7 Worst Hair Dye Brands to Avoid & 4 Alternatives

Have you ever experienced a hair dye disaster? You know, that sinking feeling when your once luscious locks have turned into a dry, damaged mess, or the horror of seeing a completely different color than what was promised on the box?

We’ve all been there, and it’s not a pleasant experience. But fear not, my fellow hair enthusiasts!

Today, we’ll be exploring the worst hair dye brands in the market, saving you from the frustration, disappointment, and heartache that comes with choosing the wrong product.

We’ve done the research, read the reviews, and listened to the horror stories to compile a comprehensive list of the bad brands.

In addition, we’ll also dig deep into the common issues that plague these low-quality brands, such as hair damage, allergic reactions, and color inconsistencies.

Based on our research, the worst hair dye brands to avoid are Stargazer, Bigen, N’Rage, Color Jamz, Manic Panic, Kuul, and La Riche Hair Directions Color.

Worst Hair Dye Brands

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Worst Hair Dye Brands

Now that we know which hair color brands to avoid let’s dig deep and see why you should stay far away from these companies.

Brand NameIssues
StargazerMessy application, disappointing color results, and hair damage
BigenSevere hair damage, inconsistent color results, and allergic reactions
N’RageUnderwhelming color payoff, persistent staining, and hair damage
Color JamzDull color results, rapid fading, and potential for hair dryness and brittleness
Manic PanicFading color, hair dryness, and brittleness
Kuul Color CreamUnpredictable color outcomes, quick fading, and hair damage
La Riche Hair Directions ColorFading color, hair dryness and brittleness

It’s essential to conduct research and read reviews before using a hair dye brand, as some of these products can cause severe hair damage and allergic reactions.

1. Stargazer:

I recently tried Stargazer’s hair dye in both Tropical Green and Turquoise shades, hoping to achieve a vibrant, bold look.

Unfortunately, my experience with this brand turned out to be quite disappointing.

First, the application process was messy and difficult, with the dye staining my skin and bathroom surfaces.

The colors didn’t turn out as expected; the Tropical Green looked dull and muddy, while the Turquoise faded quickly and unevenly after just a couple of washes.

To make matters worse, my hair felt dry and damaged after using Stargazer’s hair dye, making it one of the worst hair dyes I have ever tried.

2. Bigen

Bigen’s permanent powder hair color has quite a reputation in the hair dye world. Sadly, it’s not for the best reasons.

While some may be drawn to its affordable price and seemingly easy-to-use formula, it is among the bad hair dye brands to avoid.

First off, many users have reported that Bigen’s hair dye leads to severe hair damage, with some experiencing hair breakage and even hair loss.

Harsh chemicals found in the product, like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, can wreak havoc on your precious tresses.

Another common issue is the inconsistency in color results.

Imagine expecting a rich, chocolate brown, only to end up with an ashy, unflattering hue that leaves you feeling anything but fabulous. Talk about a hair dye horror story!

Additionally, some users have experienced allergic reactions to Bigen’s formula, ranging from mild itching to severe scalp irritation and inflammation.

This highlights the importance of conducting a patch test before diving headfirst into coloring your hair with an unfamiliar brand.

So, the next time you want to switch up your hair color, it might be best to steer clear of Bigen and opt for a more reliable and hair-friendly alternative.

3. N’Rage

When I tried N’Rage hair dye, I was initially drawn to its vibrant shade range. However, my experience proved to be less than satisfactory.

The color payoff was underwhelming, as the dye faded considerably after just a few washes.

Moreover, the staining was a significant issue, with my skin, towels, and pillowcases all falling victim to persistent discoloration.

The most concerning aspect of my encounter with N’Rage was the damage inflicted on my hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

In short, while N’Rage may offer an appealing variety of shades, its lackluster performance and damaging effects make it one of the bad hair dye brands available.

Hair Dye Brands to Avoid

4. Color Jamz

I found this hair dye at Sally Beauty Salon. While Color Jamz hair dye may entice you with its playful shades, it disappointingly falls short in performance.

