Does a Gaming Mouse Make a Difference? | Expert Opinion

Although you can play games with a regular mouse, but a gaming mouse makes a difference and offers a better experience.

When it comes to playing competitive games like CS: GO, PUBG, Fortnite, call of duty, or any other FPS game, having a good gaming mouse with upgraded features that handle both high CPI and DPI can make a big difference in your gameplay.

In this guide, we will let you know how a gaming mouse can take your gameplay to the next level.



Does a Gaming Mouse Make a difference?

Whether you’re a pro player or a newbie gamer, the most common concern is the usefulness of a gaming mouse when playing. A gaming mouse does pretty much everything that a regular mouse does.

The main point that separates the gaming mouse from the ordinary one is its features and functionality that help you perform better in your games.

As per the experience of our expert team, when compared to a regular mouse, gaming mice are normally more sturdy and faster.

Also, they are found to be very comfortable to grip, and their ergonomic style allows you to spend hours playing your favorite games.

The following are the factors that do make a difference between gaming and a normal mouse.

1) Sensitivity or DPI (Dots Per Inch)

There are a few key features that define a gaming mouse. The biggest one is the mouse sensor, which is responsible for accurately tracking the cursor’s moves in real-time.

It is important in time-sensitive games like a shooter or any other FPS game. They require you to take action with the mouse before it’s too late.

On average, a normal mouse has a DPI of 1000. On the contrary, a standard gaming mouse supports a DPI range of somewhere from 200 to 4000, and for a high-end gaming mouse, it can go up to 16000 DPI.

The sensitivity of a mouse increases as the DPI increases. However, the DPI choice is highly dependent on the player’s preference. Some players like to play with high sensitivity gaming mouse while others find it difficult to handle.

Every mouse sensor has a limit that accurately tracks the movement of a cursor in time. Most modern gaming mice typically have sensors with a very fast tracking speed.

If you’re playing a reaction game, you’ll be able to flawlessly perform those motions without having to think about the mouse lagging.

2) Report Rate or Polling Rate

It is the rate of how often a mouse reports its position movement to your pc. A gaming mouse has a higher polling rate, which is measured in megahertz.

For instance, if a mouse has a polling rate of 350 hertz, that means it reports the position to the computer 350 times every second. A higher polling rate would result in less input lag, which is very important for gaming.

For a regular mouse, the polling rate is not usually mentioned. Normally, they have a standard polling rate of 125 hertz.

On the other hand, a standard gaming mouse has a polling rate of 1000 hertz, which means it interacts with the computer 1000 times every second.

Typically, a gaming mouse has the highest polling rates so that it can deliver better gameplay.

3) Customization

A regular mouse is an old tech model with two or three buttons, including one scroll wheel. Their functions are pre-defined, so you can’t customize anything about them.

For a gaming mouse, you will have many customization options. You can change DPI speeds, report rates, and you can also customize the RGB lights. It normally has six buttons in total, and you can customize actions for each of them.

However, the high-end gaming mouse has 15 buttons in total, and even you can customize weight distribution on them. These features might look a little over for many.

But, for professional gamers, it is the top choice as they compete on the highest level.

4) Build quality

Since you will spend a lot of time using a mouse, it must have good build quality. So, a gaming mouse has better ergonomics than a regular one.

They fit better in your hand, and you can use them for a longer time without feeling tired or boring. Furthermore, the left and right buttons have to be more responsive and built well to deal with a lot of clicking and button mashing.

Most regular mice will start breaking down quickly if you mash the buttons repeatedly because they are not built to sustain intense pressings.

5) Durability

A gaming mouse is built stronger than ordinary ones. You will be spending a lot of time on them, so they are well constructed to last longer.

Usually, gaming mice have a lifespan of 50 million clicks for each button and remain responsive for a long time.

6) Aesthetic

When it comes to outer appearance, gaming mice are always fascinating and intriguing than regular mice. Due to many customization options and the RGB lights, it enhances the aesthetic of your gaming setup.

It may not be a necessary part of a gaming mouse, but it can make your pc setup look great.

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Is a Gaming Mouse Worth it?

When it comes to buying a gaming mouse for playing video games, many questions appear in mind.

Such as, Do gaming mice make a difference? Is it really worth buying a gaming mouse? Gaming mouse vs Normal mouse, which one is better? And many more.

The answer to these questions is yes. A gaming mouse in your hand performs better than any ordinary one.

A regular mouse might be adequate if you are not playing competitive games. However, for competitive gaming, you must upgrade your gear to top the leaderboards.

A gaming mouse offers you great speed with adjustable DPI and polling rates with various customizable options, such as RGB lights. Its build quality and aesthetic are also better.

Since it is expensive, quality material is used to make these gears last longer.
So, if you want to get a great gaming experience, you must invest in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a gaming mouse?

In order to have a better gaming experience, yes, you must have a decent gaming mouse. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy the most expensive gaming gear. You can purchase one that has all of the required features for gaming. Most of the expensive mice are gimmicks with numerous functions that serve no real purpose.

What mouse does ninja use?

For gaming and streaming, Ninja currently uses the FinalMouse Ninja Air58 gaming mouse. Ninja Air58 is lightweight with a customizable DPI and polling rate. It is a perfect gear for a competitive gamer.

What mouse does clix use?

Clix uses Finalmouse AIR58 Ninja CBR gaming mouse for streaming and competitive games.


The gaming mouse does matter if you want to improve your gameplay and overall productivity. By spending an extra amount on it, you can get a faster and sturdy mouse with better ergonomics. It will also last longer than a normal mouse, so it is worth spending on it.

Spending an amount on the most expensive gaming mouse will be frivolous because many of the features are not worth using.

Therefore, it is wiser to select a decent option that includes all of the requisite gaming features.

Another important consideration while choosing a gaming mouse is to check the brand quality and what features they are offering.

Quick Question

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