Mastercraft Tires Review 2024 [ My Experience]

So, you plan to sell your old car like a 1990 Toyota Supra or BMW M3, but your dealer recommends you buy a good pair of tires to get the best value for the car?

Or do you want a set of tires without breaking the bank? There’s no reason to go someplace else if that’s the case.

Because we have come up with the solution to your query, and that’s Mastercraft tires.

Known for its performance and quality, the company has been in the tire industry for over a decade.

Now, you must be thinking about what could be Mastercraft’s best tires for your car.

Worry not, as we will present you with a Mastercraft tires review guideline, made totally according to your preferences, in a matter of seconds. So, are you coming with us?

Mastercraft Tires Review

Why Should You Choose Mastercraft Tires?

Mastercraft is famous for making reliable tires with great performance, life, mileage, and quality. They do struggle a little bit in snowy conditions.

This old-school company is famous among North Americans for its best value-for-money products.

Still confused? We recommend you give it a shot to Mastercraft tires once in a lifetime, and you won’t regret it.

How Have We Tested Mastercraft Tires?

When it comes to our reviews of the tires, you can count on us. With more than 7 years of experience, our team of 20 members uses these tires daily.

After testing to our satisfaction, we prepare a review guideline that suggests the best tires and analyzes them based on their pros and cons.

Mastercraft Tires Review:

Below is a Mastercraft Tires Review guideline of some of the top good Mastercraft tires that can best fit your preferences:

1. Mastercraft G/T: Popular High-Performance Tire

A tire with a sporty look, Mastercraft G/T is a high-performance tire built for old cars, SUVs, and trucks.

It is an all-season tire with an M+S rating that is meant to give traction and stability to your car on the road.

The first thing you’ll notice immediately is the beautiful embossed white letters on the side of the tire.

But does this tire offer more than just a look and beautiful tread design? Let’s find out:

Mastercraft GT

Dry Road Performance:

Naah, man, this tire gets us here. The dry tarmac performance of Mastercraft G/T is unquestionable. Whether you talk about grip or handling, it offers everything.

Splendid traction with a great grip on the road, the new void ratio in the tire serves nothing but to increase the tire-to-road contact. Additionally, it also has the advantage of enhancing treadwear and handling.

Oh! Forgot to mention that the braking time was majestic. The car stopped when we pulled the hand brake, even at high speed.

Our 1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop felt like riding the Belgian Draft. No complaints about this tire on the dry road!

Wet Road Performance:

We’ve talked about the dry performance of Mastercraft G/T, but how does it run on a watery road? With that said, the slippery road performance of this tire is also excellent.

The shoulder slots of the tire are not only a practical design but also increase the tire’s traction on watery roads and prevent uneven water.

With its asymmetric tread pattern design, the water immediately leaves the tire, thus giving you a necessary grip on the road.

However, there is one glitch. The braking time may cause a bit of a problem for you. When you apply a brake, the car may slip. Take care of this thing.

Snow Road Performance:

The snowy performance is the only area where Mastercraft G/T gives up. But as you know, no high-performance tire is built for extreme winter conditions.

Likewise, this tire limits driving on snowy roads. In other words, it won’t disappoint you on light snow, but heavy snow can threaten the tire’s stability.

However, using studs, you can enjoy Mastercraft G/T in winter conditions.

Otherwise, you can go for a winter tire from brands like Michelin, Continental, or Nokian if you are from a cold area like Alaska.


  • Outstanding traction on dry and wet pavements
  • Provides you with enough grip so that you can get high-speed driving from your car
  • Comfortable and quiet ride thanks to its modified pitch design


  • Not a good tire for extreme winter conditions


The final saying about Mastercraft G/T is that it is our go-to choice for a high-performance tire. In fact, it has been under our use for almost 3 years.

With an incredible wet and dry performance, it also gives you a satisfactory driving experience on light snowy roads.

It is not meant for extreme winter conditions, but remember, we are talking about a high-performance tire. So, what are your thoughts on this tire?

2. Mastercraft A/S IV: Excellent All-Season Tire

With a 40,000 treadwear traction limited warranty, next in the line is an all-season tire Mastercraft A/S IV. Just like Mastercraft G/T, it also has an M+S rating.

The tire is manufactured with a special rubber compound and an asymmetric tread pattern meant to increase tread life and durability.

The tire is designed for subcompacts, compacts, small crossovers, and midsize sedans.

Let’s have a look at its performance:

Mastercraft AS IV

Dry Road Performance:

The tire has a unique all-season tread pattern that enhances its grip on dry and wet roads. The gripping edge has only one purpose: to provide ample grip to the tire on the road.

The asymmetric tread pattern increases the vehicle’s road stability and optimizes cornering driving.

Talking about the braking time, it was average. Not too good, not too bad; you can expect the car to stop with a bit of slipping.

The cherry on top is Mastercraft A/S IV has great responsiveness and handling in the summer season.

Wet Road Performance:

When it comes to the wet road performance, four wide circumferential grooves and many lateral grooves resist the aquaplaning.

These grooves in the treading have the additional advantage of giving traction on the watery roads.

Plus, the tread void created by the grooves and sipes helps grip the Mastercraft A/S IV on the road.

On top of all, squared-off tread elements have another benefit in increasing the tire’s tread life on watery roads.

If we look at the braking time and distance of the tire, it’s good at normal speeds. Yet, at high speeds, it may deceive you.

