Lionhart Tires Review (Really Good or Just Cheap?)

Once you get premium tires for your vehicles, it becomes quite difficult to find good alternatives.

On top of that, if you’re short on your budget and want to have flagship tire-like qualities in a mid-range price segment, things can become quite difficult.

To take you out of this confusing situation, we’ll offer you a deal you can’t refuse. The name is Lionhart Tires. It is a Chinese brand and is famous for making high-quality tires.

Lionhart tires review

So, we got our hands on top-of-the-line tires from the company, and after testing them, we have made a Lionhart tires Review guide for you.

You better give a 2-minute read to the article, lest you skip something really important.

Why Should You Choose Lionhart Tires?

A question often comes to mind: Why should you choose Lionhart Tires? The following points can answer your query:

The company has a research and development department with the sole purpose of making high-quality tires.

Lionhart offers good traction and grip on the road despite being midrange tires.

Lionhart tires give an aggressive yet aesthetic look to your car.

If we look at the specs and qualities of the tire, we can say that it provides the best value for your money.

How Have We Tested Lionhart Tires?

Before moving forward, let us make it clear to you how we test our tires. Our team of 20 members uses different tires around the clock.

We pass the tires in conditions like dry, wet, off-road, mud, dust, etc. After detailed testing and assessing them in our lab, we have prepared the Lionhart Tires Review based on the strengths and weaknesses of these tires.

Top 3 Lionhart Tires Review:

So, after all this chit-chat, we can go for a detailed review of Lionhart tires. Shall we?

1. Lionhart LH-Five: Top-Notch High-Performance Tire

Lionhart LH-Five

The first on the list is a Lionhart LH-Five. It is a high-performance tire that targets sporty coupes and sedans.

Due to its good manufacturing technology and build quality, this tire has been one of our top choices among high-performance tires.

The best part of having Lionhart LH-Five is that it gives you a premium feel and comfort while driving the car. Below is a detailed review of the tire.

Dry Road Performance:

The Jointless Band Technology enables the tire to work perfectly on dry pavements and gives stability to your car.

You know that the best part of having Lionhart LH-Five on your vehicle is its precise handling, excellent grip, and superb traction.

Not only this, but being an ultra-performer, you take this tire to its limits, and still, it will give you a pleasurable ride experience through its top-class handling.

The cherry on top is its braking time and distance, which was quite good, even on the highway. It can handle sharp turns and maneuvers pretty easily.

However, you can see cornering drive suffer a bit, especially when you have used the tire for almost one year.

Wet Road Performance:

Alright, let’s talk a bit about the wet road performance of Lionhart LH-Five. The company has used Hydro-Paddle Technology to enhance the wet pavement performance of the tire.

The advantage of this technology is that it will remove the excess water from the tire’s tread, thus preventing aquaplaning.

The frosting on the cake is the new, rigid shoulder and center rib design, which gives stability and enough traction to the car to maintain contact on the road.

Again, Lionhart LH-Five is a good performer at high speeds; however, you may expect cornering issues now and then.

With excellent braking time, this is the only issue you should take care of while driving the car.

Snow Performance:

Here comes the tough part. Does Lionhart LH-Five show its expertise on snowy and icy roads or not?

The thing is that the tire was exceptional on light snow with a pretty good drive, accompanied by excellent traction and grip.

However, a thick, snowy road will give you a hard time. Going for a winter tire is suggested to have a good experience on snowy roads. On the other hand, this tire was good on slushy tarmacs.


  • Excellent traction and grip in every environment
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Phenomenal performance on high-speed
  • Best value for money


  • The tire was noisy at high speeds.


Here’s the deal if you’re hunting for a good high-performance tire in all seasons. You can opt for Lionhart LH-Five.

The tire, with almost no issues, provides you with pretty good performance on dry and wet roads.

Except for snowy roads, this tire should be on your recommendation list.

2. Lionhart LionClaw MT: Powerful Off-Terrain Tire

Lionhart LionClaw MT

Next in the line is an off-terrain tire, Lionhart LionClaw MT. The thing that really stands out among other rugged tires is the tire’s ability to get you up the trail while holding you on uneven roads.

Plus, these tires give you an extra bite in the mud. LionClaw MT is built for off-road vehicles, SUVs, jeeps, and light trucks.

Okay, enough talk about the features! Let’s have a look at the tire’s performance in detail:

Dry Road Performance:

When it comes to performing on dry roads, Lionhart LionClaw MT comes with a special cut and chip-resistant tread compound that has no other purpose but to give resistance to rocks and other difficult pavements.

Additionally, you would see a good-looking, aggressive design coupled with an asymmetric pattern to enhance your vehicle’s grip on the road.

In other words, all these features combine to give excellent road traction, adding to the vehicle’s stability and handling.

On top of all, an additional factor, called 3-ply sidewalls, strengthens the tire’s core, thus giving it enough force to deal with sudden jumps and troughs.

On the weaker side, Lionhart LionClaw MT has a minor issue with side-cornering. But that’s not common, and you would enjoy your smooth ride without noticing it.

Wet Road Performance:

Now, let’s discuss the wet road performance of Lionhart LionClaw MT. Since the tire is an off-roader, you may expect it to show its best on every terrain.

Fortunately, it had the guts to take you on the slippery roads without making you feel uncomfortable.

However, you should not expect it to perform as a premium tire due to the lack of strong rubber in the tire’s tread.

On the other side, the tire provides a good grip and traction on the slippery roads, other than the braking, which was quite poor.

Also, you won’t want to go hard on your vehicle if it has Lionhart LionClaw MT tires.

Snow Performance:

It’s a general saying that off-road tires do not perform well on snowy roads. However, Lionhart LionClaw MT busts this myth with its good performance on light plus moderate-heavy snow.

