4 Worst Golf Shoes to Avoid [Bad Sneakers]

Golfers know the importance of a good swing, a solid grip, and the perfect golf shoes.

 But just as some standout golf shoes can significantly improve your game, others might leave you wishing you’d given them a miss.

Today, we’ll talk about the golf shoes to avoid. Let’s uncover the hall of fame for the worst golf shoes out there.

Worst Golf Shoes

The worst golf shoes include Thestron, DREAMEAGLE, Skechers, and Adidas Men’s Spikeless Sneakers. These shoes lack reliability, comfort, and value for money.

Worst Golf Shoes

1. Thestron Men’s Golf Shoes

Having tried Thestron Men’s Golf Shoes, I must relay my experiences to fellow golfers out there.

Initially, the design and price point enticed me, leading me to give them a whirl on the greens.

For a sport as precise as golf, comfort and durability are paramount.

While Thestron’s shoes offered decent traction and initially seemed comfortable, their longevity left much to be desired.

Their lack of durability, especially in wet conditions, mirrors some of the bad golf balls that similarly underperform in challenging environments.

After wearing them for only a few rounds over 3 months, the shoes began showing signs of wear and tear.

Notably, they detached from the sole in places, and the outer layer of one shoe even tore.

Though they boast of being waterproof, my pair did not weather well through the moist conditions of the Florida courses. To add, despite the sizing I opted for, they felt a tad snugger than expected.

While the aesthetics and initial feel might appeal to some, my experience suggests avoiding these pairs of shoes.

2. Adidas Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes

Recently, I gave the Adidas Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes a shot, expecting the standard Adidas quality.

Unfortunately, Adidas, a renowned brand, missed the mark with this particular poor pair of shoes.

Despite being spikeless, the shoes should have still offered a stable grounding. Yet I found the soles to be somewhat weak, rendering them unstable during crucial golf swings.

What surprised me even more was their advertised water-resistant capabilities.

On one particularly damp day on the greens, I was met with the unsettling squelch of water with every step instead of the comfort and dryness I anticipated.

By the round’s end, my feet were undeniably wet. For me, it was among the worst Adidas shoes ever.

When thinking of the least reliable spikeless golf shoes, these, unfortunately, spring to mind.

I recommend that fellow golfers explore alternatives that align more closely with on-course needs.

Golf Shoes to Avoid

3. DREAMEAGLE Waterproof Golf Shoes

The DREAMEAGLE Waterproof Golf Shoes come with a promise of lightweight comfort and professional-grade quality.

However, based on user feedback, there seem to be concerns regarding their durability and functionality.

Within a short span of regular usage, some have reported the glue failing, leading to parts of the shoe separating.

Additionally, despite claims of being waterproof, there are instances of the shoes not meeting these expectations, causing discomfort during play.

A particular point of contention is the toe cap’s durability, with reports of it deteriorating rather quickly.

Taking into account these observations, potential buyers might want to exercise caution.

Based on the current feedback, DREAMEAGLE may benefit from revisiting its product design and quality to avoid being associated with the worst golf shoe brand tag.

4. Skechers Men’s Go Elite 5 Golf Sneakers

The Skechers Men’s Go Elite 5 Golf Sneakers have been promoted for their unique slip-in design. But, they are not as user-friendly as advertised.

Some users have found the slip-in feature challenging, with certain shoe sizes not aligning with the usual standards.

This has made it difficult for some to fit into the sneakers comfortably.

A common issue raised pertains to the ratchet knob on the side of the shoe, which is meant to secure a proper fit.

This knob has been reported to come loose and, in some cases, is easily lost.

Ideally, replacing or ordering this specific part would be a straightforward process. Still, customers have highlighted complications in addressing this with Skechers.

Considering the price point of around $135 for these sneakers, such issues might be unexpected.

Skechers’ Go Elite 5 sneaker issues, especially concerning the ratchet knob, make one wonder if this is a trend across other sports shoes, like the worst wrestling shoes or worst running shoes.

The Go Elite 5, based on these accounts, is among the list of bad golf sneakers to avoid until the brand addresses the concerns.

Bad Golf Shoes

How to Spot Bad Golf Shoes?

Identifying subpar golf shoes is crucial for an optimal golfing experience. Here’s a simple guide to recognizing signs indicating a shoe is not up to par.

1. Grip and Traction

A foundational element of good golf shoes is their ability to grip the ground. Potential issues include:

  • Flat or overly worn-out spikes
  • Inadequate traction, especially on wet greens
Worst Golf Sneakers

2. Water Resistance

For those who often play in the morning or in damp conditions, water resistance is key. Watch out for shoes that:

  • Absorb water easily
  • Don’t explicitly mention water-resistant or waterproof features

3. Sizing Concerns

Accurate shoe sizing ensures comfort and stability. Some warning signs include:

  • Brands with known sizing discrepancies
  • Lack of half-sizes or specific fit options

4. Comfort Aspects

Playing 18 holes requires shoes that offer consistent comfort. Red flags might be:

  • Minimal cushioning or arch support
  • An overly rigid design

5. Price Considerations

Although everyone appreciates a good deal, a shoe’s price can sometimes indicate its quality. Be cautious with shoes that:

  • Have a surprisingly low price point
  • Appear to use lower-quality materials

Summing Up

Every detail counts in your pursuit of the perfect game, including the shoes that support you round after round.

While the market is brimming with options, it’s essential to be discerning and informed.

Equipped with insights about the worst golf shoes that do not deliver, you’re better positioned to find a pair that complements your game and stands the test of time.

Prioritize comfort, durability, and value over mere aesthetics. The right shoes can enhance your performance, so choose wisely and let every step on the green be a confident one.

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