Unveiling 4 Worst Desks: Where Top Brands Fall Short

When it comes to setting up the perfect workspace, most of us think about the computer, gaming chair, and gadgets we’ll need.

Rarely do we give much thought to the foundation of that workspace: the desk. However, not all desks are made equal.

In my quest for the perfect workstation, I’ve encountered some desks that left much to be desired.

Based on personal experience and user feedback, the worst desks to avoid are Catrimown, OKD, Furinno, and Leconte.

4 Worst Desks to Skip

I’ve put together a list of the bad desks to help you steer clear of the same mistakes, just as one might want to avoid the bad furniture products.

Worst Desks

1. Catrimown Computer Desk

It’s not often I find myself thoroughly disappointed with a purchase, but the Catrimown Computer Desk tested my patience.

At first glance, its design promised a blend of elegance and practicality with its array of drawers and cabinets.

But as I began assembling it, it quickly slid into the category of one of the worst computer desks I’ve encountered.

Despite its expansive top, the drawers were surprisingly shallow.

The assembly was problematic, with missing holes and smaller drawers that would derail easily.

The espresso brown finish might look appealing, but don’t be misled.

The material felt subpar, and I even encountered tiny, hair-like fibers that resembled fiberglass during assembly.

The wood was also fragile, posing issues during setup.

In short, while the Catrimown Desk may seem promising at first glance, its practical use and quality were a letdown for me.

2. ODK U Shaped Desk

Worst Computer Desks

Upon first impressions, the ODK U Shaped Desk, boasting power outlets, LED strips, and a monitor stand, seems like a modern office solution.

However, digging deeper unveils its pitfalls. Several users have pointed out glaring quality issues, with some noticing substandard materials and incomplete or even cracked welds.

Such manufacturing flaws undermine the desk’s integrity and can compromise its durability in the long run.

Furthermore, a significant mismatch between the main slab of wood and the support beam has been observed, resulting in an unsettling gap.

This isn’t merely a cosmetic concern but speaks to the larger issue of inconsistent craftsmanship.

3. Furinno Econ Multipurpose Desk

Next on my list of bad office desks to avoid is the Furinno Econ Multipurpose Desk. From the onset, assembling this desk was a trouble.

Not only did it arrive with damages in critical areas like the top shelf, but there were also significant challenges related to the screws and hardware.

Additionally, the cleanup post-assembly was significant due to the abundant wood fillings.

The desk’s size was also misleading. The advertised workspace seemed larger, but the design incorporated a large shelf that limited the available desk space, reducing functionality.

A surprising drawback was the desk’s material. A minor incident with iced coffee condensation resulted in stains, raising concerns about the desk’s long-term durability.

While the Furinno Econ Desk might be suitable for temporary setups or smaller users, those looking for a long-lasting, functional workspace should skip it.

Office Desks to Avoid

4. Leconte Computer Desk

The Leconte Computer Desk, with its hutch and storage components, initially comes across as an ideal choice for a workspace.

Feedback from users, however, has raised concerns about the product quality.

One prominent issue highlighted by multiple users is the difference between product images and the delivered item.

The pictures suggest a robust and premium desk, but some users have received products that don’t quite match up.

Another concern is the quality of the desk’s finish. Damaged edges and subpar conditions upon arrival have been reported, naturally raising questions about its longevity and durability.

With product images being a significant factor in purchase decisions, it’s essential for there to be an accurate representation.

Based on feedback, the Leconte Desk is among the bad computer desks you should skip.

Just like how pool enthusiasts might want to steer clear of the bad pool table brands.


It’s tempting to fall for desks that visually appeal or fit a budget. Yet, as our deep dive into some of the market’s offerings reveals, not all that glitters is gold.

Among the myriad choices, some desks stand out, but unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

It’s essential to see beyond initial impressions and dig deeper, ensuring you don’t end up with one of the worst desks that could mar your productivity.

Remember, your workspace is an investment in your efficiency and well-being. Choose wisely, and prioritize quality over mere aesthetics.

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