5 Worst Snowboard Brands to Avoid in 2024 | Review & FAQs

As the snowboarding season heats up, it is time to assess the gears to make your winter more exciting.

But, in the world of snowboarding gear, the brands are in abundance. Beginners are likely to become exhausted while choosing a snowboard.

If you don’t have prior knowledge of which snowboard brands to select and which snowboard brands to avoid, you may end up with a poor brand choice.

So, before buying, have a look at our list of the worst snowboard brands to avoid in 2021 to make the right choice.

As per the research of our team and consumer feedback, the worst snowboard brands are K2, Sims, Burton, Lamar and Salomon.


List of 5 Worst Snowboard Brands

To make your winter memorable with a perfect deck, our team has researched some of the well-known snowboard brands.

We have shortlisted the ones that received the most negative feedback from professional riders.

You may be surprised to see the names of your favorite brands on the list.

However, every individual has a different perspective on the brand of their likeness. But our list is the consent of a majority of professional riders.

Note: A brand as a whole can never be bad. But, some top-notch brands make certain low-quality models that can ruin your snowboarding experience. This guide will highlight those snowboard models that you need to avoid to make your winter season enjoyable and fun.

Here is our list of the worst snowboard brands to avoid in 2021.

1. K2 – WWW Snowboard

K2 WWW Snowboard

K2 snowboarding is in the business since 1987 and produces some quality gear. But, the K2 WWW Snowboard has many flaws.

It was designed for true freestylers to offer good stability, solid ollie power, and a lot of fun all over the jib park.

Reasons to avoid

  • The speed of the board is poor
  • The board is flat and doesn’t offer a great powder ride
  • Edge holds are not suited for a harder snow
  • Also, no side-cut engagement
  • No buttering as well

2. Sims – Blade Snowboard

Sims Blade Worst Snowboard

The Sims Blade Snowboard has also disappointed many riders due to its average quality. It is a vintage shape board with all of the modern features.

Check out the following issues of the Sims Blade before you count on it.

Reasons to avoid

  • Board is a little heavier, which makes it difficult to perform tricks
  • Flux is super stiff
  • So-so material and parts quality
  • And, the board is not great for jibbing

3. Burton – Hate Snowboards

Burton Hate snowboards

In the snowboarding world, Burton is one of the top-selling brands in all aspects of the sport, from weekend warriors to professional snowboarders.

However, the Burton Hate snowboards are not well-regarded by the snowboarders.

Reasons to avoid

  • Boards are very stiff
  • Poor sidecuts, making it difficult to turn
  • Easy to break if extra pressure is applied
  • They are a little skinny and short in size
  • Also, not a carving board

4. Lamar Snowboards

Lamar Worst Snowboards

Lamar snowboards are designed for beginners and weekend warriors who want a good time in the terrain park. But the performance of the board is not appealing.

After a few weeks of riding on Lamar boards, many snowboarders turn to other options.

Reasons to avoid

  • The resale of the board is unlikely
  • The quality of their boards is average
  • The board is not for performing tricks
  • Suited for beginners only
  • They don’t have to team to support customer issues

5. Salomon 6 Piece

Salomon 6 Piece

Salomon is a French snowboarding gear company famous for its new technology and high-quality craftsmanship to create the gears.

But, the Salomon 6 Piece has hugely disappointed the snowboarders due to a number of flaws in the board.

Reasons to avoid

  • No flux
  • No side-cut engagement
  • Substandard material quality
  • No customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

Are snowboards unisex?

Snowboards are not unisex because the weight, height, and built of men and women are entirely different.

Therefore, snowboard style, bindings, size, shape, width, and deck length are manufactured according to gender.

However, there are some unisex snowboards, but they don’t provide a great experience for either gender.

Are snowboards measured in cm?

Yes, snowboard length is measured in centimeters from nose to tail.
You cannot calculate in inches because you will not get accurate measurements according to your size range.

If the length of the board lies between your nose and nose, it’s most likely in your size range.

Why are snowboards so expensive?

Snowboards are expensive because they require purchasing a complete kit and other equipment alongside the snowboard to have a perfect and safe ride.

The equipment includes bindings, safety gear, boots, clothing, goggles, gloves, underwear, and a snowboard.

Final Words

Brands are the most important consideration whenever you plan to buy anything.

Any good experience with a manufacturer will persuade you to buy from them again or tell your friends about them. The same can be said for snowboards.

Every brand has its distinct features and qualities. This guide’s sole purpose is to help you make the best decision about the board.

A poor brand selection can ruin your snowboarding season.

Before buying snowboarding gear, determine your skill level and riding style. Every rider has their own preference and priorities when selecting a snowboard.

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  1. This list pops up when googling “is k2 a good snowboard company”, only problem is google asserts the list and a quote making it seam like k2, sims, lamar, Salomon and burton are all bad brands – which they most definitely are not 😅 Personally I love K2 but agree the WWW is not a beginner board. It is a progressive freestyle board meant for rails and street where glide isn’t really that important, also from what I recall there is no winter to the base so it gets really sticky on wet snow. So yeah, if you buy the WWW for anything else but streets and rails you are probably not going to have a great experience 🙃


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