Kenda Tires Review 2024 (Are These Worth Buying?)

I still remember when my friend Grayson wanted to buy new tires for his Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. But he didn’t want to spend hundreds of bucks.

He came to me, and I asked him to look at the Kenda tires. Owing to my advice, he went for Kenda Kenetica KR17, and it was the best decision regarding choosing the tires.

Kenda Tires Review

So, what could be the best Kenda tire for your sedan, SUV, or coupe? Don’t worry; I have summarized the good options in this Kenda Tires Review.

I recommend you read it; otherwise, you may miss this golden opportunity. Without ado, let’s get into it.

Why Should You Choose Kenda Tires?

Kenda tires are durable, & budget-friendly tires with strong traction for various terrains.

These are among our top choices for all-season driving. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should opt for these tires.

  • I have seen that these tires provide a reasonable price and have all the benefits that a customer wants.
  • The additional bonus is that the company guarantees more than 40,000 miles of tread wear on their tires.

These are all the things about Kenda that hook me up.

Testing Criteria for Kenda Tires

I have been in the tire industry for more than 7 years, and during that time, I’ve tested a lot of tire brands.

As you know, Carolina’s weather is quite versatile; therefore, I use these tires throughout the year and assess their quality based on their performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads.

The below guideline reviews Kenda tires on the factors mentioned earlier.

Best 4 Kenda Tires Review:

So, I went on and selected the top 4 Kenda Tires for review. But before we dive into the detailed analysis, here is a table summarizing the performance of all 4 Kenda Tires.

Tire ModelDry RoadWet RoadSnowy Road
Kenda Klever A/T2Good grip and traction. Some slippage at high speeds.Excellent grip, handling, and aquaplaning resistance.Good for average driving, not aggressive driving.
Kenda Kenetica KR17Excellent grip, traction, and steering control.Good average traction, some grip issues.Not recommended for ice/hard-packed snow.
Kenda Vezda UHP A/SGood traction and control. Excellent cornering grip.Strong traction, excellent aquaplaning resistance.Not recommended for icy roads.
Kenda Klever R/T KR601Exceptional dry and off-road performance.Excellent grip, control, and aquaplaning resistance.Moderate performance. Not for high-speed snow driving.

1. Kenda Klever A/T2

Kenda Klever AT2

A next-generation tire by Kenda, Klever A/T2 offers the best performance on all terrains.

If you are looking for a tire that can work effortlessly in every type of condition, it’s the perfect option. I can say that it can handle every type of road, from the highway to offroad. 

Dry road performance:

On a dry road, Klever A/T2 gives a lot of grip and traction despite carrying a lot of burdens. Considering it is a mid-range tire, the dry performance is pretty good.

The brake time is comparable to other cheap brands, and you can drive aggressively; still, the tires will give you good control. The little problem is that these tires can slip on and off.

You push too hard, and you’ll see a loss in the grip. However, being an all-terrain tire won’t show you any lag in handling.

Wet road performance:

I think the biggest problem for any tire is the wet road; to my goodness, these tires perform exceptionally well.

There is no lack of grip, traction, and handling; however, speeding higher can cause you a bit of an issue. The grooves did a great job in providing resistance against aquaplaning. 

Snow performance:

On a snowy road, Klever A/T2 shines with its 3PMSF rating. This tire can win trophies on a snowy road on average driving, but aggressive driving is not recommended


  • Good offroad skills
  • Better traction on both dry and wet road
  • Have a good price bracket


  • The driver can hear humming sounds on the highway while driving.


Having said this, Klever A/T2 are good all-terrain tires. They have amazing snow capabilities and class-leading off-road skills and give a nice, comfortable ride.

One of the best fits for light trucks, 4 x 4, and SUVs, it seems, is that Klever A/T2 is a new model rather than just evolving the old one.

2. Kenda Kenetica KR17

Kenda Kenetica KR17

Presented with a sporty look, the Kenda Kenetica KR17 is the best all-season tire for your vehicle. This tire is suitable for SUVs, crossovers, and coupes.

Kenda has implied their latest technology in fabricating KR 17, which is advanced NMA technology.

It is manufactured for every weather with its durability, long performance, and extended tread wear.

Dry road performance:

Regarding the dry road performance, I tested the tire on a Mitsubishi 3000GT equipped with a 2.0-liter four-stroke engine and CVT transmission.

All I can say is that I was pretty impressed with Kenetica KR17’s performance.

The grip of the tires was pretty fantastic on the dry road. Even though I took the speed higher than the average, the traction was plentiful.

The brake time was less, and the steering control was firm and accurate. 

Wet road performance:

While on the wet roads, things were pretty much the same. Except that KR17 sometimes misses the grip.

Also, the braking was below average, but I gave an edge to it due to the slippery roads.

However, the tire’s traction was good, even on average. The four circumferential grooves and various lateral grooves prevent the risk of hydroplaning.

Snow performance:

The snow driving with Kenetica KR17 is not encouraged. You can drive on the light snow, but you may also need a stud to avoid falling. These tires are not the best fit for ice and hard-pack snow. 


