Asko Dishwasher Reviews 2024 [Is It Worth It?]

We are here to help you decide on the best dishwasher for your home. It is not an easy decision to make, but it is also not difficult either.

Our Asko dishwasher reviews will guide you through the ins and outs of the pros and cons of the brand, and how each model compares to the others.

Asko dishwashers have good quality, low price, reliable build, and decent performance. These dishwashers are quiet and work smoothly.

You will get the full scoop on these dishwashers so you can choose the right one for your home.

Asko Dishwasher Reviews

Is Asko a Reliable Dishwasher Brand?

Yes, Asko is a reputable brand of dishwashers known for their ease of use, reliability, energy efficiency, and cleaning performance.

They have been known to last for many years, partly due to their smart design.

In addition, these dishwashers have been praised for their ability to quickly heat up and cool down the water.

However, you will need to do some maintenance and cleaning to keep them running smoothly.

The filter needs to be cleaned at least once a month, and the water inlet hose needs to be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that it doesn’t clog.

This will help your dishwasher to run properly without affecting its performance.

Asko Dishwasher Review:

Asko has 3 dishwashing series: its 30 series, the 40 series, and the 50 series. 

These three series were named Extremely Excellent by Energy Star. The firm manufactures only dependable all-stainless steel dishwashers.

Yet that is approved for outdoor usage, including the Asko DOD651PHXXLS.

1. The 30 Series

Asko’s entry-level dishwashers, the 30 series, with 16 table settings, TurboDry, as well as three tracks, along with the premium top rack. As a bonus, the utensil tray is available.

In addition, some versions have a filtration system to assist stubborn battle watermarks.

The noise intensity of such a 30 series is approximately 44 dB, roughly as strong as a calm talk in a library.

2. The 40 series

This dishwasher series has two internal LED lights that enhance your clean plates glitter and even an extra spraying area for containers.

The noise intensity was 42 decibels, which is approximately as peaceful as a suburban house at night time.

3. The 50 Series

Asko’s premium range, the 50 series, has the most capabilities. The 50 series adds two extra LED lights and a distinctive center rack design with detachable inserts toward the capabilities seen throughout the 40 series.

It is the only version that may be used outside all year. These dishwashers have a noise level of 40 dB, which is about the same as a drizzle sound.

Integrated Dishwashers from Asko

Do you want to make the most of your kitchen space? With Integrated Dishwashers from Asko, you can make a tiny kitchen look prominent.

Asko provides a broad choice of built-in appliances in various designs that blend perfectly into a variety of contemporary kitchens. Each door is built from the very same materials.

The majority of the fully prepared kitchen cabinets provide you with a consistent aesthetic across the space.

Features of Asko Dishwasher:

Asko Dishwasher Features

1. Asko Dishwashers’ Unique Features:

Asko seems to be concerned with long-term viability, and it is one of the characteristics that distinguishes Asko dishwashers from many other manufacturers.

Moreover, they use stainless steel wherever plastic isn’t strictly essential because Asko thinks that stainless components last longer than plastic.

The XXL dishwasher series has a four-shelf, six-basket layout that can hold 17 settings.

Asko also provides a choice of washing and drying solutions to let you adapt functions more effectively and correctly to the present load.

2. Asko Dishwasher Safety Features

AquaSafe water protection system, AquaDetect Sensors, and KidSafe are standard features of overall Asko dishwashers.

The KidSafe protection system features child locks which also make operating the dishwasher extremely challenging.

Barriers that would make it almost hard for a youngster to access or utilize the machine include.

The AquaSafe system and AquaDetect Sensor seem to be systems that intend to detect tiny leaks and prevent floods.

3. Asko Dishwashers with Energy Consumption

Asko promises to be devoted to producing ecologically friendly equipment. Dishwashers, in particular, are said among the most water-efficient machines mainly in the world.

Also with highly minimal energy and detergent usage. Asko dishwashers utilize at least 194 kilowatt-hours (kWh per year, which is among the least of any appliance mainly on the market.

How Silent are Asko Dishwashers?

Asko dishwashers are very quiet, as long as you use them correctly. To operate an Asko dishwasher, you only need to turn it on and wait for the cycle to end.

The noise level of an Asko dishwasher ranges between 43dB and 52dB, which is much quieter than any other conventional dishwasher.

It’s also quite a compact machine, making it easier to fit into tight spaces, like a kitchen cabinet.

The silent dishwasher seems to be essential in every home. This is particularly true in open-concept homes wherein sound travels farther.

People enjoy entertaining; yet, a loud dishwasher might interfere with discussions, movie screenings, and mealtimes.

You’ve undoubtedly come across phrase sounds when conducting your study (dB). Decibels are indeed a standard measurement that expresses how strong a sound is.

In comparison, an average conversation is at 55-65 dB. However, specific home machines, such as vacuum cleaners, might be just as noisy as 85 dB.

Asko must have considered sound in their construction process, creating dishwashers that do not exceed 44 dB.

Understand that such manufacturers incorporated a small light there at the toe kick that signals operation for such 40 but also 50 series dishwashers.

It should give you an idea of how silent these appliances perform.

How Do Asko Dishwashers Clean?

The dishwasher cycles through different cleaning modes determined by its settings.

