3 Worst Pool Table Brands to Avoid + Top Billiard Makers

Imagine investing in a pool table for unforgettable game nights, only to be disappointed by poor quality and performance. With countless options available, it’s easy to stumble upon subpar products.

That’s where our ultimate guide on the Worst Pool Table Brands comes in.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you to uncover the truth behind those ill-famed pool table brands you should avoid at all costs.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priority, so let’s dive in and save you from potential buyer’s remorse!

Worst Pool Table Brands to Avoid

Based on our playing experience and customer reviews, the Worst Pool Table brands to avoid include Mizerak, Hathaway, and Fat Cat.

Worst Pool Table Brands

1. Mizerak

The Mizerak brand may seem enticing with its affordable pricing and wide selection. However, beware: not all that glitters is gold.

Numerous customers have reported many issues with Mizerak pool tables, ranging from poor construction to shoddy materials.

Some have found the playing surface uneven, leading to unpredictable ball movements and ruining the gameplay experience.

Others have encountered flimsy frames that wobble and creak under pressure, raising concerns about the table’s longevity.

The disappointment doesn’t end there, with users lamenting the difficulty of assembly and lack of clear instructions.

It’s evident that Mizerak’s focus on affordability comes at the cost of quality and durability, leaving many buyers filled with regret.

If you’re searching for a pool table that won’t let you down, avoiding Mizerak pool tables is wise.

2. Hathaway

Based on my experience Hathaway is the worst pool table brand out there. My friend purchased the Hathaway Fairmont 6ft Portable Pool Table, and it was a disaster from the start.

First off, the construction of the table was shoddy at best. The corners didn’t line up properly, and the felt was wrinkled.

Getting a decent shot on this table was almost impossible without the balls bouncing everywhere.

Secondly, the accessories that came with the table were cheap and flimsy. The cues were warped, and some balls were uneven. It was like Hathaway was trying to cut corners at every turn.

In short, my friend’s experience with the Hathaway Fairmont 6ft Portable Pool Table was a complete and utter disappointment.

If you’re in the market for a pool table, I recommend avoiding Hathaway at all costs. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and disappointment in the long run.

Pool Table Brands to Avoid

3. Fat Cat

When evaluating a product, customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of a product.

In the case of the Fat Cat Portable Pool Table, many customers have reported that it is a poor and low-quality pool table.

In addition to its poor construction, the Fat Cat Portable Pool Table also has design flaws. The table’s small and shallow pockets make it difficult to sink shots.

The felt on the table is also low quality, which means it wears out quickly and must be replaced often.

Despite its flaws, some customers still found the Fat Cat Portable Pool Table suitable.

Many have noted that the table’s portability makes it a good choice for those who want to bring a pool table to a party or event.

However, for anyone serious about playing pool, the table’s poor construction and design flaws make it a frustrating and disappointing choice.

Overall, it is clear that the Fat Cat Portable Pool Table is a bad pool table brand to avoid, and customer reviews have reinforced this.

Some other brands that you might want to stay away from:

The Red Flags: Signs of a Bad Pool Table Brand

When considering a pool table brand, it’s crucial to recognize the warning signs that may indicate a less-than-stellar product. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

Substandard Materials:

  • Cheap wood prone to warping or cracking
  • A low-quality cloth that wears easily
  • Flimsy hardware and components

Shoddy Craftsmanship:

  • Uneven playing surfaces cause unpredictable ball movements
  • Wobbly frames affecting stability and durability
  • Poorly fitted or misaligned parts

Inadequate Customer Support:

  • Unresponsive or unhelpful service teams
  • Limited warranty coverage or hidden terms
  • Consistent negative reviews and unresolved complaints

Reliable Pool Table Brands

Top Pool Table Brands

Now that you are familiar with the worst billiard brands let me share some top-rated pool table brands known for their exceptional craftsmanship and performance:

Diamond Billiards

Diamond Billiards has earned its reputation as a leading pool table brand by consistently delivering top-notch products catering to casual players and professionals.

Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, Diamond pool tables boast perfectly flat playing surfaces, resilient cloth, and solid construction, ensuring a superior gaming experience.

The brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality materials guarantees long-lasting durability that withstands the test of time.

If you’re looking for a pool table that combines exceptional performance with an elegant design, Diamond Billiards is a choice you won’t regret.


Brunswick Billiards has been a trusted name in the pool table industry for over a century, continuously delivering high-quality products that blend tradition and innovation seamlessly.

With a strong focus on craftsmanship and materials, Brunswick pool tables are built to provide a smooth and accurate playing experience.

The brand’s dedication to excellence has made it popular among casual enthusiasts and professional players.

When you invest in a Brunswick pool table, you acquire a beautiful piece of furniture and a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to quality and performance.


I recently purchased the Olhausen Waterfall pool table and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

This beautifully designed table adds a touch of sophistication to my game room and offers a top-notch playing experience.

The Waterfall model’s Accu-Fast cushions and perfectly level playing surface provide consistent ball response, ensuring every game is enjoyable and competitive.

Olhausen’s commitment to using high-quality materials is evident in every table detail, from the solid hardwood construction to the durable cloth.

The investment in the Olhausen Waterfall pool table has been worth every penny. I look forward to many years of memorable games and shared moments with friends and family.

Final Words

In conclusion, investing in a pool table is an exciting decision, but it can also be overwhelming with many options.

It’s crucial to research and avoid the worst pool table brands that could leave you with buyer’s remorse.

Mizerak, Hathaway, and Fat Cat are known for their poor construction, low-quality materials, and inadequate customer support.

On the other hand, Diamond Billiards, Brunswick, and Olhausen are top-rated pool table brands known for their exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your preferences and budget, but investing in a quality pool table brand is a decision you won’t regret.

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