Beko Washing Machine Reviews 2024 [Are These Good?]

“High efficiency, high durability, low noise’- these are the three terms Beko uses to explain its efficient motor work and claim it to be a durable and high-performing washing machine.

But is it right or an exaggerated version? To get an accurate answer, read our buying guide that will unveil the honest Beko washing machine reviews. 

Also, we have covered its working technologies and its purpose to give you a deeper insight.

If you are short of time, you can jump to our 5 best picks for these machines.

Quick Overview: Beko washers excel with efficient cleaning programs, energy savings, and quiet operation, making them a smart choice for any home.

Beko Washing Machine Reviews

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How well do Beko washing machines perform? – Our Take On It!

All the appliance brands have their unique selling point, and so does Beko. But the interesting thing about its washing machine range is that it focuses on quality rather than quantity.

We are saying this because you will find only a few models in each design. These fundamental models offer 3-4 primary colors: black, white, grey, and silver.

But you will be amazed by its incredible working programs.

The stainless steel fast-spinning drum has a light on it; the LCD, child lock, and overflow safety features are worth having.

In addition, the unbalanced load control and automatic water adjustment specs are its win-win points.

However, its pipes or filter does not perform up to the mark. But its Bluetooth connectivity with Homewhiz and emergency water drain hose are our favorite features.

What Type Of Washing Machines Does Beko Offer?

It is safe to say that Beko offers a reliable washing machine within a limited range.

You will not find a whole different variety of loading styles from this brand, but its technology and programs for cleaning the clothes are exceptional.

We have categorized its designs based on their installation and built-in styles to cover Beko’s different types of washers from all aspects.

1. Beko Washing Machines based on Their Installation:

You can choose from Beko’s two basic installation styles for a comfortable laundry experience.

You can choose according to your preference. 

Beko Free-Standing Washing Machines:

  • More options for selection
  • Easy to move
  • Less expensive than other models

Beko Integrated Washing Machines:

  • Best for smaller spaces
  • The right choice for a sleek finish
  • Offers more automation

2. Beko Washing Machine based on Their Loading Designs:

Beko offers three different yet work-efficient designs that serve in their unique way.

You will find a great range of cleaning specs with your favorite cleaning technologies. 

Front-load Washing Machines:

  • Wave-like drum action
  • High cleaning capacity
  • Offers maximum spinning speed

Top-loading Washing Machines

  • Fuzzy control option
  • Standard detergent drawer
  • Less washing capacity than front-loading one

Automatic Washing Machines:

  • Front-load or top-load machines
  • Auto-dosing option
  • Outdoor/ sports program

5 Reliable Beko Washing Machine Reviewed | High-Performance Picks

If you are looking for well-performing Beko washers within a reasonable budget, these 5 top picks are the best suggestions based on our research.

We hope you will find a suitable model from these classic Beko pieces.

1. Beko Freestanding Washer- WTE10745X0D

Beko Freestanding Washer- WTE10745X0D

Winning Features:

  • 2 kg laundry in 14 minutes.
  • 55% faster cleaning
  • Low noise machine
  • Efficient, durable motor
  • Robust cleaning technologies
  • LCD display
  • Wrinkle-free clothes
  • 10% space-saving design

The Beko Free-Standing WTE10745X0D is a great choice for families with many clothing to wash. It can handle up to 2 kg of laundry in a single cycle, and it can do so in just 14 minutes.

The Beko WTE10745X0D is also equipped with all the features that make this an ideal option for families.

For example, it’s a smart device with a touchscreen display and a low-noise motor.

The machine also has several features that help reduce the water you use.

It automatically selects the right amount of water for your clothes, which saves you money on electricity bills.

If you want a free-standing washing machine that performs efficiently but lasts long, this model is the perfect pick.

The heavy loading capacity with high spinning speed assures stain-free clothes in no time.

2. Beko Freestanding WMY1214441 Review

Beko Freestanding WMY1214441 Review

Winning Features:

  • Rinse program for complete water removal
  • Cotton program for delicate fabric cleaning 
  • Synthetic program for different clothes
  • Hot wash program for sturdy stains
  • 75% less energy-consuming
  • Steam Technology for better cleaning
  • Unbalanced load control management 

The Beko WMY1214441 is another free-standing model we chose for you because of its high capacity cleaning of 14 kg with the same spinning speed of 1400 rpm.

It offers 14 different cleaning programs that do stain-free, efficient cleaning of all types of fabrics, especially cotton fabric.

3. Beko Automatic Top-loading Washer – BTU1008S

Beko Automatic Top-loading Washer - BTU1008S

Winning Features:

  • Aqua wave cleaning pattern
  • Drum light for visible cleaning
  • Glass top-lid
  • Silver shiny color
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
  • Easy operational mechanism
  • Durable and simple design

The Beko BTU1008S is best for those living in an apartment or for single-use. It has the most basic 7 cleaning programs to perform appropriately but with a minimum capacity of 7-10 kg.

It also comes with a silver finish and a silver stainless steel lid, which makes it look really classy.

Its drum light allows you to see when the washer is full, which helps in cleaning the laundry more effectively.

It also has an easy-to-use control panel that shows the water level, the amount of time left on the cycle, and the remaining capacity of the drum. 

If you are looking for an automatic washing machine that will save you a lot of time and energy, then this Beko Automatic Top-loading BTU1008S is a great choice.

