Hisense Tv Not Connecting to WIFI? – 5 Issues with Solution

Smart TVs are a great source of entertainment. But when your smart TV refuses to connect to Wi-Fi, what’s its purpose for being smart?

If you are one of the Hisense TV users struggling with Wi-Fi connectivity issues, you have landed at the right place.

Some easy troubleshooting techniques for fixing Hisense TV not connecting to Wi-Fi include power cycling the TV and the router, clearing the network cache, resetting the router, reconnecting the Wi-Fi, updating the firmware of your Hisense TV, and performing a factory reset.

Hisense TV not connecting to WIFI

Figuring out the reasons behind a Hisense TV not connecting to WIFI can be a real hassle.

But we are here to make your work easier. We will walk you through the best ways to fix the connectivity issues occurring in your Hisense TV.

But before we jump right into the solution, let’s look at the reasons why your Hisense TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Why My Hisense TV Won’t Connect to Wifi?

Before solving the problems, you must understand what the culprit behind them is.

There can be many reasons behind a Hisense TV not connecting to WIFI. Some of the most common reasons are listed below.

1. Internet Connection Being Down

One of the most common reasons your Hisense TV would not connect to Wi-Fi can be your slow internet connection.

You can confirm if this is the reason by checking the internet connection on other devices at your home.

When there is a bad internet connection, no device will be able to access it.

2. Router Emitting Weak Wi-Fi Signals

In most cases, issues with the router mainly cause Wi-Fi connectivity problems. When the Wi-Fi signals are weak, it gets difficult for the TV to stay connected to the Wi-Fi.

Weak signals can be mainly due to two reasons.

  • Your Router Is Too Far From the TV

As the distance between the router and the TV increases, signals weaken, resulting in a poor connection. So if you have your router too far from the TV, your TV is likely to receive poor signals.

  • Too Many Devices Connected to the Same WI-FI

The second thing that can result in weak signals is that many devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Many routers also have a limit set for the number of devices connected at a single time. If there are too many connections, they might be taking over the internet.

3. IP Settings

IP settings can also be one of the reasons why your Hisense TV denies connecting to Wi-Fi.

But that’s not a big issue. It can be simply solved by going to DNS settings and changing the IP settings from the menu.

4. Network Cache

A stocked-up network cache inside the TV prevents it from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Clear the network cache regularly to prevent such issues.

5. Temporary Problems With Your Hisense TV

Now, every time it is not the Wi-Fi that is faulty. Suppose other devices are connecting to that Wi-Fi and working properly.

In that case, there might be some temporary issues with your Hisense TV.

Sometimes, network settings get messed up, and you are clueless about it. In this case, you just have to reset the settings to default simply, and the issue gets resolved.

How to Fix My Hisense TV not connecting to WIFI?

By now, as you know the possible reasons that can cause Wi-Fi connectivity problems in your Hisense TV, it’s time to solve them.

Let’s look at some most effective and practically tested troubleshooting procedures that can help you solve the issue with your Hisense TV.

1. Power Cycle

Power cycling is the first thing to do when a TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. It may surprise you that, in most cases, power cycling solves almost all sorts of Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

hisense tv not connecting to internet

Here you can try power cycling your Hisense TV and your internet router. Here is how you can do it.

Power Cycling the TV

  • Firstly, turn the TV off using the TV remote.
  • Unplug the main power cable from its socket.
  • Wait for about a minute.
  • Plug the cable back in.
  • Turn on the TV and try connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

Power Cycling The Router

  • Unplug its power cable. Also, unplug the ethernet cable if it has one.
  • Wait for a few minutes and plug the cables back in.

2. Clear Network Cache

By clearing the network cache, your TV will eliminate all the unnecessary data, and its performance will improve.

Don’t worry about losing any data or configurations; it won’t harm any of them. Let’s have a look at how you can clear the network Cache.

  • Press the “home” button on your Tv remote.
  • From the menu, go to the “settings” and then “network.”
  • Click on “clear internal memory.
  • Once the cache is cleared, you can reboot your Hisense TV and then try connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

3. Reconnect WI-FI

This trick is also known to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity issue many times. All you need to do is,

Turn your TV on, go to the Wi-Fi settings and select “Forget Network.”
Re-enter the Wi-Fi password and check if it connects or not.

4. Relocate the Router

The place where your router is placed also affects the Wi-Fi signals. Try placing the router as close to the TV as possible.

No matter what type of network you have, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, the distance between the router and the TV needs to be minimum to receive strong signals.

5. Disconnect Interfering Devices

When too many devices are connected to the same router, interference is inevitable.

This slows down the internet making your Hisense TV struggle to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Try disconnecting other devices in your home connected to the same Wi-Fi, and try reconnecting your Hisense TV.

6. Try Using a Wired Connection

Many Hisense TVs come with an in-built port for ethernet cables. Suppose you have tried many other fixes and still haven’t solved the problem.

In that case, you can connect your Hisense TV with an ethernet cable to get uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals.

For this, you will just need an ethernet cable. Connect one end to the router and the other end to the TV. Once you have done this, your Tv should have an internet connection.

7. Update the Firmware

Outdated firmware can also cause such Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Software updates are meant to remove glitches and add some new features.

So, you should be updating your firmware whenever there is a new release to avoid technical issues. To do so, you can follow the steps below.

  • On your Hisense TV, open the “settings.”
  • Go to “support.”
  • Navigate to “system update.”
  • Click on “check firmware update.”

Your Hisense TV will detect if there is a new update for the firmware and install it.

8. Factory Reset

If you are still stuck and can’t fix your Hisense TV not connecting to the WIFI, you can perform a factory reset.

It is the most efficient method for removing software bugs and all configurations.

Performing a factory reset makes you lose all the saved data and settings, but if it works out, it’s worth it. The steps are listed below.

  • Open the “menu” on your Hisense TV.
  • Go to “settings.”
  • Select “storage and reset.”
  • Click “factory data reset.”

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Wi-Fi connectivity issues are quite common when it comes to Smart TVs.

We hope that this article has made you clear about the causes behind a Hisense TV not connecting to WIFI and helped you solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problem to some extent.

If you have tried all the troubleshooting procedures we have mentioned above and continue to face the issue.

Then there must be some serious underlying problem with your TV. Consider contacting Hisense customer support or hiring a technician.

Found the article helpful? Let us know about your troubleshooting stories. We would love to hear them! And keep reading for more such helpful articles.

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