Worst Tattoo Ink Brands to Avoid in 2024? And Why?

Worst Tattoo Ink Brands

Are you considering getting a tattoo or adding it to your collection? Choosing a reputable tattoo artist and the right design is important, but what about Ink?

Low-quality tattoo ink increases the risk of infection and causes tattoos to fade more quickly.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of tattoo ink and highlight the worst brands.

We’ll also discuss the dangers of using bad tattoo ink and offer tips for choosing a high-quality brand.

So whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or just curious, keep reading to learn how to avoid the worst tattoo ink brands and keep your skin art looking great.

List of Worst Tattoo Ink Brands to Avoid

Based on inconsistent quality, subpar ingredients, and customer reviews, the worst tattoo ink brands to avoid are Color King, Scalpaink, and cheap unbranded tattoo inks.

Tattoo Ink BrandReasons to Avoid
Color KingContains harmful chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive toxicity. Careless manufacturing practices raise concerns about its safety.
ScalpingRecalled in 2018 due to contamination with microorganisms, posing a risk of infections and other serious health problems.
Cheap Unbranded Tattoo Ink BrandsMade with low-quality and untested ingredients, inconsistent pigments, and may contain heavy metals, carcinogens, or other toxic substances.

Color King

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency’s 2019 examination revealed that Color King tattoo ink contains harmful chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.

In addition, the brand’s careless manufacturing practices raise serious concerns about the safety of its Ink.

Choosing a reputable tattoo ink brand that prioritizes safety and quality is crucial to ensure your tattoo’s longevity and health. Avoid Color King and other brands that can harm your skin.

Tattoo Ink Brands to Avoid

Read the following blogs to learn about other worst products to avoid:

Cheap Unbranded Tattoo Ink Brands

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo on a budget and using cheap unbranded tattoo ink brands from China, Thailand, or India?

Well, think twice before taking that route. These are some of the bad tattoo ink brands you can choose from, and for a good reason.

Firstly, cheap unbranded tattoo inks from these countries are often made with low-quality and untested ingredients.

The manufacturers are known for cutting corners and prioritizing profit over the safety of their customers. This means the Ink’s quality, safety, or longevity is not guaranteed.

Secondly, the pigments used in these inks are often inconsistent and not thoroughly tested.

This means the final tattoo may not look like the customer envisioned and may even fade faster than expected.

Thirdly, any authority usually does not regulate these inks, and there is no way to verify their safety or quality standards.

The ingredients used in these inks may contain heavy metals, carcinogens, or other toxic substances that can cause serious health problems in the long run.

In addition, the risks associated with using these worst tattoo inks are simply not worth it.

The long-term health consequences and the potential for a subpar tattoo simply outweigh any potential cost savings.


Did you know that using contaminated tattoo ink can pose serious health risks?

Scalpaink tattoo ink was voluntarily recalled in 2018 due to contamination with microorganisms. That’s why we put Scalpaink in our worst tattoo ink brands to avoid.

While this was LOT specific, it raises concerns about the safety and quality of Scalpaink tattoo ink and its potential risks to your health.

Infections, skin abscesses, sepsis, and blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis are some serious injuries that can result from using contaminated tattoo ink.

Choosing a reputable tattoo ink brand that prioritizes safety and quality is important to avoid these risks.

3 Signs to Identify a Bad Tattoo Ink Brand

Here are the factors to identify the Worst Tattoo Ink companies.

Subpar Ingredients

Low-quality Ink may contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or lead to infections. Cheaper ingredients may also lead to fading tattoos over time.

Inconsistent Quality

A bad tattoo ink brand may not produce Ink consistent in color or consistency, making it difficult for tattoo artists to achieve the desired effect.

Poor Reputation

Some bad tattoo ink brands may have a poor reputation within the tattoo community due to negative experiences with their products, such as excessive bleeding or difficulty healing.

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How to Choose a High-Quality Tattoo Ink Brand?

Choosing a high-quality tattoo ink brand is essential to ensure the longevity and safety of your tattoo. Here are some tips to help you choose the right brand:

Buy a Reputable Brand: 

Do your research and choose a tattoo ink brand that is reputable and trusted within the tattoo community.

Try to choose well-known, reputable, established companies that prioritize safety and quality.

Check for Certifications: 

Look for certifications from regulatory agencies such as the FDA or EU. This can ensure that the brand has met certain safety and quality standards.

Consider your Skin Type: 

Consider your skin type and any potential allergies or sensitivities when choosing a tattoo ink brand.

Read Reviews: 

Look for reviews from other tattoo artists or enthusiasts who have used the brand before. This can provide insight into the Ink’s consistency, color, and overall quality.

Avoid Cheap, Unbranded Inks: 

Avoid cheap, unbranded tattoo inks from countries like China, Thailand, or India. These inks are often made with low-quality ingredients and may pose serious health risks.

4 Recommended Tattoo Ink Brands

If you’re looking for a high-quality tattoo ink brand, you’re in luck! Many reputable brands are known for their consistency, safety, and quality.

Top Tattoo Ink Brands

Here are some of the top tattoo ink brands and why they are considered good:

Eternal Ink:

Eternal Ink is a favorite of many tattoo artists due to its consistency and high-quality pigments.

The Ink is also vegan and cruelty-free, making it a great choice for those who prioritize ethical and sustainable products.


It is another popular tattoo ink brand known for its consistency and bright, long-lasting colors.

The brand has a wide range of colors and shades, making it a versatile option for any type of tattoo.

Dynamic Ink

The vivid colors and silky texture of Dynamic Ink have made it famous. The organic pigments used in the brand’s recipe make it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Fusion Ink

It is a newer brand that has gained popularity among tattoo artists due to its high-quality pigments and smooth consistency.

The brand is also vegan and cruelty-free, making it a great option for ethical consumers.


Choosing the right tattoo ink is crucial for getting a beautiful and long-lasting tattoo.

Poor quality ink can not only lead to a subpar tattoo but also put your health at risk.

It’s important to avoid the worst tattoo ink brands, like Color King and cheap unbranded inks, and opt for a reputable brand that prioritizes safety and quality.

Look for certifications from regulatory agencies, and consider factors like consistency, color, and compatibility with your skin type.

By choosing a top brand such as Eternal Ink, Intenze, Dynamic Ink, or Fusion Ink, you can ensure that your tattoo looks great and stays safe for years.

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