4. Beko Front-Load Washing Machine- BFL1010W

Beko Front-Load Washing Machine- BFL1010W

Winning Features:

  • Best for delicate clothes
  • Budget-friendly pick
  • Bluetooth connectivity program
  • Laboratory testing approved
  • 55% faster cleaning
  • Reliable and handy
  • Fits in every corner
  • High-quality in-built

The Beko BFL1010W Front-Load Washing Machine has a sleek design that fits in any corner. It’s also energy-efficient, and it’s perfect for cleaning all your laundry needs.

The Beko BFL1010W has an in-built Bluetooth connectivity program that allows you to program it for different cycles, and it connects wirelessly with your smartphone to automatically start the cycle when you’re ready.

It is also a lab-tested product with a decent warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the unit.

And unlike most other washing machines, it doesn’t just look good but is also super reliable. It is built with high-quality parts, so it will last for years in your home.

This Beko BFL1010W is best for you if you like gadgets with advanced features. Its accessible operational programs will let you access its working mechanism with a single touch through Bluetooth.

It is perfect for cleaning all types of laundry, making laundry day a breeze.

5. Beko Front Load Auto-Dose Washer – BFL853ADW

Beko Front Load Auto-Dose Washer - BFL853ADW

Winning Features:

  • Duo spray technology
  • Night mode
  • Child lock option
  • 4-star Energy Star certified
  • User-friendly operational features
  • 75% less energy-consuming
  • Higher capacity than usual front-loaders
  • 24 types of stain-resistant technology

If you want some additional options in your front-loader machine, you should give the Beko BFL853ADW washer a chance to prove its highly efficient capability.

As its name indicates, it has some added automated mechanisms that will enhance compliance with daily cleaning chores.

The Beko BFL853ADW comes with a child lock option that makes it safe for children, and you can also set up 4-star Energy Star certification.

The Beko BFL853ADW uses Duo spray technology, ensuring that clothes get thoroughly washed while minimizing the water used.

You can also adjust the water level manually, and there’s a handy ‘water gauge’ that tells you how much water is left in the tank.

It also comes with 75% less energy consumption than the usual front-loaders, so it’s great for saving energy and money.

It has a higher capacity than usual front-loaders, so you can wash more laundry at once.

The washer also has 24 types of stain-resistant technology, and the machine will run quietly with a whisper-quiet motor. 

Review of Special Cleaning Technologies in Beko Washers:

Beko Washer Reviews

Beko has 14 different programs for its washing machine to provide the ultimate cleaning in the best way possible.

Learning about these highly competent yet simple working programs will amaze you.

# Xpress Super Short 14 Min Program:

This program shortens the cleaning task and will do 2 kg of clean laundry in 14 min.

It proves to be the best feature for office-based persons who need to perform daily cleaning chores on an urgent basis.

# Stain Expert Program:

It ensures spotless cleaning for 24 types of stains and helps the strong and stubborn stains get off your clothes.

It does this function while maintaining the colors of the clothes.

# Pro Smart Inverter Motor:

This feature makes the machine quiet yet durable. Also, the highly efficient motor makes it perform well.

The low-noise feature makes it more desirable for older people and families with children.

# Auto Dose Program: 

It controls the required detergent amount by keeping it optimal to avoid wastage of cleaning detergents.

Also, it regulates the cleaning task by avoiding excessive cleaning.

# Steam Therapy Program:

It is one of the features present in Beko dryers. It will make 1 kg dry easy.

Also, it ensures wrinkle-free clothes, thus shortening the ironing time and ultimately lessening the burden of wrinkle-free clothes.

# Aqua-wave Wave-Like Drum Action For Gentler Treatment:

This program involves specialized paddles for performing wave-like cleaning actions.

This action will improve the cleaning by 2x. Thus, it is found in every model of Beko washing machine.

# Cool Clean Program:

This program is the reason that makes Beko an energy-efficient brand. It will use 2 shower nozzles to ensure they reach the detergent mixture in every fabric corner and remove stains.

It performs the cleaning task at half the temperature required to achieve the same task, thus saving 75% of energy.

# Gentle Care™ Program: 

Fabric materials like cotton and wool are delicate and must be washed carefully.

This gentle care program will protect the texture and color of the fabric while doing the cleaning task effectively.

# Outdoor / Sports Program: 

These features will protect your sports clothes, prevent them from getting rough, and prolog the usage of clothes or you.

What We Like About Beko Washers

Beko is a reliable brand, so without any second thought, there are some points that we want to highlight to help you make the right choice.

  • 14 efficient cleaning programs 
  • Cost-effective range
  • Washers are sturdy, durable, and handy
  • Offers a wide range of capacity
  • Quietest Performance
  • Highly Energy-Efficient

Drawbacks of Beko Washers | Common Customer’s Complaints:

Before buying these washing machines, you should know a few points despite many plus points.

Not all washing machines have these problems, but these were common alerts we got from user reviews.

  • Poor water drainage after washing
  • Weak spinning system
  • Less time setting option
  • Inefficient temperature control

You can read our detailed article on Beko Washing Machine Problems to learn more about the common issues.

Are Beko Washing Machines Good for Everyone?

Yes, although Beko offers fewer products, its technology is for everyone. From a single person to prominent families, it has suitable capacity machines for all.

Don’t back off because of its limited range if it has to offer so much in these few cleaning pieces.

We highly recommend these budget-friendly, high-performing washing machines.


Our in-depth analysis and tests reveal that Beko washing machines stand out with their impressive blend of efficiency, durability, and quiet operation.

As we sifted through various models and features, it became clear that Beko offers various options catering to different lifestyles and household sizes.

The brand’s commitment to energy efficiency and innovative cleaning technologies ensures that your clothes get the care they deserve.

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