  • Affordable price segment
  • Good dry road traction


  • The tire is lacking in the wet road department
  • There could be noise depending on the model of the car


On a short note, the tire’s comfort was pretty good and better than other cheap tires. Yet, these tires are lacking in the department of noise and wet roads.

You can hear a healthy roar at speeds higher than the average. I also observed a bit of noise, even at normal speeds.

KR17 is a good choice for an all-season tire owing to its good grip and traction.

The treadwear is also good, as the company provides a warranty of 50,000 miles for these tires. 

3. Kenda Vezda UHP A/S

Kenda Vezda UHP AS

Dated back in 2017, the company launched its best-performance tire for high-power vehicles.

The Vezda UHP A/S tire is the most suitable for sporty cars, coupes, and high-powered sedans. 

The cornering grip of the tire gives it good traction for both wet and dry roads while having a nice price segment. 

Dry road performance:

Vezda UHP A/S provides better-than-average traction and control for dry road driving. Plus, the cornering grip and the stability were also excellent.

The asymmetric pattern increases the gripping on the road. The icing on the cake is that the silica in the tires enhances the tire’s flexibility despite the weather conditions. 

Wet road performance:

Talking about the wet road performance, Vezda UHP A/S comes with four large circumferential grooves that not only give resistance against aquaplaning, but also provide an excellent wet driving experience.

Plus, 3-D sipes around the tire enhance the traction on the slippery road.

Snow performance:

It is recommended not to use Vezda UHP A/S on a snowy road due to poor performance on icy roads. 


  • Strong traction on both dry and wet roads
  • Low price for budget-conscious drivers
  • Cornering grip is better than other average tires


  • Not good for snowy and icy roads


The tire is built for all types of vehicles, including high-powered sedans, coupes, and sporty cars.

The purpose of Vezda UHP A/S is to deliver first-class performance. The comfort is quite good and has a long treading life.

Yay or nay? It all depends on your usage and preferences. 

4. Kenda Klever R/T KR601

Kenda Klever RT KR601

Launched in 2018, R/T KR601 is the company’s best tire for off-road vehicles. The tire is good for SUVs and light trucks and lies between AT (All terrains) tires and MT (Mud terrains) tires.

Kenda Klever R/T KR601 is a rugged-terrain tire made of tough cut and chip-resistant material that can endure every kind of weather.

And you know why is KR601 the best off-road tire? It’s because of the unique T3 Triple Tread design, which allows the tire to handle tough terrain quite easily.

Dry road performance:

The dry road performance of R/T KR601 is exceptional. Since the rubber material is built for rough terrain, it did well on dry roads.

Similarly, handling was also responsive and predictable. No matter how much the speed is, you won’t feel any lag in control.

A rugged terrain tire like Klever R/T KR601 should easily handle off-roading, and that’s what it does. You can drive through thick mud to mudslides quite comfortably.

However, I would recommend using tires built for the mud-terrain in the worst scenarios.

Wet road performance:

Just like the dry performance, this tire also aces down the wet road driving. The rubber compound gives these tires good grip, control, and traction on slippery and wet roads.

The wide grooves in the treading prevent aquaplaning and direct away from the water from the tire.

One of the advantages of using KR601 is that these tires remain steady even at higher speeds on watery roads. 

Snow performance:

Even though these tires are verified M+S tires, I won’t recommend over-speeding on snowy roads.

They have a good deal of grip and control in snowfall, yet driving above the average speed, you’ll see a lack of confidence in the traction on the road.

In extreme conditions, these tires can’t give competition to winter tires.


  • The best tires for off-roading in this price range
  • Outstanding performance on both dry and wet roads
  • Noise levels are not too high


  • Suffers on a snowy road at higher speeds


Lastly, KR601 tires are meant for rugged trains, and they comfort the drivers.

The aggressive look and interwoven pattern double the fun of using these tires on your vehicle.

Also, the rubber ring is quite good for lowering the noise levels compared to other cheap options.

We’ve also tested several other tire brands. Check our blogs on Michelin, Goodyear, and Achilles Tires to see if they are worth buying.

Are Kenda Tires Good?

Yes, Kenda tires are a commendable choice, especially considering their affordability and versatility across different terrains.

They offer a good balance of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making them an attractive option for various vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and coupes.

Overall, Kenda tires are a good investment for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, offering a comfortable ride and reasonable tread life.


Gathering all the nuts and bolts, let me say that Kenda provides the best tire suitable for every kind of driver in the budget segment. I still remember when I got my friend these tires, and he still praises their quality.

Probably you have read the article. The overall theme is that Kenda tires provide quality for their price.

These tires are good for dry and wet roads and give a bonus of comfort and reduced noise levels. 

As per my thoughts, being an expert, include Kenda tires in your buying list if you want a good flip for your money, a long tread life, and a better driving range.

Christopher Evans is a Mechanical Engineer and is a distinguished expert in tire and electronic appliance testing with over 15 years of experience. Holding certifications like Automotive Tire Service (TIA) and Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). He is also a member of the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has significantly contributed to safety standards and testing protocols in both industries. Evans is a respected speaker and award recipient.

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