List of 5 Worst Golf Balls To Avoid in 2024

The worst golf ball can ruin your game or cause you to embarrass yourself in front of your mates.

So, staying far away from the brands producing the worst golf balls is imperative.

There are a number of golf balls out there, and all of them look almost similar. So, it is difficult to choose the correct one that rolls well on the golf course.

Our expert review team tried out different golf balls on the golf course. We have picked golf balls based on their spin, distance, landing, bounce, size, drifts, durability, and quality.

We tested more than 15 golf balls and found that Wilson, CALLAWAY, Pinnacle, VICE, and TOP FLITE are the worst golf balls.

Let’s find out more about these golf balls.

Worst Golf Balls List

Worst Golf Balls

The following are the five worst golf balls to stay away from.

1. Wilson – Staff DUO

Wilson - Staff DUO

The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball is the longest and softest ball available on the market.

It is made up of a thin cast urethane cover and a mid-hardness ionomer mantle layer.

With this ball around, you’ll get more spin on the green. Usually, it comes in a pack of 12 balls. It is just an ordinary golf ball with some flaws that you should be aware of.

Check out the following issues before buying.

  • Drifts in strong winds
  • Lacks workability
  • Better ball strikers would not benefit from super-low compression.
  • The price is a bit high.

While addressing the drawbacks of the Wilson Staff Duo, it’s also important for golfers to consider their footwear on the course. The right shoes can significantly impact your game, and understanding which ones to avoid is crucial.

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Callaway Chrome gives golfers a more distance-oriented experience at an affordable price.

These golf balls are made from super-tough Graphene, the world’s thinnest and strongest material.

Also, their thinner and more resilient cover allows a ball to travel further and faster.

Despite its reputation, this brand has a few drawbacks that need your attention.

  • Higher spin can exaggerate poor shots
  • Many find these balls too soft and sluggish
  • Balls are slightly shorter than TaylorMade TP5
  • Many fake sellers sell online, so be aware
  • Not ideal for beginners and weekend warriors

3. Pinnacle – Gold

Pinnacle – Gold

Pinnacle Gold is recognized as a beginner brand due to its ability to blend product quality with affordability.

These balls are available in packs of 9, 12, 15, and balls per pack.

The majority of their golf balls are incredibly hard, making them difficult to spin on the course.

Although they have recently launched some softer balls, the quality is low.

Here are some reasons to stay away from pinnacle gold.

  • Doesn’t spin well on the field
  • It doesn’t cover much distance
  • Unsatisfactory landing
  • Inferior quality compared to its alternatives
  • Not a choice of pro players

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For golfers with a high swing speed, the Pro Soft is the best choice for covering large distances and improving visibility during ball flight.

It is made with a 3-piece case Urethane cover with a durable 336 dimple pattern.

But before you count on VICE PRO SOFT, check out the following issues.

  • Balls ruptured while playing
  • The compression rate is a bit poor
  • Some sacrifices in distance
  • Many online unauthorized sellers



TOP FLITE is the best choice for beginners and weekend warriors who are just casual players and don’t care about the scoring.

These balls are rigid in structure, which makes them hard to spin on the green.

Although these balls are incredibly inexpensive, but not the right choice to increase your golf score.

Check the following reasons why you should avoid these golf balls.

  • Doesn’t offer much spin
  • Little workability
  • In strong winds, it flies like a balloon.
  • Average material quality
  • Not a choice for touring pros

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Golf Balls

Choosing the right brand from so many will be difficult for an individual.

Therefore, you need to know the difference between the good and the worst golf balls available on the market.

This guide will help you analyze the product quality before deciding on a particular brand. The following are the parameters you need to determine when buying.

1. Construction

It is a vital consideration because the overall ball performance is highly dependent on the material quality and type of construction. Below are the five common construction types.

i) One-Piece
Surlyn dimples are shaped into a strong piece of Surlyn to make one-piece balls. It is the inexpensive and most basic design of any golf ball. These are primarily designed for beginners.

ii) Two-Piece
The two-piece golf ball has a sturdy core made out of high acrylate. It is protected by a durable, cut-resistant molded cover that gives it more distance.

It is best for average golfers due to its long roll reach and durability.

iii) Multi-layers
Experienced golfers can use multi-layer golf balls. These are the extra layers between the core and cover, which help improve control and shot sculpting.


Check your game style to decide the correct type, as this category highly depends on your playing style.

i) Distance
Distance balls have a broader center core and thinner cover, which helps to improve overall yardage while minimizing the spin.

ii) Soft Feel
This type is built to give you a straighter hit while reducing side spin, which helps you avoid hooks and slices.

iii) Tour performance
This multi-layer golf ball type is best for professional golfers. These layers help you get whole spin and power around the greens while maintaining minimum spin and maximum distance.


Surlyn and urethane are the two styles of covers used on golf balls.

i) Surlyn
It is an ionomer resin, which is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant.

ii) Urethane
It is a little softer and less durable than Surlyn. Urethane is used on multi-layer golf balls since it improves spin and control in shorter games.


The primary goal of this guide is to highlight the golf ball brands to avoid in today’s market. All of the brands mentioned above are not entirely bad.

Still, they have produced some low-quality golf balls that can ruin your playing experience and time.

You must first determine your game style to make the right brand choice. This is where you can find out the best and the worst golf balls for you.

When buying online, check the reviews of the product to make sure of the quality.

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