work.

If they don’t, only the TV receiving the signal with the proper codes will change the channel.

To be safe, you should always test this by changing the channel on just one of the TVs. If it works, then change the other TV channel also.

5. Use the Official Roku Application

Make sure you have the latest version of the official Roku application.

  • Go to the “Menu” button at the top of your Roku remote and then choose “Settings.”
  • Then, go to the “System Settings” section. Make sure the “Roku Update” option is checked.
  • After doing all this, you should reload your Roku remote app and try again.

6. Clear the Cache On Your Roku Remote:

Another thing you can do is clear the cache on your Roku remote. To do this, go to the “Menu” button on your Roku remote and then choose “Cache.” Then press “Clear Cache.”

7. Contact Customer Support:

Finally, if all of the above fails to work, you may want to consider contacting customer support. After all, there’s a chance you have a defective unit.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to provide the model number of your Hisense TV as well as the serial number of the remote. Also, make sure you include the date you purchased the remote.

That way, they can look up your warranty information and see if it covers this type of problem. If it does, they’ll send you a new remote free of charge.

Quick Recap:

  • If nothing works, then it is time to replace or repair your Roku remote. Get yourself a new one from the official Roku website. (Note: Make sure you get a replacement.)
  • Also, ensure the batteries are good in your remote.
  • You can check the batteries by pressing the “Menu” button on your remote, then the “OK” button, and then the “+” sign. If the “+” sign appears to have a battery attached to it, then the battery is OK.
  • If not, then replace it. You may also need to reset your Roku if it has become “stuck.” This will be necessary if the codes on your remote are not working properly.

How to Install the Latest Hisense Smart TV Remote App on Your Smartphone

Before using the Hisense Smart TV remote app on your smartphone or tablet, ensure you’ve installed the latest version.

The Hisense Smart TV app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10/8/7, and Mac. Download the latest version on your chosen device and enjoy your favorite shows.

To install the latest version:

  • Open your Hisense Smart TV’s settings menu by navigating to ‘System’ in the Settings menu on your TV screen.
  • From there, select ‘Smart Remote App’.
  • Then click ‘here’ to download and install the latest version of the app.
  • Open the app to access the remote control
  • Set up your profile
  • Enter your PIN code


Hopefully, this guide helped you troubleshoot your Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working problem.

If this problem persists, it is time for you to get a new Roku remote or a new Hisense TV.

If you decide to get a new Roku player, make sure it is a “2013 model” or a “later model.” The older models did not have the codes necessary to perform the function. Good Luck!

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  1. I have done all the things in this list. I live off grid, and all my inputs are wireless and easily identified on my network map. I tried to get a new remote at Roku, but the one I received is not the same.

    I can’t do anything with the tv, since the remote will not allow me to use volume, on off, scroll, or look left or right. I can turn the tv on using the button on the set, but the remote does not activate anything there.

    I wonder if you could please give me the actual Part Number for the remote that matches my Hisense Roku tv Model 40H4030F1; assuming “SN” to mean Serial Number, I have SN40g2017glh02743.

    Perhaps you could suggest an alternate vendor, such as Walmart, or an alternate version of a remote. This is not a very old device and it is very aggravating to not be able to easily find replacements for a part as essential as the remote.

    Thank You.

    Martha Kleykamp

  2. Why do none of the articles I’ve read say if the power button isn’t working hood it til the tv turns on or off? My 6 yr old has a habit of holding down the power button so I have to do this a lot to fix the problem. That should be on your check list.


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