Can You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine? Is It Safe?

Are you going out with your friends, or is there an occasion when your favorite pair of crocs needs to be cleaned, and you are wondering whether to wash them? Yes, you can wash your Crocs in the washing machine, but not all Crocs.  

Today, most of the school-goers in the United States prefer Crocs. With that much usage, some questions are frequently asked by users. One of them, the most important we are addressing today, is whether you can wash them or not in the washer.

Initially, the brand Crocs started using foam clogs or plastic for their crocs. Now they are using Croslite material, which is neither plastic nor rubber. Croslite is comfy as the extra cushion in the material gives you premium ease.

The experts also mention it to be non-toxic and odor-resistant. It also inhibits bacterial growth, a headache for many foot lovers.

These types of crocs were initially designed to cater to the need for boating, and it was introduced in the market as a boating croc.

As far as washing is concerned, never machine wash your fur-lined and Leather Crocs; always go for hand wash.

Can You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine

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Here are the details about what types of crocs can be cleaned in a washing machine and what classes need to be hand washed.

Without further ado, let’s find it out.

Can I Put My Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash some of your crocs in the washing machine. 

Crocs usually are very light soft, and they can float. Classic clogs, slides, and other styles, composed only of Croslite, can be easily washed with the washer’s gentle cycle.

Don’t be afraid of Crocs damaging your washing machine. You need to consider some critical points before washing your Crocs in the washing machine.

Others, such as leather crocs, wedges and heels, suede and wool, canvas styles, air dry, and fuzzy, require different washing techniques.

Suede and Wool crocs can be washed in the washing machine, but you have to use the washing machine’s gentle cycle with as much little heat as possible.

Is It Safe to Put Crocs in the Dryer?

The most crucial thing after cleaning your Crocs is how to dry them. It is recommended that you always let them Air Dry. Never place them in a dryer.

The stretchable material used in Crocs can shrink or warp as it is exposed to higher temperatures damaging the croc. Another way to get the job done is by using a blow-dryer.

Caution must be exercised while doing so, such as using low temperature and keeping the blow-dryer at a distance of ten inches at least.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning Crocs in the Washer

Cleaning Crocs in the Washer

It is not very difficult to use the washing machine for your crocs, but you need to know about the material used in your Crocs.

If they are made from Croslite or Fuzzy, you can wash them in the washing machine, but in the case of Leather, you cannot wash them in the washing machine.

Following are the key steps to keep in mind before washing your Crocs in the washing machine.

  • You should know your Crocs material.
  • Always use detergent or soap of good quality.
  • Wrap them in a mesh bag, any cloth-like pillow cover, or towel
  • Wash only one pair at a time
  • Use washing machine gentle cycle option for cleaning.
  • Always use cold water; warm or hot water can damage or shrink your crocs. Take care that water temperature never exceeds 30°c.
  • Do not make haste to dry them. Let them Air dry and never use a dryer.

Step 1: Remove Laces and Insoles

If your crocs have laces or insoles, you first need to remove them. 

Sometimes insole stains are very hard. So it is better to hand wash them separately using baking soda or soap. You can use a baby bottle brush or an old toothbrush to clean the insole.

Check the label for instructions on whether insoles can be washed in the washing machine or not.

You can put your laces in a mesh bag before tossing them in the machine. 

Step 2: Pre-Rinse

If your crocs have grime or dirt on them, you need to remove the grime, mud, and dirt as much as possible. 

Typically, Crocs have many holes, and you can find dirt inside them. You can use an old toothbrush or a straw cleaner to clean these holes.

If the stains are very stubborn, you can use bleach but take extreme caution before using it as it can fade the color of your crocs. Always mix bleach with water. 

After removing grime or dirt, wash your crocs with running water.

Step 3: Put Your Crocs in Washing Machine

Now add detergent or soap to the washing machine water.

Wrap your crocs in a mesh bag, pillow cover, or an old towel. Let your pairs soak for 5 minutes. It will lighten the dark stains, and stains can get rid of entirely after the wash.

Wash only one pair at a time to avoid any problem for the machine agitator to get stuck.

Step 4: Set the Washing Machine

Now it’s time to set up your washing machine. Keep an eye on the few points before running your washing machine. 

  • Keep the mode of the machine on the gentle wash cycle
  • Use cold water whose temperature is up to 30°c in the washing machine.
  • Select the slow spin option
  • Let the machine run for an extended period to get good results.

Step 5: Dry the Crocs

  • Recover your crocs from a mesh bag or towel.
  • Take a piece of dry towel or cloth and soak extra water from your crocs.
  • The material used in the Crocs is vulnerable to heat and temperature. That is why always avoid putting them in a dryer after washing or placing them in direct sunlight for hours. 
  • Please place them in a well-ventilated area. This process can take quite some time, so always go for your crocs wash when you have ample time.
  • Once your crocs get completely dry, put on the laces and inner soles. 
  • Now crocs are ready to wear.

Mistakes to Avoid While Washing Crocs in the Washer

It is not very difficult to use the washing machine for your Crocs wash, but here are a few things that you should always consider before using it.

  • Never put crocs prepared with Leather or fur in the washing machine.
  • Set the agitator on slow mode. Keeping it in fast mode can be dangerous. Either your crocs will get damaged, or your machine’s agitator might break.
  • Always use cold water as warm water can damage your crocs.
  • Remove insole and laces. Clean the insole separately and use hand wash.
  • If you want to use bleach, we recommend using it only on white crocs. If you want to use bleach, use it only in a small quantity as bleach in higher quantity would probably discolor your Crocs.
  • Lastly, always air dry your crocs and strictly avoid dryer or heat.


You always try to keep your personal belongings to last long, and you take good care of them. So it is not very difficult to clean and maintain your crocs by washing them at home.

Crocs are lightweight and comfortable that fit your feet. You do not need to worry if they get dirty while resting on the beach or out with your family for shopping.

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