Another caveat is the soft corners at high speeds. So, clearly, this tire is not meant for high-speed driving.

Snow Performance:

Like every other all-season tire, the performance of the Mastercraft A/S IV is not very good in extreme winters.

Yes, you can get ample traction and grip on the light snow. However, it will struggle to give the desired results on dense and hard-pack snow. 

Similarly, the slush performance of this tire is okay. The groove pattern may help you get some traction, but there won’t be stability in the handling.


  • Excellent traction on wet and dry pavements
  • All-season performance despite being a cheap tire
  • Offer white sidewall
  • Comfortable ride


  • Snowy road traction is not good
  • It can be noisy on the highway


The bottom line is that Mastercraft A/S IV is an inexpensive entry-level tire. It offers all-season performance and comes in sizes ranging from 13-16 inches.

Despite being a mid-range tire, it gives you good traction on dry and wet roads. Although this tire struggles in the heavy winter season, it will give you a smooth ride on light snow.

If we compare the qualities of Mastercraft A/S IV with its price, it can truly become your next daily driver.

3. Mastercraft Courser AXT: High-Quality All-Terrain Tire

Mastercraft Courser AXT tires are the finest all-terrain tires. This all-terrain tire from Mastercraft is designed for SUVs, pickup trucks, and 4x4s.

A tire that is built to handle your day-to-day tasks while giving an equal experience on off-road pavements.

The tire has a more aggressive look and a rugged build that enhances stability and performance on every road. With its optimized tread pattern, this tire won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Mastercraft Courser AXT

Dry Road Performance:

Mastercraft Courser AXT superseded our expectations on the dry tarmac performance.

Mostly, all-terrain tires performed well on a dry road, as did this tire. Talking about traction and grip of the tire, it is excellent.

You can expect a smooth drive from this tire on uneven and unbalanced roads. The 5-rib design of the tire coupled with 12% extra lateral grooves increases the hold of Mastercraft Courser AXT on uncertain roads.

However, we won’t recommend you go hard on this tire, as handling can be a big issue at high speeds.

Similarly, the feedback of the tire reduced with an increased force on the accelerator.

Wet Road Performance:

If we have to describe the wet road performance of Mastercraft Courser AXT, we would say it is a little bit shy here.

Even though this tire is pretty usable and safe, wet traction causes the tire to become unstable.

The tire will give you enough grip on the slippery road thanks to its biting edges around the blocks. Plus, the traction is quite useful as there is no more slip on the road.

Similarly, the braking time was outstanding and comparable. Although, you can observe slips at high-speed driving.

Another plus point of this tire is its feature to resist aquaplaning. It might not be the best, but it is enough to eject the water to dry the tire.

Snow Performance:

Even though Mastercraft Courser AXT is M+S rated tire, its performance on snowy roads was unsatisfactory.

The tire may be useful on snow, but many competitors can perform much better than it.

This tire is good enough to drive on unpacked snow with a smooth experience. But going for anything more than this will cost you a lack of traction and grip.


  • Trust-worthy performance on dry, wet, and normal snowy roads
  • Good off-road driving experience
  • Cheap in terms of pricing


  • Not a good option for heavy snow
  • A noisy ride


The final talk here is Mastercraft Courser AXT, an all-terrain tire that has produced reasonable performance. Without hesitation, you can take it into mud, sand, gravel, or dirt.

But, it is a cheap tire, and you may face a few issues like a glitch in performance in packed snow, low tread life, and noisy driving.

However, these issues are not that big if you compare them to the tire’s performance.

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires?

With a slogan of “Master the Road,” Mastercraft tires are made by Cooper Tire & Rubber. Actually, the company is the direct subsidiary of Cooper Tires, founded in 1909.

Mastercraft Tires Warranty:

Mastercraft tires are covered by a limited warranty that doesn’t include road accidents.

Plus, the company offers a replacement of old tires with new ones for up to 10 years for all passenger and light truck tires.

In addition to this, the company also offers a 40,000 to 80,000-mile warranty.

Common Mastercraft Tire Complaints:

The most common issues that we observe in the Mastercraft tires and often customers claim are the following:

  • An extra noise on the highway
  • A lack of performance on packed ice
  • Outer sidewall issues
  • Less tread life compared to other tires

Are Mastercraft Tires Good?

Are Mastercraft tires good

Based on my expertise and the extensive review of Mastercraft tires, it’s clear that they are a commendable choice for many drivers, particularly those who are budget-conscious.

They excel in both dry and wet conditions, offering commendable traction and grip.

While they perform adequately in light snow, they are not ideal for severe winter conditions. Some users have reported higher noise levels on highways.

They provide reasonable durability with a warranty ranging from 40,000 to 80,000 miles.

Overall, Mastercraft tires represent a solid balance of performance and value, making them a suitable option for budget-conscious drivers.


Summing up the Mastercraft Tires Review, it is one of those companies that offer its products at low prices without compromising quality.

You can buy most of its tires for $70-$120. We reckon it is a really good tire company for beginners and budget-minded people.

That said, you can easily find the Mastercraft tires if you are from North America. You can count on its products as your go-to choice.

If you buy anything from this company, looking at your preferences and budget, we can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed.

Christopher Evans is a Mechanical Engineer and is a distinguished expert in tire and electronic appliance testing with over 15 years of experience. Holding certifications like Automotive Tire Service (TIA) and Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). He is also a member of the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has significantly contributed to safety standards and testing protocols in both industries. Evans is a respected speaker and award recipient.

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