Can You Wash Trainers in the Washing Machine?

If you love sports or athletics, the first thing you’ll undoubtedly own is Trainers. You have to take care of those trainers properly. Otherwise, they will not last long.

Your Trainers can easily garner mud and dirt, and cleaning them regularly can be a problem. But, don’t worry.

Yes, You Can Wash Your Trainers In The Washing Machine. But, you need to carefully read the instructions on the label about how to wash your Trainers before putting them into the washer.

Also, you need to know whether you can use bleach on your Trainers or not. Which part needs dry cleaning and which needs manual handwash?

So, you must consider all that before throwing them in the washing machine.

Can You Wash Trainers in the washing machine

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Therefore, in this post, we will solve all of your queries and let you know how to wash trainers in the washer. Make sure to read till the end to know every step.

Is It Safe To Put Trainers In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put your Trainers in the washing machine but keep in mind a few precautions which we will discuss later in this article.

Sometimes your Trainers have tough stains on them, and they cannot be cleaned easily, so you need to use the washing machine for their cleaning.

One more important thing is that you have to take care of your washing machine while washing the trainers.

As normally trainers have high soles, they are more prone to damage the drum of the washing machine.

So, it will be good to put some other clothes in the washing machine to protect the drum.

Is It Safe to Put Trainers in the Dryer?

No, you cannot put your Trainers in the dryer.

Normally trainers are made up of leather or synthetic materials. Exposure to a higher temperature can damage them as their shape can be altered, or you may feel the change in size. Heat can distort the shape of your trainers.

How to Wash Trainers in the Washing Machine? | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Wash Trainers in the Washing Machine

Washing trainers in a washing machine isn’t something unachievable. But if you don’t do it the right way, you might end up ruining your trainers or your washer.

As a general rule of thumb, always check your trainer’s care label.

Care labels might not go into detail, but most probably, they would indicate whether this particular pair can be machine washed or not.

Most trainers can be machine washed, such as those made with Nylon, synthetic rubber, and plastic.

But we recommend you not to machine wash trainers made with animal-based fabrics such as suede or leather.

Following are a few cautions to be exercised before washing trainers in the washing machine.

  • Know the material used in your trainers.
  • Wash only one pair of trainers at a time.
  • Use only good quality soap and detergent.
  • For cleaning, use the washing machine’s gentle cycle.
  • Warp your trainers in a mesh bag, pillow cover, or towel before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Use mild temperature water such as between 20° c to 30° C to avoid distortion or shrinkage of trainers,
  • Let your trainer’s air dry. Never put your trainers in a dryer in order to dry them quickly. It may damage your trainers.

Now it’s time to explain the key steps involved in using a washing machine.

Step 1: Remove Laces and Insoles:

First of all, you need to remove the laces and Insole of your Trainers.

Now take an old toothbrush or wire brush to clean off the visible or large stains and excess mud and dirt.

This step is particularly beneficial as it will help the major stains on your trainers and the rest washing machine will do.

Also, you can apply some soap to better clean the visible stains.

Step 2: Pre-Rinse

After completing the first step, please don’t make haste to put them in the washing machine.

If you want complete cleaning your trainers, it is better to pre-rinse them.

Following the cleaning of visible stains, try to clear off the dirt inside the holes and lining of the trainers.

Bleach can be an option for cleaning trainers, but it is best not to use bleach. Bleach can fade colors except for the white color.

After thoroughly cleaning trainers, put them under running water to clear off the mud and dirt.

Step 3: Put Your Trainers in Washing Machine

Now, it’s time to wash them in the machine. Put your pair of trainers in a mesh bag, pillow cover, or towel.

It has two benefits. Firstly, the towels would lessen the impact of trainers banging against the drum of the washing machine.

Secondly, trainers will not get stuck on the inside of the drum.

Add good quality detergent or soap, and let your trainers soak in that water for 5-10 minutes. This will reduce the dark stains and tints.

Once washed in the washing machine, all of these stains will wash away.

We advise you to wash only one pair at a time in order to avoid any problematic situation.

Step 4: Set the Washing Machine

Finally, we are ready for the actual process.

Followings are a few things to remember on setting up your washing machine.

  • Always use the gentle cycle of the washing machine.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 30° C.
  • Adjust the washing machine to slow spin (Fast spin may damage the trainers or the washer’s drum)

Step 5: Dry the Trainers

After the washing process is completed, it is time to let them dry.

Take your trainers out of that mesh bag and dry them with a towel or cloak to suck extra water from your trainers. It will help your Trainers to get dry earlier.

We strongly advise you never to put your Trainers in the tumble dryer. The dryer’s heat can melt the adhesive material that is bonding the upper part of your shoe with the sole.

Always go for Air dry; this will keep your shoe in the correct shape and size. An additional tip, let them dry in a well-ventilated area.

Washing trainers can consume up some of your time, so wash your trainers when you have sufficient time.

Once trainers are completely dried, put on the laces and inner soles. Your almost new pair of trainers is now ready to hit the grounds.

Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Trainers in the Washer:

Washing trainers is quite easy. But you need to have knowledge about the process.

Some of the most common mistakes people make while washing trainers in washing machines are listed below so that you can avoid those mistakes.

  • Never wash trainers made with animal fabric such as suede or leather in the washing machine.
  • Set the agitator on slow mode. Putting it on fast mode can either damage your trainers or the machine.
  • Use cold water instead of hot water to avoid shrinkage.
  • Avoid the use of bleach.
  • Always read the care label of your trainers to get the relevant information about washing.
  • Always air-dry trainers. Don’t ever tumble dry in order to dry them quickly.


Trainers get dirty whether you are working out or running on the ground. And they need washing.

And see, washing trainers is not that difficult if done following all the protocols.

So, hit that PR or endure that last set with your trainers on without fear of getting them dirty. That’s all from our side. See you next time.

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