Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Reviews | Are These Good?

Fisher & Paykel has a few exceptionally winning points in the elite refrigerators. Despite their outstanding features, they also have some limitations.

But you will see that these limitations are acceptable because of their other amazing features.

It was our take on these fridges, but we have turned the table over to you to make your best decision from these Fisher & Paykel refrigerator reviews.

Fisher & Paykel offers a compelling combination of aesthetics, innovation, and performance, making their refrigerators a top choice for discerning consumers.

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Reviews

Overall Performance of Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators:

Undoubtedly, these refrigerators are known for their luxurious looks and ultimate portable options. You can enjoy so many customization options from this brand.

They are best known for serving freezers and refrigerators only as a single entity. It is quite a different feature spec of this brand.

In addition, you can choose a particular section to use as a fridge, freezer, or pantry zone.

The adaptive defrost feature combined with other Active smart features makes it the best choice.

You will notice the additional quad-door refrigerators in French door styles are cheery on the top. 

However, the smart features are limited to only a luxurious range.

But Fisher & Paykel is known to supply a high-end range within a competitive price range compared to other leading brands.

It has no Wi-Fi, but its huge size and spacious setup compensate for it.

Fridge Styles of Fisher & Paykel 

With 3 main categories, Fisher & Paykel offers unparalleled customization, a feature celebrated even by renowned brands such as Haier refrigerators.

These distinctive categories offer 6 fridge styles, which is the winning point of these refrigerators.

According to your requirements, they prefer to personal touch with each user.

1. Integrated style:

  • Specificity:  Seamless matching with kitchen cabinets.
  • Offers all styles except quad door style.
  • Further divided into two series.
  • Flush integrated or Series 7-84 inches tall fridge
  • Column integrated, or Series 9 and 11 can be placed section-wise in different areas.

2. Contemporary style:

  • Specificity: Luxurious range with ultimate designs.
  • You can choose quad-core, French-style, or bottom freezer in this category.

3. Professional style:

  • Specificity: Customized design with solid stainless steel handles.   
  • They offer two styles, i.e., French door and bottom freezer.

3 Most Reliable Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators

Although all the refrigerators of this model are exceptional in terms of looks, quality, and performance, to give you the right ones from the best ones, we have to pinpoint these 3 models for you.

1. Integrated Column Freezer-RS1884FRJ1

Integrated Column Freezer-RS1884FRJ1


  • Two separate compartments for freezing
  • 4 adjustable door shelves
  • 3 high-quality glass shelves
  • Smart touch interface
  • Energy star rated

As the integrated series is known for its huge size series, we have chosen this column freezer for you.

It will not only fit into your cabinet but also give you the leverage to enjoy a pleasant cooling experience.

It is a great addition to any kitchen or living room and is a great option if you don’t like the look of a lot of drawers on your fridge.

This freezer comes with a 4-door, 2-shelf design, giving you much storage space for your food and beverages.

It also has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that lets you track the items you are storing. It has a low profile, so it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen or living room.

This unit also has an Energy Star rating, so it is a great choice if you want to help save energy in your home. This is because it has low-energy lighting, which helps to conserve energy.

It also has a very efficient compressor, which helps to reduce the energy needed to keep your food and beverages cold.

It is perfect for someone who wants a fridge that has lots of space for their food and drinks.

2. Contemporary Freestanding Refrigerator- RF170BRPX6 N 

Contemporary Freestanding Refrigerator- RF170BRPX6 N 


  • Active smart technology
  • Inverter controlled compressor
  • Modern and classic design
  • Assistive rear rollers
  • Smart touch control panel

This fridge is known because of its solid stainless steel construction and the ultra-flat seamless door that will fit into your kitchen wall and even out the difference.

Its clever energy feature is best for families who take care of their food by auto-freezing and defrosting edibles.

It comes with an active smart technology that lets you see how much energy it uses and when.

It also has an inverter-controlled compressor that maintains an even temperature across the entire compartment, so you don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots.

This refrigerator also comes with a modern and classic design that will fit perfectly in any kitchen.

Its sleek black front and stainless steel door panels give it a modern look that won’t clash with your other appliances.

Its assistive rear rollers make it easier to move around, and the smart touch control panel on top allows you to operate it easily.

This fridge is also easy to clean, thanks to its easy-to-access shelves. You can easily wash off the interior using a sponge and a bit of soap and wipe off any spills from the outside using a damp cloth.

It’s perfect for families as it keeps food fresh for a long time.

3. Professional Refrigerator Freezer- RF170WRKUX6

Professional Refrigerator Freezer- RF170WRKUX6


  • Anti-fingerprint coating 
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Fruit and vegetable bins
  • Door alarms
  • Energy star qualified

If you are looking for a spacious, durable, stylish fridge, it is the best pick for you.