Many users find the colors duller than expected and fade rapidly within just a few washes. The formula can also be inconsistent, resulting in uneven and patchy coverage.

Furthermore, some users have also experienced hair dryness and brittleness after using their hair color, raising concerns about the product’s impact on hair health.

In a nutshell, Color Jamz’s lackluster results and potential for damage make it a less-than-ideal choice in the world of semi-permanent hair colors.

5. Manic Panic

It’s surprising to find Manic Panic on a list of the worst hair dye brands to avoid, considering its popularity among hair color enthusiasts.

Although it is a vegan and cruelty-free hair color brand, it does have its drawbacks.

The main issue is the rapid fading of color, which can be frustrating, especially after investing time and effort into achieving the desired shade.

Additionally, the dye can be quite messy, staining your skin and bathroom surfaces, towels, and pillowcases.

While Manic Panic offers a fantastic range of vibrant colors, these shortcomings may make some users reconsider before returning to this brand.

6. Kuul Color Cream

Kuul Color Cream Hair Color might not be the first brand that comes to mind when searching for a hair dye. But it has gained some attention – and not necessarily in a good way.

Customers have reported that the color outcomes can be unpredictable, often turning out quite differently from the shade displayed on the packaging.

Additionally, the dye tends to fade quickly, leaving you with a less vibrant hue sooner than expected.

Furthermore, some users have experienced dryness and hair damage after using Kuul Color Cream Hair Color.

7. La Riche Hair Directions Color

I was eager to experiment with La Riche Hair Directions Color, expecting a striking and vivid semi-permanent color transformation. However, my experience fell short of my expectations.

The color I achieved was not as vibrant as I had hoped. It faded significantly after only a few washes.

Furthermore, my hair felt drier and more brittle after using La Riche Hair Directions Color.

While the brand offers a range of exciting shades, its performance and impact on hair health make it one of the worst semi-permanent hair dye brands that you should avoid.

10 Common Problems with Low-Quality Hair Dye Brands

While there are many issues with low-quality hair dyes, some more common problems include the following:

  1. Hair damage and breakage
  2. Allergic reactions and scalp irritation
  3. Color inconsistency and fading
  4. Application difficulties and mess
  5. Environmental and health concerns
  6. Inaccurate color representation
  7. Limited shade range
  8. Poor longevity and color retention
  9. Harsh chemical ingredients
  10. Strong, unpleasant odor

5 Alternative Reliable Hair Dye Brands

Reliable Hair Dye Brands

Here are our recommended hair color brands and the reasons why we have tried and selected these brands.

1. Wella Professionals

  • Trusted by professionals for its high-quality formulations
  • Consistent, vibrant color results
  • Wide range of shades available
  • Known for its gentle, ammonia-free options

2. Schwarzkopf Hair Color

  • Used by professionals and consumers alike
  • Offers long-lasting and true-to-tone colors
  • Has options for sensitive scalps
  • Boasts a variety of hair care products for color-treated hair

3. L’Oréal Paris

  • Offers a comprehensive range of hair dyes for different needs
  • Provides excellent gray coverage
  • Has ammonia-free options available
  • Known for its fade-defying technology

4. Garnier Nutrisse

  • Formulated with nourishing ingredients like avocado and shea oils
  • Delivers rich, long-lasting color
  • Offers a wide selection of shades
  • Provides solid gray coverage

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In conclusion, choosing the right hair dye brand can make or break your hair color experience.

The worst hair dye brands can lead to disastrous results, including hair damage, allergic reactions, color inconsistencies, etc.

Therefore, it’s crucial to research, read reviews, and avoid brands with a reputation for low-quality products.

Fortunately, many reliable hair dye brands are available, such as Wella Professionals, Schwarzkopf, and Garnier Nutrisse.

These brands offer consistent, vibrant color results and have options for various hair types and needs.

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