Purezero Shampoo Review 2023

Purezero begins with the finest ingredients sourced from all around the globe.

In our opinion, you shouldn’t have to pick between what works for you and what is beneficial for you. It is not only about what is in the product but also about what’s not in it.

Purezero takes pride in offering the highest-performing hair care products on the market while eliminating any substances that might harm your hair.

All the substances are regularly evaluated. That is claimed by Purezero shampoo.

So today, we will discuss the Purezero Shampoo Review to find out if their claim is valid or not.

Purezero Shampoo Review

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Purezero Shampoo Review

Let’s get started.

1. Purezero Biotin Shampoo Review:

The Purezero Biotin Collection provides the support you need while leaving you with healthy, resilient hair by including concentrated protein.

Game, Set, and Match are the three words that come to mind while thinking about this game.

Biotin and other proteins are included, making it ideal for color-treated hair. Now, I will share what users have to say after using Purezero Biotin Shampoo.

Positive Reviews:


One user gives this review, so we are adding this to our Purezero Shampoo Review.

“This shampoo is revolutionary. It smells fantastic and performs much better! I have tried over 20 other shampoo products, including Redken, Biolage, and Living Proof, and none of them compare to this one!

I always double-shampoo because it leaves my hair feeling clean, revitalized, lustrous, and smelling great! I have also noticed that my hair is not getting as greasy as it used to be.

Whereas I’m usually greasy after one day, I’ve been able to stretch it to 2 or 3 days using this shampoo! This is a game-changer, and I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Excellent for hair growth:

After dyeing and coloring hair so often, I completely cut my hair to allow it to grow out unattended and naturally.

After using Purezero Shampoo, my hair is getting, strong, lustrous, thick, and full. I’ve been taking it for six months. It is also free from sulfates, and parabens.

Negative Reviews:

Dandruff was given to me:

I wanted to appreciate this product until I noticed it left me with a dehydrated scalp after a few months of usage.

This is the first time for me! And this was with just a couple of washes every week. Therefore, It’s a huge letdown. I’m throwing this away.


My scalp became irritated, and I developed dandruff due to the shampoo. Due to my own experience, I would not suggest it.

I’m not sure whether I responded to one of the product’s ingredients or if it was the product itself.

2. Purezero Coconut Milk Shampoo Review:

Purezero Coconut Milk Shampoo Review

Your locks are parched and dry. It’s in desperate need of moisture right now.

The Purezero Coconut Milk shampoo will rapidly rehydrate your strands by soaking them with vitamins, natural amino acids, and nourishing Protein. Hair that is properly hydrated is hair that is in a good mood.

Positive Reviews:

Excellent stuff:

This shampoo is fantastic for my curly hair! I have an oily scalp, yet this shampoo allows me to go up to four days without washing my hair!

I don’t like conditioner since it weighs down my hair and makes it overly hydrated.

Therefore, I use a biotin conditioner, which helps with split ends and makes your hair grow like crazy.

It smells fantastic:

This was purchased since it was on sale for a week, and now I’m a massive fan of the brand. I bought a variety of them for each bathroom.

I got this one just for my daughter’s long hair. Her hair is often knotted and sweaty since she is active. This product makes her hair very silky and smells fantastic.

Negative Reviews:


I splurged on the more expensive products after using this shampoo. Unfortunately, my hair became oily as a result of this.

You won’t understand how crucial decent hair products are until you try this brand.

My once-healthy hair now feels like a straw:

This shampoo destroyed my hair and my children’s hair. This product dried our hair and made it feel like straw, even though we all had new haircuts and healthy hair, and I have never experienced such a bad reaction to a hair product before.

Unfortunately, I had purchased 2 bottles hoping to receive a good product—what a squandering of my funds.

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3. Purezero kale Shampoo Review:

The Purezero Kale Shampoo will stimulate and rejuvenate your scalp with its vital components.

It’s full of nourishing vitamins and minerals that help to detoxify your scalp tissue. A revitalized, healthy scalp looks and appears much better.

Positive Reviews:

Allergen-free! This is an excellent product:

The finest of them is kale. All are wonderful, but kale makes your hair feel particularly healthy and static-free!

Great fragrance. It’s incredible how little conditioner you need to get a great lather.

This is the first haircare brand that hasn’t triggered an allergic reaction in my scalp.

I’ve tried everything, even consulting with a dermatologist. This stuff is fantastic. Hence I’m thankful for it.

I Love this thing:

It’s fantastic. This shampoo thoroughly cleans my scalp without drying it out. It relieves my itch from sweat and other things.

I don’t feel oily or knotted after using the conditioner. Seriously. I never repurchase the same. I’ve been looking for a long time. This is the real deal.

Negative Reviews:

Something wrong:

I discovered I’m allergic to one of the ingredients in this. My hair became stiff and dry as a result of it. It also made me itch a lot, which is strange.

If you’re going to use it for a few months, be careful:

I wanted to like this line, but I’ve seen a few flaws after using it for approximately two months.

If you have dyed hair, it will remove your color, for starters. As I washed off the shampoo, I could see my brown hair color fading.

Second, I’ve acquired bumps/sores/pimples on my scalp that I’m unsure what to name. I have never faced this problem before.

It is the first time I’ve used a new product. Finally, my hair is shedding a lot more than it used to in the past.


Purezero Shampoo uses the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world to deliver the highest-performing hair care products.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of Purezero Shampoo may vary based on an individual’s hair type and personal experiences.

Overall this product is good, but you have to be sure before using it. Because I have also mentioned bad user feedback in this Purezero Shampoo Review, good reviews are also here.

I would suggest testing the product first and then using it for a long time.

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