The high-quality ice maker and through-the-door dispenser make it more likable to the users.

You will like it because the top-quality bottom freezer has better and more organized storage segments.

The refrigerator has an automatic ice maker that creates ice automatically, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ice.

You can also manually create ice by pressing a button on the door.

You can store your favorite snacks and drinks in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, and the fruit and vegetable bins help keep your fruits and veggies fresh.

These bins slide into the refrigerator and freezer compartments easily, and the door alarms will notify you if they’re opened or closed.

This refrigerator is Energy Star qualified, so it’s eco-friendly. It’s also a smart appliance, which means it has built-in Wi-Fi and automatically adjusts its internal temperature based on your settings.

This allows it to run more efficiently and save money on energy bills.

So, if you’re looking for a fridge to ensure you have plenty of food available and keep your fruits and veggies fresh, check out the GE refrigerator.

You’ll be impressed by its stylish design, and it’ll keep you organized.

Fisher & Paykel’s Sustainability Approach

This company’s slogan, “For the Respect of Food,” presents a variable temperature range for each type of fridge compartment. 

Fisher & Paykel believe that a suitable temperature range retains the food for the longer term. The range lies in freeze -7°F to 7°F, soft freeze from 14°F to 18°F, and deep freeze are fixed at -13°F.

This feature will keep the food fresh and result in less wastage of food.

This company plays its role in maintaining a sustainable environment to better contribute to food preservation.

This dedication to sustainability and innovation aligns with the philosophy of other progressive brands like Midea refrigerators.

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Features

Fisher & Paykel refrigerators are different because of their customization and high-end quality to cool the food items at the most appropriate environmental conditions.

We list some of the specs covering almost all Fisher Paykel refrigerator models.

1. Customizable Classic Outlook:

You might have noticed how much we are drooling over this feature of Fisher & Paykel. It is because it helps to uplift the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

It also ensures outstanding performance in terms of quality, storage capacity, and durability. 

 2. Slime Water Dispenser for All Bottle Sizes:

It is an additional feature found in the luxurious range of this brand. You can fit any shape or size of bottle in your fridge.

This dispenser might cover little space, but it is worth having in our cooling compartment.

 3. Dividers to Maintain Freshness- Pantry Zone

Fisher & Paykel is known for maintaining the freshness of the food.

They successfully manage it by providing wide storage spaces divided into several compartments.

It has a special pantry zone for edibles sensitive to a cooler environment.

 4. Active Smart Technology in Premium Models:

This luxurious brand has come up with modern control technology that serves the following tremendous features: 

  • Door sensors: To maintain a smooth internal environment.
  • Humidity control system: Double slider control system to set humidity rate for different compartments.
  • Variable speed fans: It regulates the airflow system effectively.

5. Cool Drawer-Special Feature:

Another fabulous feature of their refrigerators is their cool drawers.

Depending on your timely need, you can use this compartment as a fridge, freezer, or pantry.

6. Different Modes of Cooling:

With so many cooling features, like other high-grade cooling machines, these are three distinctive settings of Fisher & Paykel refrigerators.

  • Soft freeze: For gentle freezing to maintain the freshness of edibles.
  • Freeze: Usually for raw food such as poultry items.
  • Deep freezing: for preserving the food for a longer span.

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Pros & Cons of Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator: 

After sorting a lot of reviews and with little of our personal experience with this refrigerator, we have several advantages of using these cooling machines.


  • Slime line water dispenser
  • Active smart technology feasibility
  • Sustainable temperature adjustment
  • Robust stainless steel in-built
  • Minimalist design for everyone
  • Handy racks for the ice tray


  • Not all models have smart technology.
  • Vertical design limits the organization of drawers.

Are Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators Efficient?

Like L.G., Samsung, and other leading brands, it is also an Energy-star-certified brand.

But it saves energy more efficiently and plays its role in a sustainable environment by protecting the food and ensuring less wastage; thus, it is Energy Star (r)-qualified.

Are Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators Good?

Are Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators Good

Absolutely, Fisher & Paykel refrigerators stand out in the market for their blend of luxury, customization, and efficiency.

They offer unique designs, including the innovative quad door in French door styles.

Notably, these refrigerators prioritize food preservation and freshness with features such as specialized dividers and the adaptable Active Smart technology.

They also emphasize sustainability through optimal temperature management, reducing food wastage.

Moreover, their Energy Star certification ensures energy efficiency comparable to other leading brands.


Yes. Fisher & Paykel refrigerators are for everyone because of their absolutely personalized designs and quality.

You will find a good warranty offer along with responsive customer service.

Although these refrigerators have some drawbacks, no perfect formula has been discovered yet. So you can choose the best one for you.

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