Hisense Dishwasher Review 2024 [Is It Good?]

Key Takeaway: Hisense dishwashers offer good value and features at a reasonable price. If you’re budget-minded, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Ever wonder why some appliance brands seem to achieve household name status while others struggle? Hisense is also one of them, and many people still are not aware of this brand.

Hisense is a China-based company that produces high-quality products with advanced features and technologies.

Today, we will give you an honest Hisense Dishwasher Review. Now, let’s find out if the dishwasher brand is worth investing in.

Hisense Dishwasher Review

Hisense Dishwasher Review

Hisense Dishwashers have excellent cleaning and drying performance. They mostly come in 16-place settings. It has auto-dry built-in technology that slightly opens the door and lets out steam.

Status LED lights are present on the lower side of the dishwasher door, indicating the completion of a washing cycle. It has a hidden or visible control panel for easy-to-navigate settings.

Place settings are completely adjustable depending on your needs. Some models also have a third rack installed.

However, operating control is difficult to understand in some of their latest models. So, you will have to watch tutorials or read the appliance manual to understand the functionality.

Hisense dishwashers also have an additional third-arm spray for proper cleaning. Hisense offers high-capacity dishwashers and has up to 5 cleaning cycles ranging from heavy, normal, and boost.

Many models have a Night Program with only a 37 dB noise level. They run on a powerful inverter motor, which is extremely efficient and uses less energy.

An automatic program can automatically adjust the washing according to the number of dishes and their dirtiness.

Hisense dishwashers have sensor technology and an intensive program that includes extra hygiene. A 15-minute fast cleaning program is also present in most models.

Hisense dishwashers are available in two styles: integrated and freestanding, depending on the demands of your home.

Freestanding dishwashers have their outer body. It can be placed in any suitable place in your kitchen, and you can also move it to a suitable place whenever or wherever you want.

While integrated dishwashers are built to be integrated with the cabinet space, there is no obvious difference between other cabinets and dishwashers.

Hisense Dishwasher Specifications

  • Size: The standard Hisense dishwashers have an average of 35cm in height, 24 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth.
  • Weight: The average weight of Hisense dishwashers is 47.5kgs and is easy to install.
  • Noise Level: Hisense dishwashers are famous for their noise-free features. The average noise level varies from 42 dB to 49 dB.
  • Energy Consumption: Hisense dishwashers have an average of 1.5 kWh of energy consumption.
  • Motor: Hisense Dishwashers contain Inverter motors for high efficiency.
  • Warranty: Hisense gives 2 2-year warranty on all its products.
  • Water Consumption: The average water consumption is 9.6L per cycle.
  • Displays: LED displays with touch and push-down buttons with salt and rinse aid indicators.

Hisense Dishwasher Features

Like other companies’ dishwasher technology, it also claims the best features that your dishwasher should have.

Each model comes with its unique features. Hisense Dishwashers have a self-cleaning feature that allows them to kill germs and remove dirt on their own.

Some other specifications of diverse models of Hisense dishwashers are:

1. Auto dry

Hisense dishwashers are equipped with the latest technology to dry utensils. Hisense guarantees your utensils will completely dry, no matter what material they are made of.

2. Condensation drying

The Condensation Drying technology of the Hisense dishwashers allows quick and complete drying.

The dishwasher door opens slightly after drying so that all the vapors are expelled out and there is no moisture left on the utensils.

3. Fingerprint resistance

The door comes with fingerprint resistance and smudge-proof stainless steel technology that allows cleaning without any harsh chemicals. It looks new and amazing for a long time. It comes with a pocket handle.

4. Adjustable Racks

Do you find it difficult to adjust large pots in the rack? The Hisense allows the three-level upper rack adjustments for more space.

Smooth gliding rack technology helps make it easy to load. It makes it supple and convenient to use.

5. Automatic programming

The automatic programming feature automatically detects the number of dishes and measures the quantity of dirt present on them.

Dishwashers also have 5-cycle characteristics, from heavy to normal washing options.

6. Noise level

The Hisense dishwashers are best for their noise level feature. It is so quiet that you can’t even tell if it is working, which allows your cleaning to be peaceful.

It is also famous for being one of the quietest washing machines with 42 dB, which is appreciated and is a necessity in the modern lifestyle. It is best recommended for open kitchen ideas.

7. LED Lights

Unlike other brands’ standard LEDs, Hisense provides distinctive LED lights on the lower door section that indicate if the washing cycle is still running.

When the LED turns off, the washing and drying operations are complete, and you may begin unloading the clean dishes.

My Hisense Dishwasher

Most Reliable Hisense dishwashers

Selection of a dishwasher must be made by keeping in view the needs of your home and the technology available. You should keep in mind that integrated dishwashers are quitter than freestanding dishwashers.

Here are some top models of Hisense dishwashers that you should buy.

1. Hisense Integrated Dishwasher [HV672C60UK]

  • 16 place setting with 5 different temperatures
  • Touch control with 15 15-minute fast wash time.
  • 33kg weight with 39db noise level
  • 5 number of programs with auto dry mode
  • Powerful inverter technology and status light for ending cycle

This dishwasher has 5 settings to wash the dishes at different temperatures easily.

It also has a touch panel on the front so you can choose to wash the dishes in 15 minutes or 30 minutes, and you can even program the cycles to start when you come home automatically.

The 33kg weight is perfect for those with a bigger load of dishes to wash. It also has a lot of features that make it easier to use and clean, like auto-dry mode, which automatically dries the dishes after washing them. 