In the first cleaning mode, the dishwasher will clean the dishes in a normal way, but with reduced suds and water.

In the second cleaning mode, the dishwasher cleans the dishes with minimal suds and water to not waste energy. It also cleans the inside of the dishwasher itself.

The Asko dishwasher purifies water well, so this does not have to take in even more water, warm it, and pump it all out, which helps in effective procedures and shorter cycle periods.

More affordable dishwashers lack a top-mounted spraying arm, a function that often reduces the amount of money on much more costly types.

That’s not the case with several versions, mainly in the Asko 30, 40, and 50 series.

These three series have three spraying arms: one at the base, one in the center, and the other on-peak to service the third racking.

Such arms spray exactly the necessary quantity of water at optimal pressure and angle for the cycle, ensuring that water hits every dish.

Asko dishwashers additionally contain sensors that calculate the temp, detergent usage, liquid level, and length of the wash depending on the staining stage many times throughout the wash.

Dishwashers of all types utilize detergent to wash the dishes, and optionally washing helps dry them.

The excellent design, as well as unique qualities of Asko dishwashers. Also, results in improved performance when compared to inexpensive dishwashers.

Asko’s Super Cleaning Technology (or SCS+) function is shared by the Asko 30, 40, and 50 series.

After pre-washing well before the main rinse, this mechanism helps clean the fine metal filter and all inside surfaces.

It guarantees that every wash begins with a cleaning machine, an empty filter, and pure water.

The 30 series features eight zones with complete spray arms. While the 40 and 50 feature nine zones that improve water distribution.

Do Asko Dishwashers Dry Quickly?

Are Asko Dishwashers Reliable

Yes, Asko dishwashers dry quickly. This is because they use powerful pulsed jets. This feature can remove food particles from even the most stubborn spots and help prevent food from sticking to the dishwasher’s interior walls.

But if you have a large load of dishes, you might want to check with your local appliance dealer to see whether you need an upgrade for the dishwasher.

However, traditional dishwashers employ a heat source to help dry, which is still used by dishwasher makers nowadays.

The danger of using these heating components would be that the heat might bake on everything that people don’t wash away.

These heating components may also cause the plastic to melt, destroying party plates and Tupperware.

The dryers of the 30, 40, and 50 versions are contemporary. They all use the same drying method, which Asko refers to as “Turbo Drying.”

This system employs condensate drying as well as a turbofan. The fan enhances ventilation, allowing dry air from the outside dishwasher to mingle with the damp air within the dishwasher.

Condensation drying occurs when dishes are washed with more hot water, which evaporates fast due to its temperature.

Following the final rinse, the Turbo Drying system circulates outside air, reducing drying time.

The system dries it all in the dishwasher. It is excellent for eliminating watermarks caused by remaining water.

Are Asko Dishwashers Worth It?

Are Asko Dishwashers Worth It

Yes, Asko dishwashers are generally good. They are known for their solid build quality, prioritizing stainless steel components for long-term durability.

Asko dishwashers excel in both cleaning and drying performance, utilizing multiple spray arms and innovative drying technologies. Many Asko models are highly energy-efficient and run quietly, making them ideal for open-concept homes.

However, they do come with a higher price tag, and some users may find the initial setup slightly more complex than basic dishwasher models.

If you prioritize exceptional cleaning performance, energy efficiency, and longevity in your kitchen appliances, an Asko dishwasher is definitely worth considering.


Q1: Where are Asko Dishwashers Manufactured?

Asko dishwashers were originally made in Sweden but since the company was acquired by a Slovenian concern, production has moved to Slovenia. However, this change has been positive for US consumers as the Slovenian factory is one of the most advanced appliance factories in the world.

Q1: What is the life expectancy of an Asko dishwasher?

While most dishwashers have an expected lifespan of 5-7 years, an Asko dishwasher can last for 7-10 years and sometimes even longer.
But we understand that some customers may want even more longevity from their dishwasher, which is why we recommend considering brands like Bosch Dishwasher and Miele.


I hope this Asko dishwasher review has helped you make the right choice. The Asko offers a broad range of constructed and integrated appliances with Scandinavian designs.

Moreover, the performance whenever concerns dishwashers. All Asko dishwashers are built with stainless structural parts.

So to produce gorgeous looks and assure long-lasting durability.

They are also said to reduce discoloration and unpleasant odors. Several dishwashers seem to have a variety of functions.

Furthermore, that makes dish cleaning up more accessible, faster, and convenient.

Flexible racks, as well as entirely extensible telescopic rails, are two examples.

Several Asko dishwashers include a Turbo Drying and a Turbo Drying Express option.

In addition, the brand saves power by employing a reduced rinsing temperature.

So, it is recommended to check the product description and reviews before buying a dishwasher from Asko.

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  2. We have had nothing but trouble with our brand new Asko dishwasher. Now the pump has died about 6 months after purchase and wr can’t even get Asko customer care to reply to our emails or phone calls. The maintenance technician came out and supposedly fixed it only for it to stop working with the very first load. He was not particularly helpful at all and was in fact quite rude saying “ why should they ring you?” And “ I have an Asko and I don’t have any problems.” Now here we are weeks down the track no dishwasher and no support. Give me my money back! Never again!

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