The tire holds itself on the icy roads, thanks to its larger open lugs and spacing in the tread.

This design also enables it to go well on slushy roads, eliminating the excess water.

Contrary to that, heavy snow is not the cup of tea of Lionhart LionClaw MT. In this case, go for a winter tire.


  • Excellent traction and grip on almost every kind of road
  • Give a good, aggressive look to your vehicle
  • A budget-range tire
  • It provides you with a smooth ride


  • The tire suffers from a bad braking time on watery roads
  • Tread life is a major problem of Lionhart LionClaw MT


Our concluded thoughts about Lionhart LionClaw MT are that it is a good off-road performer.

Looking at the price bracket of this tire, you should not expect it to compete with other higher-end tires, but it was not a mediocre one either.

Go off-roading or adapt it as your daily driver; you will love the performance of this tire.

3. Lionhart LH-001: Excellent All-Season Tire

Lionhart LH-001

Lionhart LH-001 is one of the top-selling and well-rounded tires of the company. Having a 50k mileage warranty, this tire is built for passenger cars, coupes, and sedans.

With its symmetric tread pattern, sipes, and grooves, you would see that it performs exceptionally on the road, whatever the season is. Let’s find out more about this little champ in detail:

Dry Road Performance:

With an M+S rating, Lionhart LH-001 is specifically built to give its performance in the summer season on dry roads despite premiering as an all-weather tire.

Talking about its performance, the straight answer is that you should not expect more from the tire.

If it has a good grip, it suffers from handling. Or, if the traction is outstanding, you can see that its stability is losing.

In another case, you would hear a loud noise if there is a good tread life on the road. In fact, if Lionhart LH-001 is excelling in one department, it will be losing in the other.

Similarly, the braking time was quite average, with poor braking on the road. Overall, you get what you pay.

Wet Road Performance:

Surprisingly, the wet road performance of Lionhart LH-001 was not that bad. We were expecting that our 2007 Chevrolet Suburban may suffer on the slippery road.

Yeah, the tire’s performance was not par excellence in this department, but it can assure you a safe and secure driving experience with enough traction and grip.

However, throttling the car is not recommended, as it can make your car wobble on the road. Drive like a saint and get more than a year-round performance from the tire.

Snow Performance:

What’s next? Snow performance? We would say this is not the area for the Lionhart LH-001 to show its class. It fails miserably on the snowy and slushy roads.

Similarly, icy pavements also give us a tough time for our little boy. Simply go for a winter tire if you want to get something better for your money.


  • A responsive handling
  • Pretty satisfied with the performance on the dry and wet pavements
  • Aquaplaning is fantastic
  • Long-lasting service on the road


  • The tire is not meant for snowy roads
  • The braking distances can get quite long


In the end, suffices to say that Lionhart LH-001 is a midrange tire with good features.

With a little compromise on the quality, the company tried to offer you something without hurting your bank.

Lionhart Tires Warranty:

The company offers a limited tread life warranty of 30K to 40K that can even go up to 50K.

Are Lionhart Tires Good?

Are Lionhart Tires Good

Yes, Lionhart tires are good, especially considering their mid-range price point.

They offer a commendable performance on dry and wet roads, with good traction, grip, and an aggressive yet aesthetic appearance.

Their high-performance models and off-road options have been praised for their capabilities.

However, while they excel in various terrains and conditions, they might not be the best choice for heavy snow.

Lionhart offers a balanced blend of quality and value, making them a worthwhile choice for those seeking reliable tires without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, to get a comprehensive overview of how other tire brands fare in the market, you can go through detailed reviews on brands like Primewell, Kumho, and Yokohama.

By comparing and contrasting, you can ensure you get the best value for your money and a tire that suits your needs.

Is Lionhart a Good Brand of Tires?

Are Lionhart Tires Good

Lionhart is a brand of tires that offers a good balance of quality and value, making it a suitable choice for many consumers.

While not necessarily a premium tire brand, Lionhart tires provide reliable performance on both dry and wet roads, with commendable traction and grip. .

They are also known for their aggressive and aesthetically pleasing designs.

However, Lionhart tires may not be the best option for those who require high-speed performance, as they may exhibit some limitations in this regard.

Additionally, their performance in snowy conditions is not ideal, and they are not recommended for heavy snow or icy roads.

Overall, if you are seeking a tire brand that delivers satisfactory performance without breaking the bank, Lionhart can be a good choice.

It offers a range of options, including high-performance and off-road tires, making it suitable for various driving needs.

Lionhart Tires Complaints:

Some of the major complaints that customers often experience from Lionhart company are as follows:

  • A short and very limited tread life
  • Wet road performance is another issue of these tires
  • Other than an off-road tire, Lionhart tires do not perform on snowy roads.
  • Except for a few models, you will see most of the tires produce a loud noise

Who Makes Lionhart Tires?

Turbo Wholesale Tires is a company that owns many brands, including Lionhart. It is a China-based company that makes tires for the North American market.

Where Are Lionhart Tires Made?

Lionhart tires are manufactured in China.


If you are looking for a tire that offers you a good high-speed performance, Lionhart tires are not a good option for you.

Other than that, if you are hiking for a tire that offers you something in return for your money, you should pick this brand as your first choice.

Last but not least, choosing a tire should depend on your budget and personal preferences.

We recommend Lionhart, which can definitely fit your needs without additional dollars.

Christopher Evans is a Mechanical Engineer and is a distinguished expert in tire and electronic appliance testing with over 15 years of experience. Holding certifications like Automotive Tire Service (TIA) and Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). He is also a member of the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has significantly contributed to safety standards and testing protocols in both industries. Evans is a respected speaker and award recipient.

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