Magneto Longboard Review 2024 [Bought & Tested]

When you think of longboarding, one brand that instantly comes to mind is Magneto.

This California-based powerhouse has been creating waves in the longboarding world thanks to its attention to quality, performance, and aesthetics.

Today, I’m going to share my in-depth Magneto longboard review to help you determine if this board is the perfect fit for you.

Magneto Longboards: A Brief Overview

Originating from sunny California, Magneto emerged as one of the most recognized online and offline brands.

What’s particularly impressive about Magneto is the variety of designs on offer, each oozing innovation and uniqueness.

What sets Magneto apart from other conventional skateboard brands is the choice of materials. Instead of relying on maple alone, they employ bamboo and fiberglass in their decks.

From my experience, this unique material combination enhances durability while improving flex, making it a delight for longboarding enthusiasts.

Quick Review: Magneto Longboards offer great value, durability, versatility & affordability for all skaters. The ideal balance of quality & performance.

Magneto Longboard Review

After testing several Magneto Longboards, I’ve picked their top 3 board for this review. So, let’s get started.

Magneto Longboard Review

Magneto Bamboo & Fiberglass Longboard Review

I’ve been using the Magneto Bamboo & Fiberglass Longboard for months.

Now, you might be wondering what makes this longboard stand out from the crowd. Well, let me break it down for you.

Made By Skaters For Skaters

Skaters design the Magneto Longboard. And as a skater myself, I can tell that this board has been crafted with the user’s needs in mind.

This board is perfect for cruising and carving around town or the beach. A nice touch is that the designers are based in Southern California, a region renowned for its longboarding and surf culture.

That certainly shows in the board’s design and performance.

Supreme Quality

The quality of this Magneto board can be seen in its construction and material choice. Crafted with a blend of bamboo and fiberglass, the deck offers a unique combination of flexibility and strength.

At the same time, the 7-inch gravity-cast aluminum trucks with a 50-degree kingpin angle make it incredibly maneuverable.

A Powerhouse of Performance

I’ve tested this longboard on various terrains and conditions, and it has always held up remarkably well. Its 70mm polyurethane wheels roll smoothly, making rides more enjoyable, even on rougher surfaces.

The high-specification fiberglass and bamboo deck offers enough flex for an exciting ride. At the same time, the 42-inch length and 9-inch width give plenty of foot space for comfortable carving and cruising.

However, the only issue I saw was the mediocre bearings. You might need to loosen or replace the bearings for the ultimate riding experience.

Standout Features

The thoughtful blend of aesthetics and functionality sets the Magneto Longboard apart from its competitors.

The deck, laser etched with eye-catching graphics, has a pleasing varnished bamboo finish, while the clear epoxy sanded top adds to its premium looks.

Moreover, the drop-through truck design results in a lower center of gravity for a smoother, more stable ride.


  • High-quality materials ensure durability.
  • Excellent design for both cruising and carving.
  • Affordable compared to similar quality boards.


  • Bearings need to be replaced to enhance performance

In my experience, the Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard has been a joy to ride.

From its smooth cruising capabilities to its head-turning design, this longboard delivers a riding experience that is hard to match.

Magneto Carbon Fiber Longboard

Stepping on the Magneto Carbon Fiber Longboard for the first time, I felt an immediate connection.

 Its blend of maple wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber caught my attention, and the promise of high-speed performance intrigued me.


The Magneto Carbon Fiber Longboard stands as a testament to high-quality craftsmanship. It’s a product of a hybrid construction of maple wood, fiberglass, and 3K carbon fiber weave.

This combination results in a robust, sturdy, and impressively lightweight board.

The use of such premium materials is evident in the smoothness of the ride, reducing road noise and vibrations significantly.


This is where the Magneto Carbon Fiber Longboard truly shines. The board’s unique features, such as the W-concavity and recessed truck mounts, play a crucial role in its performance.

The W-concavity design helps lock your feet into the deck while bombing hills, and the recessed truck mounts effectively lower your center of gravity while riding, increasing sliding performance.

Even at high speeds, the board’s stability is commendable. However, your longboard might get wheel bites during aggressive sharp turns.


  • Expertly designed for maximum performance.
  • High-quality materials for a sturdy and lightweight board.
  • Unique design features that enhance speed and stability.


  • Wheel bites issue during sharp turns

Magneto Bamboo Hana Twin Longboard

The Magneto 42-Inch Hana Twin Longboard can be your perfect board for an all-around skating experience.

This longboard shines with its multipurpose usage, unrivaled stability, and extraordinary durability. Truly a go-to choice for pros and beginners alike.


Regarding quality, the Hana Twin Longboard plays in the big leagues. Crafted from robust bamboo, this board possesses the right balance of flexibility and strength.

Underneath that bamboo exterior lies a tough-as-nails maple core that seriously amplifies its longevity.

So, not only does it deliver top-notch performance, but it also promises to stay with you for the long haul.


Ready to glide smoothly on any surface? The Magneto Hana Twin longboard is engineered for that!

With its Paris-style trucks, it offers the smoothness of a silk ride, giving you the sensation of skating on the most effortless terrain.

Coupled with a spacious 42-inch deck, 32-inch wheelbase, and 70-mm wheels, your stability on this board is top-tier.

The cutout shape further enhances carving capabilities, enabling sharper turns and minimizing wheel bites.

However, not everything is perfect. The bearings need more frequent oiling compared to other longboards on the list.


  • Enables sharp turns and smooth rides.
  • Easy storage due to its compact size.
  • Built with sturdy, long-lasting materials.
  • Broad deck and wheels for improved stability and smoothness.


  • Bearings might require frequent oiling or greasing.

In short, the Magneto Hana Twin Longboard is an all-rounder that caters to every skating need, from cruising to carving.

Its bearings might need a bit more care, but it makes up for its top-notch performance, robust construction, and multi-skilled versatility.

Are Magneto Longboards Good?

Are Magneto Longboards Good

Yes, Magneto Longboards are good. They offer excellent value for money, being durably constructed, versatile, and affordable.

From the standpoint of quality, Magneto Longboards are undoubtedly impressive.

They boast high-grade construction materials such as bamboo and maple wood, which bring a fine balance of flexibility and robustness.

These longboards are designed to take on substantial wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan for your ride.

However, just like with any product, they aren’t perfect. You might find Magneto’s stock components lacking if you’re a professional rider looking for top-tier hardware, such as premium bearings or specialty trucks.

You might also find the designs less varied if you’re after something extraordinarily unique.

Performance-wise, Magneto excels. With a focus on creating boards that deliver stability and smoothness, Magneto Longboards cater to a broad range of riders, from beginners to pros.

Whether you’re into cruising, carving, or downhill racing, there’s likely a Magneto longboard tailored to your needs.

While the brand might not offer the most cutting-edge designs or the highest-end components, these boards are very competitively priced.

You’re getting a sturdy, reliable longboard at a price that won’t break the bank.

Final Words

As we wrap up this review, it’s safe to say Magneto Longboards packs a punch for high-quality, affordable, and performance-driven boards.

There’s a board for every rider, whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, each uniquely designed to enhance your longboarding experience.

Despite minor hiccups like the occasional maintenance or a desire for more design diversity, the quality and value offered by Magneto Longboards are hard to ignore.

They’re your trusty companions for a thrilling, smooth, memorable ride.

In short, Magneto Longboards are worth considering if you’re seeking a balance of quality, performance, and affordability. They offer a strong product line catering to various skating styles and user skills.

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