5 Worst Gasoline Brands + 8 Reliable Gas Stations

When I’m on the road, fueling my car becomes a crucial decision. It’s more than just the price tag; it’s about ensuring my car gets the best for optimal performance.

Just like how you’d be cautious about staying in one of the worst hotels while traveling, you should also be vigilant about where you source your gasoline.

Over the years, I’ve had both good and unfortunate experiences. And here’s the thing: not all gasoline brands are the same.

So, let me guide you through some of the worst gasoline brands to avoid based on my personal experience and thorough research.

Worst Gasoline Brands

Based on inconsistent fuel quality, the worst gasoline brands include 711, Safeway, Amoco & BP, OMGLife Autographer, and other unbranded gas stations.

Worst Gasoline Brands

1. 7-Eleven

7-11 is well-known for its convenience, offering quick grab-and-go items. However, fuel quality seems to be inconsistent regarding their gasoline.

This may be due to sourcing gasoline from varied suppliers, resulting in potential fluctuations in quality.

For those prioritizing consistent fuel quality, it might be worthwhile to consider other gasoline brands, as 711 is among the bad gas stations.

2. Safeway

Supermarkets like Safeway have become quite the one-stop shop. From groceries to, interestingly, gasoline.

At first glance, it’s reassuring to see that Safeway gasoline adheres to federal and state standards. However, delving deeper reveals a concerning detail.

The absence of a Top Tier certification suggests that the gasoline might lack the necessary additives to prevent engine deposits effectively.

Such deposits, over time, can hinder the engine’s performance, reducing its efficiency and lifespan.

So, while it might seem convenient to fill up your tank doing grocery shopping, consider the long-term implications on your car’s health.

3. Amoco & BP

Gasoline Brands to Avoid

These names were once synonymous with trust in the gasoline industry.

I remember the days when seeing an Amoco or BP sign was an assurance of quality.

However, times have changed. Their recent loss of the Top Tier certification was quite a shocker for many, including me.

This certification isn’t just a label; it assures the gasoline meets stringent quality standards.

Without it, there’s an underlying uncertainty about the quality and impact of the fuel on your engine.

It’s not necessarily that their gasoline has become bad overnight. Still, the absence of this certification makes it difficult to vouch for its consistent quality.

Thus, for me, it’s now a gasoline brand to avoid.

4. OMGLife Autographer

OMGLife Autographer is not a mainstream gasoline provider, and some drivers have reported varied experiences with their fuel quality.

It’s relatively obscure, and my experiences with it have been, let’s say, memorable.

The fuel quality seemed inconsistent, making me question its sourcing and refining processes.

On a couple of occasions, my car seemed less responsive after filling up here.

While I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute worst out there, it’s certainly not on my list of preferred choices.

Always prioritize renowned and tested brands, especially regarding something as crucial as your vehicle’s fuel.

5. Unbranded Gas Stations

Venturing into the unknown can sometimes lead to pleasant surprises. Other times, not so much.

Unbranded gas stations offer temptingly low prices, often found along less-traveled roads or in remote areas. But there’s often a catch.

A recognized brand name means there needs to be more accountability for the gasoline’s quality.

These worst gas stations might source their fuel from various suppliers, leading to inconsistent quality.

While they might be suitable for the occasional top-up in emergencies, relying on them is a gamble you should not be willing to take.

How to Spot Worst Gas Stations?

Have you ever been on a road trip, scanning the horizon for the nearest gas station?

Sure, that old pump in the middle of nowhere may look quirky for an Instagram shot, but separating good stations from the not-so-great ones is crucial.

Here’s your guide on how to spot bad gas stations that are not worth it.

Worst Gas Station

Old, Crumbling Pumps:

Much like you wouldn’t trust an ancient gadget to perform efficiently, the same goes for old pumps at gas stations.

Their age might mean they’re not dispensing fuel as accurately or effectively as newer models.

Signs such as faded labels, rusty nozzles, or handles that seem like they’ve seen better days should be approached with caution.

They could indicate a lack of maintenance and possibly a compromise on fuel quality.

No Top Tier Certification: 

The certification of Top Tier at a gas station is like a badge of honor. It’s an assurance that the gasoline you’re filling up with meets specific standards set by engine manufacturers.

Suppose you pull up to a station and can’t spot this certification. In that case, you might miss out on essential additives your engine loves.

Lack of Customer Traffic:

Ever heard of the phrase, “the crowd knows best”? A bustling gas station usually indicates frequent fuel turnover, especially during peak hours.

This translates to fresher gasoline for your vehicle. On the flip side, a station that looks like a ghost town might have fuel sitting for a while.

Suspiciously Low Prices:

Bargains are great, but when it comes to fuel, a price that seems too good to be true could be a warning sign. Rock-bottom prices might be a signal of subpar gasoline or, worse, diluted mixtures.

Messy Environment: 

First impressions count. A gas station that looks well-maintained and clean is more likely to take pride in its fuel quality, too.

If you notice litter, unattended spills, or even overgrown vegetation, it might be a reflection of the worst gas stations.

Vague Branding: 

Trusted and recognizable gasoline brands have built their reputation over time. If you come across a station with unfamiliar or unclear branding, there’s no guaranteed consistency in the gasoline quality they provide.

8 Top Tier Gasoline Brands in the USA

Best Gasoline Brands

The quality of gasoline is vital to your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

The USA boasts several top-tier gasoline brands that stand out due to their consistent quality and commitment to maintaining high standards.

1. Chevron

Recognized widely for its reliable gasoline, Chevron ensures your vehicle gets the care it deserves.

Its commitment to quality is evident in its consistent performance, and it is among the best gasoline brands.

2. Shell

This global giant is known for its vast reach and the high-quality gasoline it offers. Many drivers trust Shell for its consistent quality across various locations.

3. Mobil

An established name in the fuel industry, Mobil ensures that its gasoline meets and often exceeds industry standards.

It’s a go-to for many who want peace of mind when they fill up.


Priding itself on its unique blend of value and quality, this brand has carved a niche among discerning consumers.

ARCO emerges as a reliable gas station for those keen on getting the most bang for their buck.

It’s not just the competitive pricing that appeals to the masses; it’s the consistent gasoline quality that has built its reputation over the years.

With a strong commitment to environment-friendly practices and fuel efficiency, ARCO ensures drivers perform optimally without compromising their budgets.

5. Texaco

 A brand that’s been around for years, Texaco has retained its reputation for quality. Texaco often tops the list for those who want a dependable fuel choice.

6. Costco

Most recognize Costco for its bulk goods, but its venture into the gasoline sector shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Upholding its reputation for quality and value, Costco’s gasoline seamlessly meets top-tier fuel requirements.

More than just filling up your tank, it’s about providing vehicles with premium fuel that enhances performance, all within the brand’s signature cost-effective framework.

For members, the convenience of shopping and refueling in one spot only solidifies Costco’s position as a comprehensive service provider.

7. Gulf

A staple in many regions, the Gulf provides gasoline that complies with top-tier standards.

Their long-standing history in the industry speaks volumes about their quality.


With a recognizable logo and several outlets, CITGO has effectively balanced quality with availability. For many, it’s a trusted name when it comes to refueling.

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Remember, the health and performance of your vehicle are paramount.

While opting for convenience or a bargain is tempting, always prioritize quality and consistency.

The worst gasoline brands might be lurking just around the corner, presenting potential pitfalls for your engine.

So, the next time you reach for that pump, ensure it aligns with your vehicle’s best interests and peace of mind. After all, isn’t it worth giving your vehicle the best while sidestepping the pitfalls?

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