Norcold Rv Refrigerator Not Cooling – Easy Solutions

Norcold Rv Refrigerator Not Cooling

Norcold RV refrigerators are a great appliance that keeps food fresh and safe throughout your travels. Still, they do have their share of problems.

The failure of RV refrigerators to cool effectively is one of the most typical issues. If this problem happens to you, there are easy troubleshooting tips to solve it.

We will go over a list of the issues for Norcold RV Refrigerator Not Cooling and some solutions for these problems.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Not Cooling

Fix your Norcold RV refrigerator’s cooling issues by checking the compressor, thermostat, and electrical wiring. Inspect the evaporator coil and condenser fan for damage. Replace worn-out seals for optimal cooling.

However, before going into the details, please take a look at the following, which summarizes the common reasons for cooling malfunction and their quick fix.

Common ProblemQuick Fix
Compressor NoiseInspect compressor; consider professional repair or replacement.
Faulty ThermostatReplace the malfunctioning thermostat.
Damaged Electrical WiringContact an electrician for repair.
Evaporator Coil IssuesInspect and clean; consider replacement if damaged.
Condenser Fan NoiseInspect fan; consider repair or replacement.
Worn-out SealsCheck and replace worn-out door and drain pan seals.

1. Check the Compressor:

The compressor is the heart of your Norcold refrigerator. The main purpose of the compressor is to keep the refrigeration unit working properly.

If the compressor is not working properly, then the refrigeration unit will not be able to keep the inside of the RV cool enough.

If you hear a low or high-pitched noise when the compressor is working, then the compressor is not working properly.

2. Inspect the Thermostat: 

The thermostat is the control panel that controls the temperature inside the RV refrigerator.

If the thermostat is malfunctioning, then the refrigerator will not be able to keep the temperature inside the RV at the desired temperature.

If the thermostat is broken, you will need to replace it to solve the problem.

3. Check the Electrical Wiring:

The electrical wiring in your RV refrigerator is the most important part of the refrigeration unit. If the electrical wiring is damaged, the refrigerator will not keep the temperature inside the RV cool enough.

If you see that there is a lot of electrical noise, then the wiring is damaged. You should contact an electrician to fix the problem.

4. Inspect the Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coil, located in the back of the refrigerator, is the part that is responsible for the refrigerant condensing and cooling your food.

If the evaporator coil is damaged or clogged, it cannot work properly.

When inspecting the evaporator coil, check the following:

  • Is the evaporator coil working correctly?
  • Is the evaporator coil leaking?
  • Is the evaporator coil getting hot?
  • Is the evaporator coil damaged?

5. Check the Condenser Fan:

The condenser fan is the part of the refrigeration unit that is responsible for moving the refrigerant around the unit.

If the condenser fan is not working properly, then the refrigeration unit will not be able to keep the temperature inside the RV cool enough.

So, if you hear a low or high-pitched noise when the fan is working, then the fan is not working properly.

6. Ensure Seals are Not Worn Out: 

The seals on your RV refrigerator are important to keep it cool. If the seals are worn out, moisture will get in and cause the unit to not cool as well.

Check the seals on the door and the seal around the drain pan. If the seals are worn out, a fridge will create a problem keeping the temperature cool inside.

If the seals are in good shape, check the drain pan seal. This seal should be a rubber ring and should be located on the backside of the drain pan.

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A Norcold RV refrigerator not cooling can be a real problem for you. Not only will it stop you from enjoying your favorite food, but it will also cause you to spend more money on groceries than necessary.

If the fridge is not cooling, you should first check the freezer temperature sensor. If the temperature sensor is not functioning, this could be the source of your problem.

However, if you are still unable to fix an issue, let us know in the comment, or you can take it to a repair shop to fix it.

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