9 Worst Jordan Shoes Ever Made – Bad Sneakers

The Air Jordan legacy, with its illustrious history and meteoric impacts on the sneaker culture, inevitably hosts a few designs that quietly slide under the radar.

These sneakers are often compared with other low-ranked counterparts, like some models on a list of worst running shoes.

Today, we’ll shed some light on the worst Jordan shoes ever made.

Let’s start examining these curiously unique Jordan silhouettes and explore why the ambition, creativity, and execution didn’t quite align. Similar to the subpar designs seen in bad football sneakers.

Worst Jordan Shoes

Based on personal usage, popularity and user feedback, the worst Jordan shoes are Nike Air Jordan II, Air Jordan 7, 6, XIX, J2k, Lady Liberty, and High Zoom Crater.

Worst Jordan Shoes

1. Nike Air Jordan II: A Misaligned Affair of Design

Nike Air Jordan II subtly lingers in the quieter corridors of sneaker discussions.

It shares its enigmatic aura with other debatable designs, similar to the intrigue surrounding some subpar Adidas shoes.

The designed trajectory is marked by an uncommon approach to its paneling and a color scheme that perplexes the traditional Jordan enthusiast.

Its unconventional look nudges it toward lists of Air Jordan shoes to avoid for some enthusiasts, even as it maintains a unique spot in the lineup.

2. Nike Air Jordan XII: Falling Flat

Each Jordan sneaker seeks to carve out its distinctive niche; the Nike Air Jordan XII has found its place, albeit unexpectedly subdued.

While it presents a blend of various textures and aesthetic elements, the overall silhouette tends to underwhelm, especially when placed within the groundbreaking lineage of its ancestors.

Thus, it steps lightly into the realm of a less impactful Jordan experience, quietly blending into the backdrops of worst Jordan silhouette discussions.

3. Air Jordan 7: Puzzling Aesthetic Choice

Next up, we have the Air Jordan 7, especially the version affectionately dubbed “Ugly Sweater.”

There’s a curious discord between its name and the visual presentation it offers.

The oddness is not so much in its bold name but rather in its audacious design attempt.

The transition from a notably vibrant T-shirt design to a sneaker became a confusingly muted aesthetic narrative.

The result is an interesting chapter in the tales of peculiar Jordan design sneakers.

4. Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Crater: An Eco-Friendly Misstep

In the pursuit of sustainability, the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Crater made a brave step with its eco-friendly materials.

However, it proved that blending sustainability with aesthetically pleasing design is a tricky path.

Though commendable for its environmental stance, it didn’t manage to fulfill aesthetic expectations, being referred to as the most subpar Jordan shoes ever made.

Worst Air Jordan Shoes

5. Nike Air Jordan XIX: Futuristic Hiccup

Nike Air Jordan XIX undertook a boundless leap into the future, attempting to blend the modern with the classic.

Yet the silhouette is renowned, not for its forward-thinking design but for its complex aesthetic journey.

The attempt to inject a modernistic flair while maintaining an homage to its roots made it one of the bad Air Jordan sneakers.

6. Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty: A Swing and a Miss

The Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty attempted to capture the magnificence of its namesake but didn’t quite stick the landing.

Although initially exciting and symbolically rich, its execution didn’t quite resonate with sneaker lovers.

It fell into discount racks, becoming a cautionary tale about the gap between an inspired idea and its realization, marking its position among the worst Nike Air Jordan shoes.

7. Air Jordan 10 Wings: Conceptually Rich, Practically Lacking

Having used the Air Jordan 10 Wings, one couldn’t help but embrace the homage to Chicago’s transit system, which, in principle, was a narrative worth exploring.

While the backstory was engaging, its actual design, transit map detailing, and metallic guards failed to captivate the sneaker community.

8. Air Jordan 7 J2K: Good Intentions Missed Mark

The Air Jordan 7 J2K found itself walking a thin line between praise and criticism.

Born from the admirable “Trash Talk” program, it ironically got tagged by some as ‘sneaker waste.’

While the idea behind reusing waste materials was noble, the actual design and vibe didn’t quite hit the mark, categorizing it among the worst Air Jordan sneakers.

9. Air Jordan 6: Discordant Tribute

Intending a vibrant celebration of Olympic triumph, the Air Jordan 6 “Beijing” delivers a slightly confusing blend of colors and textures.

Its discordant aesthetic doesn’t quite embody the joyous victory it aims to commemorate.


Exploring Air Jordan’s history reveals various designs, some widely celebrated and others notably not.

The worst Jordan shoes, by popular opinion, underscore a vital point: not every design will be a slam dunk. Still, each contributes to the brand’s storied journey in its own unique way.

While these models may not be your go-to pair on the shelves, they offer valuable insights into the varied attempts and risks in sneaker design.

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