Farchioni Olive Oil Review 2024 – Verified Results

Olive oil is not just a condiment but also a key ingredient in Italian cuisine. Only true food lovers know how good extra virgin olive oil is and how to choose it.

But what kind of olive oil fulfills the demands of people? You can read this Farchioni Olive Oil review to find the answer to this question.

After testing this olive oil myself, I am ready to give you an unbiased opinion. So, let’s start.

Farchioni Olive Oil Review

I might not be able to get my hands on Farchioni Olive Oil if it was not for Arshia, a new mother, as well as a new joiner in our team. After taking the first bite, I could not help myself praising this oil.

If you ever hop on Farchioni stores, you’ll find the following olive oils:

Farchioni Olive Oil Review
  • Farchioni
  • Il Casolare
  • Le Selezioni
  • Alta Ristorazione

They mostly offer oil in glass bottles with aluminum caps. The prices usually vary around $20-$40, so it falls in the budget range.

Opening the cap, the first thing that I noticed straightaway was its sharp smell. Usually, olive oil has a characteristic smell that fades over time, but this oil was something.

Farchioni Olive oil gives a fruity smell but is a little higher in tone. On top of that, the unfiltered version, especially Il Casolare, delivers a pure olive vibe.

Things heated up when I tested this oil with my favorite medium, rare Halibut. The first morsel felt out of this world. The savior of the Farchioni Olive Oil is really promising.

Le Selezioni’s flavor is slightly spiced up, making some people uncomfortable. Apart, we really didn’t have any questions regarding the taste of the oil.

Lastly, the color of the oil varies from dark green to dark brown. The shade of the Le Selozioni is more light, while Il Casolare is darker as it is not refined.

Not to mention, I have 2 bottles of the oil in my kitchen right now, as my spouse loves it.

After testing by other team members, our overall conclusion is that this oil smells great and tastes better.

You can definitely go for Farchioni Olive Oil if you are a fan of unfiltered olive oil.

Things We Liked

  • The taste and aroma are excellent
  • The price is in the budget range
  • Flawless quality and texture

Things We Liked

  • Not available at many locations

Is Farchioni Olive Oil Good?

Yes, Farchioni Olive Oil is good.

The bright yellow-colored oil has a rich, fruity taste and is extremely digestible. It’s also a perfect complement to your entrees and side dishes.

The oil, though, may have a sharp smell, which can annoy some people. Another thing is that it is not easy to find this oil everywhere.

Is Farchioni Olive Oil Good

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Who Makes Farchioni Olive Oil?

Farchioni Olii, a famous company in Italy, makes Farchioni Olive Oil.

The company currently produces olive oil in 4 major categories, all of which are of good quality and authenticity.

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Customers’ Review on Farchioni Olive Oil

The majority of customers love Farchioni Olive Oil. They praise its quality and taste. The oil is rated 4.8/5, which speaks volumes about its class.

Some consumers told us about its sharp taste, which we also felt. But it is not too intense to disturb your overall taste.

Apart, a few customers said that the oil was not unfiltered. To get unfiltered olive oil, you should opt for Il Casolare.

Where is Farchioni Olive Oil Made?

Farchioni Olive Oil is made in the heart of Umbria in Italy. The company has been producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil since 1780.

This authentic extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from freshly harvested olives in Southern Italy.

The fine quality olive oil is created from pure olives known for their rich green color and distinctly fruity-yet-spicy taste.

Farchioni Olive Oil Uses

It is a top-notch olive oil product in terms of quality. Here are some innovative ways to use this olive oil:

  • This extra virgin olive oil is used in marinades or sauces for meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables
  • Spruce up your vegetables or cooked pasta with oodles of health benefits
  • Drizzle it over salad and mix it into salad dressings
  • Instead of butter or margarine, use it as a healthy dip for bread
  • Brush it on meats before grilling and create a crispy exterior
  • It is loaded with protective polyphenols that are good for your heart, hair, skin, and veins

Farchioni Olive Oil Ingredients

The key ingredients of Farchioni Olive Oil are

  • Fresh Italian olives
  • Polyphenols
  • Fatty acid glycerides and non-glycerides.
  • Water
  • Salt

The olive oil has been cold extracted by some mechanical means to obtain first-class extra virgin olive oil. No other chemicals or additives are present in it.

Is Farchioni Olive Oil Pure?

Yes, Farchioni Olive Oil is one of the few oils that are pure.

It is not a blend of olive oil or other oils. This product is made solely of Italian olives, selected from the best production areas.

This oil is of consistent quality and fits all cooking uses, both for raw and cooked food.

Is Farchioni Olive Oil Real or Fake?

The Farchioni Olive Oil is real.

It is verified and has certifications like a gold award from NYIOOC 2018 that tells us about its authenticity.

With its fresh olives fragrance and elegant taste, this genuine oil indicates an experience of over 10 generations in selecting oils.

Final Words

The final bits are that there exists an olive oil that literally fulfills every requirement of the consumers.

The Farchioni Olive Oil is a cold-pressed, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil with a freshly pressed olive aroma.

Its fruity smell is balanced by its equilibrated taste, making it the protagonist of your favorite dishes. I am currently using this product and found it delicious and satisfactory.

So, if you are looking for flavors and healthy olive oil, then go for Farchioni Olive Oil.

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