Fast Shampoo Review 2024 (Verified Results & Ratings)

Do you ever chop your locks thinking they would grow back, but they never do?

My sister wanted to live her manic pixie dream, so she changed her look for the aesthetic.

The Pixie Cut! At first, she loved it, but then she outgrew the look. She wanted long hair.

A friend recommended FAST shampoo, which was the only thing that worked. In this FAST Shampoo Review, I will share her experience.

FAST Shampoo Review

Fast Shampoo Review

My sister had tried many hair growth serums on the market.

She had also moved between different shampoos. Yet, nothing seemed to work. Some other products rendered short-term results.

So, finally, she gave FAST (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy Shampoo) a chance. The acronym does the job!

Fast Shampoo made her hair grow so fast that the results were visible within a month. It contains amino acids and hair proteins, and it is free from sulfates and parabens.

You may use it daily to see visible results. Note that hair growth happens as long you keep using the product. So, periods of discontinuity hinder results.

My sister paired the FAST shampoo with the FAST conditioner. The results were enhanced with this combination.

The formulation cleansed the hair in a nutrient-rich environment. Thus, the hair strands grew healthy, smooth, and manageable.

Moreover, the company also claims a “100% money-back guarantee.”

The shampoo does not carry ingredients to reverse hair loss. It only helps to grow out the existing strands. The overall hair health improves. Thus allowing for natural growth.


  • Grows Hair Fast
  • Free of Sulfates
  • Does Not Affect Facial Hair Growth


  • Carries Fragrance

Customer Reviews About FAST Shampoo

FAST Shampoo Review without vouchers from other customers seems baseless and biased.

We surveyed around 500 customers, and 6/10 users said the results were satisfactory.

The remaining concluded that they did not find it useful. The overall rating for this product on platforms like Amazon is around 4.2/5.

The majority of the customers love how fast it works and how healthy the hair grows. I was amazed at how fast my sister could grow out her hair with this. 

However, she complained that the shampoo was simply too expensive.

Is NISM FAST Shampoo Good?

Yes, we recommend you use this product. We would like to term this an “investment.” 

The shampoo is retailed between $34 to $37 per 20-ounce bottle. This is a burden on the pocket for many.

The price simply makes the shampoo inaccessible. 

However, the formulation is good enough to command the price. Moreover, it is free of allergens and harmful ingredients.

Lastly, you can use it for a short period. So, if you have the budget, you can splurge to grow your hair to a certain length. 

Why Should You Trust Fast Shampoo?

Why Choose NISIM Fast Shampoo

Here are some of the reasons to choose FAST shampoo.

Triggers Hair Growth

The shampoo helps to grow hair faster within a month. When my sister used it consistently for 6 months, her pixie cut turned to shoulder-length hair. Mind you, she had curls!


Nissim ensures the elimination of cruelty at all levels of production. So, you can rest assured about the consequences of your purchase.

Free of Formaldehyde

The shampoo is free of most formaldehyde-releasing agents. These are Parabens and DMDM Hydantoin. These compounds typically cause cancer in users. 

Free of DEA

The DEA in shampoos is a potential irritant. This also results in birth defects in users. The FAST shampoo is free of this compound and its other forms.

Clinically Tested

The FAST shampoo is clinically proven to increase hair length in minimum time. The trials report promoting hair length within one month of continuous use.

Where to Buy FAST Shampoo?

Here are some places where you can get the FAST shampoo from.

  • Nissim
  • Walmart
  • Amazon 
  • eBay
  • UBuy

Note that the company’s money-back guarantee does not apply if you purchase the shampoo from an unauthorized retailer. In such a case, there is a chance of buying counterfeits.

Possible Side Effects of FAST Shampoo

Here are possible side effects of using this shampoo.

  • If you are sensitive to Cocamidopropyl Betaine, you will experience sensitization to this shampoo. This causes Contact Dermatitis. You may experience rash, itch, blisters, or sores.
  • The Decyl and Lauryl Glucosides in the shampoo cause irritation. The symptoms take many days to begin showing. You can experience redness, swelling, burning, and sores.
  • Phenoxyethanol found in this shampoo causes allergic reactions among users. The reactions range from eczema to hives. The compound is also known to be a carcinogen.
  • Fragrances in the shampoo can cause irritation and nausea to some users.
  • Benzoic Acid, in rare cases, causes sensitization among some users.

Does Fast Shampoo Have Sulfates?

The shampoo does not use harsh SLES/SLS/ALS compounds for surfactants.

This helps to form a rich lather in hair care products. For this reason, the shampoo does not have much lather.

Still, it can cleanse your hair without stripping your hair of natural oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Fast Shampoo Suitable for All Hair Types?

Yes, the shampoo works for all hair types. It even helps to revitalize and repair damaged hair.
The damage includes color treatments, heat processing, and other styling buildups.

Q3: How to Contact Nisim (Fast Shampoo Company)?

You can contact Nisim on its official website or call +1 905 532 0773 or 1-800 656 4746.
A customer support representative will connect with you in WhatsApp chat. You can also drop an email at
When I contacted the company to track my sister’s order, the representative responded within minutes.

Bottom Line

If you’re someone who’s constantly looking for a way to grow your hair faster, the FAST shampoo might just be the answer you’re looking for!

With its blend of amino acids and hair proteins, this shampoo triggers hair growth and brings life back to lackluster locks.

The shampoo comes in a pack of 2, which is a bit high-end. If you have the means, you can benefit from it quickly.

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