RV Water Pump Not Working | 6 Reasons & Solutions

We all know that RV life is difficult. The joys of camping are many, but one of the major issues for RVers is water pump failures.

A common cause for this problem is when you use the wrong size of hose or fittings for any connections on your Camper.

Use only those specified for your particular RV model. There could be many more reasons for water pump failure in RVs.

Therefore, it is important to know what exactly causes your water pump to fail so that you can fix it on your own.

This article will teach you how to diagnose and troubleshoot an RV water pump problem on a camper or RV.

Make sure to read all the way to the end to learn about the most prevalent reasons for malfunctioning water pumps in RVs.

Quick Fix: Troubleshoot RV water pump by checking freshwater levels, inspecting leaks, unclogging supply lines, verifying power, and testing the motor.

RV Water Pump Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

RV Water Pump Not Working

Here are 5 things that you need to check if your RV water pump is not working.

But first, look at the table below, which provides a quick solution to this problem.

ProblemEasy Fix
Freshwater Tank is EmptyRefill the freshwater tank.
Leaked LinesCheck hose for cracks or air leaks. Use a hydrometer kit for verification.
Supply Line is Blocked or CloggedTurn off electricity, drain all faucets, and clear blockages. Check for rusty or dirty coil in reservoir.
Pump Lacks PowerVerify backup generator status. Check switch connections. Inspect for broken/jagged wires.
Mechanical Issues with the PumpInspect electrical wiring, motor mountings, look for leaks, and ensure valves are closed.
Pump Motor IssuePlug pump into a socket. If no light, replace pump motor. Check hose or tube connections.

1. Check if the Freshwater Tank Has Water

If your RV water pump isn’t working, you should first check if there’s fresh water in the tank.

And if there isn’t, then the chances are that your pump has failed or there’s a problem with the water supply.

If freshwater is in the tank, you can check and see if your breaker has a power issue. If so, it’s time to call a professional for help.

Moreover, if your power breaker isn’t tripped and you still have power in the trailer, there might be a problem with low pressure from one of your tanks, which could be out of fuel or freshwater.

2. Check For Leaked Lines

Troubleshooting can cause a lot of problems when a water pump leaks. It can damage the vehicle and parts and even create a fire.

So, checking for troubleshooting and repairing the leak before you start your RV up again to avoid these problems is important.

The leaking problem is usually caused by a crack in the hose of the water pump or another part that connects to it.

Sometimes, there are no cracks on either end, but water is still leaking at one end. This normally happens when you have an air leak in your water pump system.

A leaky water pump can be checked for with a hydrometer kit, which shows how much pressure is being lost at any given time.

RV water pump won't work

3. Check If the Supply Line is Blocked or Clogged

When your water pump is clogged, it can cause a lot of damage to your RV. To avoid this, you should be able to identify the problem in time and take care of the issue before it becomes too serious.

Here are some common signs that your pump is malfunctioning:

  • The motor runs constantly for more than 30 minutes without stopping.
  • Your water pressure drops significantly.
  • You see a rusty or dirty coil inside your RV’s reservoir.

So, opening the hoses to clear the clog is important to avoid these costly problems. There are various ways you can open the hose without damaging it.

To clear all blockages, you need to follow this:

  • Turn off the electricity at the breaker box.
  • Stop all appliances from running
  • Open all faucets so that the water drains out of them
  • Remove any tree limbs blocking the supply lines

4. Check if The Pump has Power

If the pump is not working, it can either be due to a power outage, a faulty switch, or the pump simply shorted out.

A) Power outage: If the power goes out with your RV, you might need to use your backup generator, which will cause the problem of not having enough power for both.

B) Switch failure: The power switch may have been broken during transport. You’ll need to check if it is plugged in properly and readjust if needed.

C) Short circuit: The motor may have overheated and caused a short circuit, preventing electricity from flowing through the wire.

Another common problem with an RV water pump is that it doesn’t get sufficient electricity from the battery due to a broken or jagged wire.

However, on some occasions, when you connect a new wire for power, you find out it’s not getting electricity either.

To fix this problem and avoid any further difficulties in the future, you should carefully inspect your wiring system before plugging in any new device.

5. Check for Mechanical Issues With the Pump

If you still have a problem with the RV water pump, check for a few things.

These checks should help you distinguish between a mechanical issue and one that could be caused by something else.

Mechanical issues:

  • Check the electrical wiring – if the wires are exposed, they may be shorted out or have a broken wire.
  • Check the motor and motor mountings – if they are loose, they can cause an issue with the pump.
  • Check for leaks in any of the components of the pump.
  • Check for open valves.

But, if you are still unable to resolve the issue, call your local electric company for help.

Fixing RV water pump

6. Check the Pump Motor

You must also check if the motor is working well or needs replacement. It is important to note that the problem could stem from various other issues.

So, before you replace the pump motor, ensure you have ruled out some other common problems first.

If your RV’s water pump isn’t functioning, try the following:

  • Plug the pump into a power socket to see if it receives electricity. If power is coming in and no lights are on, you need to replace the pump motor.
  • If power is coming in and lights are on, but the water isn’t being pumped out. Two things have happened: the hose or tube has disconnected, or the pump has broken.

What to do if the RV water pump keeps running?

If your RV water pump keeps running, your RV water line may be broken, or the pressure switch may be defective.

To stop the pump from running, you can turn off the power to your RV at the breaker box.

You can disconnect the hose from the water source and pull it out of your Motor Home.

You should consult a professional technician if you suspect something else is wrong with your RV’s electrical system.

Why is My RV Water Pump Making Noise?

The RV water pump makes a humming noise when it is in use. This noise can be at a frequency that humans cannot hear.

However, if the noises are extremely loud, various factors might lead to this. For example, if you have a leak, vibration from the motor, or dust and dirt around the air intake.

Before you replace your RV’s water pump, keep an eye out for these common problems.

How do I know if my RV water pump is bad?

Checking the functionality of the water pump is a crucial step in knowing whether or not it needs replacing.

So, learning how to check if your pump has gone bad is imperative.

Some signs of a bad RV water pump include:

  • Loud noise or sound coming from the motor when running.
  • Less power or the pump pulling harder than normal.
  • Slow motor speed when running.
  • Low pressure on the gauge.

How long does an RV water pump last?

The lifespan of an RV water pump depends on several factors, such as type and model, climate, and usage. Generally, we can expect a pump to last between 7 and 10 years.



This article aimed to provide users with a step-by-step guide on Camper water pump troubleshooting.

Before you start troubleshooting your RV’s water pump, there are various things you should know.

What is the most common cause of the trouble? How can you tell that your pump needs to be replaced? And what are the most common signs of a problem with your RV’s water system?

One of the first things you should do if your RV water pump is not working is to check the voltage on your home power supply.

If there’s a problem with your power, there could be a negative impact on your water pump as well.

If the flow restrictor in the hose has been removed or broken, this is another common cause of an RV water pump problem.

If this happens, there will be no pressure in your hose, and no water will come out as a result.

But, if you are planning to buy a new Travel trailer in the near future, then check out the list of the RV brands to avoid.

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