7 Worst Coffee Brands to Avoid in 2023

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks in the world, with nearly 4 billion cups of drink every day. Since their inception in Ethiopia around the 9th century, the green Coffee beans have come a long way seeing many evolutions and growing in stature year after year.

For coffee lovers, it’s more than just a drink that freshens them; it’s a ritual that they enjoy and takes pride in. The aroma, flavor, taste, everything needs to be pitch-perfect.

Surely, a good cup of coffee in the morning will swing your mood, and make you more energetic, motivated, and full of enthusiasm.

Not only that, but it also boosts your brainpower, strengthens your immune system, and helps you to lose fat. Now that’s some excellent news. Right!!!



Whether you love Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee, finding the perfect type and brand can be challenging. The reason is that there are hundreds of brands with countless flavors available.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you out! Our team has gathered feedback from various social platforms and conducted surveys of coffee lovers to determine the worst coffee brands that you should avoid.

List of Worst Coffee Brands

Note: Keep in mind that all the products of the below-mentioned brands are not bad. But, we are talking about the brand as a whole, so let’s dig into it without wasting any time.

It was launched by John Arbuckle in 1905 and was a favorite Coffee Brand for many Americans for over a century.

John Arbuckle used to prepare the Yuban Blend with the best South American beans. Due to this, its coffee became popular throughout the country.

1.    Seattle’s Best Coffee 

The brand was launched in 1970 and owned by Starbucks since 2003. Starbucks took over this brand to compete with Blue Collar Coffee brands like Folgers, Maxwell House, etc. It wanted to target and capture the budget-friendly market.

The brand deals in Ground coffee, whole beans, and K-cup pods but don’t let the reputation of Starbucks distract you like the taste. The aroma of the coffee will make you utterly disappointed because their flavors taste extra bitter.

2.    Folgers:

Another giant in Coffee Business. Folgers is one the most popular coffee brand and has more than 25% market share of coffee consumption in America.

All the popularity aside, it’s shocking that Folgers does not offer any organic varieties. This means it is not free from pesticides and other toxic materials.

The Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee and Folgers Classic Roast have higher levels of acrylamide. This carcinogen might cause cancer if consumed in significant amounts.

However, the brand is cheap and affordable to many; the taste and health concerns have dragged it brand to our list of worst coffee brands.

3.    Death Wish Coffee

This US brand was launched in 2012 and claimed that they produce World’s Strongest Coffee. Some loyal brand fans claim that one cup of Dark Roast Coffee will completely wake you up. 

However, this one cup contains caffeine of around 6 to 7 cups of regular coffee (the exact quantity is unknown). 

Although the brand is USDA certified, their coffee beans are organic, and the taste and amount of caffeine are not just worth it. 

Several feedbacks were also collected regarding the overhyped of the World’s Strongest Coffee. But shockingly, 60% of the people found it standard, with the taste of the coffee being average.

4.    McDonald’s Mc Café:

The world’s favorite fast-food chain launched Mc Café in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993.

The most passionate fans of McDonald’s can take an oath on Mc Café, and for them, this could be a shocking entry to our Worst Coffee Brands list.

While Mcdonald’s offers a wide range of coffee flavors, the standard of their taste and quality varies from restaurant to restaurant. You could get a great cup of coffee that will make your day or a flat taste that could make your day miserable.

Another reason you want to stay away from drinking it in McDonald’s restaurants is the hygiene environment. News regarding unhealthy practices has spread all over social forums.

Mc Café bought from the store is even more disappointing; all the flavors taste miserable and burnt.

5.    Maxwell House:

This brand was launched in 1892 and ruled over the hearts of the American people for over a century. Not even Folgers could match its popularity.

But, after 1985, its popularity decreased gradually as the taste of the good old Maxwell House Coffee started to fade away.

The brand also does not offer any organic variety, which is a big concern nowadays as people are more cautious about their health and environment.

Although the brand is cheap, freshness is an issue as it does not contain freshly ground or brewed coffee. The combination of Arabica and Robusta in most products also means more caffeine content. So, it might be harmful to some people.

We would not suggest that Maxwell House’s coffee products are bad as they offer 100% Arabica Coffee, which is a lot better.

6.    Nescafe:

Nescafe is a coffee brand launched by Nestle. Various flavors are popular in America, especially the Gold Blend.

But recently, it appears that they have changed their recipe, and the taste has gone vile.

The most loyal customers are now turning away from the brand due to this drastic change.

7.    YUBAN

The brand is now owned by Kraft Foods and their Rainforest Alliance certification in 2006. They are now concerned about the environment and are using best ecological practices.

Though it remains a budget-friendly coffee brand, the brand has lost its touch in the last decade. Their loyal customers have raised several complaints that the coffee does not taste the same and Yuban has altered its recipe.

One of the reasons might be due to the cost of raw materials going up in the last few decades. If Yuban still wants to be a Budget-Friendly Coffee brand, they had to find other ways to be cost-efficient and competitive.

Customers don’t care about any excuse. They just want the Original Yuban Coffee that they drank and enjoyed every day, generation after generation.

Now, Yuban would have to come up with another strategy. Otherwise, they will lose all of their loyal customers and would slump further down in the rankings.

Does coffee make you gain weight?

Coffee is a hot beverage that many people drink every day for its refreshing taste and stimulating effect. But does coffee actually make you gain weight? Does it have any impact on your health?

The short answer is yes. It is a well-known fact that coffee can cause an increase in the amount of water in your body, which will lead to weight gain.

But how do you know if it does make you gain weight? In a study conducted by Harvard University, they found out that people who drink more than five cups per day had an increased risk of becoming obese and overweight.

In addition to this, other factors contribute to weight gain, including genetics, eating too much processed food, and lack of exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coffee bad for your health?

Coffee is beneficial to the majority of illnesses. But, if you drink too much coffee, you face the danger of developing health problems. Caffeine might raise blood pressure and heart rate in some individuals. Coffee has also been linked to dehydration if you drink it without water or milk.

Is it bad to drink a cup of coffee every day?

Coffee can cause a lot of health problems for people. It is best to drink coffee in moderation and only when needed. Thinking about how much caffeine you consume and the health consequences can be a good way to decide whether or not you should drink a cup of coffee every day.

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We hope you have found our list of the worst coffee brands to avoid informatively. Choosing the best coffee brand according to your need is like choosing your life partner.

A good decision can make your life pleasant, and a wrong choice can make it dreadful. It would be best to look out for brands with organic, fresh, and certified coffee.

One more piece of advice would be to buy from the brand itself and look for the Roast Date rather than the Best before date. It will help you determine whether your coffee is fresh or not.

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