However, the drying mode of this dishwasher is not as efficient as it should be, but the cleaning performance is satisfactory. Overall, it is a decent choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

2. Hisense Freestanding Dishwasher {HS661C60XUK] Review

  • Push-button control type and16 place setting
  • Stainless steel body with 53 kg weight
  • 15 min wash time with 42db noise level
  • 5L water consumption

This is an excellent dishwasher. It is very quiet and cleans up really well, and the stainless steel body is tough and durable.

The only downside is that it is pretty heavy, but I guess that is to be expected from a dishwasher. However, this isn’t a problem since it is easy to move.

It comes with a stainless steel body, which is very durable. It’s a standard model, so it comes with 16-place settings, and it also has a few other features, like an automatic drying function and a drain pump that allows for easy draining.

This dishwasher has a 2.3-amp motor, which means it can handle large loads. It has a 15-minute wash cycle, which is more than enough time to wash your dishes.

This is perfect for people who live in apartments, but you can also purchase a bigger capacity one if you live in a house. 

3. Hisense Freestanding Dishwasher [HS620D10WUK]

  • 14 place settings, 4 temperature modes
  • 45db noise level, 43 kg weight
  • 1 hour washing time with a moveable rack
  • Ergonomic design for more space

A good choice for your new home, the Hisense Freestanding Dishwasher has a large capacity and can be used in a variety of applications.

The design is ergonomically designed to provide a larger surface area than a standard dishwasher, which makes it perfect for large families.

It has a 4-temperature cycle that can easily get the dishes clean. It also has a 1 hour wash time and an easy-to-use electronic control panel to adjust settings.

It also has a 14-place setting capacity, which can be expanded up to 17 if additional shelves are installed. It has a 45db noise level, which is very quiet and suitable for sleeping rooms.

The unit is lightweight at 43kg, and it’s easy to move around your home or apartment. This makes it a great option for those with limited space or mobility issues.

4. Hisense Integrated Dishwasher [HV661D60UK]

  • 16 place setting and time saver function
  • 1kg weight and 15 min wash time
  • 45db noise level with D energy class

If you have a small kitchen, you know how tough it can be to find a dishwasher that works efficiently in a small space.

This Hisense integrated dishwasher is designed with a compact footprint so that it can fit into tight spaces, and it can even be used as a standalone unit if you don’t have enough counter space.

It is very easy to use; just pull out the top drawer, and you are ready to go. It comes with a timer, so you can set it for your regular cycle and let it run while you are busy.

You can also manually select the wash time and temperature, and the dishwasher will automatically adjust itself based on the load.

It comes with a 16-place setting and a saver function, which means you will save time and money by only having to wash one load at a time.

This dishwasher comes with a warranty for peace of mind, and the manufacturer offers free service and repair for 1 year.

If you have any problems, they will send out a technician to diagnose and fix the issue. You can also buy replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

So, if you are looking for a great dishwasher that is efficient, compact, and energy-saving, then this Hisense integrated dishwasher is for you.

5. Hisense Integrated Dishwasher [HUI6220XCUS]

  • Most of the latest models are 24” with top controls
  • 47db noise level and 70kg weight
  • Asynchronous single-phase motor
  • 2kw/h energy consumption

This Hisense dishwasher is the most advanced model in its class, boasting the latest features and design for maximum efficiency. It boasts a low 47 dB noise level, which is as good as the best in the industry.

This model has a large 24” stainless steel dish rack that can hold up to 14 dishes at a time.

Its asynchronous motor makes it easy to operate, with just one knob to control all operations. It comes with top controls and a sleek design, making it one of the best dishwashers on the market.

Drawbacks of Hisense dishwashers

Now, in this Hisense dishwasher review, we will go over the few drawbacks you should be aware of before purchasing.

  • The latest models of Hisense operating controls are hard to understand.
  • Only dishwasher-safe utensils can be used in it.
  • Many customers complain about Hisense’s non-satisfactory cleaning performance of some models.
  • Old models of Hisense dishwashers have poor drying modes.

How to Start Hisense Dishwasher

Here is a video guide on how you can start your Hisense Dishwasher.

Are Hisense Dishwashers Good?

Yes, Hisense offers some solid, budget-friendly options with features that rival more expensive brands.

You’ll find models with quiet operation, good cleaning performance, adjustable racks, and various wash cycles. They also boast modern designs and energy-efficient features.

However, there are some caveats. Some Hisense models have less than stellar drying capabilities. Also, the controls on newer models can be confusing to navigate initially.

If you want premium features like stainless steel tubs or ultra-luxurious finishes, you might need to look at higher-end brands.

Overall, Hisense dishwashers are worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable appliance without breaking the bank.

Their value for the price point is quite good, and they offer features that will make your dishwashing experience more convenient.

Just be sure to research specific models carefully to ensure the features and performance align with your needs.

Who Makes Hisense Dishwashers?

Qingdao Hisense Electric Holdings makes Hisense Dishwashers. Hisense is a Chinese multinational corporation that manufactures a wide range of products, including dishwashers.

The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Qingdao, China. Hisense has a global presence, and its products are sold in many countries around the world.

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There are many dishwasher brands present in the market with higher or lower price ranges.

If you want an affordable dishwasher with quality results, then Hisense dishwashers are the best choice for you. It has an overall rating of 4.2/5 based on customer reviews.

The above article provided an in-depth comparison of the available Hisense dishwashers.

It gives you an insight into the different features and specifications of the units so you can make the right choice based on your needs and preferences.

You also get a brief overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each model, which will help you choose the right one for your home.

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